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ClubCorp is an organization that specializes in golf, country club, and business club courses. We offer a variety of different courses that cater to all levels of golfers. Our courses are designed to challenge experienced golfers while providing an enjoyable experience for beginners. We strive to provide a high-quality golf experience for our customers by offering challenging layouts, lush landscaping, and pristine playing conditions. Our course selection includes championship layouts, short courses for family play, and resort-style courses with scenic vistas. We also offer practice facilities for those looking to hone their skills or get started in the game. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and helping our customers achieve their goals on the course.ClubCorp is one of the leading operators of private golf and country clubs in the world. They offer a wide variety of courses across their extensive network, each designed to provide members with a unique and enjoyable golfing experience.

From championship courses to family-friendly layouts, ClubCorp has something for everyone. Their championship courses are meticulously maintained and feature 18 holes of challenging fairways, bunkers, and greens. Meanwhile, their family-friendly courses offer nine holes of golf with wider fairways and more forgiving roughs.

In addition to their golf courses, ClubCorp also offers a variety of instructional programs and events ranging from junior camps to private lessons with PGA professionals. They also host tournaments throughout the year that are open to both members and non-members alike.

No matter what your skill level or experience is, ClubCorp has something for you. With their variety of courses and events, they are sure to provide you with an enjoyable golfing experience.

Access to World-Class Courses

Joining Club Corp courses can give you access to some of the world’s best golf courses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, these courses offer something for everyone. The courses are designed by top-level designers, so they will challenge even the most seasoned golfers. Additionally, you will also benefit from the beautiful scenery that surrounds many of these courses. From lush green hills to crystal clear lakes, the views at Club Corp’s range of courses are truly unforgettable.

Discounts on Merchandise and Tee Times

As a member of Club Corp courses, you will also have access to discounts on merchandise and tee times. This means that you can get great deals on equipment, clothing, and other golf related items as well as discounted fees when booking your tee times. This is especially beneficial if you plan on playing frequently at one of their courses as it can help save money in the long run.

Expert Instruction

In addition to discounts on merchandise and tee times, members of Club Corp’s range of courses will also be able to take advantage of expert instruction from professionals in the field. These instructors can help improve your game and make sure that you are playing at your best every time you hit the course. Whether it is improving your swing or learning proper course etiquette, these instructors can help make sure that your game is up to par.

Networking Opportunities

Finally, another great benefit that comes with joining Club Corp courses is the ability to network with fellow golfers. Not only can this be a great way to meet new people who share a similar passion for the sport but it can also help create valuable business connections and open up new opportunities down the road. So if you want to take advantage of all these benefits then joining a Club Corp course is definitely worth considering!

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Joining Club Corp Courses

Joining a Club Corp course is an excellent way to get access to some of the best golf courses and country clubs in the world. With a variety of courses available, you can find the perfect place to play and enjoy your game. Joining a Club Corp course is easy and can be done online or by contacting your local club. Here are some steps on how to join a Club Corp course:

1. Find the right club for you: The first step in joining a Club Corp course is to find the right club for you. You can do this by looking at the websites of various clubs in your area, or by asking friends and family who have joined similar clubs in the past.

2. Review membership requirements: Once you have identified which club is right for you, it’s important to review all of the membership requirements before submitting your application. Different clubs will have different eligibility requirements, so make sure you understand what’s required before submitting your application.

3. Gather necessary documentation: When applying for any membership, it’s important to have all necessary documentation ready to submit with your application. This includes proof of identity, financial statements, and any other documents that may be required by the specific club.

4. Submit application and pay fees: Once you have gathered all necessary documents, it’s time to submit your application and pay any applicable fees. Make sure that all information on the application is accurate before submitting.

5. Wait for approval: Once you have submitted your application and paid any fees, it’s time to wait for approval from the club’s board of directors or committee members. If approved, you will receive notification via mail or email about when your membership will start.

Joining a Club Corp course is an excellent way to gain access to some of the best golf courses and country clubs in the world. With careful research and preparation, joining a Club Corp course can be easy and rewarding!

Types of Club Corp Courses

Club Corp is the largest owner and operator of private golf and country clubs in the world. It offers a wide range of courses for members to enjoy. These courses include golf, tennis, swimming, fitness and more. The courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels of players, from beginners to experienced pros.

Golf is one of the most popular activities at Club Corp courses. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are a variety of golf courses offered at different locations. From traditional 18-hole layouts to executive par-3s, you can find a course that suits your skill level and experience. Club Corp also offers private lessons and clinics for those who want to improve their game.

Tennis is another popular option at Club Corp courses. With both indoor and outdoor courts available, players can enjoy a variety of surfaces including grass, clay and hard courts. Private lessons are available for those wanting to improve their skills or learn the basics of the game.

Swimming is another activity offered at many locations. Swimming pools are available in all sizes with amenities such as slides, diving boards and more. Swimmers can also take part in aqua aerobics classes or join swimming teams that compete throughout the year in various tournaments.

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Fitness centers are also available at some locations with state-of-the-art equipment and certified instructors on hand to help members reach their fitness goals. Fitness classes such as yoga, Zumba and Pilates are offered for all levels of fitness enthusiasts wanting to stay active throughout their membership term.

Club Corp also offers a range of other activities such as arts & crafts classes, wine tastings, cooking classes and more for members who want to broaden their horizons while having fun with friends or family. With so many different options available at Club Corp courses, there’s something for everyone!

What to Expect from Club Corp Courses

ClubCorp courses offer a unique experience for golfers of all levels. From challenging championship courses to family-friendly executive courses, there is something for everyone. The level of service and amenities provided by ClubCorp make each experience memorable. Here’s what you can expect when playing at a ClubCorp course:

First and foremost, you can expect top-notch course conditions. Each course is meticulously maintained to provide the best possible playing conditions. All courses feature well-manicured greens, fairways, and tee boxes that provide an enjoyable round of golf.

You can also expect exceptional customer service from the staff at each course. From the clubhouse to the pro shop, you will be greeted with a friendly and courteous attitude from all staff members. The staff strives to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

In addition, you can expect a variety of amenities when playing at a ClubCorp course. Many courses feature restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a meal or beverage before or after your round. Other amenities like driving ranges, practice areas, rental clubs, and more are also available at many courses.

Finally, you can expect competitive rates when playing at a ClubCorp course. Whether it’s through member discounts or special offers, there are always ways to save money while enjoying an excellent golfing experience.

When choosing your next golf destination be sure to consider one of the many ClubCorp courses around the country. With top-notch course conditions, excellent customer service, ample amenities, and competitive rates – it’s no wonder why so many golfers choose ClubCorp for their next round!

Cost of Club Corp Courses

The cost of Club Corp courses vary depending on the type of course and location. For example, a basic golf course may cost anywhere from $25 to $50 per round, while a more advanced executive golf course may cost up to $125 per round. The cost also depends on the time of day or week, as there may be additional fees for playing during the weekends or holidays.

ClubCorp also offers different types of membership packages that include access to their courses and other amenities. Depending on the package, these can range from an initiation fee plus monthly dues, to an upfront one-time payment for a full year’s access. In addition to the cost of green fees and membership packages, some courses may require additional charges for equipment rental, food and beverages, and other services.

Overall, the cost of ClubCorp courses can vary greatly depending on the specific course and amenities offered. It is best to check with your local club or go online for more information about their pricing structure before signing up.

Locations for Club Corp Courses

Club Corp is a leading operator of private golf and country clubs worldwide. The company offers a variety of courses located in some of the most desirable locations around the world. From the sunny Caribbean islands to the lush green mountains of Scotland, Club Corp has courses that offer something for everyone.

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In North America, Club Corp courses are located in many popular vacation destinations including Florida, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. These courses are designed to provide an enjoyable golf experience for all levels of players. Many are championship-caliber courses that attract professional and amateur golfers alike.

Club Corp also has a number of international locations including Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Australia. All of these countries have a long history with the game of golf and each course offers its own unique design and beauty. From links courses on the coast to championship layouts in the countryside, each course is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for all players.

The company also offers memberships at many different levels depending on their individual needs and preferences. Members can enjoy access to exclusive facilities such as clubhouses, restaurants, pro shops, practice facilities, and more. Additionally, members can take advantage of special discounts on greens fees at any Club Corp course worldwide.

For those looking for a truly unique experience on the golf course, Club Corp has something to offer no matter where you are located. With its many locations around the world and its various membership tiers, there is something for everyone at Club Corp.

Ratings and Reviews of Club Corp Courses

Club Corp courses are some of the best in the world. They have countless awards, accolades, and reviews from golfers across the globe. With beautiful scenery, challenging yet fun layouts, and superior customer service, it’s no wonder why they’re so popular. Reviews of Club Corp courses often talk about how enjoyable the experience was and how well-maintained the course is. Golfers appreciate the attention to detail that Club Corp puts into every aspect of their courses.

Golfers also love to rate their experience at Club Corp courses. Through online rating websites like Golf Advisor or Yelp, golfers can give a star rating and write a review about their experience on any particular course. This helps other golfers make informed decisions before they book a tee time. It also gives Club Corp an opportunity to improve upon any areas that need improvement and focus more on certain aspects that customers love.

Overall, ratings and reviews of Club Corp courses are generally very positive. With such great courses around the world, it’s no wonder why so many golfers rave about them. Whether you’re looking for a quick round on a nearby course or an unforgettable experience at one of their international locations, Club Corp has something for everyone.


Club Corp courses have something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or experienced golfer, the courses offer challenging and rewarding rounds of golf. With courses in all 50 states and over 150 countries, there is something for everyone. The variety of terrains and landscapes allow golfers to experience something new every time they play and the on-course amenities make each round more enjoyable. Club Corp courses also offer top-notch instruction, technology, and customer service, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their game or just have a fun day on the course.

For those looking to take their game to the next level or just wanting to enjoy an afternoon out on the course, Club Corp courses are an excellent choice. With a variety of layouts and amenities available, there is something for everyone at Club Corp courses. So if you’re ready to take your game to the next level or just want to enjoy a day out on the course, head over to your local Club Corp course today!

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