how many golf courses are in usa

Golf is a popular sport in the United States, with thousands of golf courses across the country. It is estimated that there are over 15,000 golf courses in the United States, ranging from public courses to private country clubs. With so many golf courses throughout the nation, it’s no wonder why this sport continues to be so popular.According to the National Golf Foundation, there are 15,372 golf courses across the United States as of 2019.

US States with Most Golf Courses

Golf is a popular sport in the United States, and many states have a high number of golf courses. The US is home to nearly 15,000 golf courses and each state has its own unique landscape for golfers to enjoy. From the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Florida, there are numerous courses that offer a variety of challenges and settings. Here is a look at some of the US states with the most golf courses.

California is one of the most populous states in the US and it also has more golf courses than any other state. With over 1,200 courses spread across its many cities and towns, California boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the country for golfers to enjoy. From lush valleys to rugged coastlines, there are plenty of places to tee off in this beautiful state.

Florida is another state that is well-known for its abundance of golf courses. With more than 1,100 courses located throughout its many towns and cities, Florida offers an array of challenging layouts for players at all levels. From championship-level layouts to short par 3s perfect for beginners, there’s something for everyone in the Sunshine State.

Texas has over 800 courses throughout its vast landscape and it’s home to some of the best public courses in the country. From hilly terrain to wide-open spaces, Texas provides an array of options for players looking for a great round of golf. Whether you’re looking for championship-level play or just want a quick round with friends, Texas has something for everyone.

Michigan rounds out this list with over 600 courses spread throughout its diverse landscape. Michigan boasts some truly spectacular views from almost every course and there are several that offer challenging layouts perfect for experienced players. No matter what type of golfer you are, Michigan has something special waiting just around the corner.

Where to Find the Most Golf Courses in the USA

Golf is an increasingly popular sport in the United States, and many golfers are looking for the best places to play. The good news is that the United States is home to some of the world’s most renowned golf courses, and there are plenty of options for those who want to enjoy a round or two.

The best place to find the most golf courses in the USA is California. It is home to more than 1,000 golf courses, making it one of the best states for golfers. From picturesque public courses at state parks to luxurious private country clubs, California has something for every golfer. California is also home to some of the world’s best-known tournaments, such as Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines.

Florida is another great state for golfers seeking a variety of courses. With more than 1,200 courses located across the Sunshine State, Florida offers something for everyone from beginner players to experienced pros. Many courses take advantage of Florida’s natural beauty, with lush vegetation surrounding fairways and lakes dotting many holes.

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Texas also provides plenty of options for golfers looking for great courses. With more than 800 public and private courses scattered throughout the state, Texas offers a wide range of choices from championship-level layouts to relaxed nine-hole tracks. Texas also boasts several well-known tournaments such as Colonial Country Club and TPC San Antonio.

Finally, New York has a surprisingly large number of golf courses with more than 600 located across the Empire State. From majestic mountain views at upstate resorts to waterfront settings along Long Island Sound, New York has something special for every golfer’s taste in scenery and course difficulty level.

The United States is home to some of the world’s most impressive golf destinations, and these four states offer plenty of options for those who want to experience great rounds of golf while getting out into nature or testing their skills on championship-level layouts.

Average Number of Golf Courses per US State

The United States has a wide variety of golf courses, ranging from public courses to private clubs. The number of golf courses in each state can vary greatly, with some states having more than others. To get an idea of the average number of golf courses per US state, we looked at data from the National Golf Foundation. According to their research, the average number of golf courses in each US state is approximately 137.

The states with the highest number of golf courses are Florida (732), California (624), and Arizona (426). On the other hand, there are several states that have fewer than ten golf courses. These include Wyoming (5), South Dakota (6), Alaska (7), and Montana (8).

The total number of golf courses in the United States is estimated to be around 14,000. This includes both public and private courses. The majority of these are located in the eastern half of the country, particularly in states such as Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

In addition to looking at the average number of golf courses per US state, it’s also important to consider other factors such as the type of course and its location. For example, some states may have more public or resort-style courses than others. Additionally, certain locations may be more conducive to hosting large tournaments or hosting professional players on a regular basis.

Overall, it’s clear that there is a wide range when it comes to the average number of golf courses per US state. Some states have hundreds while others may have just a handful. It’s important to take into account these differences when considering where to play your next round of golf.

Golf Course Statistics in the USA

The golf industry in the United States has seen steady growth over the past decade. According to National Golf Foundation statistics, there are now more than 15,000 golf courses across the country. This is up from 14,000 in 2018 and 13,000 in 2011. The vast majority of these courses are public courses, with only about 5% being private. About 8% of all golf courses are located on Native American tribal lands.

The average age of a golf course in the United States is about 40 years old. Despite this fact, most courses have been able to maintain their integrity and attractiveness over the years. In addition, many golf courses have undergone significant renovations or improvements over the past decade in order to keep up with modern trends and technologies.

In terms of geographic distribution, Florida has the highest number of golf courses with around 1,400 total. California is second with 1,200 courses while Texas is third with 1,100 courses. North Carolina and Georgia round out the top five states for number of golf courses with 800 and 700 respectively.

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The total number of rounds played on US golf courses has also seen an increase over the past few years. In 2018 alone there were over 462 million rounds played across all US golf courses. This is up from 441 million rounds played in 2017 and 406 million rounds played in 2016. The vast majority of these rounds were played at public courses with private clubs accounting for only a small fraction of total rounds played each year.

Overall, it’s clear that the US golf industry is alive and well despite some fluctuations due to economic downturns or other factors throughout its history. With new technologies being developed every day as well as a growing interest from new generations of players, it seems like this trend will continue well into the future.

Regions with Highest Number of Golf Courses in the USA

The United States of America is home to some of the finest golf courses in the world. With over 15,000 golf courses across the country, it can be quite a challenge to determine which regions have the highest number of courses. Luckily, with extensive research, we can provide a comprehensive list of regions with the highest number of golf courses in the USA.

The region that tops our list is Florida, with an impressive 1,250 golf courses. Florida has long been a popular destination for golfers and is home to some iconic courses like TPC Sawgrass and Doral Golf Resort & Spa. Moreover, its year-round pleasant climate makes it an ideal place for golfing throughout the year.

Coming in second place is California with 1,149 courses spread across its diverse terrain. From coastal links to mountain top layouts, California offers something for all types of players and skill levels. Notable courses include Pebble Beach Golf Links and Riviera Country Club among others.

In third place is Arizona with 942 courses located mainly in Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Known as ‘The Valley of Sun’ for its abundant sunshine throughout the year, Arizona offers some superb desert style layouts perfect for hitting long drives and punishing roughs! Notable courses include Troon North Golf Club and Boulders Resort & Spa.

Next up is North Carolina at 866 total courses making it one of the most popular destinations for golfers in the United States. With superb coastal links along with stunning mountain views, North Carolina has something for everyone from beginners to experienced players alike! Popular courses here include Pinehurst Resort and The Country Club of North Carolina among others.

Lastly we have South Carolina at 835 total courses making it another great destination for a round or two of golfing! Notable courses here include Kiawah Island Resort and Harbour Town Links at Sea Pines Resort among others.

So there you have it – our list of regions with highest number of golf courses in the USA! Whether you’re looking to improve your game or simply enjoy a leisurely round with friends or family, these destinations are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

List of US States with Most Golf Courses

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and there are many courses to choose from. With so many courses available, it can be difficult to know which states have the most. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of US states with the most golf courses to help you decide where to go for your next game.

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At the top of the list is California, with an impressive 1,128 courses and counting. With its warm weather and plentiful sunshine, it’s no surprise that California tops this list. Florida comes in close second with 1,122 courses across its beautiful landscape. It’s easy to see why Florida has become a popular golf destination for people from all over the world.

Texas takes third place on our list with 844 golf courses scattered throughout its vast terrain. Texas offers something for everyone when it comes to golfing, from traditional links-style courses to more modern designs. With its diverse range of climates and terrains, Texas is an ideal place for any level of golfer looking for a great game.

New York comes in fourth place on our list with 672 courses spread across its five boroughs and upstate regions. From public municipal courses to world-class resorts, New York has something for every kind of golfer looking for an unforgettable experience.

Rounding out our top five is Michigan with 578 total golf courses throughout the state. Michigan offers plenty of championship-level public and private courses that any avid golfer would be proud to play on.

These five states make up some of the best places in the country for golfers looking for a challenging course or a relaxing round among friends and family alike. So whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a full-fledged vacation in one of these great states, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your favorite sport no matter which one you choose!

Comparison of Golf Course Numbers Among US States

For those who love golf, the United States is a great place to live. Every state has a variety of golf courses to choose from, and some states have more than others. A comparison of the number of golf courses among the US states can provide an interesting look into the game’s popularity.

The state with the most golf courses is Florida, with 1,250. This makes sense since Florida is home to some of the most popular golf destination resorts in the world and always has great weather for playing. Close behind Florida is California with 1,181 courses. California’s mild climate and long coastline make it an ideal spot for golfers looking for a great game.

Georgia follows with 823 courses, then Michigan with 682 and North Carolina with 622. Rounding out the top ten states are Arizona (569), Illinois (522), Pennsylvania (498), Ohio (483) and Tennessee (476). On the other end of the list are states such as Alaska, Wyoming and New Hampshire which have only 16, 19 and 21 courses respectively.

It is clear that some states are more popular than others when it comes to playing golf. The differences can be attributed to climate as well as population density; however, regardless of which state you live in there will be plenty of options for enjoying a round or two on a beautiful day.


In conclusion, the United States has a significant number of golf courses, with over 15,000 courses spread across the country. The vast majority of these courses are privately owned and operated, while some are municipally owned and open to public play. While the exact number of courses is difficult to determine due to the fact that many private courses do not report their numbers, it is safe to say that the US has a large number of golf courses.

Furthermore, golfing in the United States has become increasingly popular in recent years. The sport continues to grow in popularity thanks to technological advances and an increase in media coverage. This growth means that more people than ever before are taking up the sport and enjoying its many benefits.

Overall, it is clear that there are a large number of golf courses located throughout the US. While exact figures may be difficult to come by, it is certain that those looking for a place to play golf will be able to find one with relative ease.