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Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review 2022

This Callaway epic flash driver review will help you decide whether or not the new Callaway product is right for your game.

Epic Flash driver is a breakthrough in technology. This driver has a sleek design, low center of gravity and an innovative weight distribution system.

Callaway is known for its innovation in the golf industry. The company has been producing quality golf clubs since the 1950s. Callaway Epic Flash driver is a great addition to their lineup of products and will be available in stores from April 13th, 2019.

Callaway’s new Epic Flash driver was developed to help golfers hit more accurate shots with greater distance and accuracy than ever before. The innovative weight distribution system creates more stability and less torque on impact which helps golfers generate more power on each swing.


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    Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

    Callaway is a name that should be familiar to many golfers out there. Since 1982, they’ve been hard at work making some of the world’s most famous drivers and other popular golf gear, solidifying them as one of the world’s biggest golf gear manufacturers.

    Over the past several decades, they have poured millions of dollars into research and development to develop and find the best and most efficient ways to make a good golf driver at an affordable price.

    These efforts culminated in the inception of the “Epic” line of drivers in 2018. The first line of Epic drivers didn’t blow anyone away, though they were still decent. They lacked some of the quality of Callaway’s best and most iconic drivers, leaving many unsatisfied. This disappointed Callaway, who had big ambitions for their newest line of drivers.

    Callaway has tried to rectify this by releasing a new set of drivers falling under the Epic label, including 2019’s Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review.

    These two drivers were some of the best-selling drivers of 2019, once again putting Callaway on the map and solidifying its place in the history of golf. Callaway spared no expense when it came to the development of this driver, and this can best be signified in how the drivers were made.

    Callaway designed the Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero clubfaces using an artificial intelligence housed inside a supercomputer worth millions of dollars.

    The artificial intelligence then began formulating hundreds of thousands of potential designs and tested all of them individually repeatedly until it had found the best design.

    The design that the AI ended up with is the design used in the clubfaces or “flash faces” of these 2 new drivers. You can tell by looking at the inside of the faceplate since there are ripples that are very irregular and seem like no human could make them.

    This design is meant to improve ball speed and distance. Distance and ball speeds are, in fact, greatly improved when using these drivers thanks to not only the design but also other improvements that Callaway has made in the design.

    Since this design has been picked out of hundreds of thousands of candidates, we can reasonably conclude that the design is the best, most optimal design Callaway could’ve possibly made in 2019.

    The driver’s face also has other technology besides the flash face. Callaway’s famous Jailbreak technology is also incorporated, joining the top and bottom halves of the clubface using two rods that look like the rods in a jail cell, hence the name. These rods improve stability and move the center of gravity forward so that it’s easier to hit the ball harder.

    The Jailbreak technology also increases impact load across the clubface, which causes the ball to go faster. This technology also gives users greater control over the ball.

    With all of these qualities in mind, it’s safe to say that the Callaway Epic Flash Driver is a very good option for most golfers out there. However, in this Callaway Epic Flash Driver review, we’ll take you through all of its pros and cons step by step.

    Callaway Epic Driver Review Features And Benefits

    Useability and Forgiveness of the Callaway Epic Flash Driver


    The Epic Flash driver is a driver with high forgiveness. This is achieved due to many factors.

    The flash face of the driver specializes in increasing ball speeds, so most golfers who replace their old driver with this one will likely see a significant increase in ball speeds and distance of the shot.

    However, a drawback of this technology is that users will need a fast swing to maximize ball speed. If you have a slower swing, you won’t get the ideal performance out of this driver. Thankfully, it is easy to work on swing and technique.

    The stability and the forward center of gravity in the clubface also lead to higher forgiveness. There are fewer mishits, and those that exist aren’t as penalizing. The ball will go faster and farther in all aspects if you use the Epic Flash.

    To sum things up, the Epic Flash is a driver that appeals to mid-to-high handicap players. There is plenty here for low handicap, experienced players, too, but the low cost and the usability mostly suit players with a higher handicap.

    Adjustability of Callaway Epic Driver


    Callaway has ensured that the Epic Flash has more than enough customizability options to appeal to as many golfers as possible.

    The best thing about the Epic Flash line of drivers is the sheer amount of adjustable settings. This results in a driver suited to virtually all playing styles and can be enjoyed by all kinds of players.

    The adjustable settings include a 16-gram weight present on the end of the driver. This weight can be adjusted to change the center of gravity according to your preferences. If you’re a more experienced player, you may want the center of gravity to be further back so that you can better control loft and ball speed.

    On the other hand, if you’re an inexperienced player, you may want to push the weight forward to make shots easier. In this way, the Callaway Epic Driver appeals to both groups of players.

    There are also options to increase the loft and lie of the driver so that you have total control over the ball.

    Several shaft options further increase the level of customizability present in this driver. These shaft options come in all kinds of weights and finishes and can completely change how the driver is used.

    The shaft options include


    Among these options, the one that is perhaps the most beginner-friendly is the EVENFLOW GREEN shaft option. It provides a good kick that will raise ball speeds and loft even with slow swings.

    Look and Feel of the Epic Flash Driver


    One of the most important aspects of a driver is how it sounds and feels. The experience of using a golf driver doesn’t begin once you take the first swing- it starts from the second you put your eyes on it.

    The Epic Flash Driver is one of the sleekest-looking drivers on the market. It uses carbon fiber material on its body, which gives the driver a stylish, deep-black look. There are also green accents that give the driver a sporty look. Just by the paint job, you can tell this is a piece of gear built for high performance.

    The sound of the driver is excellent. You’ll hear a satisfying “thwack” if you hit the ball well enough, and mishits also produce a sharp sound that is deep enough for you to be able to tell where your stroke went wrong.

    The Epic Flash also feels good in the hands. The feel is very responsive, and you’ll be left satisfied if you complete a good shot, and you’ll still get good feedback on mishits. The sound is just a bit less sharp than the Epic Flash’s sister driver, the Epic Flash Sub Zero.



    The distance you’ll get using this driver is very high. There are numerous adjustments made in the driver itself to optimize and maximize ball speed and distances.

    The flash face has been specially modified and designed by an AI to give very high ball speeds. There is also a lot of loft and a sliding weight to control this loft and other aspects of the shot. Ball spin is low, and the driver is very consistent when it comes to shots, so you’ll be able to replicate shots time and time again.

    This all comes together to form a very well-built and brilliantly optimized driver to increase ball distance as much as possible. Most people who invest in this driver can expect to immediately see an increase in ball distances and speeds. Distance will increase even more the more you practice.

    Value for Money


    Not many drivers can top the Epic Flash when it comes to value for money. The price is quite steep, coming in at almost $800, but you will get a lot for that initial investment.

    Whether it’s the many customization options you’ll have, the excellent design and durability, the striking paint job, the sliding weight, the expertly designed flash face, it’s clear that users will have access to a host of features that aren’t usually found in other drivers.

    The Epic Flash also has enough complexity to learn to play golf as your first driver. Thanks to the number of adjustments that can be made on this driver, you can keep using it through the intermediate and even expert stages of golf.

    Alternatives for Callaway Epic Flash

    This driver produced by TaylorMade is another high-quality driver that offers the same things the Epic Flash does for a lower price: high ball speeds, high ball distance, high forgiveness, and low ball spin.

    Many users will attest that Epic Flash does all of these things better than the M2, but the main issue is the price difference.

    Golfers who want a driver for the long-term, which can also carry them to higher levels of play, should go with the Epic Flash. Golfing casuals or newcomers will prefer the M2.

    The Callaway X Hot is another high-quality driver. Like the Epic Flash, the X Hot comes with the usual benefits of owning a Callaway driver: excellent performance, good build quality, and high forgiveness, which doesn’t come at the cost of depth.

    However, the X Hot is outdated compared to the Epic Flash and cannot be considered on the cutting edge. The X Hot will mainly appeal to golfers as a budget-friendly alternative.

    Common Questions About Callaway Epic Flash Driver

    Callaway Epic Flash Driver

    How much does a callaway epic flash driver weight?

    The weight of a Callaway epic flash driver is about 300 grams, which makes it one of the lightest drivers on the market today.

    What are the benefits of a callaway epic flash driver?

    When you need to get in some practice, the Callaway Epic Flash is a great option. It’s not just for beginners either, this driver is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their game.

    The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is a great option for those who want to improve their game. Whether you are new or an experienced golfer, this driver will help you with your game.

    The Callaway company has a lot of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing golf clubs. They are also known for using high-quality materials and making sure that their products last a long time.

    How does the callaway epic flash driver perform?

    The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is a driver designed to help golfers with a wide range of swing speeds. It features an ultra-thin face, which is designed to cut through the air and provide more speed on off-center hits. The club also comes with a thin, high MOI shaft that provides for more consistent ball speeds across all swing speeds.

    The club also features a low center of gravity, which helps golfers maintain their balance and stability throughout the swing.

    Is the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Forgiving?

    The Callaway epic flash driver is a forgiving club that has an adjustable hosel to let the golfer choose between a higher or lower launch angle. This allows the golfer to hit more distance with their swing.

    The epic flash driver is designed for golfers who are looking for forgiveness and distance with their swing.

    How to adjust the callaway epic flash driver?

    This is a question that I have been asked many times. What you can do if your adjustment doesn’t work.

    The Callaway epic flash driver has customizable loft and trajectory settings so it’s easy to change the way it flies for different types of shots. Here is how you can adjust it:

    1) Lofts: – Set the loft by turning the dial on the back of the clubhead (clockwise will raise loft, counter-clockwise will lower loft).

    2) Trajectory: – Set trajectory by rotating the shaft in either direction (clockwise will increase trajectory, counter-clockwise will decrease trajectory).

    Enjoy Your New Callaway Epic Flash Driver

    Epic Flash Driver

    The Epic Flash is one of the best golf drivers available on the market. It packs endless features into a lightweight and sleek frame and offers a performance boost that its closest competitors don’t match.

    However, it has a high asking price. Regardless, it’s clear that the Epic Flash is a good option for all those who can afford it. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a driver today!

    Hope you enjoy our Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review!

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