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Can You Golf While Pregnant?

Can You Golf While Pregnant

Can You Golf While Pregnant? Yes, but with some tips, we will share in this guide. Stay with us as we will explain everything and give you tips to play golf safely while you are pregnant.

There is no question that the sport of golf is amazing and that it is one that a fair number of people all around the world love participating in.

However, the exercise on the golf course should not be undertaken by anybody who is pregnant because of the risk to the unborn child.

You, as a pregnant woman, need to be aware of the possible dangers that are connected to the sport of golf in order to play golf during your pregnancy.

It’s likely that you can golf while pregnant if you played before becoming pregnant.

A golf professional, Dana Dormann, was 7 months pregnant when she competed in a tournament and placed really high. She gave birth to her baby boy later and said that she regretted no part of it. If she could do it when she was 7 months pregnant, you can also do it following the right tips.

Even though playing golf while pregnant has certain difficulties, you don’t have to put your clubs away until after the baby is born.

You may anticipate that your golf game will be affected in one way or another, depending on the stage of your pregnancy and any symptoms you may be feeling.

Golf is made to be playable by people of all ages, and if you choose not to use a golf cart, you may also use it as a low-impact cardio exercise. These women also enjoy playing golf.

If you get off the golf cart, you can indulge in several safe exercises due to this game will also help you avoid fatigue.

If you played golf before becoming pregnant, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to play golf again while you’re pregnant. Golfing while pregnant is certainly a possibility. So what are the benefits and risks of playing golf while pregnant?

Advantages Of Golfing To Pregnant Women

It’s very beneficial for pregnant women to walk while they play golf.

Many pregnant women recommend low-impact golf as a way to strengthen your core and enhance your balance and stability, all of which may be affected by pregnancy.

In order to avoid excessive weight gain, lower the risk of developing diabetes, and build strength and endurance for delivery, doctors advise pregnant women to exercise every day.

If you want to counter weight gain and lose weight, then golf is a great exercise that will do the job.

These emotional ups and downs might be easier to handle if you spend time in nature and physical activities.

A pregnant golfer can clear his mind by golfing, another advantage of golfing while pregnant.

Golf provides you with the sunlight and fresh air that everyone needs. We can all agree that the additional Vitamin D you receive from the sunlight makes people a lot more pleasant to be around.

Thus, playing golf while pregnant is a terrific way to get much-needed time in the sun. If the local weather prevents you from playing, you may even go to another location to play golf.

Pregnant golfers have been doing this for a long time now.


You lose equilibrium as you age, and your ligaments become more brittle. That also happens during pregnancy.

Pregnancies bring about physical changes, and all kinds of physical activity during pregnancy require more energy than usual.

This is extremely difficult on a golf course where there are hills, valleys, scuffs in the ground, and tripping hazards.

See your doctor if you’ve been playing golf for a long time or are just starting out. Also, remember to warm up with some stretching before you hit the course for the day.

There are things that most women can do during their pregnancy to help them be careful while they are golfing. These will also help ease the trimester fatigue and trimester symptoms.

Precautions To Take On The Golf Course During Your Pregnancy Before Golfing

If you play golf with caution, you may still have a great time and minimize the hazards of doing so while pregnant while protecting yourself and your unborn baby, since life is precious.

Avid golfers and many women suggest following these easy steps and a few things that are tips which will help you achieve your goal:

Do Not Use A Lot Of Strength In Your Golf Swing

We would start with the most important tips that one must remember to play golf.

Because hormones during pregnancy make your muscles and ligaments more flexible, you should be careful how you move your body.

The easiest way to begin your pregnancy safety adventure is to take it a little slower for your golf swing and ensure you sip carefully. Handle your golf club with care, do not swing the club around using all of your strength.

You won’t have any terrible pains as a result of being gentle with your swing and club, and you could even discover that you love the game more than you anticipated. Swing adjustments can help you achieve an easier time while golfing during pregnancy.

Keep Your Balance In Check While Playing Golf

In order to prevent falling when sipping, be mindful of your balance. Your golf game and body will benefit greatly if you can maintain this by playing and golfing at a steady speed.

You need to avoid falling for the sake of your baby. You will thank us for this advice when the baby arrives.

It will be quite beneficial to practice this early in your pregnancy since you will have mastered the technique by the time you reach your latter, sometimes difficult, pregnancy.

It will be the biggest challenge to keep your body safe while golfing (swing), but it is one you can take up with necessary precautions.

Take Snacks with You and Drink Lots of Water

Sips of water and nibbles of your food will keep your new baby hydrated and give you more energy. As snacks, you may eat crackers, almonds, granola, fruits, etc., and at least one bottle of water. That is why women and their baby need to drink plenty of water, especially during any and all physical activity.

However, you don’t need to bring a lot of these items since they might make you feel faint if you consume too much of them. It is common sense not to eat excessively and avoid playing if you feel nauseous during pregnancy.

You can win against this energy suck by eating healthy.

Take Breaks To Play Golf As Needed

Breaks are necessary and should be taken to prevent weariness, which may negatively impact your general health. You may choose to forgo one hole and continue to enjoy watching or managing the game.

You may also play with your gaming buddies and take pleasure in sometimes hitting a few shots. The pressure to play the entire nine or all 18 holes shouldn’t apply to you as you are on your way to giving birth. Please feel free to play in short durations.

Stop Playing In the Ninth Month

Usually, the pregnancy is particularly fragile in the last month. During this time, anything may happen without warning. In order to protect yourself and your unborn child, it is suggested that you quit golf while you are pregnant.

The tummy has also protruded considerably at this time, increasing the risk of injury. Even if you really like the game, think about pausing until your delivery.

Dedicated players who have participated in pregnancy-related golf have maintained that pregnant women should always speak with an obstetrician before playing golf. For instance, a golfer who is also a certified teaching professional described her experience with the sport while pregnant.

She said that while her mind was hyper-aware throughout the first trimester, she did not notice any biological symptoms in her body.

But in the second trimester, she felt so alive. In the third trimester, her belly dropped, and bending became challenging. She handled the first-trimester fatigue nicely, but even she did not play in her last month. Her name was Trillium Rose, and she was truly an inspiration.


In conclusion, playing golf while expecting is very safe. Being a golf enthusiast who is pregnant has a lot of benefits. So feel free to play a few games every so often. Just watch out that you don’t go overboard and endanger yourself or your child. We hope that we were able to address your question regarding golf during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to rock while pregnant?

It is completely okay to rock during pregnancy. It is advised to rock for at least 5 minutes two times in a day.

Is it okay to play golf pregnant?

It is okay for women to play golf while pregnant as long as they take certain precautions and be careful on the golf course.

Is it safe to hit golf balls while pregnant?

Yes, you can hit golf balls when you are pregnant. Just be gentle with your swing and not put too much strength into it.

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