Best Illegal Golf Drivers in 2022

You may want to give an illegal golf driver a try if you don’t play the sport professionally. 

You know what? There’s nothing like a perfectly-placed shot at the hole. The ones we’re referring to are well known to you. Drives that carry your friends’ drives 30 yards farther. 

Current club makers have pushed the USGA rules for drivers as far as they can go, but the length and thickness of a driver’s face must stay within acceptable limits. 

When it comes to competitions and retaining a handicap, what if you’re not interested in doing so? What if you’re out to have fun and want to see how far you can get the ball? You can not have that kind of fun with a legal driver. 

Many illegal drivers are willing to help you with your goal. These are also known as non-conforming golf drivers. We will assist you guys by listing the best illegal golf drivers, but first, we need to describe exactly what an illegal golf driver is, and then we can get to the list of the best illegal drivers. 

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    What is an Illegal Golf Driver?

    To begin, what exactly is an illegal golf driver? Any golf driver who does not follow the regulations of the USGA is deemed unlawful. The most popular kind of illegal golf driver has a high restitution rate. For most golfers, a coefficient of restitution value greater than 0.84 (legal limit) will provide additional distance. 

    There are examples of illegal golf drivers, and they happen to be huge golf drivers, slice fixers, and very long (longer than 50 inches at least). These illegal golf drivers happen to be less prevalent than those with a high coefficient of restitution. 

    A few firms create illegal golf drivers, there also exists a facility that will turn any golf driver into an unlawful one. To boost the coefficient of restitution, the business will cut a piece of the current golf driver’s face. 

    They have more ball and swing speed than regular drivers due to their massive sweet spot. 

    Shaving one’s face may result in breakage and unusual ball flight, so it’s a dangerous option for many. Does anyone want to sabotage a perfectly good golf driver? 

    But, asking a question here: Is it feasible to use an illegal golf driver or perhaps have one created for you? 

    If the answer to that question, then take a look at our list of best illegal drivers. 

    Best Illegal Golf Drivers List

    Juggernaut Titanium
    • It has a big head size which helps land shots. 
    • It is forgiving on off-center shots and offers faster swing speed than most illegal drivers. 
    • The big tall juggernaut driver is an offset club, so your shots will be more accurate. 
    • It might need to be brought in for maintenance. 
    • It can be considered a little expensive for illegal drivers.

    The Juggernaut is the ideal choice for you if you’re searching for a driver that will allow you to strike the golf ball and give you the most forgiveness possible. 

    Since the coefficient of restitution and the massive head size of the Juggernaut driver are both higher than what the USGA allows, we can say that it does not follow USGA rules. This is the best driver on the list with a beta titanium face. 

    The United States Golf Association prohibits drivers with a capacity of greater than 460 ccs. The Juggernaut has a capacity of 515 ccs. A high coefficient of restitution is included in the club’s design, which is another positive feature. The B1 is a type of cannon with a coefficient of restitution that is much higher than what is allowed for making a ball move at an explosive speed. 

    You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re skilled at slicing. The shape of the head’s offset helps you square the face upon impact, which results in longer, more accurate strokes. 

    The illegal driver is available in lengths varying from 40 inches to 49 inches, and there are many different shaft variations to choose from. 

    The Power Play Juggernaut is a fantastic alternative for a hot face that offers more personalization choices than the vast majority of other illegal drivers. 

    This is a great golf club if you do not want to do competitions. It might even be the best illegal driver on our list. The swing speed for this driver is bonkers even on off-center shots, and that is truly a remarkable feat. This driver will easily fix your slow swing speeds, so add it to your golf bag. 

    • This non-conforming golf driver is very affordable and light on your budget. 
    • It has a lightweight shaft which makes it easy to handle. 
    • This driver launches the golf ball high every time. 
    • White is its only color, and some people do not like that. 
    • It is not allowed to be used in official matches and tournaments.

    The Ultralite driver is similar to TaylorMade versions in terms of design and appearance. However, compared to most driver heads of at least 210 g, the head only weighs 175 grams. 

    When you attach a shaft weighing less than 65 grams to this driver, this driver helps players with slower swing rates to achieve enhanced clubhead speed, resulting in quicker ball speeds and more distance. 

    Not everyone can swing the club at speeds above 110 miles per hour. In reality, it’s the vast majority of us. However, this does not imply that you must forego distance. 

    The club is significantly lighter than most illegal drivers if you use it with a lightweight shaft weighing 50-60 grams. This results in faster swing rates, which aids in distance gain. 

    When the driver’s face was produced, a unique heat treatment procedure was employed to make it exceptionally hard so the driver could become firm and steady. 

    The beta titanium face has smaller crown portions thanks to the company’s ultra-thin crown technology. This lowers the CG and puts more weight on the rear of the face, allowing users to make added firm contact with the ball when swinging. This lowers the center of gravity, allowing for a high launch and little spin. 

    The thickness of its face allows golfers to generate greater power. It goes through a special heat-treating process to make it firm and sturdy. 

    This club only exists in the color white. The Heater Ghost Driver is ideal for individuals with slower swing speeds who desire more distance. It is a very portable driver, so that will make transportation easier. 

     Get this driver if you want the maximum distance at the cheapest price. 

    • A well-known company makes it. 
    • It has a large sweet spot due to its big head size, making it quite forgiving. 
    • It is available in a senior flex shaft which is always a bonus for the senior golfers out there. 
    • Only right-handed players can use it. 
    • There is no cover included. 

    The Big Buddha is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. 

    Its sweet spot is a big draw for golfers. 

    It has a 520 cubic centimeters driver face, which makes it one of the most powerful illegal golf clubs. 

    Despite its massive 520 cubic centimeters displacement, the aerodynamically-oriented head is an impressive engineering feat. This helps golfers get the most out of their clubs by maximizing their clubhead speed. 

    Drivers made by this company are designed to save power during a strike so that less energy is wasted. Extra distance may be achieved as a result of this. They have a beta titanium face which makes striking the ball optimal. 

    To improve the moment of inertia, this driver has an extremely thin crown. 

    Its crown, like many current drivers, is narrow. Besides lowering the center of gravity, this also increases the MOI for greater face forgiveness. 

    As a result of this illegal driver, the player has more control over their shot and greater distance. 

    Alignment assistance in the shape of a white dot can be seen at the top of the club. 

    Regular, stiff, and mid-flex graphite shafts are offered. 

    Because of its inclination of 11 degrees, this driver is only suitable for right-handed individuals. 

    People who want to enhance their game from the tee may benefit from this driver, which comes in senior flex, standard shaft flex, and firm flex. Get this driver if you have a low swing speed and need more forgiveness. It is one of the best illegal golf drivers that have ever been introduced to the market. 

    • As is common with non-conforming drivers, it has a large club head and a bigger sweet spot due to that very reason. 
    • It is cheap and comes with a leather cover of the highest quality. 
    • That large spot in the center of the clubhead might be disturbing. 
    • Several users claimed that the non-conforming driver was easily damaged.

    The Pinemeadow PGX 500cc driver is the fourth driver on our list of best illegal golf drivers, and it would have been higher if it was not this long. 

    This shiny black non-conforming driver is the best budget, illegal driver in terms of value for money. 

    Golfers tend to hit this driver further because of its larger head size, which is 500cc instead of the 460cc allowed by the USGA, which directly leads to a big sweet spot. 

    Because of the bright mint green, the black and silver color scheme has a sleek, futuristic appearance. 

    Because of the club’s bigger head, golfers may make greater contact with the ball more frequently than with ordinary drivers. 

    At address, the huge “X” on the front of the club head might be distracting. Golfers shouldn’t have any trouble if the emerald green dot provided as an alignment guide can be disregarded. The lime green alignment aid is one of a kind. 

    The non-conforming driver has a 10.6-degree angle and a length of 46 inches. A graphite shaft is included with this golf club. 

    While the club may be futuristic in appearance, it isn’t too expensive because of its low price point. Get the Pinemeadow PGX 500cc illegal driver if you want a club to rely on. 

    • It is good for getting extra distance and forgiveness due to the big sweet spot. 
    • It is easy on your budget and wallet.
    • It is really heavy especially compared to other non-conforming drivers. 
    • It is not as good-looking as the other golf drivers on our list. 

    If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that size does matter when it comes to non-conforming drivers. Again, that’s true of the Money Club. 

    There are two loft options for this 520cc: 10.5 degrees or 12.5 degrees. With the forgiveness of this club, if you don’t hit it perfectly square, you’ll still profit from its versatility. 

    It may be a touch hefty for certain players, but this club will still provide extra distance and forgiveness. That is due to its big club head. 

    Designed for golfers who wish to improve their game by striking the golf ball straighter and longer, the Club Driver is ideal. Think about that; that’s every one of us! Its massive 520cc capacity makes it a very forgiving driver for strokes hit off-center. 

    You’ll be able to hit your shots far further than the USGA permits because of the ball’s explosive beta-titanium face, which has a coefficient of restitution impact several times larger than what is allowed by the USGA. It is one of the best illegal golf drivers you can get your hands on. 

    • It boasts a beautiful, aerodynamic head shape. 
    • It sounds just amazing to the ears. 
    • It has a huge sweet spot. 
    • A graphite shaft is the only option. 
    • It is not the most long-lasting driver. 

    Only some drivers on our list sound and feel as good as this Intech driver. Do you want to have the most fun you have ever had playing golf? Then get this best illegal golf driver as soon as possible. 

    You’ll get the last giggle by being better than your friends with the amazingly long Behemoth Driver. 

    Its huge sweet spot gives you the boost you require to strike it confidently off the fairway. 

    The Intech Golf driver has a low CG, raising its launch angle for coveted, earth-shattering long strikes. The handsome beast comes in various lofts and shafts and is made of the highest-quality metal. 

    It comes pre-built with a graphite shaft, a rubberized handle, and a free headcover. This will be the best illegal golf driver in your bag by far and the one that looks the best. 

    • It is stylish and gets the job done. 
    • It has a good amount of power and is affordable. 

    It is only ahead, and you will require a shaft to use it.

    Golf champions have long preferred Geek Golf as their driver in tournaments. This is because their drivers are exceptional. Increased weight is placed deep on the rear of the head. This design aids in launching the ball high for maximum distance. 

    This driver’s integrated power slots ensure balance and guarantee a firm strike upon impact. You’ll understand the glory of this club when you connect this head with the correct shaft. 

    You know what to expect in terms of performance and price, but it’s hard to pick out the golf driver that will work best for you and the way you play the game. 

    Before you go out and get a driver that doesn’t adhere to the standards, here are a few things, you should ask yourself. The answers to these questions will make you figure out the best illegal golf drivers and pick a non-conforming driver for yourself. 

    So, what exactly is a non-conforming driver? The illegality, or non-USGA rule, is usually due to the driver’s head size and/or loft. This implies they are no longer allowed to compete in sanctioned tournaments. 

    Illegal drivers may increase distance and rectify slices based on their design, not on a player’s ability. The best illegal golf drivers can heavily ramp up your game. 

    If you are looking for a driver that will offer you the greatest forgiveness possible while still allowing you to hit the golf ball very hard, the Juggernaut is the best option for you to go with. 

    Because of the ease with which it provides you with vast distances, it is considered to be the illegal driver that is the longest-hitting. 

    Which drivers are non-conforming?

    Drivers that do not correspond to USGA standards are not allowed to be used in tournaments organized by them. 

    The fact that a golf driver does not have 460cc in its head is the primary reason why the authorities prohibit its use. The maximum allowable size for golf drivers is 460cc. 

    Are Big Bertha drivers illegal?

    The Big Bertha golf drivers by Callaway are not completely illegal. They come in two variations where one variation is legal, and the other is illegal. The legal driver version is good as well and can be bought if you want to stick to legal drivers. 

    Even the legal variation has a big club head and a lightweight shaft which makes hitting the sweet spot of the club head a joyous act, in all honesty. 

    This range of drivers is really good, and you should consider buying them if you want a reliable driver. 


    Some golfers feel that almost all drivers should follow the golf course’s compliance rules. To improve their performance on the course, other players will take advantage of every advantage available to them. 

    We found Juggernaut Titanium to be the best non-conforming driver we’ve ever encountered. It is the remedy for your slow swing speed. 

    If you’re going to use an illegal club, you might as well get one that is exceedingly lengthy and ready to provide you with the additional performance you’re looking for. 

    Before taking part in a USGA-sanctioned golf event or even a competition at your home course, be certain that all of your clubs are legal. For a game to be fair, all players must have equal access to the same level of resources.  

    We wish you guys good luck in this endeavor of finding a good illegal golf club that will suit your playstyle and helps you play better than your friends so you can brag to them about your new equipment and skill set. These illegal non-conforming drivers truly change the way golf is played.