Best Golf Drivers for Women in 2022

Are you looking for the best golf drivers for women? Of course, you do. Through this post, we test 10 golf drivers and those 7 is the best for women’s hand!

A driver happens to be one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a woman to use in golf. When players are equipped with the appropriate driver, the golfers simply start playing better. It takes them less effort to reach their destinations. The whole experience of playing golf on the course is far more pleasurable. However, it may be difficult to find a good driver who is comfortable around women at times. 

The possibilities for good golfers for women simply keep increasing in quantity and quality. 

Golf equipment manufacturers are hard at work developing new alternatives that are useful not only for beginners and golfers with high handicaps but also for low-handicappers. 

In the past, if a woman wanted something that was more technologically advanced, she had to use a man’s driver. 

There are a lot of fantastic options on our list. 

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    Our Choices for Best Women's Golf Drivers

    Best Golf Drivers For Women

    Callaway Epic Max Women's Driver
    • It’s simpler to swing than most golf drivers for sale, which is a great plus for female drivers. 
    • Being one of the most forgiving drivers on the list, it’s quite forgiving, which is something women’s golf drivers would need. 
    • It is really lightweight and easy to handle. 
    • It is one of the best golf drivers for women. 
    • It is on the pricier end of golf drivers.  
    • This golf club is a little too long, which might be a problem for people who are shorter than the average height. 

     The Callaway Max golf club for women features a huge footprint. Forgiveness in abundance. Unexpectedly positive feedback It has a moveable weight and a flexible hosel, making it very adaptable. We eagerly awaited its release to see what more Callaway had in store. This driver has been called the most forgiving driver in the line-up, which we can surely use at the beginning of the season, so we are trying it out for you. 

    The Epic Max’s size was the very first thing we realized when we laid it down. This driver has one of the largest footprints we’ve ever seen, dwarfing the Epic Speed. The front-to-back distance is what gives it the appearance of being so large. It also has a somewhat deeper face and is heel-heavy in form. 

    Despite the fact that this driver is rather silent at impact, it produces enhanced feedback. Shots that are centered generate a firm, low-pitched “crack.” A softer, more flat sound is produced by traveling away from the middle of the face. 

    The sound and sensation of collision are identical. Strikes that are pure feel solid and powerful. If you miss the center, your hands will tell you precisely where the hit happened. 

    Just like numerous other 2021 drivers, it denotes maximum forgiveness. Callaway’s innovative technology is responsible for this forgiveness. The Epic Max exhibited exceptional ball speed on crisp strikes and did a fantastic job sustaining ball speed on short shots in our tests. It’s also better than average at keeping off-center strikes on the course. 

    It’s a fantastic pick for the golfer looking for a lot of forgiveness to correct their shots. Add in the flexibility to adapt loft, contact angle, and CG bias, and you’ve got a driver worth a demo. 

    • The vibe is light yet steady. It is a dependable golf ball driver. 
    • It has incredible adaptability. 
    • A fantastic alternative for golfers with a low to high handicap. 
    • If you want a driver for longer distances, then this driver won’t be as good as the others on the list. 
    • It can be a little pricey for some people. 

    Cobra has always been an advocate for female athletes. They’ve supported many famous female golfers from the beginning of their careers, and their marketing materials have always shown women alongside males. These items are similar to the men’s Radspeed series, with the same innovation but a light pink colorway rather than lime green. 

    This RADSPEED XB golf club is the most forgiving of their new line of products. The Cobra is known for its strong style. Straight and long shots are simple. 

    As is customary, Cobra launched the RADSPEED series first in the 2021 product battle. Three new drivers are part of this series, aimed at a certain golfer. It is built for maximum forgiveness. 

    As evidenced by the color combination, Cobra isn’t afraid to take chances, as evidenced by the design. Yellow pops against the black backdrop on the leather sheath and sole. 

    AT FIRST GLANCE, the XB driver has a rounded triangular shape and is quite lengthy from front to back. 

    We fully expected a very loud collision sound with such a strong appearance. While this driver isn’t quiet, it’s certainly not the loudest. The impact produces a snappy, moderate-pitch sound that is somewhat louder than the typical golf club. 

    The response reveals the level of forgiveness that this golf club allows. You won’t feel it until the ball hits the outside borders of your face. Pure strikes are almost identical to mishits in terms of sound. 

    Last year’s SPEEDZONE drivers had a lot of support from individuals I like, but it wasn’t for me. On the other hand, the XB driver has us singing Cobra’s praises. The top-end performance and forgiveness of this driver are both excellent. This is one you cannot miss while testing drivers for 2021. 

    Many adjustments are available with this Radspeed golf club. The RadSpeed is ideal for female golfers looking to improve their game and lower their scores. 

    • It offers great ball speed when hit, even moderately. 
    • It’s a relatively lightweight driver, making it ideal for women. 
    • It is really cheap and affordable so that it can be used as one of the beginner’s drivers for women. 

    The head of the driver cannot be modified. 

    Wilson’s D series drivers have always been known for their modest weight, but with the D9, the company has increased the weight to 300 grams in an effort to appeal to a broader audience—the D7 weighed in at 275 grams. 

    There are two single-weight options: the regular 10-gram weight or the super-light 3-gram weight, which allows players to tune the rotational inertia and forgiveness carefully. 

    Using computer modeling tools to explore hundreds of potential club head designs, the D9 driver’s design was determined. So, Wilson made the most technically improved face it has ever made, with fracture zones that cause the golf ball to go farther and work better. 

    In addition to a synthetic crown, the golf driver has a lower weight and better vibration control. The club’s forgiveness has been improved by increasing the sweet spot on the face, which leads to higher ball speeds. 

    The hit sound was a pleasingly quiet thud, and the address looked clean and uncomplicated. When it relates to aesthetics, the sole is equally simple yet contemporary. Because there is no changeable hosel, the sole weights are the only way to alter the trajectory of your shots. 

    The D9 is a totally different proposition from the successful D7 since it was created to put a golf driver into tour play and then dialing it down to what amateur golfers need. The head weight increases from 275 to 300 grams, and the shaft becomes heavier, making it feel more like a professional driver. 

    Overall, the Wilson D9 golf driver is certainly worth trying this year if you’re looking for leniency and control at a reasonable price, although it may not be the biggest. It might work best for golfers with slower swing speeds, but it should give the same results every time. 

    • It has a really sturdy golf shaft compared to golf clubs on the market, making it an excellent investment. 
    • This driver makes launching golf balls a breeze. 
    • At ball contact, the driver feels fantastic. 
    • The clubhead’s composition isn’t very durable. 
    • It may cause the golf ball to spin faster than it should. 

    This is the TaylorMade driver that offers the greatest leeway in terms of mishits? You should really consider purchasing the M6 Women’s Driver. It is certainly one of the best options. Even while it does not have variable weights as their previous iterations do, it does feature something called a “Twist Face” that helps reduce the amount of sidespin and keeps the golf ball going on a more or less straight course when it is struck off-center. 

    “Speed Injected” with tuning resin, the head of every M6 Driver is designed to increase the ball’s speed (until the maximum permissible ball speed) and distance traveled. Then, TaylorMade implemented the new and improved head technology, which is more flexible, in order to generate a larger prime spot and maintain a greater part of the ball’s speed when it comes to off-center strikes. 

    When you pair the new technology, the ‘Twist Face,’ and the ‘Speed Injected’ heads with the streamlined carbon sole, you have a club that is capable of providing excellent performance in a variety of situations. Because it is made of aerodynamic material, the bottom helps to bring the CG down, which in turn increases the moment of inertia, and it does this by pushing the weight lower and farther back. Because of this, you will be able to get a greater launch angle while also minimizing spin on the ball. 

    • Because of the huge prime spot on the clubhead, this driver provides more forgiveness. 
    • This driver can cover more ground with less effort. 
    • Most golfers who struggle with accuracy will benefit from this driver. 
    • It is one of the more expensive golf drivers for women on the list. 
    • This driver will not correct your mistimed slices if they are too severe. 

    The Rogue is supposed to be exceptionally long and forgiving, and it features some of Callaway’s latest club technology, such as Jailbreak. Is the Rogue a suitable successor to Callaway’s Epic and earlier offerings? Is the price tag justified? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 

    Continue reading to learn all you need to know to make an educated decision and see how it is one of the best golf drivers for women. 

    With the help of the Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Driver, you can reduce the negative impacts of a sliced shot while still achieving the ball speed you’ve been aiming for. The new Jailbreak Technology and the VFT are included in this women’s driver club. 

    Two titanium rods in the form of an hourglass make up the jailbreak technology. These rods are up to 26% lighter than their conventional counterparts. Titanium is also used. Rods strengthen the crown and sole of the club, which, in conjunction with Callaway’s X-Face VFT, allows for an increase in the contact capacity of the face, which in turn enables a considerable improvement in ball distance and ball speed. 

    The Rogue is crafted from an unnamed triaxial carbon composite material, notable for its strength and low weight. Reliability, spin resistance, and forgiveness are all improved thanks to Callaway’s use of a weight distribution system that evenly distributes mass around the driver’s periphery. Even when you mishit the ball, you will be able to hit it further and more straightly if you do it in this manner. 

    The Rogue includes a 35-gram shaft as part of its standard equipment. MLT is included in it. This technology uses many thin layers of aerospace-grade material to give the golfer a better feel, more consistent shots, faster swing speeds, and maybe even more distance. 

    With the Rogue driver, Callaway nailed it again again. It’s a fitting sequel to the original Epic, offering maximum forgiveness that their previous drivers lacked. 

    It’s also rather long, with a dramatic, sleek design, including some of the most firm, steady handling we’ve ever felt in a driver. 

    Mid to high handicappers should find the Rogue driver quite appealing. 

    Fast hitters who habitually hit it high may have some difficulty because of the low weight and increased spin due to the MOI. We propose the 9° for these guys. 

    Remember to dial in your adjustable loft and lie settings, and have fun! 

    • This is one of the more beautiful drivers available on the market. 
    • The ball will fly higher and longer with this driver. 
    • It’s difficult to tell the difference between a good and terrible shot by the sound and touch. 
    • This driver is expensive and not for beginners. 

    While we may be apprehensive about how Artificial Intelligence may take over our lives, I am all for AI if this driver is what the result is. 

    Callaway spent $6 million on a supercomputer to create the Epic Flash driver’s visage. Even their R&D team was baffled by what they came up with at first. 

    Essentially, you enter the regulatory constraints and a few additional guidelines into the system and let it figure out the best design for you. It fails often but learns from its errors, and after 15,000 iterations, the Flash Face emerges. 

    Callaway, like the computer, is still figuring out how the Flash Face increases ball speed, but it does. 

    This golf driver’s Flash Face is manufactured from an extraordinarily tough material that is hardened for toughness and then soldered to the head to deal with the increased ball speed. 

    Overall, Callaway has produced an outstanding piece of ingenuity, and the great thing about their Flash Face is that the back design is exclusive to this size and shape of the head. 

    Like Jailbreak before it, The Flash Face increases ball speed, so if you can achieve a setup that produces the correct launch and spin, you should notice a distance gain. 

    It’s also fantastic to see the Epic brand and colors return since the Rogue’s blue left me cold, despite the fact that it functioned well and was the best-selling golf driver on the market. 

    Given the Epic Flash’s higher price, it could be worth holding on to if you love your Rogue for a little longer. It will continue to exist in the near term, and certain higher handicappers may benefit from the additional forgiveness it provides. 

    If you have the old Epic, I would recommend switching because of the new model’s improved appearance, forgiveness, and increased ball speed. 

    • It is a good choice for slender and inexperienced female golfers. 
    • It features an intense blue finish that is extremely appealing to the eye. 
    • It’s rather impressive for being so affordable. 
    • It isn’t well-balanced. 
    • It can not compete with the more expensive drivers on the list. 

    If you’re looking for the finest new ladies’ golf driver, look no further than this AGXGOLF driver. There are three sizes available. This women’s club has a gleaming dark blue coating and a larger clubhead that allows maximum forgiveness and flying tee shots.  

    This driver for women has a convenient graphite golf shaft perfect for beginners. It’s built of durable materials, so it’ll last a considerable time if you take care of it. 

    How to Pick The Best Golf Drivers?

    These clubs are not cheap. We are all aware of this. That’s why we’ve detailed a few characteristics to think about while purchasing a driver which will help you be more sure of your purchase. 

    Can Older Models Be Trusted?

    Utilizing an older model has no setbacks as such if you don’t mind the performance being obsolete. If you haven’t changed your driver in five or six years, it’s time to replace it to avoid falling prey to obsolescence. 

    Today’s drivers have a variety of advancements and designs aimed at improving a player’s performance and correcting frequent golf faults. The new drivers might deliver 11 yards to 14 yards. 

    Sweet Spot of a Large Size

    Having a big sweet spot is beneficial to all players, but it is especially helpful to rookies. People that have just started playing golf are virtually always unable to strike the golf ball in the middle of the driver’s head or inside the grooved region. 

    It is common for forgiving drivers to have a big face or head. Mistimed strikes are no longer a problem, regardless of your pace or swing type. 


    Driver adjustability is a significant recent improvement in the sport of golf. When we talk about adjustability, we typically mean correcting the swing defects that most normal golfers have. 


    The typical golf driver weighs between 300 and 320 grams on the market. A light club may help some golfers swing more quickly. How strongly a golf ball soars is often affected by how fast a player swings the club. 

    How can you make it lighter? Is removing weight from just one element of a club a wise idea? 

    It’s all about finding the right balance. If you want to lighten the golf shaft, you’ll have to lighten the face and grip as well. Without an efficient driver, you can’t consistently hit the ball farther and with more accuracy and control on the golf course. 

    Furthermore, lighter does not necessarily imply superiority. For various reasons, some women golfers will still appreciate the sensation of a heftier driver. The added mass to the golf shaft, for example, may cause a slower pace, giving you ample time to acquire proper positioning for a smoother swing and being a fix for slower swing speed. 


    There are plenty of women’s golf drivers on the market. Although the best golf drivers won’t help you hit shots like professional women golfers, it’s still a good decision to spend some time identifying and investing in a driver that will help you improve your game. Picking the perfect driver isn’t always straightforward, particularly for newcomers to this game. So, begin with the golf drivers we’ve listed and use our buying tips to find the best one for your spending power and skill level.