6 Best Golf Drivers Of All Time

Every year, towards the end of the year, people have the same question: what were the best golf drivers released this year? Due to recent world events such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, many things have fallen through the cracks, including the release of very high-quality golf drivers, including some of the best golf drivers of all time.

Year after year, our technology improves. As time goes on, golf companies are finding more and more ways to mass-produce drivers of ever-increasing quality. This is why we’ve been seeing arguably some of the best golf drivers of all time being released in recent years.

These drivers are all iconic and adored by the entire golf community. Some are built to cater to high handicap players, while others appeal to lower handicap, higher skilled players. However, whatever the case is, it’s clear that all of these drivers can be used at the highest levels.

They also feature great durability, excellent design and are made by some of the most recognized brands on the face of the planet.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best golf drivers of all time.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Fujikura
  • Gives users great control over ball spin and speed
  • High handicap players can use this driver
  • The company is well-known
  • Good customer support
  • Durable and eye-catching design
  • Good value for money
  • No adjustable weight

The TaylorMade SIM MAX driver is one of the best golf drivers of all time and is available from most major online retailers.

If you’ve been paying attention to major releases over the past few years, you’ll be aware of how much love this TaylorMade driver got on release. Now that it’s been some time, it’s safe to say in retrospect that this driver earned all of the hype and praise it got on its initial release.

The biggest features of this driver are the low center of gravity and the high moment of inertia. This means that the TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver has a high level of forgiveness, and the launch, spin and feel can all be easily controlled.

High handicap players will be very happy with this club, but low handicap players will use this driver to its fullest extent. This is because the SIM MAX allows you to control things like spin, ball speed and launch angle very well, giving users more agency than ever before.

The SIM MAX has a stiff loft with 9 degrees of loft. The head is made using TaylorMade’s unique Twist Face Technology, which has a large surface area, so you won’t have to worry about mishits. It is also made of a high-quality titanium alloy.

This driver is very well made using durable materials, and you can expect to be able to use it consistently for years.

Cobra Golf- King RADSPEED Driver

  • Low price
  • Good value for money
  • Good customer support
  • This product is available in most golf retail shops and on Amazon
  • Good durable design
  • High forgiveness
  • Users can control all aspects of the shot
  • Driver can be easily be customized
  • Ball speed is high
  • None

The Cobra Gold King RADSPEED Driver is another driver that has mass appeal and will seem like a very attractive deal to most serious golfers.

The RADSPEED has a strong focus on performance and functionality, and that is why the driver offers the user complete control of many different aspects of the shot such as ball speed, spin and flight, using radial weighting and a forward center of gravity, among other things.

The King RADSPEED Driver has a high forgiveness level, once again making it a viable option for high handicap players. Beginners and inexperienced players can pick up this driver and see an instant improvement in their game, and when they gain some more experience, they can continue using the King RADSPEED due to its high skill ceiling.

The material used to make the body and the head is very durable and includes thin-ply carbon. The Carbon Wrap Crown System includes a new, ultra-thin carbon fiber coating, making the driver much lighter and easier to swing and control.

The radial weighting system includes two weights with a high degree of separation from each other. In the middle is the center of gravity of the head. This leads to low ball spin and faster ball speed and improves stability, raising the forgiveness level.

Cobra Golf’s Infinity edge face design increases the milled area of the face by 95%, so you’ll never have to worry about sub-optimal shots.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Sub Zero Driver

  • Low price
  • Good value for money
  • Good customer support
  • Callaway is one of the world’s foremost golf gear manufacturers
  • Good durable design
  • Forgiveness factor is high
  • Users can control all aspects of the shot
  • Ball speed is very high
  • There are sliding weights
  • None

The Callaway Golf Mavrik Sub Zero is one of the best golf drivers of all time. It made a big splash upon its initial release and is the successor to 2019’s Epic Flash drivers, some of the best-selling drivers of that year. So it’s safe to say the Mavrik Sub Zero had big shoes to fill.

However, soon after its release, it became clear that this driver would exceed all expectations.

The Mavrik Sub Zero has a faceplate designed by artificial intelligence. This AI is housed in a supercomputer that Callaway has sunk millions of dollars into, one that was first used to make faceplates in 2019. For 2020, Callaway doubled down on its efforts to improve the systems and software involved in the process to make a faceplate that is even better.

The clubface is designed to produce extremely fast ball speeds, and it succeeds in this task. The AI tested thousands of different designs hundreds of thousands of times, and it eventually concluded that the one used in the Mavrik Sub Zero is the most optimal. Theoretically, this means that the Mavrik will have ball speeds higher than any other club.

Ball speed is high, as previously discussed, and ball spin is low. The clubface is much lighter than in previous versions, making swinging easier and ball speed even higher. The Sub Zero also has sliding weights, which can change the ball flight and impact of the driver.

Forgiveness is high, which means the Mavrik Sub Zero can be viewed as a potential beginner club for many golfers. However, due to the many customizable options and controls, this driver has great depth and can also be used by experts.

MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver

  • Very low price
  • Best value for money in its class
  • Well made, durable body
  • Stylish look
  • Lightweight and offers good ball speed
  • High forgiveness
  • Players of any handicap can be left satisfied
  • Company is not well known
  • Driver will have to be replaced at some point

The MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver has two main things going for it: the stylish look and the low price tag.

This driver makes it into a list of the best golf drivers of all time simply because it manages to accomplish most of what the more expensive drivers can do at a fraction of the price.

The look of the driver is also excellent, making use of a titanium alloy body to create a distinct copper-colored shaft and head, which look quite different from most drivers.

The special CNC cup face design increases the sweet spot of the clubface, reduces its thickness and increases rebound. This results in a clubface that delivers high ball speeds and has high forgiveness so that mishits won’t be an issue for most golfers.

This driver mainly caters to high handicap players and is potentially one of the best golf drivers of all time for beginners. The high sweet spot and low center of gravity lend high stability to the driver, and ball spin is also dramatically reduced. The presence of a large sweet spot makes the driver even easier to use.

The design is consistent and well-made, so even beginners can understand and get used to it quite well. Shots can be replicated with some consistency. There are no sliding or adjustable weights like there are in high-end drivers, but there are several shaft options, so all tastes and play styles are catered to.

There is enough here for the MAZEL titanium driver to be used as the main driver by intermediates and even experts since it accomplishes so much, given how little it works. However, experts will likely want to use a driver with a bit more complex than what the MAZEL titanium driver offers.

When you do eventually upgrade, you can take some solace in the fact that you barely spent any money on this driver in the first place.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

  • Low price
  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable design
  • Suitable for use by golfers of any skill level
  • Callaway has a good customer support
  • High forgiveness
  • Sliding weight which can be used to control ball flight
  • None

The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver is widely considered one of the best golf drivers of all time, and the sales statistic backs this up. The entire Epic Flash line of drivers was one of the best-selling lines of golf clubs in 2019, the year of its release, and it enjoys great popularity to this day.

The Epic Flash Sub Zero is one of the best all-around drivers available on the market. It has all of the features you would want in a good driver along with a relatively cheap price. Its high performance and Callaway’s high standard of quality, in general, mean that this driver can be used by beginners and experts alike.

Like its successor, the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver, which was made due to the popularity of the Epic Flash line, this driver contains a faceplate (called a “flash face” by Callaway) that an AI-powered has designed by a multi-million dollar supercomputer.

At the time, this method of production was highly unusual. Not many had ever made such an integral part of a driver on a mass scale designed by a computer.

However, this decision was a huge success, and for a good reason: the AI tested thousands of different designs for hundreds of thousands of hours to deliver the perfect design, which was head and shoulders above its peers.

This design mainly helps to increase ball speed. The low center of gravity and rock-solid design help improve stability, and the “Jailbreak” design (consisting of two rods joining the top and bottom half of the end of the driver together) reduces ball spin and increases ball speed too.

Thanks to the stability and high ball speed, this driver can be viewed as one suitable for high handicap players.

However, due to the presence of things such as a sliding 16-gram weight that controls ball flight, the Sub Zero is much more complex than the average high handicap club, and for this reason, it’s used by expert golfers around the world.

Mizuno ST-Z

  • Good value for money
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight
  • Has high ball speed
  • High strain recovery rate
  • Suitable mostly for low handicap players

The ST-Z driver produced by Mizuno is a high-quality driver that is popular worldwide, with some even regarding it as one of the best golf drivers of all time.

If you consider the quality and overall package of the ST-Z, it’s easy to see why. It sports an eye-catching titanium chassis and a carbon fiber crown. The shaft is unbreakable and very difficult to scratch, and this is all achieved while keeping the driver very light.

The ST-Z also has a forged titanium face which adds to the strength and stability of the driver while keeping the weight low. It also has a very high strain recovery rate thanks to the special titanium alloy, which means it will come back to shape rapidly after flexing.

The milled face and the light body increase ball speed while keeping the ball spin low. This is most suitable for people with a fast swing since people with a slow swing won’t experience the fastball speeds this driver can offer.

This means that unlike some of the other entries on this list, the ST-Z does not have extremely high forgiveness, and its target audience is experienced players and who have a lower handicap.

For those low handicap golfers considering this driver, rest assured that the ST-Z is excellent in all aspects and is a high-performance driver you can use in competitions.

What To Look For When Picking The Best Golf Driver?

When it comes to buying sports gear, fewer things are more complicated than a golf driver. The sheer amount of engineering involved in the average driver’s creation and the many different moving parts means drivers can sometimes be quite difficult to understand.

There are many things to consider when you are looking for the best golf drivers of all time to add to your collection. To help you with your purchase, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide.

Qualities you should look out for in golf drivers

There are many things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to golf drivers. These include forgiveness, build quality, complexity, customization, brand recognition, and subjective qualities like look and feel.

The best golf drivers of all time are usually lightweight with a great feel in the hands, and they provide good feedback so you can tell exactly how to adjust your shot after you play it.

They also have high forgiveness, so inexperienced players can also make good use of them and instantly improve their game.

Build quality is another essential aspect of a good driver. Any well-made driver will last for a long time, but the best will last years even with consistent use.

The complexity and customization are other important aspects. Some drivers like the Epic Flash Sub Zero have adjustable weights that give you increased control over the ball’s path, height, speed, and spin. These drivers also offered a variety of shafts and left and right-hand versions.

Brand recognition is important because you’ll know you’re buying a good quality driver if you buy from certain popular brands like Callaway.

How to differentiate between different kinds of golf drivers

There are several different categories of golf drivers, including high-end and low-end ones.

The most important difference is that of build quality and complexity. High-end drivers will often contain many things you can use to control the shot, including sliding weights, special clubfaces, etc.

On the other hand, lower-end drivers are more rudimentary and don’t have as many options to customize the shot.

Low-end drivers are marketed towards inexperienced players and can be used by players with a high handicap. These drivers are very forgiving and use many different things to minimize the likelihood of a mishit, such as having a big sweet spot on the clubface.

However, the downside these drivers have is that shots can be difficult to replicate consistently, and control is limited.

High-end drivers also often have high forgiveness but are mainly used by low handicap players or experienced players. These drivers are very durable and well made, have a host of customizable features, and can be used to play consistent shots.

These drivers just need considerable experience to be used properly, so not everyone will be interested in them.

How to weigh price vs. quality

Price vs. quality is another difficult consideration you’ll have to make when making a purchase.

Higher-priced items have their own set of advantages over low-price items, but that is only if you can afford them. High-end drivers have excellent build quality, a sharp look, can be used in most situations, can be used to control the ball quite well, have high ball speed and low ball spin and the list goes on.

On the other hand, cheap drivers usually don’t have these features or have them to a lesser extent. Cheap drivers often have a good quality build, but pricier drivers have better builds.

Higher-end drivers are a good long-term investment because they can be used longer and stay in top condition with little maintenance. Dedicated golfers and experienced players with a large enough budget should go for these options.

Cheaper drivers won’t remain useable in the long term but are a good option for beginners or people who only golf occasionally.


Which companies produce the best golf drivers of all time?

As you can tell from this list, some of the best golf drivers of all time have been made from famous companies such as Callaway, Cobra Golf, MAZEL, and Mizuno.

How much should I be willing to spend on a good golf driver?

Good golf drivers will set you back anywhere from $50-200, but the best golf drivers of all time are all chiefly in the $100-450 range.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a measure of how easy the driver is to use. If a driver has high forgiveness, you’ll have less frequent mishits. The sweet spot of the clubface will likely be higher, as will its milled area.

Forgiving drivers are widely sought after because no one wants to deal with spending a long time lining up the perfect shot every time they play. This is even the case with experienced players.

Forgiving drivers can also be used by high handicap players and beginners.

Can I buy a low handicap driver if I’m inexperienced?

Yes, you can, but you won’t enjoy the experience.

Drivers that require a low handicap are usually very precise and difficult to control. If you are a beginner or just inexperienced, you won’t be able to use it properly for a while until you get used to things.


In this list, we’ve listed some of the best golf drivers of all time.

These drivers have a few things in common, including having a high handicap level, being very forgiving, having a lot of customizable settings, and having excellent build quality.

Some are pricier than others, and some offer all of these benefits at very low costs, making them difficult to resist.

Our pick would have to go to the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver. This driver was one of the highest-selling drivers of 2019. It has a great design, excellent build quality, high forgiveness, and a clubface that increases ball speeds.

Its manufacturer, Callaway, is one of the most famous and tenured brands on the planet and has excellent customer support to back up its stellar products.

For these reasons, in our eyes, the Sub Zero is the best all-around option on this list.

Whichever driver you decide to pick up, you can rest assured that they’ll be high quality. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a driver today!