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Callaway X Hot Driver Review 2022

Callaway X Hot driver review is a game-changing option for golfers who want to maximize distance and forgiveness. 

It is the most powerful driver ever created by the company. It features a new, more efficient shape and has an excellent feel to it. The clubhead produces high speeds and low spin rates which helps golfers in their game with less effort.

Callaway x driver has a lot of features to help golfers improve their game. It’s not just a driver, it’s also an app that helps golfers with their swing.

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    Callaway X Hot Driver Review

    When it comes to producing golf gear and other related equipment, the name that comes up more often than most is Callaway. Here we will discuss the Callaway x hot driver review.

    For years, Callaway has been producing high-quality, durable and useable golf gear, including some of the best drivers available on the market.

    After many years and many, many innovations, it’s safe to say that Callaway has built up quite a portfolio of research and design knowledge. They originally started out making hot-faced titanium golf drivers and are going back to their roots with the X Hot, a driver with a titanium face.

    However, this time, Callaway has pulled out all of the stops to produce a driver packed with technology and design innovations, a driver that has likely taken millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to produce.

    This driver is important for Callaway, who produced the X Hot after a total restructuring of staff and a change in strategies and marketing. Callaway’s X Hot is an attempt to gain some of the market shares they had lost before this club was released.

    Callaway X Hot Driver Features And Benefits

    Technology of Callaway X Hot Driver


    One of the many pieces of technology present on the X Hot can be found in the clubface. Callaway has developed a new titanium casting process to make the titanium coating small, so the overall result is that the clubface has very thin walls.

    This results in an extremely light driver that is very durable and feels nice to hold. The low weight of the X Hot makes it easy to hold and operate, but it still feels very durable and high-quality. Though this driver is adjustable, the weight comes in at under 300 grams.

    Player handicap of Callaway X Hot


    The easier a driver is to use, the more it appeals to high handicap players. This is especially the case for the Callaway X Hot, as it is very forgiving.

    This driver has a very large sweet spot, leading to less frequent mishits. You can consistently make the same shots over and over. It is also quite beginner-friendly, and anyone who replaces an old driver with the X Hot won’t find it difficult to adjust, thanks to the useability.

    With the X Hot, ball speed and distance are high. Most users will be able to increase the distance they are getting from the average shot with this driver, and, with proper technique and application, the distance can increase even further. Ball speed is also very high thanks to the hot clubface and the technology used in the driver.

    Ball spin is also reduced. This will be a lifesaver for many golfers because ball spin is one of the most difficult things to control when it comes to a shot. It offers medium spin consistently so the ball won’t balloon or suddenly nosedive in the air.

    This all makes for a very forgiving driver and thus is suitable for high handicap players.

    Adjustability of Callaway X Hot


    Adjustability is an extremely important quality for any driver to have in this day and age. When it comes to that, the Callaway X Hot doesn’t disappoint.

    The hosel is adjustable. You can either open the face up to 2.5 degrees to reduce loft or close it by 1.5 degrees, increasing loft.

    These settings provide the X Hot with versatility. Although these adjustments sound minor, in practice, they have a large impact on your performance and your enjoyment while using this driver.

    However, unlike some of Callaway’s other drivers, there is no adjustable weight. The adjustability ends with the hosel. This might seem underwhelming but keep in mind that this driver is far from the high end.

    It is priced affordably, and for that reason, Callaway has decided to sacrifice some of the extra bells and whistles to keep the cost low.

    Shaft of X Hot Driver


    The shaft is very lightweight, coming in at 60 grams, even though it meets the industry standard of being 46 inches long. This adds to the forgiveness and useability factor since the X Hot Driver is easy to pick up and use.

    Because the weight and the driver, in general, is so light, the driver is very easy to swing. This also results in higher ball speeds and ball distance.

    Look and feel


    The look and feel of the X Hot is top class. For Callaway, the experience of using a driver begins as soon as you look at it and pick it up. This is why they spared no expense to make the X Hot look and feel as optimal as possible.

    The X Hot features a classy-looking grey finish on all surfaces. The finish makes the driver feel expensive and like an art piece as if Callaway is an artisan and not a manufacturer of golf goods.

    The sound is as responsive as ever, giving a loud “thwack” whenever you connect with the ball properly, which will likely be most of the time, thanks to the large sweet spot.

    However, if it’s a mishit, the sound is a bit duller and less responsive, but you will know how far off you were from the ideal.

    The driver’s feel is excellent due to the risks Callaway took with the design. As previously mentioned, the driver is almost weightless in hand. Thanks to the aforementioned grey finish, the Hot X has a distinctly premium feel, neutral, subdued colors, and an understated look.

    Thanks to the titanium clubface and the well-built shaft, it is also very durable. This is evident as soon as you take your first swing with the Callaway X Hot.

    The clubface is also quite hot, as suggested by the name. It takes only a few minutes of use for this to become clear. The clubface is similar to the old hot-faced titanium clubfaces Callaway used to produce.



    The distance offered by the X Hot is very high. Most people will see an immediate increase in the average distance of their hits if they pick up this club.

    This feat is achieved through many subtle modifications of the design of the driver. As you may already know, the low weight of the body increases distance by a fair amount since it is much easier to swing and apply more pressure.

    There is also a large sweet spot present on this club, so mishits are infrequent, and the ball will travel a far distance with any real force.

    The hosel is adjustable and can increase or decrease loft depending on the user’s preference. Increased loft can result in the ball going further.

    The clubface is very hot and adjusted to increase ball speed as much as possible. The high ball speeds produced by this driver will further increase ball distance.

    Value for money


    Most customers will need to make the most important consideration is the value for money prospect that the Callaway X Hot offers.

    The X Hot is currently sitting at around $450 on Amazon. Considering all of the potential features and benefits you might get for investing in this driver, the price is justifiable.

    This driver has a lot of bonuses for beginners and inexperienced users. Most drivers on the market are not this forgiving or easy to use.

    The body is also very durable and made of high-quality materials such as titanium. This means that the X Hot will not get damaged or scratched easily. It will remain in top condition for years and can be viewed as a long-term investment for many golfers.

    The X Hot will likely take your game to the next level and can be depended on for a long time. Even if you pick this driver up as a beginner, you can continue to use it as you gain skill and experience. The few adjustability options it does have to increase its complexity, even more, appealing to lower handicap players.

    Overall, the X Hot offers excellent value for money, even if it’s not the cheapest driver that you can buy.

    Alternatives for Callaway X Hot Driver

    This driver produced by TaylorMade is a competing driver available for a similar price. It offers many of the same benefits the X Hot does, such as high forgiveness, high ball speeds and high ball distances.

    Head to head, it’s difficult to say whether one driver outperforms the other. Our pick between the two would be the X Hot, if only due to higher brand recognition and a more solid feel in the hands.

    The M2, on the other hand, has a striking look, featuring a black body with green accents. This is a driver that looks expensive. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you might be tempted to go for the M2 instead purely because of the look.

    The Epic Flash Sub Zero is another driver that Callaway has produced to mass appeal. This driver was one of the highest-selling drivers in the year of its release, and it has only gotten more popular with time.

    It has slightly less forgiveness than the X Hot but has a similar price and more adjustability. The adjustability includes things like a sliding weight, shaft options, etc.

    Golfers who are slightly more experienced than beginners may be tempted by this driver, which is more complex and has wider use than the X Hot.

    FAQs about Callaway X Hot

    Is the Callaway X Hot Driver easy to use?

    The Callaway X Hot Driver is a driver that has been released in 2013. This driver has a significant amount of forgiveness and it is easy to use.

    Can I use a Callaway X Hot Driver on a wet course?

    The answer to this question is yes. A Callaway X Hot Driver is a golf club that has been designed with a larger head, making it easier to hit the ball farther and more accurately.

    Callaway X Hot Driver Review Conclusion

    Callaway has poured intensive efforts, time and money into making this driver. The result is a driver that can be picked up and used easily by any golfer, whether a beginner or a professional. From customizability options to the elegant paint job to the high forgiveness, this driver will appeal to everybody.

    Perhaps its only drawback is its price. As previously discussed, the X Hot offers excellent value for money, but the only problem is that other high-quality drivers are similarly priced, so there is a lot of competition.

    However, if you do decide to invest in the Callaway X Hot driver review, it’s safe to say you made a good purchase.

    Michael Piko
    Michael Piko

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