Best Adjustable Drivers in 2022

Finding the best adjustable drivers is not that easy but with this simple guide you will find out which you should use…

Back in the day, if you wanted to change the settings on your golf driver, you had no choice except to go out and get a new one since that was the only way to make the issue go away. This is not the case anymore in terms of the equipment used for golf. Golf has moved in the same direction as every other industry that has moved toward making things that are more personalized and flexible. 

It’s like getting numerous golf clubs for one amount with an adjustable driver. From one game to the next, you’ll be able to adjust your driver to fit your requirements in a number of ways. 

Things that can be adjusted and changed on an adjustable golf driver are: 

Adjustable Lie And Head 

You may address the common difficulty that novices experience with their driver’s trajectory by altering the loft. 

Adjustable Weighting 

You might also be able to get the correct angle by adding or taking away weight from the back of the club. You may also shift the weight along the sides for shot shape correction and to fix side bias. 

As You Gain Experience, Make Adjustments 

Changing your driver is far less expensive than getting a new driver as your game develops. 

Companies know that flexibility is very important in a driver nowadays. 

Finding an adjustable driver that fits your game can be difficult, given the wide range of options available. Luckily for you, we have made a list containing the 5 best adjustable drivers of 2022, which will help you take strides in your golf game. 

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    2022's Best Adjustable Golf Drivers

    Premium Adjustable Golf Driver: Cobra Golf F9 Driver 

    Runner Up 1: TaylorMade M4 

    Runner Up 2: TaylorMade RBZ 

    Cobra Golf F9 Driver

    The best adjustable driver on our list is right here, and it lives up to its name, in all honesty. The King F9 Driver from Cobra is the first of its type to include an efficient head and a low center of mass. Cobra golf used to be put aside in the past, but that is no longer the case. 

    Drivers manufactured by Cobra in the past have been known as much for their wild paint schemes as for their generous equipment. Speed and agility are the hallmarks of this year’s Cobra King F9 Speedback model. 

    Cobra believes that the F9 driver can accomplish both equally well, with aerodynamics for club head speed and low CG for forgiveness. The high skirt enhances aerodynamics since it resembles an aircraft wing. 

    The F9 design combines an aero form with a weight protruding from the sole at the back for a low CG. This hurts aerodynamics, but the improved CG position makes up for it. 

    The design has contouring around the sides of the head to increase airflow. However, most of the aerodynamic benefit comes from the gentler outer parts of the carbon crown from the previous King F8 driver. The F9 crown incorporates smooth airflow parts, so the overall package is a change of pace from what they have done previously. 

    Cobra faces are known for being forgiving, and their F9 driver is no exception.  

    When you combine the F9 driver’s sound and feel with a decent range of high-quality shafts, you end up with a poised and steady club. 

    Experimenting with these customizable parameters will improve performance. If you move the bigger mass to the front, the spin slows down, but the spin speeds up if you move the bigger mass to the back. 

     We recommend going with this because we believe Cobra has finally found the appropriate blend of aesthetics that will appeal to a larger audience since they are polished with a hint of flair. The face’s forgiveness is as superb as ever, while the more streamlined top and spruced up sole seem to have added ball speed. 

    The club’s balance is also excellent, feeling light yet solid and likely to appeal to golfers of all skill levels. 

    Getting the appropriate loft, whether with the original head loft or with the adjustable hosel, seems to be the step towards achieving optimum performance. The weights balance the driver for you and so are important. 

    Performance is on par with the top drivers on the market, and the F9 is, in my opinion, one of Cobra’s best drivers. The F9 delivers fantastic value and will be one of the golf drivers to overtake this year due to its low pricing. It is the best adjustable golf driver on this list. 


    The runner-up on our list is an excellent driver with several advantages and a few disadvantages. The TaylorMade M4 Driver is a straightforward golf driver that builds on its foundation by providing more clubhead stability and a low center. This allows the golfer to strike the ball further and with more accuracy. 

    The driver is designed for the semi-professional who needs to focus more on a basic technique for their golf game, despite the absence of sophisticated customizable capabilities. It has enough adjustment options to make it one of the best adjustable golf drivers in the world. 

    The M4 performed well in our tests, demonstrating why it is regarded as one of the finest adjustable drivers for amateurs aiming to enhance their tee-box ability and ball speed. 

    Also included in this model are additional features that help to increase forgiveness, including a larger version of the company’s trademarked Hammerhead notch that directs more energy into a golf ball. The adjustable sleeve on the driver allows you to raise or reduce the launch angle at impact by one degree. 

    If you’d like to see some progress in your skills without spending a lot of money, the M4 might be a great option. 

    We expected M4 to have a higher launch since it had a heavier head, but we didn’t see that, and we couldn’t tell whether the new technology affected our dispersion. It’s important to remember that this might have been caused by differences in lie angle changes above the clubhead. 

    Even though you can’t really remedy a miss or an off center hit, particularly a miss to the left, controlling the face and getting a nice shot with the M4 was surprisingly straightforward. We think we’ll be able to hit a lot of holes with it. 

    When you hit the M4 in the center, it feels pure, explosive, and just as good as the premium golf clubs on the market. It makes you want to play golf, knowing you’ll get to do it all over again. 

    We expected M4 to have a higher launch since it had a heavier head, but we didn’t see that, and we couldn’t tell whether the new technology affected our dispersion. It’s important to remember that differences in angles above the clubhead might have caused this. 

    Even though you can’t really remedy a miss or an off center strike, particularly a miss to the left, controlling the face and getting a nice shot with the M4 was surprisingly straightforward. We think we’ll be able to hit a lot of holes with it. 

    When you hit the M4 in the center, it feels pure, explosive, and just as good as the premium golf clubs on the market. The club can fix low spin and reach maximum distance with a firm strike. It makes you want to play golf, knowing you’ll get to do it all over again. 

    You will not regret buying this. 

    TaylorMade has another strong option with the RBZ Driver when it comes to the best adjustable drivers. If you are a moderate-to-high handicapped golfer and are seeking to change your equipment, this is a great option. The club’s ability to adapt is strong. 

    The RBZ features an exceptional impact feel because of its high stability throughout the swing and the low center core. Using this club will be a blast because of the way it reacts when you strike the golf ball. 

    In spite of its relatively low price, the company’s RBZ driver comes with several features that allow you to fine-tune the club’s launch angle, including an adjustable loft that adjusts the club’s loft to fight draw bias. 

    It is quite inexpensive. The RBZ driver may not be as well-known as some of TaylorMade’s other drivers, like the M-series range of number 1 drivers, but it will give you a reliable driver to help you develop your shots better on the golf course. 

    This RBZ driver is an in-demand commodity among today’s golfers. Golfers will profit from the new offensive stance and the tremendous performance of this revised edition. The high-tech club has a breakthrough speed that allows the ball to go higher and further. The flatter shape, which reduces the center of gravity, adds to the efficacy and battles low spin quite adeptly. The adjustability functions are quite beneficial in assisting you in properly weighing the device. The RBZ Driver delivers an outstanding performance AND more distance when you put it all together. 

    This lightweight driver is for mid handicap golfers and offers maximum forgiveness for a low, affordable price. More weight might be a good thing for some people, but the light material that this driver is made of is simply a touch above the rest. 

    The sliding weight and exceptional shaft material make it even more comfortable for professional golfers. You’ll have the confidence to take on the world’s finest with the RBZ’s strength and control, making it a great snack. A growing number of golfers want to know whether this club will still be there in 2022, and we have good news for you: it fares amazingly well in the current landscape of adjustable drivers. 


    The Callaway driver is not at number 1 because it is pricey and does not have nearly the same features that the Cobra driver has. Although, you can vary the loft of this club as well, which will also cause a little adjustment to the top angle. As a result of Callaway’s efforts to improve the Mavrik’s feel and form, the club is now considered among the company’s finest offerings. Since the first release of this driver, its price has decreased, making the present the ideal moment to purchase one. It might not be as good as the Callaway Epic Flash driver, but it is also not as expensive. 

    Most golf clubs aren’t exactly as long as this one, but it’s still a touch longer than the longest golf drives on the market. 

    Think about it. Greater spin and more forgiveness are the goals of the MAVRIK over the other drivers, so less distance is a given. As a result of the wider ball speed zone on the Flash Face, this tool controls off-center strikes easily, and the ball speed is nothing to scoff at. It easily tackles low spin, too, which is its purpose. 

    That being said, it’s not a small driver by any means, and you should be pleased with the results once you find a suitable ball flight. 

    Because of the new face shape, you obtain increased club head speed. That adds to the ball speed in return, and more ball speed is never a bad thing. 

    One of Mavrik’s strongest suits is maximum forgiveness. It has the fastest ball speed over the face of any cheap adjustable driver I’ve ever seen. The forgiveness is an upgrade over previous adjustable drivers and a substantial upgrade over their budget drivers. This leads to the Mavrik driver having outstanding consistency and reliable outcomes. Remember that you may improve your results by adjusting your loft settings. The lack of a movable weight on the bottom isn’t a major issue. 

    Is the Mavrik a game-changer? Yes, it is possible. It’s the finest choice for players looking for more forgiveness than the Epic Flash can provide. The MAVRIK is a rock-solid performer with outstanding forgiveness across the board and a fantastic tone and feel. High-handicappers and even mid handicap golfers should have no trouble picking it up and striking it. It will fix your draw bias no matter what your style is. 


    The Mizuno ST-Z driver provides a sensation that can only be described as rock-solid. It is a fantastic buy across the board, and had it been a bit more economical. It would have ranked higher on the list of adjustable golf drivers. It is still one of the best adjustable drivers on the list. 

    When it comes to adjustable drivers, Mizuno has one of the greatest reputations in the industry. The Mizuno ST-Z driver seems to be a little busier than its predecessor. While both feature a shiny black head, the ST-Z has a more abrupt change between the two than its predecessor. It has an adjustable loft. The black portion near the ball on the ST-Z also looks like Callaway drivers, more specifically like Callaway Epic Flash. The ST-Z is at the center of the road in terms of form and size. The head is spherical and not stretched too far forward or backward. This helps it achieve maximum distance even for off center hits. 

    The ST-Z driver puts the firm back on track in terms of drivers. When combined with the appropriate shaft, this forgiving golf club may work for a broad spectrum of players. Nothing about the performance screams out, but I can see certain players, especially Mizuno devotees, loving the way the club feels. It is simply one of the best adjustable golf drivers that Mizuno has made and an important piece of golf equipment if you like Mizuno. 

    The term “adjustability” in drivers may have a variety of meanings depending on which company you ask. We will make an effort to explain all of this to you in a way that is as clear as possible. 

    The hosel on drivers and clubs is adjustable for the loft. The loft of the driver controls the face angle as it reaches the ball, which affects ball launch. By changing the loft, players can get angles and spin speeds that work well with their swing. 

    Adjusting a loft closes the face. The reduced loft opens the face. Some clubs let you modify the face angle using balancing points on the bottom. You’ll also change the lie as you modify the loft and face angle unless there’s a distinct option. Loft affects ball flight horizontally and vertically and, in turn, ball flight. 

    Increasing the lie angle creates a fade while reducing it creates a draw. To get the right loft and lie angle for your swing, you need a club with an adjustable hosel that fits you well. So, keep that in mind. 

    The phrase “center of gravity” has become synonymous with golf. The location of a driver’s center of gravity determines how forgiving and simple it is to operate. Many players like to change their center of gravity to help with launch angle and spin. 

    Some types come with a sliding weight and moveable weights. Others will feature a moveable weight that may be positioned directly on the clubhead. Make sure you follow the fitting instructions for the club to ensure you are correctly putting it up for yourself. 

    It’s vital to discuss shaft possibilities with all of the driver selections. Many new drivers now come with shafts that can be swapped out. This is a fantastic alternative for a variety of golfers. 

    An adjustable telescopic shaft, which allows the player to modify the length of the club by 6-8 inches, is another new addition to the market for that reason. That kind of adjustability is enough for most players, so it could be a thing you should consider. 

    The F9 cobra driver from Cobra Golf is the most adjustable golf driver on our list; it is simply a touch above the rest and has all the adjustability options one might need for all the different purposes. 

    Are adjustable drivers more effective?

    Adjustable golf drivers are quite useful and may aid in the correction of swing defects when used appropriately and with acceptable expectations. Practice and building a steady, consistent swing will always trump adjustments. It’s also rare that you’ll change your driver several times throughout a game. That is not their intended purpose. Instead of tweaking it repeatedly, the appropriate method to make it work for you is to alter the driver to address your persistent misses

    Who Can Use a Driver That is Adjustable?

    An adjustable driver is beneficial to all golfers. Anyone who has problems consistently striking the ball off the fairway should give it a try. Because most golfers don’t hit it exactly off the tee, adjustability is beneficial to most players. You may not need an adjustable driver if you consistently hit your drives straight down the center, but we all know such golfers are few and far between


    Now that you have a large range of adjustable drivers to pick from, you must filter down your options to find the one that best suits your needs. Because it is flexible for a broad spectrum of golfers, the cobra golf club is at the top of our list. If you’re looking for a change in your game, this club will give you a lot more options and flexibility in your shots. Hope our guide helps you out and you finally get the best adjustable driver today!