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Club car precedent vs tempo?

The Club Car Precedent and Tempo are two of the most popular golf carts on the market. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. The Club Car Precedent is known for its comfort and luxury, while the Tempo is known for its speed and agility. Here is a comparison of the two golf carts to help you decide which one is right for you.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer the Club Car Precedent because it is a newer model with updated features. Others prefer the Tempo because it is more affordable. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which golf cart is right for them.

What’s the difference between a Club Car and a club car precedent?

The Club Car DS is a great cart, but it doesn’t have all the same features as the Precedent. One feature it’s lacking is the electronic scorecard. This scorecard in the Club Car Precedent allows you to keep a record of your scores and email yourself your game records. GPS messaging is another feature that is unique to the Precedent. If you’re looking for a cart with all the bells and whistles, the Precedent is the way to go. But if you’re okay with a few less features, the Club Car DS is still a great option.

There’s not a lot of difference between a car and a truck. In fact, there’s only one really noticeable difference: the body. Cars have smaller, more aerodynamic bodies while trucks have larger, boxier bodies. This difference in body types means that trucks are better suited for hauling and towing than cars.

How fast is a Club Car tempo

15 mph (24 km/h) is the speed limit for most residential areas. This speed limit is designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

The DS golf cart was introduced in 1980 and quickly became a success for the company. The cart, named after designer Dom Saporito, became the company’s hallmark until 2004, when the Precedent line of carts were introduced. Golf carts are available for both personal and golf course use. The Villager PTV, Precedent i3, Precedent i2, and Precedent 4 are all popular models.

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What are the different models of Club Car?

Club Car golf carts are a great way to get around the golf course or your neighborhood. They have two main models, the DS and Precedent, which are both great choices depending on your needs. The Precedent model was introduced in 2004 and is a great choice for those who need a little more space or who want a more modern look. The DS model has been around since the beginning and is still available today. Both models are great choices and will provide you with a great way to get around.

The Club Car DS is a golf cart that was first introduced in 2005. It is still in production as of present day and looks like the golf cart pictured above. The Club Car Precedent was introduced in 2004 and is the newest design of the Club Car family.

How far can a Club Car Precedent go on full charge?

Most gas golf carts can travel up to 40 miles on a single tank of gas, while electric golf carts can travel up to 35 miles on a full charge. Depending on the manufacturer, gas golf carts typically have 5-6 gallon gas tanks. Electric golf carts may have slightly less range if the batteries are not in perfect condition.

If you’re golf cart is running slow, it may be due to a low battery pack charge. Make sure to keep your golf cart battery pack charged to ensure optimal performance.

How fast does a Club Car Precedent golf cart go

I had my bike shop install a motor on my bike and it made a big difference in my top speed. Before the install, my top speed was 14/15 miles per hour. After the install, my top speed was 18/19 miles per hour. I’m very happy with the results and would recommend this to anyone looking to add a motor to their bike.

The Club Car Precedent is one of the three main models of electric Club Car golf carts. The others being the older model Club Car DS and the new model Club Car Onward. The Precedent Club Car model came out in 2004 and the DS model has been around from the beginning and is still available today.

What is better EZ-GO or Club Car?

It is important to consider the quality of a golf cart before making a purchase. While E-Z-Go golf carts may be less expensive than Club Car golf carts, they do not offer the same quality. The motors used in most E-Z-Go golf carts are not nearly as powerful as the motors used by Club Car. When going up hills or carrying a heavy load, the motors in an E-Z-Go golf cart tend to struggle.

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If you are looking to make your gas-powered golf cart faster, there are a few things you can do. First, use a better golf cart battery. Second, increase torque by upgrading the golf cart motor. Third, install a torque converter. Fourth, install a higher-performance clutch. Fifth, tweak the governor. Sixth, install a cold air intake. Seventh, get bigger golf cart tires. Each of these modifications will help make your golf cart faster.

How do I speed up my Club Car tempo

There are a few things you can do to make your golf cart faster. You can add more torque to your golf cart by upgrading the motor. You can also improve the high-speed controller of the cart. Adding better golf cart tires can also help. Using a higher powered golf cart battery can also make a difference. Lastly, watch the weight in your golf cart. Making sure it is not too heavy will help it go faster.

There are a few key reasons that a 48V golf cart is more powerful than a 36V golf cart. Firstly, 48V golf carts have improved torque, meaning that they have more pulling/hauling power. This is especially useful when going up hills or around rough terrain. Secondly, 48V golf carts have more overall power, meaning that they can go faster and for longer periods of time without struggling.

What motor is in a Club Car Precedent?

The Suburu 14 hp engine is a great engine for a golf cart. It is easy to maintain and has great performance. This engine will power your golf cart and provide great fuel economy.

Gas golf carts are a great option for those who want a fast cart that can still handle smoothly. Golf carts with gas engines typically have an average speed between 12 and 14 miles per hour, which is perfect for getting around the course quickly. However, gas carts can be more expensive to operate and maintain than electric ones, so be sure to consider all your options before making a purchase.

How long do Club Car Motors last

session. Proper care of your golf cart motor can help to extend its life and keep it running smoothly for many years.

The Onward HP is Club Car’s new high performance vehicle that features AC-drive technology. This next generation of performance provides drivers with the power, torque, and acceleration they need to get where they’re going. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or a more adrenaline-pumping experience, the Onward HP has you covered. So get behind the wheel and experience the future of performance today.

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What is the fastest Club Car

The Villager 2+2 LSV from Club Car is the fastest golf cart on the market today, with a top speed of 23 mph. The E-Z-GO 2Five LSV is the fastest electric golf cart on the market, with a top speed of 25 mph.

Looking for a gently used golf cart? Check out this one for sale! $729500 gets you a great cart that you’re sure to love. Give us a call at 702-798-1991 to make your purchase today.

What is a Club Car Precedent body made of

If you’re looking for a golf cart that’s durable and stylish, you’ll want to check out the OEM Precedent bodies made by Club Car. These bodies are made from flexible molded plastic, and the color is molded into the bodywork so it’s consistent through the entire thickness of the body. These golf carts are sure to turn heads on the golf course or in your neighborhood!

There were so many great movies with them. If you’re interested in buying a new Club car now, they cost anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000 whereas used carts can be closer to $2,000. Depending of course what you’re using it for, we’d suggest buying a used cart.

How many batteries are in a Club Car Precedent

As of today, the Club Car Precedent battery replacement is four 12 volt 150 amp hour deep cycle batteries. This may be subject to change in the future, so it’s important to check with Club Car for the most up-to-date information. Deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged multiple times, so they are a good choice for golf carts that are used regularly.

It’s important to charge your golf cart batteries fully after each period of use, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Allowing your batteries to sit in a low state of charge for extended periods will decrease their capacity and life.

Should I leave my Club Car plugged in all the time

If you are going to store your golf cart for an extended period of time, Yamaha recommends that you unplug the batteries completely. E-Z-GO recommends that you keep golf cart chargers unplugged during extended storage. Club Car recommends that you keep chargers plugged in during extended storage.

Leaving your golf cart plugged all the time is not an ideal maintenance practice for the longevity of your battery. If you are an individual owner, experts recommend unplugging your golf cart battery when it’s fully charged. A golf cart battery is like the fuel in your car; it needs to be at its optimum all the time.


There is no clear answer as to which car is better. It depends on what you are looking for and what your specific needs are. If you are looking for a club car that is faster, then the precedent is the better choice. If you are looking for a club car that is more comfortable, then the tempo is the better choice.

The Club Car Precedent and Tempo are two of the most popular electric golf carts on the market. They both have their pros and cons, but overall, the Club Car Precedent is the better choice. It’s more durable, has a longer range, and is more comfortable to ride in.

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