anser style putter

Anser style putters are one of the most popular types of putters on the market, offering golfers a great combination of feel, balance, and accuracy. Anser style putters have a classic look and design that has been around for more than 40 years, and they have been used by some of the greatest golfers ever to play the game. The Anser style putter features a heel-toe weighted blade with a small offset hosel and a plumber’s neck hosel. This design gives it an extremely stable hitting surface that helps golfers make consistent contact with the ball. Additionally, theThe Answer Style Putter is a revolutionary golf club designed to help golfers improve their putting accuracy and precision. Featuring a unique design, the Answer Style Putter helps golfers reduce lateral movement and improve their putting consistency. The putter head is heavier than traditional putters, providing a more solid feel and greater stability when striking the ball. The shaft is shorter than traditional putters, allowing for greater control when putting from any distance. The putter also features a unique offset which helps to reduce skidding and ensure that the ball rolls off the face of the club with minimal effort. With its superior design and construction

Increased Accuracy

Anser style putters are one of the most popular putter styles on the market and for good reason. Their design, which features a slightly curved blade, helps to increase accuracy when making a stroke. This can be especially helpful for golfers who have difficulty making a straight putt. The curved design also helps to reduce wrist action, which is often associated with inaccurate putting.

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Reduced Skidding

Anser style putters also help to reduce skidding on the green. This is

History of Anser Style Putter

The Anser style putter is one of the most popular putter designs in the world. It was invented in 1966 by Karsten Solheim, the founder of PING Golf. The original Anser putter was made from steel and featured a classic heel-toe weighted blade design. The design has become the most popular putter design in the world, with many professional golfers using it on tour.

The original Anser putter design has been copied by many companies over the years, resulting in a wide variety

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The Anser-style putter is a great choice for golfers of all levels. It is designed to be easy to use and produces consistent results. The face has a unique design that can help improve accuracy and distance control, while the offset hosel reduces sidespin for improved accuracy. The shaft length can be adjusted to suit any golfer’s height, and the weighting system helps ensure a smooth and consistent stroke. Overall, the Anser-style putter is an excellent choice for players looking to improve their game.