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applebrook golf club membership cost

Welcome to Applebrook Golf Club! We are proud to offer our members access to one of the finest golf courses in the country. Our membership costs are competitively priced and will provide you with an unforgettable experience at our club. With our range of packages tailored to suit any budget, we are sure that you will find a membership package that suits your needs.At Applebrook Golf Club, we offer a variety of membership packages to suit the needs of every golfer. Our membership options range from our Individual Membership to our Platinum Package, offering a range of benefits and exclusive pricing. The following is an overview of the costs associated with each membership package:

Individual Membership: $1200/year
Family Membership: $1400/year
Weekday Membership: $900/year
Junior Membership (ages 12-17): $300/year
Platinum Package: $2000/year (includes 10 guest passes)
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How Much Does a Regular Membership at Applebrook Golf Club Cost?

A regular membership at Applebrook Golf Club costs $100 per month. This fee covers unlimited golf access to the club’s 18-hole course, driving range, and other amenities. Members also have the option to purchase additional services such as golf lessons, practice range access, and discounts on merchandise.

The club also offers a discounted membership for family members. With this option, family members of existing members can join for only $75 per month with the same privileges as regular members. There is

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How Much Does a Senior Membership at Applebrook Golf Club Cost?

Applebrook Golf Club offers senior memberships for golfers over the age of 55. This membership provides access to the golf course, practice facilities, and additional amenities. The cost of membership varies based on the individual’s age and type of membership desired.

The most affordable option is the “Senior Gold” Membership, which is available to seniors age 65 and older. This membership includes unlimited golf Monday through Thursday, along with 1/2 price green fees Friday through Sunday. It also


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The cost of membership at Applebrook Golf Club is a reasonable investment for avid golfers. The club offers several options to choose from, from full memberships to single green fees and more. The variety of amenities, courses, and services available make it an attractive option for anyone who wants to practice their game in style. Additionally, the membership fees are affordable, allowing people on tighter budgets to enjoy golfing at Applebrook Golf Club.

In conclusion, Applebrook Golf Club is a great choice for golfers of all levels who are looking

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