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Taylormade M2 Driver Review

Let us help you make an educated choice regarding the TaylorMade M2 Driver by providing you with a TaylorMade M2 Driver review that includes both positives and negatives.  

This M2 driver review will help golfers decide if this driver is a quality driver that will fit your playstyle. 

As a general rule, we like items that have as many features as possible; the more, the better. There is a common belief that adjustable drivers get the most utility out of the golf course. 

Golf strikes may be remedied by modifying your hosel and using movable weights. You may move the center of gravity forward or backward to alter the ball’s trajectory. 

But it might not be easy to sort through all the similar drivers. Take a look at the Taylormade M1. It has the widest range of adjustment of any driver on the market. 

Without the feature of adjustability, the M2 is what remains. There’s a noticeable difference between the Taylormade M2 driver and the Taylormade M1. 

In this review, we’ll look at the 2017 version of the TaylorMade M2 Driver. The 2017 model has major enhancements. 

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    After using this club, the first thing we noticed was how much it resembled the M1. 

    The weight, poise, and feel were all identical, with the key distinction being that the M2 lacked the movable weights and was far less expensive. 

    It’s Aero’s newer, more customizable version. You can compare them, but the answer to that is very clear. 

    The Taylormade M2 driver is unquestionably superior. We have tried both the M2 and the RBZ driver, and the M2 felt significantly superior at impact. 

    We found the M2 to be more solid than the M1 and to sound significantly better through impact on the golf course. 

    If you’ve ever used (and enjoyed) a Taylormade driver from a previous generation, we believe you’ll enjoy the M2 even more. 

    The driver’s price has remained relatively constant over the years because it is a quality driver that stands the test of time and is being used by golfers to this day. 

    Let us discuss its features in detail in our Taylormade M2 driver review.


    Shaft Options


    The New speed pocket, an innovative design by TaylorMade, has been adopted by most of their drivers; A hole in the club runs from heel to toe behind the face. 

    This technology was already good in the 2016 iteration, but it became much better in the 2017 version thanks to its new slimmer and taller design. 

    Polyfoam is used to fill the gap, improving the golf club’s sound and feel. The Speed Pocket makes it possible for the face of the club to bend when it hits the ball, quickly returning energy to the ball. 

    It’s a fantastic addition to a golf club. The speed pocket, which is located in the sole, enables the face to be broad and unsupported upon impact, allowing it to bend more. 

    Consequently, it may optimize ball speeds throughout the face, allowing you to hit the ball with great speed even when hitting off-center. 

    As a result, this tech is critical for both forgiveness and distance.

    High Ball Speed:


    This golf club knows how to make the golf ball go faster, and the ball speed is high because of all the great materials used in this driver. 

    It has been engineered to be used by a mid handicap golfer and still creates more ball speed than most other drivers, especially in its price range. 

    Even though the Taylormade M2 Driver happens to be an old driver, it does not lack anything that can stop it from being a great driver. 

    You will not regret buying this golf club from the market today if you are looking for a driver who will do well in ball speed and performance.

    Geocoustic Technology


    To unleash a more forgiving and pleasant sound, geocoustic technology blends design with acoustical engineering. The sole recessed part of the driver is where the geometrical breakthrough occurs. This component is composed of titanium, which is thin and light. Engineers were able to clear up space without having to raise the CG. 

    The innovative sunken sole curvature, which makes it firmer and simpler to handle vibrations induced by impact, was a big deal in acoustical engineering. This driver feels like a premium driver with how it sounds and hits the golf ball. 

    Benefits of Taylormade M2 Driver


    Even though the M2 Taylormade Driver is a fantastic golf club, we’ll go through it in more detail to ensure it’s the proper fit for you and if its performance will satisfy you. 

    Tiger Woods even used this driver during his PGA tour. Golfers won an Olympic gold medal while using the Taylormade M2 driver, so surely this club has a lot to offer. Let’s get into it. 



    The biggest difference we saw was that the M2 was a lot more forgiving than its predecessors, and it was developed with the general public in mind. People have said that the M2 is a forgiving driver and that they are more consistent while using it. 

    Even on mishits, the TaylorMade M2 driver is regarded as being forgiving. The geoacoustic technology, big club head, and speed pocket have all worked together to make this driver’s scatter rate incredibly low. The new sunken sole curvature also helps this driver be more forgiving. 

    This driver was created to increase forgiveness, which is what it achieved. More forgiveness is no longer a dream in the budget department. 

    It can be the preferred driver for a high handicap golfer as well because of how forgiving it is, and even for rookies who have just started playing golf, they can use this club to hit off the tee box hard, and the driver’s sweet spot will help them hit better shots. 

    Get the Taylormade M2 driver if you want desire forgiveness. 



    Because of its simplicity, the TaylorMade M2 driver seems to be popular with players. The Loft Sleeve, which has a dozen settings, is the only thing adjustable about the Taylormade M2 driver. 

    Many players do not want to fiddle with their equipment too much to get ideal outcomes. The M2 driver is a fantastic performer, and its performance is second to none. Though the final result is modest, the M2 has a lot of the latest tech, like the inverted cone technology. 

    The M2 was designed to boost the club’s overall inertia while maintaining a low CG and good aerodynamic performance. 

    The added stiffness of the shaft will help you manage vibrations caused by the hitting, which is a convenient thing to do when you are standing on the tee box. 

    We found the M2 to be simple to launch and forgiving, so it’s difficult to fault its design. It has a huge sweet spot, and many golfers swear by its ability to cover large expanses of distance. 

    Above all, our stay at this golf club was delightful since we got a lot out of it, which far surpassed our expectations in most instances. We will give it full marks in the aspect of performance and the ability to cover the distance. 

    Appearance of This Golf Club

    The 2016 B&W club heads from TaylorMade were rated highly and accepted. The 2017 version has the same beautiful appearance with a few minor aesthetic modifications. 

    The sole of the M2 driver has been built with a spherical silver mass, which is the most noticeable modification in appearance. The gold is gone, and bright yellow has taken its place. It has a bigger address as compared to the M1. The discretionary mass of the club is relocated low, which changes its appearance from the M1. 

    The driver looks just as good as it strikes, and we would suggest you guys get this driver if the appearance and aesthetic of a driver matter to you. The geocoustic design looks just as good as it sounds. It is a stylish driver, especially at address, and we are all for stylish drivers in a world of mundane looks. 

    What It Feels Like?


    TaylorMade clubs stand out not only for their adjustability but also for their unique sound and vibe. 

    The address of the M2 is firmer than that of the M1. 

    It has a distinct vibe, but it’s just as remarkable. The M2 has a lot of reaction on the ball and still feels extremely strong. It will be a matter of personal choice to choose between the two. 

    The Taylormade M2 driver has a more dominant sound, similar to the way it feels. The M2’s sound has a touch of crackle to it, thanks to the carbon in the head, which avoids the typical driving range cannon sound. It has minimal sound ribs, and as a consequence, this golf driver feels great to use. 

    Hitting the ball with its sweet spot will produce a beautiful sound that will keep you coming for more. 



    This M2 driver was made for people who know how to play golf. Even though it was made for more experienced players, that doesn’t mean that new players can’t use it. 

    This is not it if you’re looking for a club that will let you manipulate the ball and make deliberate fades and draws from the fairway. 

    The M2 driver is usually used by people who need a handicap but can be used by a low handicap player as well. It will cover the distance for you, but you will require some skill for it to work like that. 

    We urge you guys to decide what to get after figuring out what handicapped player you are. 

    Alternatives to the Taylormade M2 Driver

    Cobra F9

    A really good alternative to the Taylormade M2 driver is this F9 driver by Cobra. 

    The TaylorMade M2 driver has been available for a little longer than the Cobra F9. The Cobra F9 is one of the latest releases by Cobra. 

    The F9 is a fully customizable piece of equipment that can be adjusted to match a variety of handicaps. Whether you have a high handicap or low, you can grab this club and go to town with it. 

    These two clubs look to be the same at the address, and they even produce the same ball speed, but the f9 has an adjustable loft sleeve, which is a big plus for the average golfer who can not buy more than one club. 

    It is better than the M2 driver in that aspect, but overall, both are on the same level and can be called a great club, especially if one knows how to use them. The F9 offers more adjustability, and if that is your thing, hurry up and buy it so you can improve your game. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about TaylorMade M2 driver

    Is TaylorMade M2 driver good for beginners?

    The TaylorMade golf m2 driver is designed for proficient beginners on their way to a low handicap. It has a lower and more explosive ball flight than most other clubs and is forgiving. 

    Is the TaylorMade M2 driver forgiving?

    The TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver is a reliable golf club that is robust, forgiving, and wide. It doesn’t have the most cutting-edge technology, but it’s more than capable of meeting the needs of a golfer with a moderate to high handicap. It has a massive sweet spot and will hit the ball like butter. 

    This is a worthwhile improvement if you’re playing with a device that has limited forgiving and range. 

    Is the M2 still a good driver?

    The TaylorMade Golf M2 driver is still one of the best clubs on the market today. It is better than many fairway wood clubs and has a high launch, which, of course, leads to a good strike.  

    This club stands the test of time and is already better than the previous drivers, and it honestly comes out a winner in the game of golf. 

    Do any pros use TaylorMade M2?

    Sergio Garcia and several other professional golfers have used this club in tournaments and official games, and some have even come out as winners. This club deserves all the love it gets, especially because it improves one’s game. 


    The TaylorMade M2 is a basic tool that can compete with any of the game’s elite clubs. The 2017 M1 and M2 clubs by Taylormade Golf are arguably their most impressive in the golf game. 

    Check them out if we have convinced you of their maximum performance. We expect and trust you guys to make an informed decision. 

    Michael Piko
    Michael Piko

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