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Bubba Watson is an American professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour. He is best known for his explosive driving distance and creative shot-making skills. Watson has won two major championships, the 2012 Masters Tournament and the 2014 Masters Tournament. He has also won nine PGA Tour events and three World Golf Championships. Watson is one of the most successful and popular players in the history of golf, with an impressive career that includes numerous wins, top-10 finishes, and awards.Bubba Watson currently carries a total of 14 clubs in his bag. His driver is the Ping G400 LST, with an 8.5-degree loft. He also carries a Ping G400 3-wood with 15 degrees of loft; a Ping G400 5-wood with 18 degrees of loft; Ping G irons from 4-PW; a Ping Glide 2.0 50 and 56 degree sand wedge; a Ping Glide TS 64 degree lob wedge; and a Ping PLD Anser putter.

Bubba Watson’s WITB: Clubs That Comprise His Setup

Golf superstar Bubba Watson is known for his powerful and creative shots, and his clubs are an important part of his game. His current setup includes several signature clubs from some of the biggest names in the golf industry. He uses a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter to complete his bag.

At the top of the bag, Watson uses a Ping G400 driver that features a 10.5-degree loft and Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange shaft. This is a powerful club that helps him generate plenty of distance while still maintaining accuracy off the tee.

In the fairway woods category, Watson relies on Titleist TS2 3-wood and 5-wood clubs with Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange shafts. These clubs provide him with greater control when hitting from the fairway or rough.

For his irons, Watson opts for Mizuno JPX-900 Tour 4-iron through 9-iron with Nippon Modus3 120X shafts for additional control on his approach shots. He also carries a Titleist U-500 21-degree hybrid club and a Titleist Vokey Design SM7 46-, 52-, 56-, and 60-degree wedges to help him navigate tricky lies around the green.

Finally, he rounds out his setup with an Odyssey O-Works Black putter which helps him sink more putts than ever before. All together, these clubs make up Bubba Watson’s full WITB (bag) which allows him to hit shots like no other golfer on tour today!

How Bubba Watson Chooses His Clubs

Bubba Watson is one of the most successful golfers of all time, and his choice of clubs is a big part of that. He has his own set of clubs that he uses and takes great care in choosing the right ones for any particular course. In addition to taking into account the type of course he’s playing on, Watson also considers factors such as swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, ball flight, and clubhead speed.

Watson starts by looking at the length and shape of the holes on a particular course. This helps him determine what type of club he should use for each hole. He also looks at how much wind there may be at any given time as this can affect how far his ball will go.

Next, Watson takes into account his own swing speed and launch angle when selecting his clubs. By understanding his own golf game, he can pick out the clubs that will help him hit the ball farther with better accuracy. He may also adjust his stance to get more power out of each shot if necessary.

When it comes to choosing which type of club to use for a particular shot, Watson pays close attention to spin rate and ball flight as well as clubhead speed. If he needs more spin on a shot, he may opt for a lower lofted club with more backspin potential; if he needs to hit it farther down the fairway, he’ll typically go for a higher lofted club with more speed off the tee box.

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Finally, Watson studies all available statistics on each hole before making his selection so that he can make an informed decision about which club will give him the best chance at success. By doing this preparation ahead of time and taking into account all these variables when selecting his clubs, Bubba Watson is able to maximize his performance on the golf course.


Bubba Watson is known for having one of the most consistent drivers on the PGA Tour. His current driver of choice is a Titleist TSi4 with 9.5 degrees of loft and a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited shaft. This driver offers Watson maximum distance off the tee, as well as an adjustable sole weight that allows him to fine-tune his shot shape and trajectory.

Fairway Woods

When it comes to fairway woods, Watson prefers Titleist TS2 models with 13.5 degrees of loft and Mitsubishi Tensei Orange shafts. These clubs offer Watson versatility from the fairway, allowing him to hit shots that are high and long, or low and penetrating depending on what the situation calls for.


Watson also has a set of Mizuno JPX-900 hybrids in his bag, which come in 17, 20 and 23 degrees of loft. These clubs are known for their stability, workability and distance control — all important aspects for golfers looking to hit shots accurately from difficult lies.


For his irons, Watson opts for a set of Mizuno JPX-900 Tour irons with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. These irons are designed for enhanced feel and precision, giving players like Watson the ability to hit consistent shots from tight lies.


Watson’s wedges include a Titleist Vokey SM8 46 degree wedge with KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shafts as well as a Titleist Vokey SM6 52 and 56 degree wedges with True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shafts. He uses these wedges around the greens to spin his ball back toward the hole or keep it below high winds.


Finally, Watson uses an Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter with SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip. This putter features Odyssey’s Triple Track alignment system which helps players line up their putts more accurately, giving them greater control over their putting stroke.

Analyzing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Bubba Watson’s WITB

Since winning the Masters Tournament in 2012, Bubba Watson has become one of the most recognizable players in professional golf. His unique approach to the game and preference for taking risks have earned him an impressive set of victories and a loyal fan base. One way he has been able to consistently perform at such a high level is by having an exceptionally well-equipped golf bag. His “bag” or “WITB” (which stands for “What’s In The Bag”) features a variety of high-end clubs, which he uses to great effect. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with Watson’s WITB.

The first benefit associated with Watson’s golf bag is that it gives him access to all the tools necessary to perform his best on any given day. This includes clubs from different manufacturers, which allow him to adjust his shots as needed depending on course conditions or other factors. He also carries extra clubs, such as wedges and putters, which give him more options when it comes to playing different shots. All this equipment helps ensure that he is always prepared for any situation that may arise on the course.

Another benefit associated with Watson’s WITB is that it helps him maintain consistency over an entire tournament or season. By having so many different club options at his disposal, he can make adjustments quickly if something isn’t working as well as expected without having to worry about his entire setup being thrown off balance. This allows him to stay focused on executing shots rather than constantly worrying about adjusting his clubs accordingly.

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On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks associated with carrying such a full set of clubs in your golf bag. For one thing, it can be difficult for players who are not used to carrying so much gear around the course, especially during windy days or when playing on hilly terrain. Also, if you are not careful about how you organize your bag, you can end up wasting time looking for specific clubs while out on the course due to their sheer number and complexity. Additionally, it can be quite expensive purchasing all these different types of clubs if you are just a recreational player who doesn’t plan on competing regularly on tour-level courses.

Overall, Bubba Watson’s WITB provides both benefits and drawbacks depending on your perspective as a player. If you are looking for maximum performance out on the course and have access to all types of equipment from different manufacturers then this approach might be worth considering. However if you are just looking for something simpler or more affordable then it might not be ideal for everyone’s needs and preferences

How Does Bubba Watson Choose His Golf Shafts?

Bubba Watson is one of the most successful and well-known golfers in the world. He has won multiple major titles, and his trademark power and distance off the tee is largely attributed to his choice of golf shafts. So how does Bubba Watson choose which shaft to use?

The answer lies in the fact that Bubba chooses a shaft based on its flex rating, or stiffness. He prefers a shaft that is stiffer than average, which gives him extra control over his shots and allows him to generate more power and accuracy with each swing.

Bubba also considers other factors when choosing a shaft, such as weight, length, material, and balance point. The weight of the shaft can affect how quickly he can swing it through the air and how much energy he can transfer into the ball at impact. The length of the shaft can also affect his accuracy; if it’s too long or too short, he may struggle to hit consistent shots. The material of the shaft will determine its durability and performance characteristics; for example, graphite is lightweight but tends to be less durable than steel. Finally, the balance point of a shaft affects how it feels in his hands during a swing; if it’s too far forward or back it may feel unbalanced or uncomfortable.

Overall, Bubba Watson puts a lot of thought into choosing which golf shafts to use for his clubs. By selecting one with an appropriate flex rating, weight, length, material, and balance point he ensures that he gets maximum control over each shot while still being able to generate plenty of power for maximum distance off the tee.

Different Types of Putters in Bubba Watson’s WITB

Bubba Watson is one of the most successful golfers on tour, and part of his success is due to his impressive arsenal of clubs. His putter collection is no exception, as he has a variety of different models available in his bag. From blades to mallets and even special models designed by him, Bubba has something for every golfer’s putting needs.

The most common type of putter in Bubba’s bag is the blade. These putters are designed for precision and control, allowing golfers to make delicate strokes around the green with ease. He typically uses a PING Anser or Scotty Cameron Newport 2 model when he wants maximum accuracy and feel on the greens.

For those who prefer more stability and forgiveness from their putters, Bubba also has a selection of mallet-style models. His favorite mallet-style model is a Ping Heppler that helps him stay on line better than other types of putters. He also carries a Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X5 in his bag which helps him hit longer putts more consistently.

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Finally, there are several special editions that have been designed by Bubba himself through his brand “Grips” that are available in his bag from time to time. These clubs provide great feel and touch around the green while giving golfers an opportunity to use something that was actually designed by one of the top players in the world.

No matter what type of putting style you prefer or what your skill level may be, there is sure to be an option available from Bubba Watson’s WITB that can help improve your game on the greens. From blades to mallets and even special edition designs, Bubba has something for everyone in his collection of putters!

What Makes a Golf Ball Suitable for Bubba Watson?

The game of golf requires players to use specialized equipment, which can vary depending on the player’s individual needs and preferences. For professional golfer Bubba Watson, the right golf ball is essential to his success. A suitable golf ball for Bubba Watson must provide him with maximum control, distance, and spin while also being able to stand up to tough conditions on the course.

Distance is of utmost importance for a professional golfer such as Watson. He needs a golf ball that has maximum distance while still providing him with enough control to hit his shots accurately. This means the ball must have a good aerodynamic design and a low drag coefficient in order for it to fly further without losing speed.

Control is another important factor when selecting a golf ball for Bubba Watson. The cover of the ball must be soft enough so that he can easily grip it and make adjustments mid-flight, but it must also be durable enough to withstand aggressive swings and other rough terrain he may encounter during play. A softer cover provides more control over the ball but can wear down quickly; a harder cover offers more durability but can reduce spin.

Spin is an important factor in controlling shots and helping them reach their intended destination on the green or fairway. The core of the golf ball should provide good spin rates so that Watson can shape shots with ease while still providing accuracy and distance. A soft core helps generate more spin but may also reduce distance; a harder core offers better distance but may sacrifice some control over spin rates.

Finally, Bubba Watson needs a golf ball that is able to stand up to tough conditions on the course such as wet grass or adverse weather conditions like wind or rain. The cover should provide good water resistance so that it does not become soggy or lose flight when hitting off wet surfaces, and it should also offer good wind resistance so that its trajectory won’t be affected by gusts of wind during play.

In conclusion, there are many factors that make a golf ball suitable for Bubba Watson – from its aerodynamic design and low drag coefficient for maximum distance to its soft yet durable cover for optimal control and spin rate, as well as its water-resistant qualities in order to withstand tough course conditions. Choosing the right golf ball will help ensure he performs at his best every time he takes his shot!


Bubba Watson is a highly successful and talented golfer who has achieved incredible success in the sport. He has managed to become one of the best players in the world by constantly pushing himself and striving for excellence. His achievements have seen him win multiple major championships and establish himself as one of the most consistent players on Tour. His influence has extended far beyond the game with his warm personality and down-to-earth nature endearing him to fans around the world. Bubba Watson is an inspiration to aspiring golfers everywhere, and his legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.

In conclusion, Bubba Watson is a remarkable athlete who has made an incredible impact on professional golf. His unique style of play, inspiring attitude, and charitable work make him an ideal role model for future generations of players. By continuing to work hard and aim high, he can achieve even greater heights in his career and cement his place among golfing greats.

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