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Golf has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Golfers have long been known to have glamorous and beautiful wives and girlfriends, or WAGs, as they are commonly known. Over the years, golfers have attracted some of the hottest WAGs in the world. From actresses to models, these ladies have brought their own unique charisma and style to the game of golf. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the hottest golf WAGs out there today.The “hottest” golf WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of professional golfers are often considered to be the most attractive and stylish ladies in the sport. Some of the most popular names in this category include Paulina Gretzky (girlfriend of professional golfer Dustin Johnson), Allison Stokke (girlfriend of pro-golfer Rickie Fowler), and Lindsey Vonn (wife of golfer Tiger Woods).

Early Life & Career

Sandra Gal is a professional golfer and model who was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. She started playing golf at the age of eight and quickly developed into a top-level player. She attended the University of Florida where she majored in Sports Management and was part of their golf team. She turned professional in 2005, and since then she has been competing on the Ladies European Tour as well as the LPGA Tour. Sandra has won multiple times on both tours, including a major championship victory at the 2011 Kia Classic.

Modeling Career

In addition to her success on the golf course, Sandra has also established herself as a successful model. She has appeared in several fashion magazines, including Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been the face of numerous brands such as Adidas Golf and Titleist Apparel. Her modeling career has taken her all over the world to some of the most glamorous locations in Europe, Asia and South America.

Personal Life

Outside of golf, Sandra loves to travel and experience different cultures. She is an avid reader with a passion for photography. Sandra also enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she is not playing golf or modeling. Additionally, she is involved with various charitable organizations such as The First Tee Program and Special Olympics.

Overall, Sandra Gal is an accomplished professional golfer and model who has achieved tremendous success in both fields. From winning tournaments around the world to showing off her beauty on magazine covers, she continues to inspire people everywhere with her determination and passion for life.

Julie McArthur – Wife of Graeme McDowell

Julie McArthur is the wife of professional golfer Graeme McDowell. She has been married to him since 2006 and they have two children together. Julie is a former lawyer who gave up her career to focus on raising her family and supporting her husband’s golf career. She is a very hands-on wife, traveling around the world with Graeme while he competes in tournaments.

Julie has been instrumental in helping Graeme manage his professional life and personal life. She helps him stay focused and motivated, and encourages him to take time off when needed. She also works hard to ensure that their family life does not suffer due to his demanding schedule by making sure their two children are well looked after and happy.

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Julie also takes an active role in managing Graeme’s career outside of golf. She helps him handle sponsorships, endorsements, media appearances, and charitable engagements. Julie has become an important part of Graeme’s success as a professional golfer by providing both emotional and practical support.

Julie has become a role model for many women who are looking to juggle their own careers while still supporting their partner’s ambitions. Her dedication to her husband’s career proves that with hard work, determination, and support from loved ones anything is possible.

Sybi Kuchar

Sybi Kuchar is the wife of professional golfer Matt Kuchar. She is an incredible support system for her husband and a loving mother to their two children, Cameron and Carson. Sybi has been with Matt since their days in college at Georgia Tech. She has been a great influence on him as a golfer and he credits her with helping him stay focused and motivated throughout his career. Sybi is also a very active volunteer in the Atlanta area, where she helps out with various charities and organizations. She also volunteers her time to help out with junior golf programs in the area. Sybi is an amazing example of how a supportive partner can help push someone to achieve great things in life.

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is the fiancée of professional golfer Dustin Johnson. She is a Canadian singer, model and actress who is best known for her appearances in music videos, movies and TV shows. She has also been featured in a number of magazines such as Sports Illustrated. Paulina was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the greater Los Angeles area. She attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts where she studied film and television production.

Paulina has been romantically linked to Dustin Johnson since 2013, when they were first seen together at a golf tournament in Hawaii. The couple got engaged in August 2013 and have since been inseparable. They have two children together, Tatum Gretzky Johnson and River Jones Johnson. In addition to being an accomplished singer, model and actress, Paulina is also an avid golfer who loves playing with her fiancé on the course.

Paulina has received much attention from the public for her glamorous lifestyle which she loves to document on Instagram for her millions of followers. She often posts pictures of her family vacations and her luxurious day-to-day life with Dustin. Paulina also shares pictures of her attending events with Dustin or hitting the golf course with him to practice their skills together.

While Paulina is famous for being a celebrity WAG (wife and girlfriend) she has so much more to offer than just that title. She has proven herself to be an accomplished actress, singer, model and golfer who is passionate about all aspects of life. Whether she’s spending time with family or taking on new projects professionally, Paulina Gretzky’s zest for life never fails to shine through!

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Justine Karain

Justine Karain is best known for being the wife of professional golfer Keegan Bradley. The couple met in 2010 and got married in 2013. Justine works as a caddie for Keegan and has been with him through his professional career, supporting him at major tournaments such as the PGA Championship and The Players Championship. She also travels with him to many of his tournaments around the world. In addition to her work as a caddie, Justine is also involved in charitable work, having served as an ambassador for Birdies for the Brave, a non-profit organization that supports military personnel and their families. In 2018, she was featured in Golf Digest’s “Women Who Move the Needle” list which honors women who have made significant contributions to golf.

Justine has been an avid golfer since she was a child and played competitively in high school and college before eventually taking up caddying full time. She has won several awards for her work on the golf course, including Best Caddy at the 2017 Players Championship. Justine is passionate about giving back to her community and volunteers her time with numerous charities. She also serves on the board of directors of Boston’s Caddie Academy, an organization that provides mentoring and education opportunities to young people interested in pursuing careers in golf.

Justine is an inspiration to many aspiring female athletes and golfers who look up to her strength and dedication both on and off the course. With her support, Keegan has achieved tremendous success over the years, winning multiple PGA Tour events including one major championship title at the 2011 PGA Championship. Together they make a formidable team both on and off the course that will continue to strive for greatness in golf for many years to come.

Allison Stokke – Girlfriend of Rickie Fowler

Allison Stokke is the girlfriend of professional golfer, Rickie Fowler. She is a track and field athlete and pole vaulter. The couple have been together since 2017 and have been spotted out and about in Los Angeles. Stokke has an impressive athletic career thus far, having competed at the NCAA Championships and the US National Championships in 2017. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Stokke has also gained notoriety for her modeling work, having appeared in campaigns for Nike and Uniqlo.

Stokke was born in Newport Beach, California on March 22nd, 1989. She attended the University of California at Berkeley where she majored in sociology with a minor in public policy. During her time at Berkeley, she set several records as a pole vaulter and was named an All-American four times.

After graduating from college, Stokke began pursuing a professional track career while also working as a model. She competed at the 2017 US National Championships where she placed 4th in the pole vault event with a jump of 4.57 meters (15 feet). Later that year she placed 7th at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships with a height of 4.50 meters (14 feet 9 inches).

Stokke’s relationship with Fowler began after they were spotted together at the 2017 US Open Golf Championship in Wisconsin. Since then they have been seen out on various occasions looking happy together, including attending events such as the Masters Tournament and PGA Tour events.

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Although Stokke is known for being Fowler’s girlfriend, she has an impressive career of her own that should not be overlooked. Not only does she hold multiple records as an athlete but she has also done some impressive modeling work for well-known brands such as Nike and Uniqlo. It looks like this couple is here to stay!

Brant Lang

Brant Lang is a professional golfer, currently playing on the LPGA Tour. He has achieved some success in his career, winning several tournaments and earning over $2 million in prize money. He is best known for his consistent play, often finishing in the top 10 of many events. He has been featured on numerous television programs and magazines, and is an inspiration to many aspiring golfers.

Michael Letzig

Michael Letzig is a professional golfer who has also achieved success on the PGA Tour as well as the LPGA Tour. He has won multiple tournaments, including one major championship, and has earned over $5 million in prize money. He is known for his precision shots and long drives off the tee box. Michael is married to former LPGA player Brant Lang and they have two children together.

Brant and Michael’s Relationship

Brant Lang and Michael Letzig have been married since 2015 after meeting at a golf tournament that year. Both are very passionate about golf and share a love of the game. The couple also loves spending time with their two children, who accompany them to tournaments around the world. Their relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration for each other’s success in golf.

Brant Lang & Wife of Michael Letzig

Brant Lang and her husband Michael Letzig are an inspiring example of how two people can come together through their shared love of golf. Brant is an accomplished professional golfer who has won multiple tournaments on both the PGA Tour as well as the LPGA Tour. Her husband Michael has also had great success on both tours, winning one major championship among other accomplishments. The couple’s strong relationship serves as an example to other couples that love can be found through shared passions like golf!


The hottest golf WAGs have all made a name for themselves in their own right. From professional athletes to talented models and actresses, these women have earned their place in the spotlight. They have also become an inspiration to young women who want to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in the sports world. Whether they are cheering on their significant other or pursuing their own goals, these ladies show that with hard work, determination and a great attitude, anything is possible.

These WAGs have also proven that even those who aren’t on the golf course can still make an impact in the sport. From developing new golf products and hosting charity events to creating inspiring content on social media, they are inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and strive for greatness.

Overall, these incredible women show that golf is much more than just a sport – it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just about winning tournaments or hitting long drives; it’s about connecting with people from all walks of life and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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