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Ez go serial number look up?

E-Z-GO is a golf cart and utility vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, USA. E-Z-GO products include golf carts, utility and recreational vehicles, and parts and accessories for both. As of 2016, E-Z-GO is a subsidiary of Polaris Industries.

E-Z-GO products are easily identified by their serial numbers. These serial numbers can be used to look up information about the specific product, such as model and year of manufacture. Additionally, the serial number can be used to order replacement parts or accessories for the product.

There is no specific answer to this question since each make and model of golf cart will have a different serial number look up process. However, a quick Google search of “ez go serial number look up” should give you a few hours on the process for your specific golf cart.

What year is my EZGO by serial number?

If you have an EZGO golf cart, the last two digits of the manufacturer’s code will tell you the model year of the cart. For example, if the code ends in “93”, then the cart is a 1993 model. This information is useful if you are trying to determine the age of a used cart, or if you are trying to find parts for a specific model year.

The manufacturer’s code is generally located on the rear passenger side frame on EZGO RXV models (2008 and up). For EZGO TXT models (1996 and up), the manufacturer’s code is located inside the passenger side glove box. On EZGO Medalist models (1994-1995), the manufacturer’s code is also located inside the passenger side glove box.

What year is my golf cart by serial number

The year code is the third and fourth character of the serial number. For example, if the date code is 09, then the cart is a 2009.

The E-Z-GO golf cart was created by two brothers, Billie and Beverly Dolan, in 1954. The company started out in Augusta, Georgia, and eventually expanded to include a factory in Texas. The carts were originally designed for use on golf courses, but eventually became popular for use in other settings, such as retirement communities and resorts. Today, E-Z-GO is one of the leading manufacturers of golf carts and other small vehicles.

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Where is the manufacture date on an EZGO golf cart?

The date code on this product indicates that it was manufactured in 2003. The first two letters (JG) indicate the plant where it was made, and the last two numbers (03) indicate the year.

The serial number of each vehicle is printed on a bar code decal. The decal is mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle, either below the cup holder or above the accelerator or brake pedal. The serial number consists of four letters followed by six numbers. The letters represent the plant code, where the vehicle was assembled. The first two numbers represent the year, and the last four numbers represent the sequence of production for that particular model year.

How do I know if my EZGO is 36 or 48 volt?

If your golf cart has six batteries, it is 36V.

If your golf cart has eight batteries, it is 48V.

At the base of the steering column, driver’s side frame under the front splash shield, and passenger side frame rail at the rear of the vehicle are three possible locations for the VIN number on a car. The VIN number is a 17-digit code that is unique to each vehicle. It is used to identify the car for official purposes such as registration and insurance.

How many digits are golf cart serial numbers

The number on a golf cart indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced. The letters refer to the model of the cart and the first two numbers represent the year the golf cart was made. For example, a cart with the number “13W” would be a 2013 model cart that was produced in week 13.

While E-Z-Go golf carts may be less expensive than Club Car golf carts, they do not offer the same level of quality. The motors used in most E-Z-Go golf carts are not nearly as powerful as the motors used by Club Car, and as a result, they may struggle when going up hills or carrying a heavy load.

Is the serial number the same as the VIN number on a golf cart?

A VIN is a unique identifier assigned to every road-going vehicle. It includes data on where the vehicle was built, when it was built, its model, etc. However, in most cases, a VIN is not required for golf carts and other types of non-road-going vehicles.

The E-Z-GO® TXT® golf car is a reliable and efficient vehicle that is perfect for any golf course. Featuring a 48-volt electric drivetrain and TruCourse™ Technology, it offers the perfect balance of performance and efficiency to your course.

Can you tell the year with a Club Car serial number

The serial number of each vehicle is printed on a bar code decal. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number “A” indicate the vehicle model. The following four digits “B” indicate the model year and production week during which the vehicle was built.

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The serial number for a golf club can be found on the back of the hosel for drivers, fairways, and rescue clubs. For iron sets, the serial number can be found on the 5-iron (or the 7-iron for newer product). Wedges and putters will not have a serial number.

How old is my Club Car by serial number?

As of 2021, the most recent Club Car golf cart model year is 2020. The first two digits of the serial number (not letters) indicate the last two digits of the year of manufacture, which in this case is 20. Club Car Golf Carts have positioned their serial numbers just under the glove box on the passengers side of the vehicle.

EZGO introduced their 48V system in 2008 while Yamaha introduced their 48V system in 1995. Both companies offer a 48V system that is perfect for those who want to increase their power and performance. However, EZGO’s system is newer and may offer more features than Yamaha’s system.

Which is better 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart

There are pros and cons to both 36v and 48v golf carts. The 36v golf cart will have less power and won’t go as far on a single charge, but it is also cheaper and may be a better option for those who don’t need as much power. The 48v golf cart will have more power and will go further on a single charge, but it is more expensive. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which option is best for them.

The standard electric golf cart will have four, six, or eight batteries in total. The voltage will be either 36 volts or 48 volts. Most golf carts will have six 8-volt batteries, which will produce 48 volts. Some golf carts will have eight 6-volt batteries, which will produce 36 volts.

How do I identify my golf cart

The manufacturer’s code and serial number can be found on a plate under the passenger side glove box. The manufacturer’s code DOES include the model year.

In order to operate a golf cart on public roads, you must follow the same regulations as you would for a car. This includes having a 17-digit VIN number and being registered and licensed in the state you live in. You must also have a driver’s license to drive the golf cart.

What does a golf cart serial number look like

The serial number of each vehicle is printed on a bar code decal. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number “A” indicate the vehicle model. The following four digits “B” indicate the model year and production week during which the vehicle was built.

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The Model and Serial Number can be found on a plate located on the front of the dash on the driver’s side. The following is an example of a Club Car Model and Serial Number:


PH defines character A- that means the Model number of your golf cart
0901 falls under character “B,” which means model year and build week of the vehicle
Here “09” is the model year, and “01” is the model week
123456 that falls under the “C” character.

What is the fastest EZ Go golf cart

The 2Five LSV Street Legal Golf Cart is the fastest electric golf cart on the market, with a top speed of 25 mph. It’s perfect for getting around town or on the golf course. Thanks to its powerful motor and lithium-ion batteries, the 2Five LSV can go up to 25 miles on a single charge.

It is important to keep in mind that the average lifespan of an electric golf cart is between 20 and 40 years. However, if you do not keep up with the proper maintenance, there is no guarantee that the electric golf cart will last even ten years.

Can you make an ezgo golf cart go faster

There are a few things you can do to make your EZGO TXT 48V golf cart go faster. You can change the RPM settings or the speed settings of the cart. You can also replace old batteries, unlock the speed settings, or change the controller. Doing one or all of these things should make your golf cart much faster.

Serial numbers are used to distinguish products from one another and are often used for warranty control. In some cases, they may also be used for version control. Serial numbers can be helpful in tracing a product’s history and in identifying any potential issues that may have arisen during its production.

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There is no definitive answer to this question as the process of looking up a serial number for an EZ GO golf cart will vary depending on the model and year of the cart. However, some tips on how to look up a serial number for an EZ GO golf cart include contacting the manufacturer directly or checking the cart’s owners manual. Additionally, there may be websites that provide a serial number look up service for EZ GO golf carts, but it is important to note that these websites may not be accurate or up-to-date.

After doing a search on the internet, it appears that there is no specific place to look up the serial number for an EZ GO golf cart. However, the serial number should be located on the frame of the golf cart, near the back. If you are unable to find the serial number on the frame, you may need to contact a dealer or golf cart repair shop to get assistance.

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