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callaway x12 irons specs

Callaway X-12 Irons are designed to give you the ultimate combination of playability and forgiveness. The X-12 Irons feature a large sweet spot with a progressive offset and a wide sole for enhanced playability in all lies. The progressive offset ensures that the irons deliver stability and control with every swing, while the wide sole provides extra forgiveness on mis-hits. The clubface is made of lightweight titanium, making it more durable and longer-lasting than traditional steel irons. With its low center of gravity, the Callaway X-12 Irons gives you an added boost of power and distance off the tee.The Callaway X-12 Irons are a set of irons designed with forgiveness and accuracy in mind. The design of the X-12 Irons features perimeter weighting, allowing for a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) which stabilizes the club head and provides better performance on off-center shots. The large sweet spot created by the perimeter weighting also allows for more distance on shots hit across the face. The X-12s also feature Callaway’s famous “VFT” (Variable Face Thickness) technology, which helps create a larger sweet spot by making the face thicker in areas where it is needed most. The X-12s also feature a unique “U-Groove” design, which helps to generate more spin for better control and accuracy. Finally, the X-12 Irons also feature Callaway’s “Soft Feel Technology”, which provides enhanced feel and feedback to players when they hit shots with these irons.

Design Features

The Callaway X12 Irons feature progressive sole widths and offsets. The long irons have wider soles and less offset, which helps to launch the ball higher and with more forgiveness. The short irons have narrower soles and more offset to promote accuracy and control. The X12 Irons also feature an undercut cavity design which moves weight away from the face to the perimeter of the clubhead to increase forgiveness on off-center hits. The VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology creates a larger sweet spot across the face of the club resulting in greater distance and improved accuracy.

The X12 Irons also feature an advanced Custom Tuning Port (CTP) design which increases discretionary weight for improved feel, sound, and performance. This technology also allows Callaway to customize swingweight for each individual iron in a set to ensure that all clubs perform optimally for each golfer’s swing. In addition, the Callaway X12 Irons feature a deep undercut cavity design which promotes a lower center of gravity for a higher launch angle with less spin for added distance.

Callaway X12 Irons: Shaft Options

The Callaway X12 irons offer a wide range of shaft options to suit the individual needs of any golfer. Customization is key when it comes to finding the right set of clubs and the X12 irons provide some great options. The range includes steel, graphite and hybrid shafts, each tailored for a particular style of play.

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Steel shafts are ideal for golfers looking for a more traditional feel and are generally stiffer than other materials. Graphite shafts are designed to deliver maximum clubhead speed and improved distance off the tee. Hybrid shafts combine elements from both steel and graphite, allowing golfers to benefit from both types while maintaining an even flex profile throughout their swing.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there is sure to be a suitable option in the Callaway X12 iron range. Whether you’re looking for greater control or increased distance off the tee, there is something here for all levels of player. With such a wide variety of options available, it’s easy to find something that suits your individual needs.

Callaway X12 Irons: Lofts & Lie Angles

The Callaway X12 Irons provide golfers with a variety of loft and lie angle options to choose from. The standard lofts offered range from 18° to 48° for the 3-iron through 9-iron. The loft angles increase in increments of one degree for each successive club, making it easy to find the right distance and trajectory for your shots. The lie angles also increase in increments of one degree, with the 3-iron having a 62.5° lie angle and the 9-iron having a 64.5° lie angle.

The lie angles are designed to promote proper ball flight and ensure consistent contact between the clubface and ball. The lofts are designed to reduce backspin and provide more distance off the tee or from the fairway. With these features, you can be sure that your Callaway X12 Irons will be able to provide you with excellent performance on every shot you take.

Callaway X12 Irons: Technology & Performance Benefits

The Callaway X12 Irons are designed to provide superior performance and technology benefits to golfers of all levels. From their forged, multi-material construction to their advanced VFT technology, these irons deliver a unique combination of power, accuracy, and playability. The lightweight design of the clubs combined with the increased stability provided by the soleplate and center of gravity makes them ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike. The VFT technology increases ball speed and enhances distance with each shot while the low center of gravity helps golfers hit longer drives with greater accuracy. The X12 Irons also feature an ultra-thin face design that provides more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the clubhead is designed to be more aerodynamic which further increases distance and accuracy. All in all, the Callaway X12 Irons offer superior performance benefits that make them a top choice for any golfer looking to up their game.

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In addition to their performance benefits, the Callaway X12 Irons also offer a variety of advanced technologies that make them even more appealing. For example, they feature an exclusive 360 Face Cup technology which delivers more ball speed on off-center hits for enhanced distance. This is thanks to a thin rim around the perimeter of the clubface that flexes at impact for increased ball speed and distance on mis-hits. Additionally, they are equipped with a Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology which helps improve ball speed across the face for greater distances regardless of where you hit it on the face. Finally, there is an Internal Standing Wave which allows golfers to customize their launch angle and spin rate by changing where weight is positioned within the clubhead.

Overall, the Callaway X12 Irons are an excellent choice when it comes to achieving maximum performance benefits from your game. Thanks to their combination of advanced technologies, lightweight design, increased stability, and enhanced forgiveness these clubs are sure to help golfers take their game to new heights. Whether you’re looking for greater accuracy or longer distances with each shot these irons have something for everyone!

VFT Technology

Callaway X12 Irons come with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology. This technology enhances ball speed across the entire face, resulting in greater distance and improved accuracy. It also provides a higher launch angle and a lower spin rate for optimal performance. In addition, VFT technology helps create a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), which allows for greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The X12 irons feature a thin face that is precision-milled to provide maximum distance and accuracy from every strike. The club head is designed with a progressive offset to help keep the ball on its intended path for improved accuracy throughout the set. The sole width of each iron increases from heel to toe to help reduce turf interaction, resulting in greater playability from any lie.

Callaway X12 Irons: U-Grooves

The Callaway X12 irons were designed to provide golfers with maximum control and spin. The U-grooves on the face of the irons provide a deeper grooves for increased spin rate and increased control. The deeper grooves also give the golfer more consistency and accuracy when hitting the ball. The U-grooves also allow for a softer feel, giving the golfer more confidence in their shots. The Callaway X12 irons are perfect for players who are looking for added control and spin on their shots.

The Callaway X12 irons have an improved sole design which gives them more forgiveness at impact. This helps to reduce mis-hits, giving the golfer more confidence in their shot making ability. The improved sole design also helps to improve clubhead speed which can help increase distance off the tee. With these improvements, the Callaway X12 irons are perfect for mid to low handicap golfers looking to improve their game.

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Overall, the Callaway X12 irons are an excellent choice for anyone looking to increase their accuracy and spin rate. The U-groove design helps give golfers more control over their shots while still providing a soft feel at impact. With an improved sole design and increased clubhead speed, these irons offer great forgiveness and distance off the tee as well.

Specialized Heat Treating Process

The Callaway X12 Irons feature a specialized heat treating process. This process ensures that the metal used to make the irons is of the highest quality and is designed to last longer and provide better performance. The specialized heat treating process also helps to create a more consistent ball flight and less spin on shots. It also helps to reduce vibration and improve feel at impact, making it easier for players to control their shots. The process also helps to maximize energy transfer, providing increased distance with greater accuracy. With this advanced technology, golfers can enjoy improved performance with each shot they take.

The Callaway X12 Irons feature a multi-material construction designed for maximum distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. The irons feature a stainless steel body with a titanium face insert for improved ball speed and distance. The clubhead also features an undercut cavity that helps move more weight lower in the head for improved launch conditions. Additionally, the clubhead features an optimized center of gravity that helps promote higher launch angles and increased forgiveness on off-center hits. By combining all of these technologies, players can enjoy more consistent results from every shot they hit with their Callaway X12 Irons.


Overall, the Callaway X-12 Irons are a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. With a combination of features designed to increase accuracy and distance, these irons have something for everyone. With its sleek design and classic feel, you can be sure that you are getting a club that will last for years to come. The X-12 Irons offer a great balance of performance, feel, and affordability that make them an ideal choice for golfers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Callaway X-12 Irons will help take your game to the next level.

If you are looking for a set of irons that will give you the most bang for your buck then the Callaway X-12 Irons are worth a look. With its classic design and improved distance capabilities, you can be sure that these clubs will help improve your game. So whether you’re just starting out or trying to take your game up a notch, the Callaway X-12 Irons are worth considering.

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