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Callaway Rogue Driver Review 2022

You must be looking for a Callaway Rogue driver review? Stay with us as we will cover this driver in depth in all aspects and features.

Callaway is a name known to every serious golf player at this point. Since 1982, they’ve been manufacturing some of the best drivers and other assorted golf gear that have ever been released.  

 It’s thanks to their high-quality products, along with experts and professionals embracing the brand and its products, that Callaway gained so much popularity and mainstream acceptance. That’s why they are the powerhouse of golf manufacturing they are today. 

 Over the decades they’ve spent in the business, they’ve sunk millions of dollars into research and development. This includes making slight tweaks to existing designs, retooling designs entirely, and, most importantly, making important innovations and breakthroughs that have raised the skill level of golf as a whole. 

 This portfolio of research, along with years of experience, means that Callaway has everything it needs at its fingertips to produce an incredible driver that will blow everyone away. However, they went above and beyond with the Rogue Driver. 

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    Callaway Rogue Driver Review

    Callaway Rogue Driver Review

    Callaway teamed up with Boeing to produce this driver. That may seem strange at first, but it makes more and more sense the more you think about it. Boeing is an airline company, and the main purpose of golf drivers is to make balls fly. Few companies would know how to make things fly faster and for longer than Boeing. 

     The Rogue Driver has many of Callaway’s countless innovations baked into its design. The standout features include the iconic Jailbreak technology, an optifit hosel, and an X-Face Variable Face Thickness, or VFT. 

     The Jailbreak technology, in simple terms, joins the top and bottom halves of the clubface together from the inside. This increases stability throughout the shot and enables a higher level of forgiveness. It also lowers the centre of gravity, causing the ball to be launched higher. The crown and the club’s sole are joined using two titanium bars. 

     This technology has been used for a long time in Callaway’s drivers and has become quite famous. The name comes from the fact that two bars are visible if the faceplate is removed, which resemble the bars on a prison cell. 

     The X-Face Variable Face Thickness is another important feature that allows you to control the shot. The optifit hosel also lets you customize shot shape. 

     In typical Callaway fashion, this driver is also very forgiving. It has a host of features to reduce the penalty mishits will have and make it easier for beginners and high handicap players to produce good shots. 

     The crown present in the Rogue Driver is a Triaxial Carbon Crown. Part of the reason this driver is so forgiving is that the clubface’s size is greatly increased compared to previous models. To supplement the bigger clubface, Callaway made this crown the biggest they had ever made at the time of the Rogue’s release. 

     Since 460cc is the legal limit, the clubface’s shape had to be adjusted to meet the law requirements. This results in a driver that has a very unconventional design. 

    Many other adjustments, including the previously mentioned Jailbreak technology, increase forgiveness by increasing ball speed and distance to very high amounts. The average player will be able to send the ball flying using this driver without playing high-level shots. 

     In this Callaway Rogue Driver review, we’ll be looking at all of the main features of this driver step-by-step. 

    Callaway Rogue Driver Features And Benefits



    Callaway is no slouch when it comes to making usable drivers. Their drivers are usually built with ergonomics in mind and can be used by players of any skill level.  

     Callaway has years of experience with manufacturing drivers and, as a result, knows exactly how to design them and what changes need to be made to raise the comfort and usability level as much as possible. 

     The Rogue Driver is easy and light in the hands, with a lightweight yet sturdy frame and a well-made face. It’s easy to swing thanks to the low weight of the shaft, and swing speed increases as a result. This driver is good for beginners to raise their swing speed. 



    The Rogue Driver is very forgiving, even by Callaway’s standards. Callaway is a company that has produced many entry-level, beginner-friendly drivers, but they always push themselves to come up with new designs and technology to push the envelope even further. 

     They have truly outdone themselves with this driver. The Rogue comes with several new adjustments, all made in the name of forgiveness, such as the large 460cc face. This face is big and thick and has a large sweet spot.  

     The benefit of the large face and sweet spot is that mishits will be very rare, and when they happen, they won’t be as penalizing. Instead of struggling to hit a single good shot and make the ball go in the intended direction, beginners will find themselves able to play good shots consistently.  

     Callaway’s collaboration with Boeing has also enabled them to produce a new, highly advanced clubface. The carbon composite crown of the Rogue has been modified to improve aerodynamics and ball speed without reducing forgiveness.  

     This resulted in the creation of what Callaway calls the Speed Step technology. This technology increases the airflow around the driver’s face, which creates a higher moment of inertia and therefore higher ball speed, ball distance and loft, all with the same powered swing golfers will normally have. 

     In practice, the difference this technology makes is quite noticeable. Beginners will likely benefit from this addition since ball speed and distance has increased without making the swinging action more convoluted or difficult. 



    Adjustability is another important quality every good driver should have. The Rogue does not skimp out on this either, offering a slew of different premium shaft options that all have different applications and will cause you to use the driver in a different way depending on which shaft option you decide to go with. 

     These premium options include the Aldila Synergy and Quaranta shafts, Project X EvenFlow, and Project X HZRDS. 

     These shafts are all available in options from 40 grams to 70 grams, so you can tailor your experience however you want. They are also high quality and will leave you satisfied no matter which option you go with. 



    The design of the driver is another aspect in which the Rogue excels. It has special adjustments made to the shaft and the face, most of which are made to increase forgiveness, ball distance, and ball speed. 

     These adjustments include the previously mentioned 460cc face, the large sweet spot, and, most importantly, the new SpeedStep technology.  

     While these adjustments may seem minor, they come together cohesively to provide an all-new experience, unlike most other drivers on the market.  

     The build quality is also excellent. The body is made of high-quality, premium-feeling materials such as carbon fibre that is stronger than steel. You’ll likely be able to use and maintain this driver in top condition for a long time without much effort.  

    Look and Feel


    While the other qualities of these drivers are good, some golfers are the most concerned with the look and feel of the driver. Those golfers may be relieved to hear that the Rogue is a driver that will turn heads and looks the part of a premium, high-performance driver that all your friends secretly wish they had. 

     A driver named Rogue should have a design that stands out, and this driver does. It is all-black with some blue accents, thanks to the carbon fibre used in the making of this driver.  

     The Rogue also feels great to use. It gives a satisfying “whack” sound when you play a good shot. It’s not as loud or sharp as other drivers but provides more than enough feedback for you to adjust your shot if it’s a mishit.  

    Ball Distance


    Average ball speed is quite high thanks to Boeing’s special face and SpeedStep technology. Since it is so easy to use, even beginners and high handicap players will be able to send the ball flying even if they have slower swing speeds. 

     This technology also reduces side spin and backspin of the ball after you play a shot. This results in a more efficient stroke since the ball will go directly in the direction of the shot instead of softly curving away one way or the other. 

    Ball Speed


    The aforementioned SpeedStep technology developed for the Rogue is chiefly responsible for the high ball speeds this driver provides. The moment of inertia is very high thanks to the aerodynamic face shape, and as a result, the ball goes flying with little effort. 

     The high ball speed is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Rogue with both beginners and low handicap players. 



    Comparing the quality and value of this driver I can say that price is reasonable. So for this price you are getting a lot of useful features! 

    Value for Money


    The Rogue provides excellent value for money. It has high performance comparable to that of the priciest drivers used by professionals for a fraction of the price. It also has a durable and sturdy design thanks to the incorporated carbon fibre, making the driver resistant to wear and tear. It won’t take a lot to maintain this driver for years to come. 

     With this in mind, the Rogue can be viewed as a long-term investment, one whose purchase can be justified over time with sustained periods of use. 

     However, many drivers of comparable quality are around the same price or even cheaper than the Rogue. 

    Alternatives for Callaway Rogue Driver

    If Callaway Rogue driver is not what you are looking for, we have some great replacements.

    The Titleist TS3 is a high-performance driver produced by Titleist, one of the most famous, popular and historic brand names in golf. 

     The TS3 is a driver that prioritizes speed and distance above all else and, as a result, has a very high skill ceiling. It also has an adjustable weight that can adjust draw and loft biases making it quite versatile. 

    Read our Titleist TS3 Driver Review.


    One of the highest-selling drivers of 2019 and one of the most well-liked drivers globally, one of the Rogue’s main competitors is a driver released by its own company, the Epic Flash Sub Zero. 

     The Sub Zero has a clubface designed by an AI that increases ball speed as much as possible. This is achieved without sacrificing any forgiveness or lacking in other performance areas. It is also very durable and easy to use, all at a lower price than the Rogue’s. 

    Read our Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver review.


    The Callaway Rogue Driver is currently one of the best drivers available for purchase. It uses a visionary collaboration between Callaway and Boeing to produce an overall experience that is simply better than most of its competitors. Add in the durability and high forgiveness factor, and a purchase is easily justifiable, even if the price is just a bit higher than some prefer. 

    Did you like this Callaway Rogue Driver review? Was it helpful at all? Let us know in the comments below. 

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