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Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

Are you looking for the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver review? If your answer is yes, check out what we think about the Callaway epic flash sub zero.

Callaway is a name that is probably familiar to most golfers out there. Since 1982, they’ve been hard at working mass-producing expert-level for golfers and enthusiasts that offer great performance at an affordable price.

During the decades since their initial creation, Callaway has been pouring millions and millions of dollars into research and development into finding a way to make drivers that are as best as possible at prices most golfers can afford.

Some of their most recent efforts include the “Epic” line of drivers that they started in 2018. These drivers have a special focus on design and have a big impact on performance. The first driver in the Epic series won’t blow anyone away, but it’s 2019’s Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero drivers that are special for one big reason.

Callaway has invested millions of dollars into a supercomputer that has a highly advanced onboard AI to produce its most ambitious project yet.

The AI contained within this computer designed the driver’s clubface for optimal speed and performance. This means the ball will come off the driver’s face faster than ever before.

This was accomplished by the AI going through hundreds of thousands of different designs in a complex series of calculations to find the most optimal design that Callaway can make, which will maximize ball travel speed.

You can tell that an AI designed the clubface, too, if you remove the flash face from the rest of the body and take a look at its inner layer. There are a series of irregular ripples, which almost look like a manufacturing error, but don’t be fooled: this design is the product of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work.

This is all to say that the design employed by the Callaway Epic Flash and the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is as close as we can get to the perfect clubface design produced on a massive scale, at least for now.

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    The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero also employs the famous Jailbreak technology, which essentially connects the top and bottom of the driver for more stability and greater control. These two bars next to each other look like the bars of a jail cell and feature prominently in advertisements.

    The Jailbreak technology also increases impact load on the face, producing even greater ball speed. However, it is best used by those who have a fast swinging action, as slow swingers won’t get as much out of this driver as they possibly can.

    In this Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver review, we’ll take you to step by step through all the main features of this driver. So, let’s get started.

    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Features And Benefits

    Shaft Options


    The Sub Zero has lots of shaft options, three to be exact. These include the Project X Even Flow, the Project Z HZRDS Smoke, and the Mitsubishi AV Blue.

    If you want to keep the ball a bit low and don’t want excessive flight, the heavier shafts, i.e., the HZRDS Smoke and the AV Blue, will be your go-to.

    The Even Flow is lighter and will make the ball go higher, which, when combined with the high ball speed, could make the ball difficult to control, so most people will prefer the two heavier options.

    Sound and Feel


    The sound of the Callaway Flash Sub Zero will be familiar to most golfers. The impact produces a fast-sounding “whack” that can be expected from most drivers, although it is a little higher pitched.

    The impact feel of the driver is quite solid, with great feedback reaching the hands and body of the user. This is due to the unusually forward center of gravity, which also helps with stability.

    Visually, the Callaway Flash Sub Zero is very striking. It combines a mostly-black body and clubhead with green accents to produce a premium-looking piece of golfing equipment. It feels sturdy and dense in the hands in all the right ways. If you use this driver, you can rest assured you’ll be using something which is high quality.



    As some golfers may remember, old versions of the Epic Flash Sub Zero offered less ball spin at the cost of forgiveness. This meant these drivers weren’t suitable for higher handicap players.

    Callaway has tweaked the design and performance to offer more forgiveness to correct this issue and increase the broad appeal this driver will have. This means you’ll be able to consistently replicate similar strokes, ball speeds, and spin. This will be very important for golfers who aren’t used to the Sub Zero’s specific design and don’t know how best to use it.

    On average, the Sub Zero has a spin difference of 300 less RPM than its Epic Flash counterpart. This data backs up Sub Zero’s main performance goal: to reduce spin but maintain forgiveness for high handicap players.

    The forward center of gravity also makes the driver’s swing feel more comfortable and responsive in hand. It lends a greater feeling of stability and control over the shot you’re making, and it’s easier to replicate shots repeatedly.

    Callaway has also employed Adjustable Perimeter Weighting on the Epic Flash Sub Zero. This gives the user even greater control over the shots they are making by including a moveable 16-gram weight on the driver’s end. Users can use this sliding weight to control the ball flight, further increasing forgiveness as bad shots will be less punishing.

    Player Handicap


    As previously mentioned, the acceptable player handicap level is much higher than in earlier versions.

    The Sub Zero contains a forward center of gravity that helps to control and stabilize shots. The 16-gram adjustable weight controls ball flight and can accurately control the ball’s trajectory. However, the new clubface and the Jailbreak technology used in this driver require a fast swinging speed to realize its full potential.

    The net result of all of these adjustments is that forgiveness is high. Users will have more control over their shots than ever, and with a little tweak to make their swinging action a bit faster, they’ll see a big performance improvement.

    This means that players with a high handicap level are accounted for. High handicap and low handicap players alike will be able to make full use of this club with minimal issues when they switch over from other drivers.

    Value for Money


    The price of the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Sub Zero is over $500.

    This price may seem slightly high to some golfers, especially beginners or those on a tight budget. Experienced golfers may recognize this price as falling in the usual range for drivers of this caliber.

    However, the greatest advantage the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver has is its value for money.

    For a relatively steep entry cost, you’ll have access to a driver that stacks up to drivers that are twice or even thrice as expensive. The most experienced golfers on the planet use this driver regularly, and reviewers often mention that the quality of this driver is so high that the price can be ignored for most serious golfers.

    If you invest in the Sub Zero driver, you can expect to use it for years to come. Thanks to the durable design and excellent construction, it is not prone to wear and tear.

    The customizability is second to none, thanks to the varieties of shafts and other options. There are many controls for optimizing your shot and controlling the ball as much as possible such as the sliding weight that is not seen in many of the competition.

    The entry-level player handicap is high, so almost anyone can pick up this driver and use it efficiently but, if you invest the time, you can get to know the Sub Zero deeply and use it to very high levels of play.

    This means that the Sub Zero can serve the dual roles of a beginner or intermediate driver and the driver you can rely on when you’re an expert or at least very experienced. You’ll save money by not having to upgrade drivers in the long term.

    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review Conclusion

    As you can tell from this Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero review, the Sub Zero is one of the premier drivers out there today and one of Callaway’s finest products.

    Whether it’s the high player handicap level, the high forgiveness, the massive control you have over ball trajectory, the low ball spin or the fast ball speed, there’s something in it for all types of play.

    Its price tag is high but can be justified in the long term due to how much you can expect to get out of it.

    Did you like this Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver review? Let us know in the comments!

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