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Bettinardi BB8W is an iconic putter designed by renowned putter designer Robert Bettinardi. This classic putter has been a fan favorite since its introduction in 2013. With a milled stainless steel head, the BB8W offers superior feel and performance on the greens. The precision-crafted face provides true roll and promotes consistent speed control on every stroke. The classic look of the putter is also sure to give you confidence when standing over your putt.The Bettinardi BB8W is a high-performance milled putter designed with precision and accuracy in mind. It features a deep milled face, a toe-heel balanced weighting system, and an ultra-soft feel. The BB8W also includes a newly designed Honeycomb face milling pattern that increases spin and ball control. The Double-Bend shaft provides stability and the soft carbon steel construction ensures precise distance control. The overall look of the BB8W is sophisticated and classic, making it an ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels.


The Bettinardi BB8W is a stunning milled putter designed with the classic look and feel of a blade. It features advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, making it one of the best putters on the market. The putter has a deep milled face, which provides maximum control and improved feel on off-center shots. The BB8W also features a unique sole design that reduces skidding and helps golfers hit their target more accurately. It also has a full-shaft offset to reduce twisting on off-center hits and increase stability.


In addition to its design, the Bettinardi BB8W is packed with technology to enhance performance on the course. It features an advanced weight system in the head that helps golfers adjust their swing weight for better control. The sole also utilizes tungsten weights to help golfers achieve maximum accuracy and distance control. It also has adjustable lie angles to ensure that golfers can find the perfect fit for their swing. Finally, it uses an anti-glare finish to reduce distractions when lining up shots.


The Bettinardi BB8W is designed with superior craftsmanship for maximum durability. The milled face is made from stainless steel for increased durability and improved accuracy, while the shaft is made from carbon steel for added strength and stability during shots. The sole is also made from stainless steel for increased durability in all playing conditions. Overall, this putter will provide golfers with consistent performance round after round.

Design and Aesthetics

The Bettinardi BB8W Performance putter is designed to be a classic, sleek model. It features a classic Anser-style head shape with a tour-preferred milled face. The head has a satin finish that helps reduce glare and provides a premium look. The top line is slightly thicker for improved alignment which gives the putter an aesthetically pleasing look. The weight of the putter is 355 grams which helps with control and stability when striking the ball.

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The Bettinardi BB8W Performance putter is designed to provide consistent performance on the greens. The milled face ensures consistent contact between clubface and ball for greater distance control and accuracy. The head weight helps promote a smoother stroke, while the thicker top line improves aim and alignment. Additionally, the low center of gravity provides more energy transfer to the ball for greater distance control.


The Bettinardi BB8W Performance putter provides a great feel on every shot. The milled face allows for softer feel at impact, while the 355 gram headweight provides great balance throughout the swing. Additionally, the thick top line helps improve consistency in your stroke which gives you added confidence in your putting stroke.


The Bettinardi BB8W Performance putter offers great design, performance, and feel for any golfer looking for improved accuracy on the greens. It features a classic Anser-style head shape with milled face for consistent contact between clubface and ball, as well as thicker top line to improve aim and alignment. Additionally, it has 355 gram headweight that promotes smoother strokes as well as low center of gravity that increases energy transfer to the ball for better distance control. All in all, this is an excellent putter that will help you lower your scores on the golf course.


The Bettinardi BB8W Putter has a loft of 3 degrees. This helps to ensure that golfers can get the ball rolling quickly and accurately with their putts.


The Bettinardi BB8W Putter is a standard length putter, measuring at 34 inches in length. This makes it an ideal club for those who are looking for a club that is easy to handle and control on the green.


The Bettinardi BB8W Putter also features a Super Stroke 1.0 grip which provides golfers with maximum comfort and feedback when putting. The grip also helps to ensure that golfers are able to maintain their consistency throughout their stroke.

Head Design

The head design of the Bettinardi BB8W Putter is one of its standout features. It features an X-shaped sole which gives it excellent stability and balance throughout the stroke, ensuring golfers are able to make accurate putts on the green.


The Bettinardi BB8W Putter is constructed with a 303 Stainless Steel body and face insert which provides excellent feel and feedback on the green. The face insert also helps to ensure that golfers can easily control their distance and accuracy on their putts.

Bettinardi BB8W Putter Construction

The Bettinardi BB8W putter is constructed from high-grade, precision milled 303 stainless steel to provide the utmost in feel and control. The face has a soft feel yet firm enough to provide a solid contact at impact, while the cavity back design provides a larger sweet spot for improved forgiveness. The head shape is classic and timeless, with a slightly rounded toe and heel that allows for an easier alignment. The sole is cambered to allow for better turf interaction and reduced resistance for a smoother roll. Additionally, the putter features Bettinardi’s signature “Honeycomb” milling pattern which creates an aesthetically pleasing look as well as providing additional feel and control.

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The Bettinardi BB8W putter also features adjustable weighting technology which allows you to customize your setup based on your individual preferences. This technology is especially helpful for golfers who use varying lengths of stroke or prefer different swing speeds. By adding or removing weights you can change your overall balance point to maximize your performance on the green. As such, this putter offers an unparalleled level of adjustability and customization that will help any golfer find their perfect putting set up.

Bettinardi BB8W Putter Head Shapes

The Bettinardi BB8W putter head shapes are designed to provide golfers with superior performance and feel. The traditional blade shape has been modified to create a more forgiving design that produces longer, straighter putts. The head shape also features a center of gravity that is located deep in the back of the putter for increased stability and accuracy. Additionally, the increased MOI (Moment of Inertia) allows for improved forgiveness on off-center hits and greater distance control. The BB8W putter head is available in both right and left-handed models, allowing golfers to choose the set-up that best fits their game.

The design of the Bettinardi BB8W also includes a customizable hosel system which allows for a variety of lie angles to be set up. This feature allows golfers to fine tune their set-up to match their putting stroke, ensuring they are able to maximize performance from their putting stroke. Additionally, the putter head features a unique face milling pattern which helps promote a consistent roll on all shots from any line of aim. This helps golfers maintain accuracy throughout the entirety of their round.

Bettinardi BB8W Putter Loft Options

The Bettinardi BB8W putter is one of the most popular putters on the market today. It features an innovative design that has been designed to provide golfers with added forgiveness and improved accuracy. The Bettinardi BB8W putter is available in three different loft options, giving players the ability to customize their putting style. The three loft options include: a standard 34° loft, a middle 36° loft, and a higher-lofted 38° option.

The Bettinardi BB8W putter’s standard 34° loft provides golfers with more control over their putts and allows them to make precise strikes on the ball. The 36° loft option is perfect for those who are looking for a softer feel when striking the ball and need more forgiveness on their shots. The 38° option provides golfers with more backspin, which makes it easier to stop the ball quickly on the green.

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No matter which option you choose, the Bettinardi BB8W putter is sure to provide golfers with improved accuracy and control when putting. With its innovative design and customizable loft options, it’s no wonder why this popular putter continues to be one of the top choices among golfers today.

Bettinardi BB8W Putter Grips

The Bettinardi BB8W Putter Grips are designed to provide superior grip and feel in all weather conditions. The unique shape of the BB8W grips provides an ergonomic and comfortable feel while playing. The grips are made from a soft, yet durable rubber compound that ensures a consistent grip in all weather conditions. The unique shape also helps with alignment, as it allows for easier alignment of the putter head to the intended target. The grips also feature a non-slip surface to ensure a secure grip when putting.

Alignment Aids

The Bettinardi BB8W Putter Grips also come with alignment aids that make it easier to set up and aim your putts correctly. The alignment aids include an adjustable sight line that can be adjusted for different putters and styles of play. This ensures a consistent aim and direction each time you take your shot. Additionally, the grips come with an adjustable weight system that can be adjusted depending on personal preferences or skill level. This allows for more control over the distance and accuracy of your putts, making them more consistent each time you hit them.

Overall, the Bettinardi BB8W Putter Grips offer superior grip, feel, and control in all weather conditions. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player looking to improve your game, these grips will help you take your game to the next level. With their unique shape and adjustable features, you can ensure that every putt is taken with confidence and accuracy each time you hit them.


The Bettinardi BB8W is an impressive piece of golf equipment that should be considered for any golfer looking to improve their game. It has a reputation for being one of the best putters in the world, with its distinctive look and feel allowing for more confidence and accuracy on the greens. The BB8W is also very customizable, allowing users to tailor the putter to their exact specifications. With its great looks, solid construction, and superior performance, it’s easy to see why the Bettinardi BB8W is one of the most popular putters on the market today.

Whether you’re a professional golfer or a weekend hacker looking for a better game, the Bettinardi BB8W is definitely worth your consideration. Its precision craftsmanship and advanced technology make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to get ahead on the greens. If you’re looking for an outstanding putter with a timeless look and feel that will serve you well both on and off the course, then you should definitely give some serious thought to investing in the Bettinardi BB8W.

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