Taylormade M6 Driver Review

The TaylorMade M6 Driver is a hot topic among golfers, especially those starting out. It’s been a big part of TaylorMade M6’s marketing campaign, and rightly so. The M6 reaches its peak in terms of both distance and speed. 

This is something that every company claims to have done, but TaylorMade did an excellent job with this M6 Driver. It is the best driver that this company has come out with and if you want that to be proven, keep reading ahead in this M6 driver review. 

I’ll be reviewing the TaylorMade M6 driver in this article. 

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    What is New in The Taylormade M6 Driver?

    Taylormade m6 driver

    Their previous drivers’ Speed injected twist face is carried over to the M6, giving the M6 similar overall performance. Inertia Generator is used in their M series, so it is naturally in this driver. The Taylormade M6 Driver has new and improved technology for improved aerodynamics, making it more forgiving. 

    Speed Injection and Legal Limit

    Speed injected drivers are the ones that are over the legal limit in terms of speed. Specific regions of the entire face are stiffened by the tuning resin, which leads to more distance being achieved and consistent ball flights. All their drivers are filled with tuning resin to help with the legal limit. 

    Is it as good as their past drivers, and should it be bought for use as your primary driver? We will have all these answers in our Taylormade M6 driver review. 

    Given the sample size, the M6 boasts some of the best evaluations of any TaylorMade driver. It was a best seller the year it came out (2019), and it is still well-known today. 

    Professional connoisseurs and internet reviewers have also awarded it near-perfect marks. It is individually speed tested. 

    It’s simple to maintain clean and handle the grass with ease, and it’s more forgiving than its previous models. It’s perfect for those with greater handicaps, and the sound it makes is subdued, sharp, and solid when you hit it. In short, it offers maximum ball speed and maximum forgiveness without a steep price. 

    These are some of the things that others have said about it, but we will be giving you our informed opinion now in detail so you can decide if the Taylormade M6 driver is the right driver for you. 

    The TaylorMade M6 driver foregoes adjustable weights in exchange for more forgiveness. It’s simple to hit, with just a small draw bias. 

    Specifications and Features of Taylormade M6 Driver



    Adjustability is a great feature, and no driver gives more options for tinkering than the TaylorMade M5. TaylorMade’s M6 driver, on the other hand, is ideal for those who appreciate simplicity. For some, the sacrifice it made with the M5 makes it the greatest driver in the M series. 

    The M6 from TaylorMade may be altered. The lie angle can be changed to a dozen positions that all differ from each other. 

    Taylormade claims that it is the most forgiving driver they have currently released, and the important factor in that is the great technology that it does not come with any apparent flaws. 



    There is little difference between the Taylormade M6 and M5 drivers from a visual standpoint. Carbon fiber dominates the driver face on both clubs. A thin silver ribbon with a TaylorMade configuration guide is located at the top of the shaft. An M6 logo is also at the bottom. 

    As soon as you turn each club over, you will see the differences. The M5 driver has a circuit for the adjustable weights, while the M6 driver has a firm sole made of carbon fiber. It also has an aerodynamic shape that looks clean and neat. A more aerodynamic shape never looks bad on a driver face. 

    How Does It Feel in Your Hand?


    It’s low-pitched and doesn’t have a metallic tone to it. The M6 was a little louder than the M5, which shocked us. If you like their prior models, we are certain that you will enjoy the sound and feel of this vehicle. 

    The M6’s driver provides a below-average response in the sound department. It can be a bit louder than other clubs in its price range. 

    This club is designed to have added forgiveness, and it is an accurate performance package in that regard. It hides mishits, and the centre hits are solid. You won’t notice much of a change until you dig down to the bottom. 

    The Distance It Can Reach and The Ball Speed


    The M6 driver has the potential to be a disruptive force in the distance category, contingent on where you come from and what sort of swing you have. 

    The M5 is a very long club, and the Speed Injection implies that the displacement will be equivalent to that. You should expect a significant improvement in the distance if your driver model is at least several years old. 

    Because the CG sits toward the rear and the aerodynamic form isn’t as effective in creating extra clubhead speed, the M5 may not be as effective for golfers with quick swing speeds. 

    The M6 is a better option for players with slower swing speeds. As a result, the low CG aids in getting the ball airborne while limiting the amount of spin. The speed is high, and good ball speeds make a driver go the distance. 

    The M6’s distance performance is excellent, but it falls short of several other drivers that are specifically designed for maximum distance. 

    How Good Is Its Performance?

    The M5 and the M6 drivers include the Speed Injected Twist Face and the Corrective Face Angle technology as two of their primary innovations. 

    The M6 Driver has an “inertia generator,” which weighs around 50 grams and is located low and behind the head, a key difference from its predecessor, the M5, which included slidable weights. 

    When all is said and done, what you require in a driver is one who has a great deal of forgiveness, and all of these terms build up to that. When we first began hitting with this driver, the experience was quite enjoyable. The ball speed was more than acceptable, and the consistent spin fixed the issue of low spin some golfers get. 

    Where Would We Place This Driver?

    We would place the M6 Driver a notch above the middle of the pack when it comes to both launch and spin, giving it a moderately good rating. It has a mid-high launch, which is certainly acceptable out of a driver in this price range. 

    Even though the shaft attached to it will greatly affect the result, you can change the stock shaft to get better results. 

    In conclusion, we discovered that the M6 driver had very little draw bias. Our eyes tell us that the alignment assistance is positioned somewhat nearer the club’s heel and that the club is simpler to strike to the left than it is to the right. Loft and face angle changes are also possible through the hosel, allowing you to fine-tune the club to your desired ball flight. 

    Pros and Cons


    • It leads to high ball speeds. 
    • It is easy to hit the golf ball with this driver. 
    • It looks great with the twist face. 
    • Inertia generator, that’s it. That is the pro. 


    • It does not offer a lot of adjustabilities. 
    • The M5 can be said to be better. 

    Final Say On The M6 Driver

    TaylorMade’s M6 driver is a great choice for golfers who want the forgiveness and launch of the M5 and TaylorMade’s technology that makes the ball go farther. 

    Conveniently, one does not have to fiddle with movable weights while using the M6. 

    In addition, we have found that it performs an excellent job of maintaining consistent spin down, especially for players with a faster swing speed and those who want a higher ball speed. This makes the game more accessible to a broader range of players. 

    Because of its somewhat lower price, you should carefully consider the M6, even though it does not have changeable weights. Hit the sweet spot and enjoy your new driver if you choose to make this purchase. This is the gist of our Taylormade M6 driver review. 

    What to Consider When Choosing a Driver

    When you are in the market for a new driver, there are a number of variables to consider, such as your skill level, the size and form of the driver’s face, the face angle, the color scheme, lie angle, and adjustability. 

    If you’re passionate about the game, it does not matter if you are not that skilled. A club assessment might be the best approach to find the correct driver for your daily use. 

    That is where we come in with various alternatives to the M6 driver. You could benefit more from getting the TaylorMade M5 Driver instead of the Taylormade M6. 

    Options Other Than The M6 Driver

    Although it is not a new driver, it will get the job done just the right amount if you want adjustable weights instead of more power that the M6 offers. Its key feature is adjustability, and it is not too bad in the speed department as well. 

    The TaylorMade M5 driver’s adjustability allows it to be used to its full capacity. In terms of tone and feel, it’s a joy to play. 

    It has the same speed injection technology and the twist face that is so well desired in the M6, and it is no surprise that the ball speeds are exceptional when you connect a golf ball with its sweet spot. 

    Almost every golfer may benefit from the TaylorMade M5’s great level of customizability, making it the best driver in that department. However, schedule a pre-course meeting with your fitter if you’re not the handy kind. To get the most out of this club, you’ll need to have it tuned in completely. 

    Pros and Cons of M5


    • Exceptional speeds, this driver is great in that department. 
    • It covers great distances quite easily. 
    • It is extremely adjustable. 


    • It costs more than the M6. 
    • It is only marginally better than M3. 

    According to the manufacturer, the Epic Max offers the most forgiveness in Callaway’s lineup. Golfers will benefit a lot from having this kind of driver early in the season. 

    I was taken aback by the Epic Max’s size when I initially placed it on the table. One of the largest footprints that we’ve ever seen 

    Forgiveness is further enhanced by its twisted face. The Max in Epic Max, like numerous other 2021 drivers, denotes the greatest amount of forgiving power. Callaway’s usage of the inertia generator powers this forgiveness. The Epic Max could sustain ball speed even on mishits, which is a big plus for hitters. 

    Aside from that, it does a better job than most of keeping your errant shots on the course and keeping the ball speed up. The Callaway Epic Flash driver is a great alternative to the M6. It is just as epic as the name “Epic Flash” suggests. 

    Pros and Cons of Epic Flash


    • Players of all skill levels are expected to boost speed and total distance due to this driver. 


    • It offers limited customization. 
    • Its sound leaves a lot to be desired. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the M6 driver a good driver?

    The TaylorMade M6 is a great option for moderate to high handicap players, but low handicappers may also utilize it. Overall, it’s a great driver that we strongly suggest because of its unique inertia generator technology. It provides a considerable amount of range and is accurate. 

    Is the TaylorMade M6 driver forgiving?

    The M6 is naturally more forgiving than the M5 because the way the weight is distributed has been changed to move more weight to the back. 

    It’s difficult to compare the M6 to the M4, but the M6 seems to have a little advantage in mishit performance, especially low on the face. 

    You can’t go wrong with the Speed Injection, which raises ball speeds throughout the face, the remedial Twist Face, and the faster-offering large head. 

    The M6 will not disappoint if you’re searching for a hefty stick that will help you remain in the game. 

    Is TaylorMade M6 driver good for beginners?

    Thanks to the mix of forgiveness and distance, beginners will be able to utilize this M6 driver straight away and start scoring on the golf range in no time. It’s an excellent driver for newcomers. We will suggest it to an amateur golfer. 

    Which driver is better, M6 or SIM?

    Both are speed-injected drivers that make use of the twist face. The M6 would be a wonderful purchase for anybody searching for a club that is pleasurable to use and delivers a powerful impact on well-hit shots. 

    Even though the SIM lineup offers more forgiveness and has more length, the M6 feels significantly better, and it even comes with a slight draw bias for golfers who like to slice.