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Golf Cart Charger Everything Explained (Ultimate 2022 FAQ Guide)

Golf Cart Charger Faq

One of the most enjoyable ways to get about the golf course is on a golf cart. We will try to answer all questions you have about golf cart chargers.

Some golfers, particularly those who are elderly or have physical limitations, need the use of a golf cart. Others, on the other hand, consider it a luxury.

You will likely see the ordinary golfer pulling a cart or an electric cart if they can afford it. These golf cart owners have an easier time playing golf as well.

But no matter why you possess a club car, whether a new club car or an old one, two issues are constant: the golf cart batteries must be charged and maintained, and you must rotate the wheels to ensure equal wear.

Because golf cart batteries aren’t cheap, you must start taking care of them and charging them correctly. If you can do so, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also avoid the inconvenience of breaking down midway through a round.

Regular maintenance is essential to get the most out of the golf cart’s battery.

Regardless of whether you drive a Club Car, EZGO, or another brand of a golf cart,

We combed the internet for the solution to a frequently asked question regarding charging golf cart batteries, which we’ve made into one simple guide for you. This article will greatly help you with this and other battery problems with golf vehicles.

What Should My Golf Cart Charger Read When Fully Charged?

The charge state of modern golf cart battery chargers is shown via LED lights. Most golf cart battery chargers will have two lights, one showing that the charger is connected to the wall and the other indicating that it is operating. When the charge is finished, another light, usually green, will switch on next to a small display that signifies a complete charge.

Most golf cart chargers will feature flashing lights during charging, and a green-colored led light to indicate that it is fully charged.

The charging amps of old or simple golf cart chargers are shown on a gauge. The charger will gradually reduce the current until it approaches 0 amps on the volt meter as the batteries get more fully charged. When the charge is finished, the golf cart battery charger will cut off, and the cart batteries will no longer receive power.

Other kinds of battery chargers include basic LED displays that indicate the amps or battery voltage while the batteries are being charged.

When they’re completely charged, they’ll go into “floating mode,” and the display will show “FULL,” indicating that it’s time to remove the charger.

Always consult the user manual for the golf cart charger to be sure you’re using it correctly and safely. This will help you keep your batteries safe and out of harm’s way, extending their life even more. Now let’s talk about the steps to charge a golf cart in a way that is helpful to both the golf cart battery and the golf cart battery chargers. Here are the steps to charge golf cart batteries.

How to Use A Golf Cart Battery Charger

Whether the golf cart has a 36- or 48-volt battery, lead-acid and lithium batteries must be charged regularly. These two types of batteries each have their own set of pros and cons.

First and foremost, read the installation instructions that came with the battery before installing it in the golf cart, and then you can use the golf cart battery charger to charge the golf cart.

Assuming that the batteries in your electric golf cart are in excellent condition, the correct charging process that works great to charge an electric golf cart is to connect it to an electric network and use the charger that belongs to the golf cart you bought. This is the only way to charge an electric golf cart. The golf cart might not have its own charger. Then you will need to find a charger that works with your vehicle’s outlet and voltage requirements.

The most used and straightforward method of charging an electric golf cart is described in this section. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble charging yours; in this section, you’ll learn how to fix the majority of the golf cart’s charging issues and the way to charge the golf cart.

Steps To Charge An Electric Golf Cart

  1. If a battery charger isn’t included with the golf cart, look for a charger made by the same company. If that’s not an option, invest in a battery charger that’s compatible with the golf cart. For further information, see the golf cart’s owner’s guide or ask the retailer what kind of battery charger they recommend for your particular model.
  2. Do not wait until the golf cart’s batteries are entirely dead to charge it and make it ready to tackle the course.
  3. When charging the golf cart, ensure it’s in a big, airy space and that the golf cart is not turned on.
  4. Connect the golf cart battery charger to the electrical grid and the other plug to the charging connector on the golf cart.
  5. Due to the different models, you may need to adjust the charger’s amperage output and battery voltage. Chargers for golf carts range in power from six to thirty amps. Using amps above that will allow the golf cart to charge more quickly, but check the golf cart’s user handbook for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some chargers are advanced in that they alter their charging current based on the state of charge in your battery, while others have just one current.
  6. Make sure the golf cart is linked until it is completely charged. It can harm the batteries by detaching the cart charger before they are completely charged. Some chargers come with indicators that flicker red upon the charge being low, green upon completion, and remain green until the charge completes. A pair of red indicators flash after a full charging of the golf cart. When the charge is completed, most intelligent chargers include a basic indicator that reads “FULL.” Most chargers do not charge and turn off on their own when the golf cart is fully charged.
  7. Regularly checking the water levels in the golf cart’s batteries and adding fresh distilled water as needed is a smart idea if you use this kind of battery. Charging the golf cart after each use is a smart idea. Use the golf cart charger safely if you want it to last longer.
  8. Please ensure your batteries are fully charged before taking your cart out.

What To Do If the golf cart Battery Charger Is Not Working

Many people ask this question. We often hear golfers complain about the lack of life in their golf cart battery charger. As a reminder, this kind of circumstance occurs daily. “How long have you gone without recharging?” is the first thing you should ask yourself. It would be best if you charged golf cart batteries regularly.

Ask yourself this question since it’s conceivable that your batteries don’t have enough power in them for the cart charger to start operating if it’s been a while or if you just acquired brand-new batteries.

For an automated golf cart battery charger to begin operating, the golf cart battery must have at least a basic voltage level. For the chargers to realize that they’re linked to batteries, they require between 20 and 35 volts in the batteries.

A 6V or 12V auto battery charger and a few minutes of manual charging of the golf cart’s batteries are recommended even if you can operate your cart and even if you recently purchased fresh batteries.

After completing this procedure, the golf cart battery charger should have adequate energy to begin charging the batteries properly. At the very least, this procedure will prevent the possibility of low battery voltage. Only 25 minutes of manual charging is required to start your batteries using the manual battery charger.

Is It Possible to Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries?

Is It Possible to Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries
Is It Possible to Overcharge Golf Cart Batteries

Yes, it is possible to overcharge your batteries, and it can be harmful. It is not suggested to overcharge golf cart batteries since it is harmful and may cause damage. When you charge a battery using a battery charger, it heats up because it has a lot of chemical components. When you overcharge a battery, the chemicals inside it get too hot, which destroys the battery and might lead to a small explosion.

The overcharged battery can emit poisonous gasses as well. Do not overcharge your batteries lest they become dead batteries.

Modern golf cart battery chargers automatically cut off, but you should never leave the golf cart batteries to charge when you are not around.

Should We Charge New Golf Cart Batteries?

Yes, we should charge the new batteries using a battery charger and ensure that the batteries are fully charged. This will increase the life of the new battery, help it keep its capacity, and prevent it from being discharged. Even after their first use, new golf cart batteries must be charged.

New batteries like the process of being recharged. You’ll need to keep them plugged into the charger at the end of each game to ensure they endure.

In order to get the most out of a fresh battery, avoid using it until it’s completely charged. The same rule applies to electric golf cart batteries. The new battery will appreciate being charged and will pay dividends. If you want your club car to work optimally, charge the new golf cart batteries.

Should We Use Our Golf Carts When They Are Charging?

The answer is no. It would be best not to use the golf cart while charging its batteries. In order to charge a golf cart while it is in motion, you must stop the vehicle and wait for it to cool down. Only fully charged batteries should be used in a golf cart.

Using a golf cart running while charging its batteries is like filling a pail of water with a few holes in it. The longer you leave the water running, the fuller it will become; however, turning off the faucet will cause it to empty much faster.

Golf cart batteries are no different. They take longer to charge if you leave them plugged into the golf cart and deplete quicker if you remove them from the power source.

Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you switch off the golf cart while it is charging its battery pack. Do not leave the charger plugged.

When It Comes to Golf Cart Batteries, How Long Should They Last?

If you play golf twice a week and utilize the golf cart for each round, a brand-new battery should last slightly under ten years before it has to be changed. You may extend the life of your battery by charging it properly after each use.

Golf cart batteries that are fresh and sealed lead-acid are typically covered for two years or a restricted four years by most well-known manufacturers.

These batteries are designed to produce more than 18,000 energy units, and you can play 1,000 rounds of golf on them if properly cared for.

The majority of current golf cart batteries are 6 to 12 volts. If you need to change your battery, check the manufacturer’s specs to ensure you have the correct one.

If this doesn’t work, count the acid holes at the top of every battery and multiply the number of holes by two to obtain the voltage you need, or go to your local batteries dealer and ask for assistance from an expert.

Golf cart batteries are available in a variety of sorts and models. Be aware of the different kinds available before you lock in on one.

Steps To Save Your Battery From Corroding

Make sure the golf cart batteries are completely charged at all times; monitor the water level at an ideal level. And clean the terminal connections on your batteries to guarantee a long life. If you do these three things, your club car batteries will last much longer.

So, in a nutshell, the things to do are:

  • Make sure your batteries are charged by using a good golf cart charger.
  • Maintain proper distilled water levels of your batteries.
  • Keep terminal connections of the batteries clean.

How To Replace Golf Cart Batteries? 

If you have a bad battery now, you should be looking to replace it. Maybe the golf cart battery went bad due to older chargers or because you left the golf cart plugged in for too long. The fact is that you need to replace it, so here is the method to do that.

Wear protective glasses and gloves while handling batteries. All of these products should tolerate acid leaks. Club car batteries usually leak at the worst times.

Check the vehicle’s front for the batteries. The batteries are frequently beneath the seat for convenient access.

Before connecting:

  1. Check the configuration.
  2. Take a snapshot of the battery terminals to reproduce the configuration using fresh cart batteries.
  3. Take care of the dead batteries properly.

Check your lead-acid batteries. Each is dated. Make sure the date is within a year. Old deep-cycle batteries won’t help your car. Soon, you’ll replace them.

Cart batteries come in six sets so that power may be enhanced in series or parallel. Start by removing the battery’s negative or black wire. Afterward, disconnect the red wire. Repeat until all golf cart batteries are removed.

Electric carts include brackets to keep the batteries in place due to road vibration. Find battery brackets.

Carefully remove the battery brackets. Keep them away from heat and intense sunlight.

View the empty compartment. Find leaks and debris and get rid of them. New deep-cycle batteries need a clean start. The acid in the compartment might eat new components.

Internal wires may contain residue, leading to corrosion, which might shorten the golf cart’s battery life. Baking soda can remove buildup. Cleaning several cables will extend the battery’s life.

Dry the wires attached to your batteries before using them because water conducts electricity.

Replace the batteries in the same orientation as before. If required, consult your snapshot.

Start with the negative battery connections. Connect the batteries without touching them, and don’t electrocute yourself.

The batteries will have some energy but charge them first using the battery charger and charge the batteries completely. If you must use one, make sure to choose a great-quality extension cord. Make sure they’re fully charged, as low batteries deteriorate quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when the golf cart is fully charged?

If you’re using a modern charger, you’ll notice an LED indicator light that will tell you if the charging process is in progress, completed, or if there’s a problem.

Reading the charger’s handbook can help you figure out what these lights mean as the batteries charge, although most will flash or flicker during charging and display a steady light when fully charged.

What should a 36-volt golf cart read at full charge?

At a voltage of 36 volts, the goal voltage for lead-acid or certain wet cell batteries 36-volt charger is around 43.2 to 44.1% of the nominal voltage. Always use a charger and battery pack with the same voltage.

How do I know when my EZGO golf cart is fully charged?

Connect the charger to the cart’s charger port with a reliable power supply. The charger’s LED indicator lights will blink green when the cart is charging. After 36 holes, recharge completely will take 9 to 15 hours. Lengthy red flashes indicate full charging of the battery on the LED. Remove the cart’s charging plug. Keep your EZGO golf cart batteries charged.

How many volts should a golf cart charger put out?

You’ll need at least a few volts to begin charging a golf cart. A 36-volt golf cart will need a minimum of 20-25 volts. A 48-volt golf cart will need at least 30 to 35 volts.

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