driver length for 5’8

Driver length is an important consideration for golfers of all heights and skill levels. For a golfer who is 5’8, a driver length of 45 inches is ideal. This length is considered the standard for most golfers and can provide the best combination of distance and accuracy. With a driver of this length, the player will be able to generate more power off the tee, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy when hitting their drives.The average driver length for a person who is 5’8” tall is 45.5 inches.

Factors that Determine Driver Length for 5’8”

When it comes to golf equipment, the length of your driver is one of the most important factors to consider. For golfers who are 5’8”, there are several factors that will determine the length of driver they should use. The three main factors include the golfer’s ability level, swing speed, and body type.

Golfers of all ability levels can benefit from having the proper driver length, but it is especially important for beginners and high handicappers. The correct length will provide better accuracy and consistency off the tee, which is essential for developing a successful game. In addition, having a driver that is an appropriate length can help with power and distance.

Swing speed is also an important factor in determining the proper driver length for a golfer who is 5’8”. Generally speaking, faster swing speeds require shorter drivers while slower swing speeds require longer drivers. This will ensure that the golfer has maximum control over their shot and can get optimal distance out of their drive.

Finally, body type should also be taken into consideration when selecting a driver for a 5’8” golfer. Golfers with longer arms may require longer drivers while those with shorter arms may need shorter drivers to allow them to reach around their body more easily during their swing. Additionally, golfers with taller torsos may need longer drivers to ensure they have enough leverage to generate power during their swing.

In summary, golfers who are 5’8” need to take into account several factors when selecting a driver including their ability level, swing speed, and body type in order to ensure they have the best equipment possible for optimal performance on the course.

Advantages of a Longer Driver for 5’8”

Playing with a longer driver can be beneficial to golfers who are 5’8” tall. A longer driver can provide more distance and accuracy for shorter golfers. The added length helps generate more clubhead speed, which allows the ball to travel farther. Additionally, the extra length of the club shaft helps create a higher launch angle, allowing the ball to fly higher and stay in the air longer for greater distances. Shorter golfers can also benefit from increased accuracy, as having a longer driver provides more stability, making it easier to line up shots and hit straighter drives.

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The added clubhead speed generated by a longer driver will also help create more spin on the ball when hitting off the tee. This additional spin can be beneficial in controlling ball flight by creating a draw or fade when necessary. It can also help reduce roll-out and keep drives within desired landing areas around greens and on fairways. Having control over shot shape is an important part of any golfer’s game, and a longer driver can help provide that control.

Overall, playing with a longer driver can provide many advantages to shorter golfers who are 5’8” tall or less. By increasing clubhead speed and launch angle, shorter golfers have the potential to hit farther with greater accuracy than they would with shorter drivers. Additionally, having more control over their shots due to increased spin can help them hit straight drives that stay in the fairway more often than not.

Advantages of a Longer Driver for 5’8”

A longer driver can be beneficial to players that are 5’8″ tall. The extra length of the club gives them a longer reach, which helps to improve their swing and distance. Having a longer driver also allows golfers to have more control over their shots and hit the ball further with fewer mistakes. Additionally, a longer driver can help reduce spin off the tee, resulting in more consistent ball flights. Furthermore, the increased length of the club also provides more power and momentum during impact, allowing for higher launch angles and greater carry distances.

Disadvantages of a Longer Driver for 5’8”

While there are many advantages to using a longer driver for 5’8″ players, there are some drawbacks as well. One disadvantage is that it can be difficult to handle the extra weight and momentum that comes with a longer club. This can lead to inconsistent swings and make it difficult to get used to the feeling of swinging something so long. Additionally, having such a long club might cause players to lose accuracy when hitting short shots due to not being able to adjust the angle of attack properly. Finally, it can be more difficult for shorter players to maintain proper posture while using a longer driver since they may not be able to fully extend their arms while in their address position.

Advantages of a Shorter Driver for 5’8”

A shorter driver is often the preferred choice for golfers who are 5’8” tall or shorter. A shorter driver can provide a number of advantages over a standard-length driver, including increased control and accuracy, improved swing mechanics, and better ball contact.

One of the main advantages of using a shorter driver is that it allows golfers to maintain proper posture throughout their swing. By maintaining good posture, it’s easier to keep the arms and hands in the correct position throughout the swing, which leads to better control and accuracy. With a shorter driver, it’s also easier to stay on plane during the entire downswing, resulting in more consistent ball contact.

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In addition to improved control and accuracy, using a shorter driver can also help improve overall swing mechanics. Since a shorter club requires less effort to swing, golfers can focus more on their technique rather than on trying to generate power from their swing. As a result, they can develop better fundamentals that will help them achieve greater distance and accuracy with their shots.

Finally, using a shorter driver can also help golfers achieve better ball contact. Since the clubhead is closer to the ground at address with a shorter shaft length, it’s easier for golfers to make solid contact with the ball at impact without having to manipulate their bodies or make any compensations during their swings. This helps them achieve more consistent results off the tee and makes them more confident when hitting their tee shots.

Overall, there are many advantages for 5’8” tall or smaller golfers using a shorter driver instead of a standard-length one. Not only does it help them improve their posture during the swing, but it also helps them develop better fundamentals and get better ball contact off the tee. Therefore, if you’re looking for an edge on your tee shots as an undersized golfer, consider switching to a shorter driver for increased control and accuracy off the tee box.

Advantages of a Shorter Driver for 5’8”

A shorter driver is an advantage for those golfers who are 5’8” or shorter. The primary benefit of this type of driver is that it offers a more comfortable and efficient swing. This is because the shaft length of the club is better suited to the height and arm length of the golfer, making it easier to reach back and get into the proper position when swinging. The shorter shaft also allows for a more compact swing, which can help generate more power and accuracy when hitting the ball. Additionally, the lighter weight of a shorter driver helps to reduce fatigue during rounds, allowing golfers to hit with greater precision over longer periods of time.

Disadvantages of a Shorter Driver for 5’8”

The main drawback to using a shorter driver is that it can limit distance off the tee due to its reduced club head speed. This can be especially problematic on par 4s and par 5s where longer drives are needed to set up an approach shot from an advantageous position. Additionally, some golfers may find that their accuracy suffers as they adjust to using a different club than they’re used to. Finally, some manufacturers may not offer as many options in terms of shaft lengths for shorter drivers, so finding one that suits your needs may be difficult.

Different Types of Drivers Suitable for 5’8”

For golfers who are 5’8” tall, there are several different types of drivers that can help them improve their game. The most important factor to consider when purchasing a driver is the loft of the club. A higher loft will create a higher launch angle and a lower spin rate, while a lower loft will produce a lower launch angle and higher spin rate. Golfers who are 5’8” should look for drivers with lofts in the range of 8-11 degrees to maximize distance and accuracy.

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Another important factor to consider is the shaft length of the driver. Shorter shafts provide more control over shots, while longer shafts offer more power off the tee. For golfers who are 5’8”, drivers with a shaft length between 43-45 inches will provide an optimal balance between power and control.

Finally, golfers should also consider the weight of the driver when making their selection. Heavier drivers have more mass which helps create more power on impact but can be difficult to control. Lighter drivers are easier to swing and offer better precision, but do not provide as much distance off the tee. Golfers who are 5’8” should look for drivers with weights between 200-210 grams to maximize both power and accuracy.

Measuring the Right Length Driver for 5’8”

Finding the right length driver for your height is an important factor to consider when looking for golf clubs. Generally, golfers who are 5’8” tall should look for a driver that measures between 43 and 45 inches in length. This is because a club that is too long or too short can have an adverse effect on your game.

When choosing the right length driver, you should start by measuring your arm length from the tip of your middle finger to the top of your shoulder. You should then subtract one inch from this measurement and use that as a guide when selecting a driver. For example, if your arm measures 25 inches, then you would look for a club that measures 24 inches in length.

It is also important to remember that different drivers have different shaft lengths as well as different weight distributions. Therefore, it is important to test out several different drivers before making a purchase. Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to choose a driver with a shaft length that is two-thirds of your height; in this case 5’8” would be around 44 inches in total length.

Overall, finding the right length driver for 5’8” golfers requires some trial and error. It is best to try out several drivers with different lengths and weights before deciding which one works best for you. Doing so will help ensure that you get the most out of each shot and improve your overall game.


In conclusion, the best driver length for a golfer with a height of 5’8 is 45 inches. This is based on the golfer’s ability to generate enough swing speed to optimize their performance. Shorter drivers can provide better accuracy, while longer drivers can provide more distance. The optimal driver length is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the golfer’s physical characteristics and skill level. It is ultimately up to the individual golfer to experiment and find the right length for them. Ultimately, the best driver for a 5’8 golfer is one that provides them with the most control and accuracy when they are swinging at top speed.

Finding the correct driver length can take some time, as it requires trial and error. It is important that golfers take their time when making this decision in order to ensure that they get the most out of their game. With careful consideration and practice, golfers of all heights can find success with their equipment by finding the perfect driver length for them.