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brooke henderson net worth

Brooke Henderson is a professional golfer who is currently ranked as the number one female golfer in the world. She has won numerous tournaments and has earned millions in prize money since she began her golf career. As of 2021, Brooke Henderson’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million, making her one of the most successful professional golfers of her generation.Brooke Henderson’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

How Much Money Does Brooke Henderson Make?

Brooke Henderson is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and she has earned a lot of money for her achievements. She is currently ranked 4th on the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings and is the highest-paid female golfer in the world. According to Forbes, her estimated net worth is $8 million.

Henderson has made millions from her tour winnings alone. She is the second-most successful Canadian golfer ever, with seven wins on the LPGA Tour. Her total career earnings stand at over $11 million. In addition to her winnings, she also earns money through sponsorships with companies such as RBC, MasterCard, Ping Golf and Titleist.

Henderson also has endorsement deals that pay out large sums of money every year. She was recently named an ambassador for Nike Golf and signed a multi-year deal with them that reportedly pays her around $1 million per year. She also endorses several other brands including Gatorade and Rolex, which pay out large sums of money for their endorsements as well.

Overall, Brooke Henderson makes a substantial amount of money from golfing and endorsement deals. Her estimated net worth is around $8 million and she earns millions more each year from sponsorships and winnings on the LPGA Tour.

Brooke Henderson’s Earnings

Brooke Henderson is a Canadian professional golfer who has earned impressive earnings in her golfing career. She is the only Canadian to ever win an LPGA Tour event, and is one of the most accomplished female golfers in Canada. As of 2021, Henderson has earned over $9 million in prize money on the LPGA Tour, making her one of the highest-earning female golfers in the world. In addition to her prize money winnings, Brooke Henderson also earns lucrative endorsement deals with several major companies, including Nike, RBC and Ping Golf.

Henderson’s career earnings have continued to rise since she first joined the LPGA Tour in 2015. Since then, she has won six LPGA Tour events and finished second or third on seven occasions. She has also earned numerous accolades, including being named Rolex Player of the Year in 2019. Her success on the course has helped her to secure several big-money sponsorships which have added to her impressive earnings over the years.

In addition to her tournament winnings and endorsement deals, Brooke Henderson also earns income from various other sources including appearances fees and media contracts. Henderson regularly appears as a guest analyst on various golf shows and has even written a book about her life as a professional golfer called “Dreams: From My Hometown To The Top Of The World”. These additional streams of income have enabled Brooke Henderson to amass an impressive net worth estimated at around $12 million dollars.

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Overall, Brooke Henderson has had an incredibly successful career both on and off the course which has enabled her to amass significant earnings throughout her career. Her talent as a golfer combined with her impressive business acumen has helped make Brooke one of Canada’s most successful female athletes both financially and athletically.

Brooke Henderson’s Career Earnings

Brooke Henderson is a professional golfer from Canada who has made quite a name for herself in the sport. She has won numerous tournaments, including the 2016 Women’s PGA Championship, and is currently ranked No. 3 in the world. Her success on the golf course has translated into substantial earnings. As of 2021, Henderson’s career earnings stand at over $16 million dollars.

Henderson began her professional career in 2015, when she was just 17 years old. She immediately began to make an impact on the LPGA Tour, finishing in the top 10 in her first three events. By the end of her rookie season, she had earned over $1 million dollars in prize money and finished fifth on the money list.

Since then, Henderson has continued to rack up wins and accumulate prize money. In 2018 she won two tournaments, including a major championship at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, and finished third on the season-ending money list with over $2 million dollars in earnings.

In 2019, Henderson added two more victories to her resume and earned over $3 million dollars for the season, good for second on the money list behind Jin Young Ko. 2020 was another successful year for Henderson as she earned nearly $4 million and finished fourth on the money list despite playing fewer events than most other players due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Henderson is now one of golf’s biggest stars and continues to be one of its most successful players both financially and competitively. With over $16 million dollars in career earnings so far and many more tournaments ahead of her, it is likely that Brooke Henderson will continue to add to her impressive pile of prize money for years to come.

How Much Money Has Brooke Henderson Won on Tour?

Canadian professional golfer Brooke Henderson has been an incredibly successful player on the tour since she first joined in 2015. She has won eight LPGA Tour events, two Symetra Tour events, and two major championships. Her total career earnings from these wins amount to a staggering $7,431,944.

The first of her LPGA Tour wins came in 2016 when she won the Cambia Portland Classic. She went on to win another seven tournaments on the LPGA Tour – including her first major championship win at the Women’s PGA Championship in 2018. That same year she also won the Meijer Classic and CP Women’s Open.

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In addition to her wins on the LPGA Tour, Henderson also has two victories on the Symetra Tour – a developmental tour for women’s golfers who are attempting to gain entry into the LPGA. Her first victory was at the Four Winds Invitational in 2014 and her second came at The Guardian Championship in 2016.

Henderson’s biggest career win came at the ANA Inspiration Major Championship in 2020 when she became just the fourth Canadian golfer to win a major championship title. This win alone earned her $540,000 and pushed her total career earnings past the $7 million mark.

Brooke Henderson has been an incredible success story since joining professional golf in 2015 and she continues to show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her total career earnings are a testament to her hard work and dedication to becoming one of golf’s top stars.

Managing Money

Brooke Henderson is a Canadian professional golfer who has managed her money well. She has achieved success in her career by making smart investments and smart decisions with her finances. Henderson has invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate. She also takes an active role in managing her own investments, carefully considering each decision and working with advisors to make sure she’s making the best decisions for her future. Henderson also puts a portion of her winnings into savings accounts that she can access when needed.


Henderson is also keenly aware of the importance of budgeting and has been able to use this skill to manage her finances effectively. She understands that budgeting is essential for maintaining financial stability, and she uses it to ensure that she can save money while still enjoying life. Henderson sets aside a certain amount each month for bills, groceries and other expenses, as well as saving a portion of each paycheck for future investments.

Giving Back

Henderson also makes sure to give back by donating a portion of her winnings to charity. She is passionate about giving back to the community and believes that everyone should have access to quality education and health care services regardless of their income level or background. Through donations, Henderson strives to make a difference in people’s lives and help those who need it most.

Financial Education

In addition to managing her own finances well, Henderson also advocates for financial literacy among young people. She has given talks at schools about the importance of budgeting, investing, and saving for retirement early on in life so that they can be better prepared for their financial futures later on down the line. Through these talks, Henderson seeks to help young people become more financially literate so that they can make better decisions with their money now and in the future.

Brooke Henderson

Brooke Henderson is a Canadian professional golfer who currently plays on the LPGA Tour. She has won seven LPGA Tour events, including two major championships, and has been ranked as high as world number two in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. Henderson is one of the most successful golfers in Canadian history and has become a role model for young Canadian athletes. As she continues to excel in her professional career, she has also begun to explore other business ventures.

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Henderson’s Business Ventures

Henderson has used her success on the course to build a brand that extends beyond golf. She recently launched her own line of golf apparel and accessories called “Brooke Henderson Golf”. The collection includes clothing items such as hats, polos, pants, shorts and skorts, as well as accessories such as towels, bags and headcovers. The line is designed with style and performance in mind, allowing golfers of all levels to look their best while playing the game they love.

In addition to her apparel line, Henderson also owns a wine label called “BH Wines” which produces red blends from California grapes. The label pays tribute to Henderson’s hometown of Smiths Falls, Ontario by naming each vintage after local landmarks such as Rideau Canal or Big Rideau Lake. The wine label gives back to the community by donating a portion of its profits to local charities.

Henderson also recently opened Brookies Cafe in her hometown of Smiths Falls. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch items such as sandwiches, salads and soups made from locally sourced ingredients. There is also an outdoor patio area where customers can enjoy their meals while taking in the beautiful views of Big Rideau Lake.


Brooke Henderson is an inspirational example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. Her success on the course has allowed her to branch out into other business ventures that benefit both herself and her community. Her apparel line offers stylish performance wear for all levels of golfers while her wine label gives back to those in need through charitable donations. Finally Brookies Cafe provides locals with delicious food made from fresh ingredients while offering breathtaking views of Big Rideau Lake.


Brooke Henderson is an incredible Canadian professional golfer, with a net worth of approximately $10 million. She has had an impressive career, having won eight LPGA tour tournaments since she began playing professionally in 2015. Brooke’s success is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

She also serves as an inspiration to young aspiring golfers, showing that if you put in the hard work you can achieve big things in the sport of golf. Brooke continues to be one of the top golfers on tour, and there’s no doubt that she will continue to make history in the sport for years to come.

Her net worth is a reflection of her talent and success on the course. Brooke Henderson has worked hard for her success and continues to be an example of how far hard work can take you. With many more years on tour ahead of her, it’s likely that Brooke Henderson’s net worth will only continue to grow as she adds more wins and titles to her resume.

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