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How To Store Golf Clubs?

How To Store Golf Clubs

In this simple guide, we will give you a way How To Store Golf Clubs?

If you’re like most golfers, your garage is crammed with clubs. Golf clubs are often kept in garages. Your golf clubs are safe in the garage from the elements like snowfall, rain, and other messes around the home.

While most houses don’t have a designated spot to store your golf equipment(and store golf clubs).

How do you keep them in a convenient location when you need them? And how can you ensure that they aren’t exposed to the weather?

Is there a better method to keep your golf equipment organized in the garage?

A club organizer or a golf bag is the best option for keeping golf equipment in the garage.

You should allow extra room between the clubs if you are using a club organizer to hang them. When not in use, golf clubs should be kept in a golf bag that has been unzipped to allow for proper air circulation.

Every serious golfer understands how important their clubs and balls are to them. You want to retain your pricey golf clubs as long as possible.

Short-term or long-term investments will only endure as long as they are properly stored. You risk damaging your golf clubs if you don’t keep them in a secure location.

It’s not uncommon for golf clubs to be kept in the garage.

The garage is a safe haven from the weather and would-be robbers. You should keep your golf club out of the reach of heat and moisture, which are its worst enemies. You must first arrange the gear and the storage space before putting your prized clubs away in the garage.

For those new to storing golf clubs, this advice is here to help you out. Here’s how to store golf clubs and keep your golf clubs organized.

Preparation Before Golf Club Storage

Preparing your clubs and golf accessories is one approach to guaranteeing their safety and good storage. You can’t simply come home from the golf course and toss your clubs into the garage. Here’s how to do prep to store your golf clubs.

Maintain Your Clubs

Maintain Your Clubs
Maintain Your Clubs


The first step before storing your clubs is cleaning them thoroughly. Your golf clubs must be cleaned and dried with a soft cloth.

Your golf clubs will be susceptible to rust in storage if you don’t wash and dry them. Your clubs can get rust-damaged, so you don’t want to use them for only one season.

Make sure to wash and dry the clubheads and grips thoroughly. You may clean them with a cloth after being dipped in warm water.

To remove oil, filth, dust, and dirt, thoroughly wipe. Before putting your golf clubs back in the bag, be sure that every component of them is fully dry.

Deep Clean

It may be sufficient to wipe your golf clubs off with warm water before drying them. However, you must thoroughly clean them if they are unclean after repeated usage. You must also be aware that certain golf clubs need additional maintenance.

Use some elbow grease and thoroughly clean your golf clubs if you can’t remember the last time you did so.

If your golf clubs end up too filthy, properly clean them with soapy water.

Put your golf clubs in a pail of warm, soapy water to soak. You may use a mild dishwashing liquid for this.

As long as the clubheads are covered, 2-4 inches of water will be sufficient to soak the golf clubs. You may clean more easily and without having to scrub too hard by soaking to help release the dirt.

Do not dampen the wooden components of your golf gear. The wooden components may be cleaned with a moist cloth.

You need a soft-bristle sponge to clean the clubheads’ dirt. Scrubbing can also be done with a toothbrush. Use a soapy towel to clean the shafts and the grips. Before putting the club heads back in your golf bag, thoroughly dry them.

Precautions Against Rusting

Rust protection in your golf bag is another important tip you should never ignore.

Rubbing baby oil on the golf clubs before storing clubs, such as milled putters, can prevent rust. The same applies to wedges made of carbon steel. You must do all you can to prevent rusting.

Never let any moisture, even a little, touch your golf club. Utilizing a gentle, dry towel, fully dry them.

The main reason golf clubs rust is moisture. Even after drying and making sure your clubs are dry, moisture might still get into the storage area. Make sure there is no dampness in the garage or the golf bag before storing your clubs there.

Store golf clubs in a dry location away from moisture.

If there is any dampness in the golf club storage space, move your clubs to a new position after drying them, if there is.

Daily Golf Club Storage

Since you won’t be playing golf for a few months, your only concern is where to keep your clubs while you wait until your next game. Additionally, you do not want to carry them inside your home. Why not just leave them in your car’s trunk? Maybe even in the garage?

Storing Golf Clubs In The Car Trunk

Storing Golf Clubs In The Car Trunk
Storing Golf Clubs In The Car Trunk

Never keep golf clubs in a car trunk, per our advice. You’ll be driving about with the clubs back there, clanging around, potentially picking up scratches, nicks, or dents if it will be a few days before you play golf again.

Another reason to stay away from the trunk is the heat and the high temperatures during the summer months. The inside of a vehicle trunk may reach close to 200 degrees on hot, sunny days.

With constant exposure to the high humidity over time, the epoxy affixing glue holding the clubhead to the shaft may degrade.

The grip may slide around the shaft due to a deterioration of the adhesive holding it to the shaft. Thus, when you return from the golf course and get in your car, take your clubs out of the trunk of your car.

This is not how you properly store clubs, especially in extreme heat. A few days can be enough to cause damage to the club head.

Storing Golf Clubs In A Garage Or Storage Facility

Clubs may be left out overnight if they’re going to be used the following day again or stored away for the next few days until they’re needed. Keep your irons and bags clean by drying them thoroughly prior to storing them, whether it’s for just one day or a year.

If your garage is prone to condensation, bring your golf gear inside. Rust may develop in areas with high humidity. Epoxy and resin degradation isn’t an issue in garages since they don’t reach the same temperature as in a car’s trunk.

Before storing your clubs and bag in your garage for a few days, make sure they are completely dry. You should clean your irons (including the grips) and gently wipe the shaft using your golf towel before storing them if you won’t use them for a few days.

You can store your golf clubs in the garage if they need a safe space and storage for the short term(especially if they are climate controlled)

Storage For Longer Periods

What about long-term golf club storage? You may not need your irons for a while because of a cold, sickness, or other long-term responsibilities. How long may golf clubs be stored?

Forget your car trunk. Do not store them in there.

Storage or garage? Yes, if humidity and temperature are kept under control.

Long-term storage requires a dry, temperature-controlled interior location like your home.

Before storing your clubs for a long time, clean golf clubs. Wipe clubheads, grips, and shafts. Don’t put wet clubs back in the bag. (Make sure your bag is dry before replacing the clubs.)

If your bag has a rain cover, put it on top. Put the clubs in a closet or room where they won’t get knocked around.

Don’t keep golf irons in a non-heated garage during the winter. A cold won’t harm the clubhead or shaft but may harden or shatter the grips. Store your golf clubs in a room with lower temperatures to keep the grips safe.

Tips For Long-Term Storage

If you reside in the north, you probably have to store your irons during the winter months. If so, you may keep your irons in the garage as long as it is above freezing(or in a temperature-controlled environment). Cold weather or cold temperatures can also damage your irons.

Place them in a dry environment in the garage to prevent corrosion.

Here are a few handy tips:

  • Clean your cart: In the winter, the majority of golf push trolley owners forget to do this. Clean your push cart with a spray to get rid of any pollen, grime, animal waste, and other impurities. Make careful to tidy up the storage location.
  • Clean and wash your golf shoes: Remember to scrub all the mud and filth off your shoes using a gentle dish detergent so they won’t be discolored for the next season. Consider getting new spikes for your shoes, too.
  • Do a thorough cleaning of your golf bag: Empty your golf bag of everything at this point. Take out any receipts, lunch bags, sleeves, or other items just taking up space in your bag.


You know what to anticipate and how to go about storing your golf clubs in the garage, a storage unit, or a vehicle. If you’re certain that your garage is the ideal location for storing your irons, be sure to set it up for both long and short-term use.

No matter where you decide to store your irons, the key objective is to keep them secure and protected from injury. Good luck using these tips to store your irons.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Store Golf Clubs the right way

Is it bad to leave golf clubs in the trunk?

Avoid keeping your irons in the trunk of a vehicle to keep them safe. Corrosion may weaken and destroy a golf shaft’s metal with usage.

How do you store your golf clubs without a bag?

You can clean your irons and store them in a place without any moisture if you do not have a golf bag.

How do you hang golf clubs in the garage?

You can install a golf rack in your garage to hang the irons.

How do you clean and store your golf clubs?

Golf shaft cleaning is easy. Wipe with a wet cloth. Dry them with another towel. Using tepid water and liquid detergent, remove rust or grime with a brush.

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