club car dimensions

Club Car is a golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer that has been in business for over 60 years. The company offers a variety of different vehicles to fit different needs, and each model has its own unique set of dimensions. From the larger Carryall 500 to the smaller Precedent, Club Car offers a wide range of dimensions to choose from. Whether you are looking for a car to transport passengers or cargo, Club Car has something that will fit your needs. With a wide range of lengths, widths, heights, and wheelbases available, you can find the perfect size vehicle for your application.The length of a Club Car golf cart is typically 83.5 inches (212.1 cm) from bumper to bumper.

Club Car Dimensions – Width

The width of a Club Car golf cart depends on the model. The standard Club Car Precedent model has a width of 47.5 inches, while the Villager model is slightly wider at 49.5 inches. All models are designed to be narrow enough to fit through standard gates and pathways with ease.

The DS and XRT models have a width of 49 inches, while the Carryall and Transporter models are both 51 inches wide. These larger models are designed for more rugged terrain, and have greater carrying capacity than the narrower Precedent and Villager models.

In addition, all Club Car golf carts feature adjustable wheel bases that can be narrowed down by removing the outside wheels in order to fit through tighter spaces or obstacles. This allows for increased maneuverability in tight areas or where space is limited, making it easy to transport your Club Car on narrow paths, trails or roads without getting stuck or causing damage to your vehicle.

Club Car Dimensions – Height

The height of a Club Car can vary depending on the model. The DS model has a roof height of 61 inches, while the Precedent model has a height of 68 inches. The Carryall models range in height from 48 to 72 inches. All models have a minimum ground clearance of 5 inches, with the DS having an additional 1/2 inch at the rear. The Carryall Turf 2 and Turf 6 models are the lowest profile vehicles in the lineup, with heights of just 48 and 52 inches respectively.

The overall width for Club Cars is also dependent on model and ranges from 45 to 49 inches for all four-passenger vehicles. Six-passenger vehicles have a width of 62 to 64 inches. All Club Cars feature adjustable front suspension that can raise or lower the front end by 1/2 inch to accommodate different types of terrain and preferences in ride quality.

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Club Car Dimensions – Interior Measurements

Club Cars are a popular choice for those looking for an efficient and versatile golf cart. When considering a Club Car, one of the key factors is the interior dimensions. Knowing the exact measurements can help determine if a particular model is right for your needs.

Club Cars come in various sizes, from two-person models to larger four-person models. The most common interior measurements are 48 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 54 inches high. This size is suitable for two people to ride comfortably. For larger groups, there are models with more space that measure 63 inches long, 56 inches wide, and 71 inches high.

The seating area of a Club Car also varies depending on the model. Some models have a bench seat that can accommodate two people while others have individual seats with armrests that can fit four people comfortably. The cargo area also differs depending on the model – some have an open cargo area while others have an enclosed one with more storage space.

When it comes to driving comfort, Club Cars come with adjustable seating and steering wheel positions as well as adjustable suspension settings for optimum comfort while driving over uneven terrain or rough roads. Other features like cup holders, storage compartments, and USB ports make it easy to stay organized and connected on long drives.

Overall, Club Cars offer plenty of features and interior dimensions that make them an ideal choice for golfers looking for a reliable cart that’s comfortable to drive. With their adjustable seating positions and spacious cargo area, they’re perfect for transporting both passengers and supplies around the course with ease.

Club Car Dimensions – Seating Capacity

Club Cars come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but the most common size is a two-seater. This size Club Car typically measures 87 inches (221 cm) long by 48 inches (122 cm) wide and has a wheelbase of 48 inches (122 cm). The seating capacity for this size Club Car is two people, with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds (227 kg). The interior space is also quite spacious, allowing for ample storage or legroom. The rear seat can fold down to provide additional space when needed.

The larger Club Cars come in four-seater and six-seater configurations. These models measure 108 inches (274 cm) long by 48 inches (122 cm) wide and have a wheelbase of 58 inches (147 cm). The seating capacity for these models range from four to six people, with a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds (340 kg). As with the smaller models, the interior space is quite spacious, allowing for plenty of storage or legroom.

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Finally, there are the larger eight-seater Club Cars. These models measure 120 inches (305 cm) long by 54 inches (137 cm) wide and have a wheelbase of 64 inches (162 cm). The seating capacity for these models is eight people, with a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds (454 kg). Again, the interior space is quite generous, providing plenty of room to store luggage or stretch out.

Club Car Dimensions – Cargo Capacity

Club Car is a brand of golf carts that are known for their excellent design and high quality parts. The company also produces cargo carts, which are great for hauling materials around on construction sites, farms, and other areas where heavy materials need to be moved. The dimensions of the cargo carts vary depending on the model, but all are designed to be highly maneuverable and capable of carrying large amounts of cargo. The length of the vehicles ranges from 101 inches to 134 inches, while the width ranges from 48 inches to 62 inches. The height also varies between models, ranging from 45 inches to 63 inches. In terms of capacity, Club Car cargo carts can hold up to 1,400 pounds of materials in their beds or up to 2,500 pounds when properly equipped with optional trailers. This makes them ideal for hauling large amounts of materials around job sites or farms.

The interior space of Club Car cargo carts is also quite impressive. Depending on the model and configuration chosen, they can provide up to 6 cubic feet of storage space inside the cab area. This includes extra room for tools and supplies that need to be kept handy while working out in the field. Cargo beds come in two different sizes as well – a short bed (54 x 36 inches) and a long bed (78 x 48 inches). Both types feature an adjustable tailgate that makes loading and unloading materials easier than ever before.

Club Car Dimensions – Wheelbase

The wheelbase of a Club Car golf cart is a measurement of the distance between the front and rear axles. This measurement is important for determining the overall stability and performance of the vehicle. The wheelbase also affects how smoothly the vehicle handles turns and bumps in the road. Club Car offers several different wheelbases to choose from, ranging from 81” to 108”. The 81” wheelbase is ideal for tight spaces, such as narrow pathways or camping sites, while the 108” wheelbase provides more stability on rougher terrain.

When selecting a Club Car golf cart, it’s important to consider your specific needs and how they relate to the various wheelbases available. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can traverse tight spaces with ease, then an 81” wheelbase would be your best choice. For off-road applications, a longer wheelbase will provide more stability and smoother handling on uneven surfaces. Ultimately, selecting the right Club Car golf cart all comes down to personal preference and what best suits your individual needs.

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No matter what type of terrain you plan to drive on or what style of course you play, there’s sure to be a wheelbase that fits your needs perfectly!

Club Car Dimensions – Turning Radius

The Club Car golf cart is one of the most popular models in the industry, and its dimensions are an important factor when considering how to maneuver in tight spaces. The turning radius of a Club Car is approximately 11.5 feet. This means that the cart can make a complete circle in just over 22 feet, making it perfect for navigating tight spaces such as golf courses or small parking lots. It also has a small wheelbase, measuring just 62 inches, which allows the cart to take sharp turns without compromising its stability. The Club Car also boasts a low centre of gravity which helps to keep it stable and resistant to tipping over even when taking sharp turns at speed.

The overall length of the golf cart is 94 inches and its width is 44 inches. This makes it a relatively slim profile compared to other model golf carts, allowing for increased maneuverability in tight spaces such as garages or narrow pathways. The club car also has an adjustable rear suspension system with adjustable shocks which helps to provide additional stability and comfort both on and off-road.

Overall, the Club Car golf cart offers excellent maneuverability due to its small turning radius and slim profile. Its adjustable rear suspension system allows for increased comfort on uneven terrain, while its low centre of gravity ensures that it remains resistant to tipping over even at higher speeds or when taking sharp turns.


Overall, the Club Car dimensions are relatively compact and easy to maneuver. The overall length is 8.4 feet, the width is 4.8 feet, the height is 5.6 feet, and the wheelbase is 5.6 feet. While there are a few differences between the different models of Club Cars, this gives you a general idea of what to expect when considering this vehicle for your needs. The interior space of the Club Car is also quite roomy with plenty of leg room for passengers and a spacious cargo area for additional items.

When it comes to choosing a golf cart or utility vehicle, Club Cars provide an excellent option with their wide selection of models and sizes. With its manageable size and comfortable interior, it’s easy to see why these vehicles have become popular for golf courses and other off-road settings. With its reliable operation and solid performance, you can be sure that your Club Car will provide years of dependable service.