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Armlock putter grips are becoming increasingly popular for golfers looking to gain an edge on the course. These unique grips allow golfers to hold the putter with their lower arm locked against their body, creating a more stable and consistent putting stroke. Armlock putter grips provide a number of advantages, enabling golfers to maintain control over the club head while keeping the wrists from breaking down during the stroke. They also help to reduce wrist extension during takeaway and follow-through, which can lead to improved accuracy. Additionally, they can help reduce fatigue by reducing strain on the forearm and upper arm muscles. With these advantages in mind, armlock putter grips are an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their putting game.Armlock Putter Grips are specialized putter grips designed to be held in the palm of the lower arm. This grip style is popular among golfers looking for more control and accuracy when putting. It is intended to be held with the left hand, similar to a handshake, with the right hand providing stability and balance. The Armlock Putter Grip is typically longer than other putter grips, allowing for better leverage and increased control when putting.

Greater Comfort and Control

The Armlock putter grip provides golfers with a greater level of comfort and control when putting. This is due to the unique design of the grip which allows for a more natural alignment of the arms, wrists and hands. This helps to increase accuracy and consistency, which are key factors in successful putting. Additionally, the Armlock putter grip provides a softer feel than other putter grips, making it more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Increased Stability

The Armlock putter grip is designed to provide increased stability during the putting stroke. The unique shape of the grip helps to reduce wrist action, which can cause inconsistent contact with the ball. Additionally, it minimizes club head movement during the stroke, helping golfers maintain a consistent swing path for improved accuracy and distance control. The increased stability provided by the Armlock putter grip also helps golfers stay on plane throughout their putting stroke, allowing them to hit more consistent shots.

Reduced Fatigue

The Armlock putter grip can help reduce fatigue during long rounds of golf. This is due to its ergonomic design which allows for a more natural alignment of hands and arms during the putting stroke. By reducing wrist action and club head movement, it also helps prevent strain on muscles that can cause fatigue over time. As such, golfers can enjoy greater levels of comfort throughout their round while still maintaining performance levels.

How to Choose the Right Armlock Putter Grip

Choosing the right armlock putter grip can be an important factor in improving your golf game. With the right grip, you can improve your consistency and accuracy on the course. The armlock putter grip is designed to help golfers maintain their wrist angle throughout their stroke, resulting in improved accuracy and control. When shopping for a new armlock putter grip, there are several factors to consider.

Weight is an important consideration when choosing an armlock putter grip. Many golfers prefer a lighter weight grip, as it helps them achieve a more consistent feel during their strokes. However, some players may find that a heavier weight provides more stability and helps them keep their wrists in position throughout the stroke. Experiment with different weights until you find one that suits your individual playing style.

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Another factor to consider when selecting an armlock putter grip is the material it is made from. Most grips are made from rubber or synthetic materials, but some high-end models feature leather or other materials for improved feel and durability. Consider what material you prefer before making your purchase.

Finally, think about the size of the armlock putter grip you want to use. Most grips come in standard sizes, but some manufacturers offer adjustable options so you can customize the fit to your hand size and shape for better comfort and performance on the course. Experiment with different sizes until you find one that works best for you.

Choosing the right armlock putter grip can make a big difference in your game, so take time to consider all of these factors before making your purchase. Try out different grips at your local pro shop or driving range to find one that feels just right for your swing. With some research and experimentation, you will be able to find the perfect armlock putter grip for improving your golf game!

Some Popular Brands of Armlock Putter Grips

Armlock putter grips are gaining popularity among golfers and many leading brands are now offering them. These putter grips offer more control and a better overall feel for the golfer. Some of the most popular brands of armlock putter grips include SuperStroke, Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Iomic.

SuperStroke is a well-known brand that offers armlock putter grips made with a unique design. They have several different styles to choose from, including the Slim 3.0 and Fatso 5.0 models. The Slim 3.0 model is designed to provide extra control while the Fatso 5.0 model provides more stability on the greens. Both models feature a non-tapered design for increased comfort and consistency in your stroke.

Golf Pride is another popular brand of armlock putter grips that come in a variety of styles. Their Tour Velvet line features an anatomical rib pattern which helps to reduce grip tension during your stroke for improved accuracy and consistency on the greens. The Tour Velvet Super Tack line also features a tacky surface that provides superior feel in wet or humid conditions.

Lamkin also offers armlock putter grips with their Crossline series, which feature an ergonomic design that provides extra comfort and control during your stroke. The Crossline series also has several innovative features such as vibration dampening technology to help reduce fatigue during your round. Additionally, Lamkin’s Arthritic line provides enhanced cushioning for those who suffer from arthritis or other joint conditions so they can still enjoy playing golf without discomfort or pain in their hands or wrists.

Iomic is another leading brand in armlock putter grips with their Sticky 2G series featuring an innovative “sticky” technology that helps keep your hands firmly planted on the club during your stroke for added accuracy and control on the greens. They also offer several other models such as their Sticky X Grip, which has a unique ribbed pattern for enhanced feel in all conditions, as well as their Sticky Edge Grip which has an enlarged lower hand area to provide extra support when making those long putts.

Overall, there are many different options available when it comes to armlock putter grips from some of the most popular brands in golf today so you can find one that fits your game perfectly!

Different Types of Armlock Putter Grips

Armlock putter grips are a great way for golfers to increase their control over their putts. They are designed to fit the shape of the golfer’s arm, allowing them to keep their wrists still throughout the entire putting stroke. This helps to ensure a more consistent swing path and smoother contact with the ball. There are many different types of armlock putter grips available, including traditional, mid-length, and oversize models.

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Traditional armlock putter grips are designed to fit the standard size golfer’s arm. They provide a comfortable grip that is easy to control and helps promote better accuracy with each stroke. Mid-length armlock putter grips offer additional support for golfers with larger arms. These models allow for more stability during the putting stroke and help reduce wrist movement, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control.

Oversize armlock putter grips are designed for golfers with larger arms who need extra support during their putting stroke. These models offer extra material around the base of the grip, allowing for increased stability and control during swings. They also help reduce wrist movement, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control.

No matter which type of armlock putter grip you choose, it is important to make sure it fits correctly in order to maximize performance on the green. Be sure to try out different styles and sizes before making your final purchase in order to find one that works best for your game. With the right grip, you can take your putting game to the next level!


The Armlock Putter Grip offers several unique features that make it stand out from the competition. First, it utilizes a revolutionary new design that is designed to help golfers with their putting stroke. This design features a low-profile shape that fits comfortably in the golfer’s hands, while still providing maximum stability and control. Additionally, the grip is made from ultra-durable rubber material, making it extremely comfortable to use while providing superior feedback and feel. The Armlock Putter Grips also feature a unique thumb groove that helps ensure consistent contact with the putter face for improved accuracy.


Another great feature of the Armlock Putter Grip is its durability. The grip is made from ultra-durable rubber material that will not crack or break easily, even after extended use. As a result, the putter grip can withstand even the toughest of conditions and will last for many years to come. Additionally, the rubber material is resistant to sweat and moisture, making it an ideal choice for golfers who play in hot or humid conditions.

Ease of Use

The Armlock Putter Grip is designed to be easy to use and install. It features an easy-to-follow installation guide that makes it simple to attach it to your putter shaft and adjust as needed. Additionally, the grip also comes with an adjustable weight system so you can customize your putting experience by adding or removing weights as desired. This allows you to find just the right amount of weight for your particular putting style and needs.

Improved Performance

Finally, using an Armlock Putter Grip can help improve your performance on the green. The low-profile shape fits comfortably in your hands while still providing maximum stability and control during each stroke. Additionally, its unique thumb groove helps ensure consistent contact with the putter face for improved accuracy on every shot. Furthermore, its adjustable weight system allows you to customize your experience according to your individual preferences so you can get just the right amount of feedback on each stroke for maximum performance benefits.


Installing an Armlock putter grip is a great way to improve your golf game. An Armlock putter grip can provide you with added stability and control, which can lead to better accuracy and consistency when putting. In this guide, we will go through the steps necessary to install an Armlock putter grip correctly.

Step 1: Prepare the Putter Grip

The first step in installing an Armlock putter grip is to prepare the grip itself. Start by removing any old grips that may be on the club. Use a grip solvent or a heat gun to soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove the old grip. Once all of the old grips have been removed, use a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol to clean any residue from the shaft of the putter.

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Step 2: Apply Adhesive

Once you have prepared the putter shaft, it’s time to apply adhesive to it. You can use either double-sided tape or spray adhesive for this step. If you are using double-sided tape, apply it in long strips along the length of the shaft. If you are using spray adhesive, hold the can 10-12 inches away from the shaft and spray in short bursts until you have covered it evenly.

Step 3: Install Putter Grip

Now that your putter shaft is prepared and ready for installation, grab your new Armlock putter grip and slide it onto the shaft until it reaches its desired position. Make sure that you line up any alignment marks on both sides of your club head before securing your new grip in place.

Step 4: Secure Putter Grip

Once you have placed your new Armlock putter grip into position, use three or four pieces of electrical tape or rubber bands around its circumference to secure it firmly in place. This will help ensure that your new grip does not move during play.


That’s all there is to installing an Armlock putter grip! With just a few simple steps, you can improve your putting accuracy and consistency with an Armlock style golf club. Good luck out on the links!

1. Improved Accuracy

Using an armlock putter grip can dramatically improve the accuracy of your shots. By using an armlock grip, you can lock your arms into a more consistent position and reduce the chance of any hand or arm movement at impact. This will help you to hit your putts more consistently and accurately, with less variation from shot to shot.

2. Comfort and Control

An armlock putter grip also provides a comfortable, secure feel that many golfers find very beneficial when playing on the green. The ergonomic design of the grip helps to lock your arms in place, giving you greater control over the club head and allowing for smoother swings through impact. This improved control can help you to make better contact with the ball and hit more consistent shots.

3. Reduced Tension

Using an armlock putter grip can also help to reduce tension in your hands and arms during your swing. The ergonomic design of the grip encourages a relaxed grip, allowing for smoother swings with less tension in your hands and arms. This reduces fatigue throughout the golf round, allowing you to stay focused on making good shots throughout the round.

4. Increased Consistency

The improved accuracy, comfort and control provided by an armlock putter grip can also lead to increased consistency in your game on the green. With improved accuracy from shot to shot, as well as greater comfort and control over the club head, you’ll be able to hit more consistent shots from round to round. This will help you become a better putter overall, giving you more confidence when playing on the green.


Armlock putter grips offer a great way to improve your golf game and give you more control over your putts. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install. They also provide a more comfortable grip that reduces fatigue and stress on your wrists. With the increased stability and control the armlock putter grip allows, you can achieve better accuracy and distance with each stroke. For anyone looking to improve their golf game, an armlock putter grip is a great investment that will pay off in better scores.

Overall, the armlock putter grip is an excellent choice for golfers looking for improved accuracy and distance with their putts. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install, while its comfortable grip provides more stability during each stroke. With improved control over your shots, you can expect lower scores and longer drives from your rounds of golf.

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