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Denny McCarthy is married to his wife, Katelyn. They have been together since 2011 and married since 2014. Katelyn is a professional golfer who competed in the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open and was a member of the University of Virginia golf team where she earned All-ACC honors. She also co-founded the nonprofit organization, Team Up 4 Community, which provides educational and recreational opportunities for underserved youth in the Charlottesville area. Together, Denny and Katelyn are an inspiring couple who showcase what it means to be a power couple in both their careers and their dedication to giving back to their community.Denny McCarthy is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has one career victory, which came in the 2020 Military Tribute at the Greenbrier. McCarthy has also had other strong finishes, including a runner-up finish at the 2020 Sanderson Farms Championship. He is currently ranked 148th in the Official World Golf Rankings.

Who is Denny McCarthy’s Wife?

Denny McCarthy is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour. He is married to his wife, Amanda McCarthy. The couple tied the knot in October 2018 and have been together ever since. Amanda works as a real estate broker and also helps Denny with his golf career. She is very supportive of his career and travels with him to tournaments and other events. Together, they have created a successful lifestyle for themselves despite the fact that they often spend long periods away from home due to Denny’s career commitments.

Amanda was born in Long Island, New York and attended Stony Brook University where she graduated with a degree in business administration. She began her career as a real estate agent in 2012 and has since become one of the most successful brokers in her area. She has earned numerous awards for her work including being named one of the top 25 agents by Long Island Business News in 2017. Additionally, she has been featured by several media outlets for her success.

When not working or traveling with Denny, Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf, going to the beach, hiking, running, cooking, and reading. She also volunteers her time helping those less fortunate by donating to various charities throughout the year which is something she takes great pride in doing. With their shared interests and values plus plenty of support from each other, it’s no surprise that Denny and Amanda make such a great team both on and off the course!

When Did Denny McCarthy Get Married?

Professional golfer Denny McCarthy got married in June 2020 to his longtime girlfriend, Megan Proctor. The two had been dating since 2017 and got engaged in December 2019. McCarthy proposed to Proctor in front of family and friends at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The couple had a small wedding ceremony due to the pandemic, with only close family and friends in attendance.

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McCarthy has said that he is extremely happy with his new wife and is looking forward to their future together. He has also expressed his appreciation for all of the support he received from fans on social media after announcing their engagement and marriage on Instagram.

The couple currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where McCarthy is playing golf on the PGA Tour. They have been spending most of their time outdoors exploring nature and enjoying time with their two rescue dogs, Zoey and Bailey.

McCarthy is currently ranked 106th on the Official World Golf Ranking list and looks forward to competing in more tournaments throughout 2021. He also plans to continue focusing on his golf career while also enjoying his new life as a married man with Proctor by his side.

Where Did Denny McCarthy and His Wife Tie the Knot?

Denny McCarthy, professional golfer on the PGA Tour, and his wife, Paige, tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony in October 2019. The couple had been dating since 2017 after they met at a golf tournament. The wedding took place at the spectacular Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego, California.

The happy couple chose this stunning venue for its breathtaking views and romantic atmosphere. With sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean and lush gardens, it was a perfect setting for the celebration. Guests were welcomed with champagne and hors d’oeuvres while they enjoyed live music from a local band.

The ceremony was held outdoors under a canopy of trees with an altar draped in white fabric. The bride wore a stunning white lace gown while the groom wore a classic black tuxedo. During their vows, they exchanged matching diamond rings. After being pronounced husband and wife, the newlyweds shared their first kiss as man and wife before walking back down the aisle to cheers from friends and family members.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delicious meal of steak and lobster followed by an array of dessert options like chocolate truffles and tiramisu. The newlyweds also shared an intimate first dance to ‘At Last’ by Etta James which brought tears to many of their guests’ eyes. Later that evening, everyone danced until late into the night to celebrate this special occasion.

Overall, Denny McCarthy and Paige’s wedding was truly magical! Their special day was filled with so much love and joy that it will be remembered by all who attended for years to come.

What Does Denny McCarthy’s Wife Do For a Living?

Denny McCarthy’s wife, Ashley McCarthy, is a professional golfer. She turned pro in 2016 and has since competed on the Symetra Tour, the official developmental tour of the LPGA. Ashley graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a degree in psychology and was a member of the women’s golf team while studying there. She was also named to the All-ACC Academic Team during her college career.

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Ashley has achieved some success on the Symetra Tour, with two top 10 finishes in 2017 and 2018. She has also competed in several LPGA events over the last few years, including the ShopRite LPGA Classic, Marathon Classic, and Pure Silk Championship. In 2019, she finished as low amateur at both The Evian Championship and AIG Women’s Open.

Off the course, Ashley continues to stay active in golf as an instructor and coach at The First Tee of Greater Richmond. She regularly gives lessons to junior players and helps them develop their skills and knowledge of the game. In addition to her coaching duties, Ashley is also a volunteer assistant coach for her alma mater’s women’s golf team.

The McCarthys have been together since meeting at UVA in 2012 and married in July 2018. They currently reside in Glen Allen, Virginia where they often play golf together at local courses like The Crossings Golf Club and Independence Golf Club.

What Is the Couple’s Relationship Like?

The couple’s relationship is strong and loving. They make sure to spend quality time together and look out for each other. They enjoy going on date nights, taking long walks, and talking about their day-to-day lives. They have a deep understanding of each other that comes from years of communication and trust. They also have a mutual respect for one another, which is evident in their interactions with each other.

The couple also enjoys spending time with family and friends, often attending events or hosting parties together. They make an effort to be supportive of each other in any situation, whether it be at home or in public. They understand the importance of communication and compromise in order to move forward on difficult topics.

Overall, the couple has a strong bond that will continue to grow as they continue to build on their relationship. They are supportive of each other’s goals and dreams, while still prioritizing their relationship first and foremost. This strong connection is what allows them to work through any issues that may arise between them and stay committed to one another for many years to come.

How Many Children Does the Couple Have?

The couple has two children. They had their first child a few years ago and their second child recently. The couple is very happy to have two beautiful children and they are looking forward to watching them grow up. They are both very involved in their children’s lives and make sure they get the best care possible. The couple is thankful for their two wonderful children and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to raise them. They are excited to see what the future holds for their family and look forward to continuing to grow together as a family unit.

Their two children are different in many ways, but they share many similarities as well. They both enjoy spending time outdoors playing sports and exploring nature. Both of them also have a passion for learning new things and love spending time reading and doing crafts. The couple loves watching their children learn, grow, and develop into amazing young people with bright futures ahead of them.

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Strong Foundations

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage was rooted in strong foundations of love, respect, and commitment. Despite their differences in age, culture, and background, they shared a deep respect for each other. They were both devoted to their family life and worked hard to build a strong bond with each other. Prince Charles was 20 years older than Princess Diana; however, this did not stop them from creating the beautiful union that is remembered today.

Public Image

The royal couple was often seen in public together at events like royal engagements and dinners. They were always dressed impeccably and were always seen as a united front. They also took part in various charity activities together as a couple which strengthened their public image of being devoted to their country and its people. Their presence at events gave them more visibility and recognition which further enhanced the positive perception of their marriage.

Royal Duties

Prince Charles and Princess Diana also shared many responsibilities towards the monarchy and its people. They both worked hard to ensure that the monarchy remained intact even during tumultuous times. Their joint efforts helped promote goodwill between Britain and other countries as well as build diplomatic relationships with foreign nations.

Family Life

The couple had two sons together – Prince William and Prince Harry – who were born during their marriage. Even after they separated, they both ensured that their sons had a strong relationship with each other as well as with both parents. As a family unit, they often spent time together on holidays or attending public engagements. Despite their separation, they tried to maintain harmony within the family in order for it to remain united.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s legacy is still remembered today for its strength and beauty despite the difficult times that the couple faced throughout their marriage. Their commitment to each other, despite the obstacles, is a testament to true love which will remain indelible in British history forevermore.


Denny McCarthy’s wife is an incredible woman who has made many positive contributions to his life. She is a loving, supportive partner who has been instrumental in helping him to achieve his goals and reach the success he enjoys today. She is also a dedicated mother who puts her family first, and makes sure that they are all taken care of. Her dedication and commitment to her family have been an inspiration for those around her. Her example of hard work, determination, and perseverance are traits that will continue to benefit Denny McCarthy and all those who know them both.

Denny McCarthy’s wife is a remarkable woman who stands as an example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and love for one’s family. Her positive influence on Denny McCarthy’s life cannot be overstated, as it has enabled him to reach heights he never thought possible. We should all take a moment to appreciate the powerful influence of Denny McCarthy’s wife in his life, and recognize the importance of strong female role models in society today.

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