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Adam Scott is a beloved American actor and comedian who is best known for his roles in such popular movies and shows as Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation, and Ghosted. He has also had a very successful career as a stand-up comedian. Adam Scott comes from a close-knit family that has been supportive of his career throughout the years. His parents are both retired teachers, his brother is an attorney, and his sister is a social worker. Adam Scott’s wife Naomi Scott is also an actor, making their family even more special. They have two children together who are both budding actors themselves. This family of four loves spending time together, whether it be travelling to exotic locations or simply having fun at home.Adam Scott’s family tree includes his parents, Gordon and Pamela, as well as his siblings, Shannon and Dale. His father’s parents are William and Elaine, while his mother’s parents are Robert and Elizabeth. Adam has two aunts: his father’s sister, Margaret, and his mother’s sister, Sarah. He also has two uncles: his father’s brother, Robert, and his mother’s brother, David. Adam has four cousins from his father’s side of the family: Stephen, Laura, Jonathan, and Victoria; as well as four cousins from his mother’s side: Matthew, Amy, Thomas and Elizabeth.

Adam Scott Parents

Adam Scott is an American actor and comedian who has starred in a number of television shows and films. He was born in Santa Cruz, California to parents Douglas Scott and Anne Scott. His father is a business executive, while his mother is a retired teacher. Adam has two siblings, an older brother named David and a younger sister named Julie.

Adam’s parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams early on in life. They supported him through school, helping him to get into the prestigious Harvard University where he studied acting. After graduating from Harvard, Adam went on to appear in several television shows and movies, including the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Adam has credited his parents for helping him succeed in life, saying that they have been instrumental in his success. He remains close with both of them to this day and often speaks about how much he loves them for all the support they have provided him throughout his life.

Adam’s parents also attend many of his public speaking engagements as well as awards shows that he is invited to attend. They are often seen standing proudly alongside their son as he accepts awards or gives speeches about his career accomplishments and philanthropic efforts.

Despite living far away from each other, Adam still finds time to visit with both of his parents on a regular basis. He often travels back home to California when he can find the time to spend with them, enjoying meals together and catching up on current events in each other’s lives.

Adam Scott’s parents are truly inspiring people who have helped guide their son on the path that led him to success today. They continue to be an integral part of Adam’s life and will always be remembered as two of his biggest supporters along the way.

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Adam Scott Siblings

Adam Scott has two siblings: an older brother named Shannon and a younger sister named Davida. His brother is an actor, while his sister is a writer. Adam also has two stepsisters, both of whom are from his father’s previous marriage. Adam’s father, who was an executive in the entertainment industry, passed away in 2017.

Growing up, Adam was very close with all of his siblings, and the four of them remain friends to this day. They spend time together whenever their schedules permit, often going on vacations or attending family occasions together. The four siblings are also involved in each other’s creative projects; for example, Shannon and Davida have both made appearances on shows that Adam has starred in or produced.

Adam’s family is also very supportive of each other’s pursuits and successes. Each sibling celebrated when one of them achieved a major milestone in their career or personal life; they also offer their advice and support whenever needed. It’s clear that having such strong bonds between each other has helped the Scott siblings stay close throughout the years.

Adam Scott Wife

Adam Scott is married to Naomi Scott, a former talent manager. The couple met in 2009 through a mutual friend and began dating shortly thereafter. They became engaged on March 18, 2011 and married on May 7, 2011 in San Jose, California. Together, they have two children: a daughter named Frankie, born in 2012 and a son named Graham, born in 2015. The couple appears to be happily married and often shares pictures of their family life on social media. Adam also frequently posts photos of his wife on his personal Instagram account.

The two are often spotted out together at various events like the Golden Globe Awards and the Emmys. They also enjoy traveling together as well as spending time with their children and friends. Naomi is very supportive of her husband’s career and she is always there to cheer him on during his various projects. Adam has said that she is his biggest supporter and he wouldn’t be able to do what he does without her help.

Adam Scott Kids

Adam Scott, the famous Hollywood actor, is married to Naomi Scott and they are the proud parents of two children. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Frank Scott in 2015 and their second child, a daughter named Annabelle Jane in 2018. Adam is known to be very close with his kids and loves spending time with them. He often shares pictures of them on his social media accounts, showing off their adorable antics. Adam also makes sure that his kids are well taken care of, making sure that they have access to the best education and experiences available. Adam is also involved in various charities that focus on children’s health and welfare.

Adam has been very vocal about his love for his kids and his desire to provide them with the best life he can. He has even gone as far as saying that his kids are “his life” which shows just how much he loves them. Adam is also very open about wanting to give back to society and make sure that all children are given a chance at having a better future.

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Adam Scott is an amazing father who loves his children dearly and wants nothing more than for them to have a bright future. He strives every day to ensure that they have access to all the opportunities they need so that they can reach their full potential. With such devoted parents, there’s no doubt that Adam’s kids will grow up to be amazing adults!

Adam Scott

Adam Scott is an American professional golfer who was born in Australia. He became the first Australian to win the Masters Tournament in 2013 and was the number one ranked golfer in the world for several weeks in 2014. He also won the Players Championship that same year. He has since become a highly successful professional golfer, winning multiple tournaments on both the PGA Tour and European Tour. His career earnings are estimated to be over $50 million.

Personal Life

Adam Scott is married to Marie Kojzar and they have two children together. The couple lives in the Bahamas, where they have a home on an island near Nassau. Scott is an avid surfer and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He is also a major supporter of various charities, including The First Tee Program and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Adam Scott has achieved numerous successes throughout his career, including claiming his first major championship title at the 2013 Masters Tournament. In addition to this, he has won four PGA Tour events and six European Tour events, with a total of 11 professional tournament victories over his career thus far. In 2012, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.


Adam Scott graduated from Kooralbyn International School in Queensland, Australia before attending UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas). While at UNLV he won three collegiate golf titles and earned All-American honors twice before turning pro just after graduation in 2000.

Adam Scott Career Highlights

Adam Scott is one of the most successful golfers in professional golf. He has achieved some of the greatest accolades in the game, including winning the Masters Tournament in 2013 and being ranked as high as number one in the world. Scott has also won numerous PGA Tour events, with a total of 15 wins, including two majors and a Players Championship. Scott was also a member of the winning European team in the 2014 Ryder Cup and has been ranked number one in the world for 41 weeks. He is currently ranked fifth in the world, making him one of the top players on tour.

Scott began his professional career in 2000, when he won his first PGA Tour event at The Players Championship. Since then, he has gone on to win 15 events on tour, including two major championships – The Masters and The Players Championship. He has also won multiple PGA Tour events such as The WGC-Mexico Championship and The Memorial Tournament. In addition to his PGA Tour wins, Scott has also won multiple European Tour titles, including a win at The Open Championship in 2012 and another win at The Open de France in 2013.

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In addition to his success on tour, Scott has also been successful off-the-course as well. He was named the World Golf Ambassador for 2016 by the World Golf Foundation and is actively involved with numerous charities such as UNICEF Australia and Make-A-Wish Australia. Scott was also part of an Australian team that competed at The Presidents Cup in 2015 and was inducted into Golf Australia’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

With all these achievements under his belt, Adam Scott is undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever to play professional golf. He is sure to remain one of golf’s most celebrated stars for many years to come.

Adam Scott’s Family

Adam Scott is a renowned American actor and comedian, most famously known for his role in Parks and Recreation. He is also a loving husband and father, but there are some interesting facts about his family that many people don’t know. Here are some lesser-known facts about Adam Scott’s family:

Adam Scott’s parents are both actors. His father, George Gradow, was an actor and acting coach whose credits include stints on the soap operas General Hospital and Santa Barbara. His mother, Anne Scott, was a casting director for Desperate Housewives. She also worked as a casting director on hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

Adam Scott has two siblings. His older brother, David Gradow, is an actor-writer who has appeared in several films and television shows such as The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. His younger sister, Laura Gradow, is an actress who has appeared in films such as Superbad and Halloween II.

Adam Scott is married to Naomi Sablan-Scott. The couple got married in 2005 and have two children together – their daughter Frankie Mae (born 2009) and their son Graham (born 2012). Adam and Naomi are also the co-founders of the charity organization 826LA which helps to inspire students to write through creative writing programs.

Adam Scott also has a close relationship with his extended family. He often posts pictures of them on his social media accounts highlighting special moments such as birthdays or holidays spent together. Overall, it’s clear that Adam Scott values family time with his own family as well as with his extended family members.

These are just some of the interesting facts about Adam Scott’s family that many people don’t know about!


Adam Scott’s family life is a picture of unity, love, and joy. His wife, Naomi Scott, is a supportive partner and loving mother to their two children. Together they maintain a balance between work and family life while actively contributing to their local community. Adam Scott has also been an advocate for important causes such as cancer research and rehabilitation programs. His commitment to helping others has been an inspiration to many. Adam Scott’s family is certainly one that many people can look up to and admire.

Adam Scott is a shining example of how with hard work, dedication, and love anything is possible. His success in both his professional career as well as his personal life show that he truly understands the importance of balance in all aspects of life. He has always strived to provide his children with the best life possible and make sure that they grow up feeling secure and loved. Adam Scott’s family is something to be celebrated and admired!