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Jason Day is an Australian professional golfer who has won multiple major championships, including the PGA Championship and The Players Championship. He is known for his strong work ethic and immense talent on the golf course. Day’s signature golf club is the Scotty Cameron Putter, which he has used to win major tournaments throughout his career. The Scotty Cameron Putter is known for its precision and accuracy, which makes it the perfect choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. With its sleek design and Tour-level performance, the Scotty Cameron Putter is one of the most popular putters on the market today. Jason Day’s success with this golf club speaks to its quality and performance.Jason Day uses a range of different golf equipment in his competitive rounds. His driver is the TaylorMade M4, with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange shaft. He uses the TaylorMade P790 irons, with KBS Tour C-Taper 120 steel shafts. His wedges are Titleist Vokey Design SM7, with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts. His putter is the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red, and his ball is the Titleist Pro V1x.

Jason Day’s Putter Collection

Jason Day is one of the most successful golfers in the world and is known for his incredible putting abilities. His putter collection is a testament to his prowess on the green. Day has a variety of putters that he uses depending on the course and conditions. He has been seen using Odyssey, TaylorMade, and Cleveland putters among others.

Day’s Odyssey putter is a classic blade design that allows him to control the ball and get it close to the hole quickly. His TaylorMade putter has a more modern design with adjustable weights and has been used in some of his biggest wins. The Cleveland Classic is another popular choice for Jason Day as it provides great feel and forgiveness on mis-hits.

No matter which putter Jason Day chooses, he always makes sure it fits his eye and helps him read the greens quickly. He also prefers to have different putters for different courses as each course can present different challenges which require specific club setups. Through careful selection of clubs, Jason Day ensures he can perform at his highest level every round.

Jason Day’s putter collection is evidence of why he is one of the best golfers in the world today. His ability to choose the right club for each situation has enabled him to achieve success on numerous occasions, regardless of the course or conditions he faces. With such an impressive arsenal of clubs at his disposal, there’s no doubt that Jason Day will continue to dominate on tour for years to come.

Jason Day’s Preferred Putter

Jason Day is one of the top-ranked professional golfers in the world and his putter is an integral part of his game. Day has been using the same Odyssey O-Works Black #7 putter since 2015 and has seen great success with it, winning his first major championship at the 2015 PGA Championship. His choice of putter is a testament to its effectiveness, and a great example of how the right equipment can make a big difference.

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The Odyssey O-Works Black #7 Putter features an innovative Microhinge insert that provides a unique feel, sound, and roll off the face to help golfers make their putts. The Microhinge technology creates a trampoline effect at impact which helps get the ball rolling quickly and accurately. The putter also has a high MOI (Moment Of Inertia), which helps keep your clubface square throughout your stroke. This increases accuracy, even on off-center hits, and gives you better control over distance.

The Odyssey O-Works Black #7 Putter also features an adjustable weight system which allows you to customize your feel and balance to best suit your putting style. You can adjust the weight in three different positions: toe down, heel down, or center balanced, allowing you to find what works best for you. This makes it easy to dial in your setup to get optimal performance from your putter regardless of conditions or terrain.

Overall, Jason Day’s choice of putter speaks volumes about its effectiveness and performance on the greens. The Odyssey O-Works Black #7 Putter offers an innovative design with great feel and accuracy that can help any golfer improve their putting game. If you’re looking for a new putter that will give you confidence on the course, this may be just what you need!

Scotty Cameron Putters Used by Jason Day

Jason Day is one of the most successful professional golfers and he has achieved great success in recent years, largely thanks to his use of Scotty Cameron putters. Day has been using Cameron’s putters since he was a young boy, and he even went on to win the 2015 PGA Championship with a Scotty Cameron putter.

Day uses two different styles of Scotty Cameron putters – the Newport and the Futura. The Newport is a classic blade-style putter with a plumber’s neck hosel design, while the Futura is an offset mallet-style putter with adjustable weights for better control and feel. Both are designed to provide maximum control and accuracy on the greens, which has helped Day become one of the most successful players in golf today.

Day’s preference for Scotty Cameron putters highlights just how important these clubs are for golfers who want to be successful on the greens. They provide a great combination of control and accuracy that can help any golfer improve their putting game. If you’re looking for a new putter that offers both performance and style, then you should definitely consider getting your hands on one of Scotty Cameron’s models.

The Benefits of Using Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron putters are widely known as one of the best golf putters on the market today. They are highly sought after by professional and amateur golfers alike for their superior performance and craftsmanship. These putters are made from premium materials and feature a classic design that has stood the test of time. Scotty Cameron putters offer a number of advantages that make them a great choice for all levels of golfers.

Superior Performance

Scotty Cameron putters provide superior performance on the greens due to their precision-engineered design. The heads are designed to be perfectly balanced and weighted, which allows for a smooth stroke during putting. The face is also designed to provide maximum forgiveness, helping to reduce skidding and overshooting. The soft feel of the grip makes it comfortable to hold, while the lightweight construction allows for easier club control.

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Premium Materials

Scotty Cameron putters are crafted from premium materials that ensure longevity and durability. The head is made from stainless steel which offers excellent corrosion resistance, while the shaft is constructed from graphite which is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear. The grip is made from rubber, providing extra comfort during long putting sessions.

Classic Design

Scotty Cameron putters feature a timeless classic design that has been used by professionals for decades. The putter head features a sleek black finish that gives it a sophisticated look, while its iconic red-and-white circle logo stands out against the dark background. This simple yet stylish design has been embraced by golfers worldwide and will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Overall, Scotty Cameron putters offer superior performance, premium materials, and timeless design that make them an excellent choice for all levels of golfers. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro looking for an upgrade, these quality putters will get you up and down in no time!

Why Jason Day Uses Scotty Cameron Putters

Jason Day is one of the top professional golfers in the world, and he has been playing with Scotty Cameron putters since his days as an amateur. Day has consistently praised the performance and feel of his Scotty Cameron putters, and he continues to use them today. Scotty Cameron putters are known for their precision milled craftsmanship and superior balance, which helps golfers maintain a consistent stroke throughout their putting motion. The head design of the Scotty Cameron putter also provides maximum stability at impact, resulting in more accurate putting. The customizable shaft lengths and weights allow players to find a putter that best suits their individual needs.

In addition to these features, Jason Day also appreciates the classic look of a Scotty Cameron putter. He often looks for mallet-style putters with a clean design that does not distract him during his putting stroke. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each Scotty Cameron putter also allows players to have confidence in their equipment when they are on the course.

The combination of precision engineering, classic styling, and superior performance make Scotty Cameron putters a popular choice among professional golfers like Jason Day. Whether you are just starting out or looking for an upgrade from your current equipment, a Scotty Cameron putter can help improve your game and provide you with years of reliable performance on the course.

Advantages of Using Scotty Cameron Putters for Golfing Professionals

Scotty Cameron putters have been a popular choice for golfing professionals for many years. They are known for their superior craftsmanship, as well as their ability to help players improve their game. There are many advantages to using these putters, which include:

Increased Accuracy – Scotty Cameron putters offer increased accuracy due to the precision craftsmanship and superior design. This allows golfers to make more accurate shots, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

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Improved Feel – The feel of a putter can be an important factor in golfing success. Scotty Cameron putters provide a smooth and consistent feel that allows players to better control their shots and improve their game.

Longer Distance – The increased accuracy of Scotty Cameron putters also leads to improved distance control. This is especially helpful when it comes to putting from long distances or in windy conditions.

Durability – Scotty Cameron putters are built to last, and they are designed with materials that will stand up to regular use on the course. This ensures that golfers can rely on their putter for years without having to worry about wear or tear.

Improved Performance – With the combination of increased accuracy, improved feel, and longer distances, it’s easy to see why so many golfing professionals choose Scotty Cameron putters. These clubs help players improve their performance on the course and give them an edge over competitors who don’t have access to this type of equipment.

Tour-proven Performance

Jason Day uses Scotty Cameron putters for their tour-proven performance on the green. These putters feature precise milled face textures, high-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction, and the ability to dial in alignment lines for an accurate roll. The soft feel of the soft 303 stainless steel inserts provides a consistent, responsive touch that helps Day stay focused on his shots. What’s more, the weighting system is designed to provide optimal balance and stability during each stroke. With Scotty Cameron putters in his bag, Day can trust he’s getting maximum performance out of every swing.

Playability & Accuracy

The playability and accuracy of Scotty Cameron putters used by Jason Day are unmatched. From Tour-proven Tour models to modern classic designs with a variety of sole grinds and neck configurations, Day has a putter for every situation on the course. The precision milled faces provide a soft but responsive feel at impact while the advanced alignment technology ensures he’s lined up correctly every time. With these features, Day can rely on his Scotty Cameron putter to help him make those crucial par saving putts.

Customization Options

The customization options available with Scotty Cameron putters used by Jason Day are second to none. From custom paint fill colors and stamping options to personalized sole engravings and headcovers, there are countless ways for Day to make his Scotty Cameron putter unique while still maintaining its tour-level performance. Whether he wants something subtle or something eye catching, these customization options give him the ability to express his individuality on the course like never before.


Jason Day and Scotty Cameron have certainly forged a winning combination that has resulted in some of the most spectacular golfing achievements of the decade. By combining Jason’s world-class skills with Scotty’s precision craftsmanship, they have been able to create some of the most impressive golf clubs and putters on the market. And, while their partnership may be relatively short-lived, it’s clear that both of these professionals have had a monumental impact on the way golf is played today.

Through their collaboration, Jason Day and Scotty Cameron have demonstrated that true success in golf requires more than just technique and finesse—it also requires an appreciation for top-notch craftsmanship. As such, this partnership has been a great example for all aspiring golfers out there. Despite their differences in background and style, they were able to work together to create something truly special.

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