bridgestone golf balls e6 vs e12

Bridgestone Golf Balls are renowned for their quality and efficiency. The 2 most popular designs of Bridgestone Golf Balls are the e6 and the e12. Both of these golf balls are developed for high efficiency, with each providing its own distinct functions that make it perfect for various kinds of gamers. The e6 is a softer compression ball with a low spin rate, making it terrific for gamers who require more range off the tee. The e12 is a more difficult compression ball with a greater spin rate, making it perfect for gamers who need more precision and control around the greens. Both of these golf balls are developed to take full advantage of efficiency, so let’s take a better take a look at what makes them different.The Bridgestone E6 and E12 golf balls are developed for 2 various kinds of gamers. The E6 is a three-piece, range ball that is developed to decrease sidespin and assistance keep pieces and hooks far from the target. The E12, on the other hand, is a five-piece trip ball that offers a softer feel and more spin for skilled golf players searching for higher control around the greens. While both balls provide piece de resistance, the kind of gamer will figure out which ball is ideal for them.

Advantages of Both

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Pros of Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

The Bridgestone E6 golf ball is a premium, mid-priced ball that is popular amongst amateur and expert golf players alike. It uses a number of benefits, such as enhanced precision, increased range, and much better spin control. The high-visibility, soft core style assists golf players see the ball in the air throughout their shots. Furthermore, the mix of an aerodynamic cover and 330 dimple pattern assists to decrease drag and take full advantage of lift for longer ranges. The soft urethane cover offers terrific feel for gamers of all ability levels. In general, the Bridgestone E6 golf ball offers outstanding efficiency at an affordable rate.

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Cons of Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

One possible drawback to the E6 is its sturdiness. Although it’s definitely difficult enough for daily usage on the course, it will not last as long as some other balls with harder covers. Furthermore, some gamers might discover they do not get rather as much range with this ball as they finish with others on the marketplace. Lastly, while the mid-range rate point makes them available to a lot of golf players, they can still be more costly than some other designs.

In general, the Bridgestone E6 golf ball uses outstanding efficiency for its rate point however might not last as long as other choices on the marketplace.


The Bridgestone E12 golf balls are developed to offer a high level of efficiency, offering you with a constant ball flight and outstanding range. The soft feel of the ball makes sure a comfy video game and the urethane cover assists to decrease spin for a more precise shot. The Duraspin Innovation included in the E12 assists to increase spin on your shots when required, making it much easier to manage your golf ball. The aerodynamic dimple pattern likewise assists to decrease drag, permitting much better precision and increased range.


The Bridgestone E12 is among the more costly golf balls on the marketplace, so it might run out grab some gamers. The soft feel might not be perfect for some gamers who choose a firmer feel or for those searching for optimum range off the tee. Furthermore, some gamers might discover that the dimple pattern does not offer as much control as they would like which the urethane cover can trigger additional spin, causing less precision on their shots.


Both Bridgestone golf balls, the E6 and the E12, are outstanding options for any golf enthusiast. The E6 is developed for gamers who desire a straight ball flight with outstanding control, while the E12 is developed for gamers who wish to strike longer and straighter shots. The softer building of the E6 offers it more spin off the tee and enhanced probe the green, while the firmer building of the E12 leads to higher range off the tee.

No matter which ball you select, both provide an outstanding mix of range and precision to assist you decrease your ratings on the golf course. With Bridgestone’s dedication to quality and efficiency, you can rely on that you’ll be getting a terrific item no matter which one you select. So if you’re searching for a golf ball that’s best for your video game, think about offering both the E6 and E12 a shot.