ezgo golf cart oil change

Changing the oil in your EZGO golf cart is an important part of regular maintenance that will help extend the life and performance of your vehicle. Oil helps to keep your engine lubricated, provides a barrier to dirt and debris, and helps to dissipate heat. To ensure that your engine runs at peak performance, it is important to change the oil regularly. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily change the oil in your EZGO golf cart.1. Park your E-Z-GO golf cart on a flat and level surface.
2. Place a drain pan underneath the oil filter.
3. Locate the oil filler plug located near the engine on the side of the golf cart frame and unscrew it with an adjustable wrench or socket wrench, depending on what type of plug it is.
4. Drain out all of the old oil into the drain pan.
5. Replace oil filter with a new one, using an adjustable wrench or socket wrench to secure it in place.
6. Refill engine with new oil using a funnel and measuring cup until it reaches the fill line indicated in your owner’s manual or on your dipstick if your golf cart has one.
7. Reattach and tighten oil filler plug with an adjustable wrench or socket wrench, depending on what type of plug it is.
8. Check for any leaks around the oil filter or filler plug before starting up your golf cart again to make sure everything is secure and tight.

What Type of Oil Should be Used in an E-Z-GO Golf Cart?

The type of oil recommended for use in an E-Z-GO golf cart depends on the model year and type of engine your cart has. Generally, 4-cycle engines require 10W30 motor oil, and 2-cycle engines require either 2-cycle oil or a 50:1 mixture of gas and 2-cycle oil. For more specific information, it is best to reference the owner’s manual for the exact type of oil your golf cart requires.

It is important to use the correct type of oil in your golf cart; failure to use the proper oil can damage your engine. Additionally, be sure to check the oil level regularly and replace it according to manufacturer specifications or as needed. Also, be aware that some areas may have regulations on what type of oils can be used in golf carts, so it is important to research local laws before making any purchases or servicing your vehicle.

Overall, using the right kind of oil for your E-Z-GO golf cart is essential for keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. When in doubt, consult with a professional mechanic or refer to the owner’s manual for more details on what type of oil should be used in your specific model.

By following these guidelines and properly maintaining your golf cart, you can help ensure that you get years of enjoyment out of your vehicle!

Tools Needed for an Oil Change on an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Oil changes are a regular part of basic golf cart maintenance, and they require some specific tools. To ensure your E-Z-GO golf cart runs smoothly, you will need the following items: oil filter wrench, oil drain pan, rags and oil. Depending on the model of E-Z-GO golf cart you own, you may also need an adjustable wrench or socket wrench.

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The first tool to get is an oil filter wrench. This will help loosen and remove the old filter from the engine. It’s also important to have a drain pan that can hold at least one quart of used motor oil. This will catch any spilled oil as you remove it from the engine compartment and make it easier to dispose of later on.

Next, you’ll need some rags for cleaning up any spills or messes that may occur during the oil change process. Finally, make sure to have a fresh supply of motor oil on hand for refilling the engine after draining out all of the old oil. Depending on your model of E-Z-GO golf cart, you may also need an adjustable wrench or socket wrench in order to remove and reinstall certain parts during the process.

Oil changes are relatively easy to do yourself with basic tools and supplies; however, if you don’t feel comfortable performing this task then it’s best to take it to a professional mechanic who can ensure your E-Z-GO golf cart is running smoothly and safely. Having all the proper tools will make this task much easier and ensure that you get maximum performance out of your vehicle for years to come!

Changing the Oil in an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Changing the oil in an E-Z-GO golf cart is a relatively simple process. The job can be done at home with a few basic tools. Following these steps will ensure that the oil is changed in a safe and timely manner.

The first step is to locate and remove the oil drain plug. It is usually located on the underside of the cart near the engine block. Once it has been located, use a wrench to loosen and remove it. Carefully place the plug somewhere out of harm’s way so that it can be reused later.

The next step is to locate and remove the oil filter. Most E-Z-GO carts have an external oil filter that can easily be accessed from underneath the cart. Use a wrench to loosen and remove it, then set it aside for disposal or reuse, depending on its condition.

Once both plugs are removed, allow all of the old oil to drain from the engine block into a pan or container for proper disposal later on. Make sure that all of the old oil has been drained away before proceeding further.

Now you need to refill your engine with new oil. Make sure you are using an oil grade recommended by E-Z-GO for your particular model of golf cart, as not all oils are suitable for every application. Carefully pour in enough new oil to bring the level up to where it should be according to your owner’s manual.

The last step is to replace both plugs back into their respective locations and tighten them firmly but not overly tight so as not to cause any damage or leaks down the road. Once everything has been reassembled, start up your golf cart and check under it for any signs of leakage around either plug before taking off.

By following these steps you can easily change your own oil in an E-Z-GO golf cart without having to take it into a shop or hire someone else do it for you. Doing this simple maintenance task regularly will ensure that your golf cart runs smoothly for years to come!

Gather Supplies

It is important to gather the necessary supplies before beginning the oil change process. You will need an E-Z-GO golf cart oil filter, a drain pan, a ratchet wrench, and new oil. It is also important to have rags or paper towels on hand to clean up any mess that may occur.

Drain the Old Oil

Before you can begin changing the oil, you will need to drain the old oil from your E-Z-GO golf cart. First, locate the drain plug located underneath your cart. Use a ratchet wrench to loosen and remove the plug. Once it is removed, allow all of the old oil to drain into your drain pan. When it has finished draining, replace the plug and tighten it with your ratchet wrench.

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Replace the Oil Filter

Once you have drained all of the old oil from your E-Z-GO golf cart, it is time to replace the oil filter. Unscrew and remove the old filter and discard it properly. Then take your new filter and install it in its place, making sure that it is securely tightened in place.

Add New Oil

Once you have replaced your old oil filter with a new one, you can now add new oil to your E-Z-GO golf cart. Locate the fill cap located under your golf cart and use a funnel to slowly pour in new oil until it reaches its maximum level as indicated on the dipstick or fill cap. Make sure not to overfill!

Clean Up

Once you have finished changing the oil in your E-Z-GO golf cart, take some time to clean up any mess that may have been made during this process. Use rags or paper towels to wipe away any excess oil that may be present on or around your golf cart before putting away all of your supplies and taking a ride!

Signs That the Oil Needs to Be Changed on an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

It is important to regularly maintain your E-Z-GO golf cart and ensure it is running in optimal condition, which includes changing the oil. Knowing when to change the oil can be tricky, but there are some telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a change.

The first indication that an oil change is needed is when the engine begins to make unusual noises. It may sound like a knocking or tapping sound, especially when driving up an incline or over uneven terrain. This noise could be caused by a lack of lubrication due to old oil.

Another sign that the oil needs to be replaced is if the vehicle starts to emit smoke from the exhaust pipe. This can be an indication of several things, but one potential cause could be old oil burning off in the engine.

If you notice your golf cart isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, then it could also be a sign that you need to change the oil. The engine should run smoothly and quietly without any hesitation or jerking motions while driving. If you notice any of these signs, then it may mean that you need to replace your old oil with fresh oil.

Finally, if you haven’t changed your oil in a while or can’t remember when it was last changed, then it’s probably time for an oil change regardless of any other signs or symptoms. E-Z-GO recommends changing the oil every 100 hours of use or once per year – whichever comes first – so make sure you keep track of your vehicle’s usage and follow their recommended maintenance schedule for best performance and maximum lifespan of your golf cart.

Keeping a close eye on these signs will help ensure that your E-Z-GO golf cart runs smoothly and safely for many years to come!

The Benefits of Regularly Changing the Oil in an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Regularly changing the oil in your E-Z-GO golf cart is a great way to ensure that your vehicle is running properly. It can help increase the lifespan of the vehicle, keep it running smoothly, and increase its performance. There are many benefits to regularly changing the oil in an E-Z-GO golf cart, including:

Improved Efficiency – When you use clean oil, your engine runs more efficiently. This means that you won’t have to use as much fuel to get around. You’ll also be able to get more miles out of each tank of gas.

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Extended Lifespan – Regularly changing your oil will extend the lifespan of your vehicle because it gets rid of any dirt or debris that could damage the engine or other components over time. You’ll be able to enjoy your golf cart for longer when you take good care of it.

Better Performance – When you change the oil regularly, you’ll notice a decrease in engine noise and vibration. This will help make your ride smoother and quieter as well as improve overall performance.

Cleaner Exhaust – Cleaner oil will also lead to cleaner exhaust emissions from your golf cart. This helps reduce pollution and helps keep the environment cleaner for everyone.

Overall, regularly changing the oil in an E-Z-GO golf cart is a great way to keep it running smoothly and prolong its life span while also improving efficiency and performance. It’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding how often you should change your golf cart’s oil so you can get maximum benefit from it over time.

Proper Disposal of Used Oil from an E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Properly disposing of used oil from an E-Z-GO golf cart is essential for the health and safety of the environment. Used oil can contain hazardous materials that can be hazardous to humans, animals, and the environment if not disposed of properly. To ensure that used oil is disposed of correctly, it is important to follow a few simple steps.

The first step in disposing of used oil from an E-Z-GO golf cart is to drain the oil into a suitable container. This container should be made out of a material that will not react with the oil, such as metal or plastic. Once the oil has been drained into the container, it can then be taken to a recycling center or other facility where it can be safely disposed of.

The next step in disposing of used oil from an E-Z-GO golf cart is to clean any parts that came into contact with the oil. This includes any filters, hoses, and other components that were exposed to the oil during use. These components should be cleaned with an appropriate solvent and wiped down thoroughly before they are disposed of or recycled.

Once all parts have been cleaned, they should be stored in a safe place until they can be taken to a recycling center or other facility for proper disposal. It is important to check local laws and regulations before attempting to dispose of any used motor oils in order to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Finally, it is important to take extra precautions when disposing of used motor oils from an E-Z-GO golf cart in order to protect both human health and the environment. Used motor oils should never be poured onto soil or into storm drains, as these substances can contaminate soil and water supplies if not handled properly. Additionally, old motor oils should never be burned as this can release toxic fumes into the air which can present a health hazard if inhaled or ingested by humans or animals.

By following these steps, individuals can ensure that their used motor oils are disposed of properly and safely without posing a risk to human health or the environment.


Changing the oil in an EZGO golf cart is a simple task that can be completed in a few steps. It is important to ensure that the correct type of oil is used for the golf cart, as using an incorrect type can cause damage to the engine. Taking the time to ensure that your oil is changed regularly will help keep your EZGO golf cart running smoothly and efficiently.

It is also important to make sure you dispose of the used oil correctly. This will help reduce environmental impact and keep our environment clean and healthy. Following these simple steps will give you peace of mind knowing that your golf cart is properly maintained and running at peak performance.

In conclusion, changing the oil in an EZGO golf cart doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Taking a few moments out of your day to ensure that your EZGO golf cart has fresh oil will help keep it running efficiently and smoothly for years to come.