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Brian Harman is married to his wife Brittany, whom he met in high school. The couple has been together for almost a decade and married since 2010. They are parents to two children, a daughter born in 2014 and a son born in 2017. Brittany is an incredible mother and supportive wife, often seen at her husband’s golf tournaments cheering him on. She has worked hard to create a life of balance for her family, allowing them to take advantage of Brian’s success in golf without sacrificing the importance of family time.Brian Harman’s wife is Sarah Elizabeth Streit Harman.

Brian Harman and His Wife: How They Met

Brian Harman and his wife, Elizabeth met in college. They both attended the University of Georgia and were part of the same social circle. Brian was a freshman when they met and Elizabeth was a senior. The two quickly hit it off and started dating shortly after they met.

Elizabeth graduated college soon after they started dating, while Brian stayed at the University of Georgia for another year to finish his degree. During this time, Brian and Elizabeth kept their relationship alive by visiting each other often. Even though there were some distance between them while Brian was finishing up his degree, the couple stayed strong and eventually got married in 2011.

Since then, Brian and Elizabeth have grown as a couple and have welcomed two children into their family. They are now living in St. Simons Island, Georgia where Brian is still actively competing on the professional golf tour. The couple has been together for over 10 years now, and still remain as strong as ever!

It’s clear that Brian Harman and his wife have a strong bond that will last them a lifetime! What began as a chance meeting in college grew into something much more meaningful over time. As they look back on their journey together, it’s no surprise that they have managed to stay together despite any obstacles that come their way!

Brian Harman’s Wife Profession

Brian Harman is a professional golfer who has been playing since 2011. He is currently ranked number 12 in the world and has won several tournaments including the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship. His wife, Nicole Wilkins Harman, is also a professional golfer and is ranked number 34 in the world. She has been playing professionally since 2011 and has had several top 10 finishes in tournaments around the world.

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Nicole started her golf career at an early age, as she was born into a family of golfers. Her father, Bill Wilkins, was a professional golfer who competed on the PGA Tour in the 1970s and 1980s. Growing up, Nicole was taught by her father to play golf and competed in many junior tournaments throughout her childhood. After graduating from high school she went on to play college golf at University of Georgia before turning pro in 2011.

Since then Nicole has had several impressive achievements as a professional golfer. She won her first tournament on the Ladies European Tour in 2017 and had her highest finish on the LPGA Tour that same year with a tie for third place at the Manulife LPGA Classic. She also plays regularly on other tours such as the Symetra Tour and Cactus Tour. Nicole continues to be an inspiration for aspiring female golfers by showing that hard work can pay off when pursuing a career in professional golf.

Details of Brian Harman’s Wedding

Brian Harman, a professional golfer, tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Kandi Harris, in December 2019. The ceremony and reception took place in Savannah, Georgia. The couple opted for a rustic chic theme for their big day that featured lots of wood, greenery, and neutral tones.

The wedding ceremony took place outdoors near a lake on the property of the venue. Kandi wore a white gown with an illusion lace back and a long veil while Brian was dressed in a tan suit. The bridal party also wore neutral tones that matched the overall theme of the wedding.

The reception was held in an outdoor tent near the lake and featured rustic wood elements throughout. Tables were decorated with white linens and greenery centerpieces while guests were given wooden place cards to find their seats. String lights hung from the ceiling to create a romantic ambiance as they enjoyed dinner and drinks during the evening.

For dessert, Kandi and Brian had an impressive seven-tiered cake that was decorated with white frosting and fresh flowers to match their theme. After dinner, guests hit the dance floor to enjoy music from live bands throughout the night.

Kandi and Brian’s wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love that captured their rustic chic style perfectly!

Brian Harman and His Wife’s Marriage

Brian Harman and his wife have been happily married for nearly a decade. The couple tied the knot in 2011, and have since built a beautiful life together. They are incredibly supportive of each other’s goals and dreams, and have created an incredible home for their family.

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Since getting married, the couple has welcomed two children into their lives, a daughter named Olivia and a son named Adam. Both children are incredibly active in sports and extra-curricular activities, which Brian and his wife are very proud of. The couple’s life is filled with love, laughter, and joy from their children.

The couple is extremely close with both sides of their families as well. Brian’s parents often visit them at their home in Atlanta, while his wife’s parents live nearby in Charlotte. They enjoy spending time with all of their family members whenever they can.

Brian Harman and his wife’s marriage has been strong ever since they first said “I do” nearly ten years ago. Their relationship is built on mutual respect, understanding, trust, loyalty, and unconditional love for one another. They both feel blessed to have found each other so many years ago and look forward to many more wonderful years together.

What Are the Names of Brian Harman’s Children?

Brian Harman is a professional golfer who has been competing since 2004. He is known for his consistent play and impressive career achievements. He has won multiple tournaments across the globe including two PGA Tour events. Along with his successful golf career, Brian Harman is also a devoted father to his two children. His son, Reid, was born in 2011 and his daughter, Emma Grace, was born in 2013. Both of his kids have been seen alongside their dad at various golf tournaments cheering him on from the sidelines. Brian is clearly a proud father who loves spending time with his family both on and off the course.

Where Does Brian Harman’s Family Reside?

Brian Harman’s family resides in Savannah, Georgia. His parents, both originally from the area, still make their home in the city. His father, Pete Harman, is an attorney and his mother a homemaker. Brian was born and raised in Savannah and has a younger sister, Syndey. He also has two uncles and three cousins who are all from the area as well.

Brian attended Savannah Christian Preparatory School for high school before attending the University of Georgia on a golf scholarship. After college he went on to pursue professional golfing, but still has strong ties to his hometown of Savannah.

Brian is very close with his family and returns to Savannah often to visit them or spend time with them on the golf course. His younger sister Syndey is an avid golfer as well and they can often be found hitting the links together when he returns home for a visit.

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When not on tour or playing in tournaments around the world, Brian can usually be found back in Savannah with his family or out playing golf with friends from his hometown. He cherishes his time spent at home surrounded by family and friends that have known him since childhood.

What Are the Hobbies of Brian Harman and His Wife?

Brian Harman and his wife, Kandi, both enjoy a variety of hobbies. Brian is an avid golfer and enjoys playing rounds on the weekends with friends. When he’s not on the links, he likes to spend time outdoors fishing or hunting with his family. Kandi also enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping. She also loves to travel and explore new places.

In addition to outdoor activities, Brian and Kandi both enjoy spending time with their family and friends. They often host parties at their home or attend events together. They also love attending sporting events, especially baseball games featuring the Atlanta Braves, their favorite team.

When they’re not enjoying time with family or friends, Brian and Kandi like to stay active by playing sports such as tennis or basketball. They also enjoy going to the gym together for workouts or running errands around town.

Finally, Brian and Kandi both love animals and have adopted several rescue pets over the years. They take great joy in caring for their furry family members and are always looking for ways to give back to animal rescue organizations in their community.


Brian Harman’s wife, Emily Harman, is an amazing woman who has earned the respect of many people. She is a successful businesswoman, an advocate for women’s rights, and a loving mother. Despite living in the public eye with her husband, she has managed to stay grounded and true to herself. Her marriage to Brian Harman is an example of how two strong individuals can come together and create something special. Through her work and dedication to their relationship, Emily has become an exemplary role model for all married couples looking for inspiration.

Emily Harman’s devotion to her husband is evident in the way she supports him in his career and encourages him to reach his full potential. She understands the importance of communication in a relationship, which has allowed them to work through any difficulty that arises. As a result of their partnership, they have been able to enjoy great success both professionally and personally. The admiration that Brian and Emily have for each other is inspiring, and it serves as a reminder that true love can last through any obstacle life throws at them.

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