bandon dunes new course

Bandon Dunes’ newest course, Sheep Ranch, is an exciting addition to the already stunning golf experience at Bandon Dunes. This 18-hole links-style design is situated on a stunning piece of coastal Oregon coastline and features sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by legendary architect Tom Doak, Sheep Ranch offers a unique and challenging experience that will test even the most experienced players. With wide fairways, deep bunkers, and expansive greens, this par 71 course provides both novice and advanced golfers with an unforgettable round of golf. With its picturesque setting and challenging layout, Sheep Ranch isBandon Dunes Golf Resort is proud to announce the opening of its newest course, Sheep Ranch. Located just north of the resort’s other courses, Sheep Ranch was designed by renowned golf architect Tom Doak and offers an extensive and varied challenge for golfers of all levels.

At 7,400 yards from the championship tees, Sheep Ranch has plenty of length for those who like to test their skills at long-distance drives. But it also offers a wide variety of shorter tees so that golfers can opt for a more comfortable round. The course was designed with a minimalist approach with

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Bandon Dunes new course is the perfect addition to the golfing options in and around Bandon, Oregon. The course provides a unique challenge for golfers of all skill levels, with bunkers, water hazards, and other elements making the game more interesting and enjoyable. The views from the course are truly spectacular, and the entire experience was one that will be remembered for many years to come.

The course is also well-maintained and provides a comfortable atmosphere for playing golf. The staff at Bandon Dunes are friendly and helpful,