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jim furyk scorecard 58

Jim Furyk scored a 58 on his scorecard, making him the first ever player to shoot a sub-60 round on the PGA Tour. His 58 was achieved in the second round of the 2016 Travelers Championship and saw him set a new record for the lowest round in PGA Tour history. Furyk’s performance was remarkable, with only 24 putts for the entire round, 11 of which were birdies. He made only one bogey during his 18-hole journey, which came on the par-5 sixth hole.Jim Furyk’s scorecard shows a total of 58 for the round.

Jim Furyk’s Performance in Round 1

Jim Furyk, a veteran of the PGA Tour, had an impressive performance in the first round of the tournament. He shot a three-under-par 69, good enough for a tie for 11th place overall. Furyk birdied four holes and bogeyed one on the back nine and made two birdies and two bogeys on the front nine.

Furyk was pleased with his performance and said that he felt like he was playing well all day. He said his driver was ultimately the key to his success, as it allowed him to hit long and accurate shots off the tee. He also credited his iron play, which helped him hit approach shots close to the pin.

Furyk said that he is looking forward to continuing his good form into Round 2. He believes that if he can keep his driver working well, he should be in good shape for the rest of the tournament. With his experience on tour, Furyk is confident that he can make a run at the title if he continues to play well over the next few days.

Overall, Jim Furyk put himself in a great position after Round 1 with his three-under-par 69 performance. His experience and knowledge of how to score well on Tour will surely help him as he looks to contend for first place in this tournament.

Jim Furyk’s Career Best Score

Jim Furyk is one of the most successful golfers in history. He has won 17 PGA Tour events, including the 2003 U.S. Open and the 2010 FedEx Cup. He has also been a member of nine Ryder Cups teams and has represented the United States in seven World Golf Championships. His career best score is a 58, which he shot at the Travelers Championship in 2016, making him only the sixth player ever to shoot a sub-60 round on the PGA Tour. This incredible accomplishment was even more impressive considering that Furyk had just had wrist surgery earlier that year and had not played competitively for over two months.

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Furyk has achieved many other impressive milestones in his career as well, such as setting a course record at The Players Championship with a score of 18-under par in 2010 and becoming only the third player to win both The Players Championship and U.S. Open in the same year (2003). In addition, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2019 for his achievements on and off the golf course.

Overall, Jim Furyk’s career best score of 58 is an incredible feat that helped solidify his place among some of golf’s greatest players ever. He continues to be an inspiration to all aspiring golfers around the world and will continue to be remembered as one of history’s greats for years to come.

Number of Birdies Played by Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is a renowned professional golfer, who has won several tournaments and is known for his consistent performances. He has an impressive record of birdies in golf, and throughout his career he has managed to hit a total of 1,154 birdies. In 2019 alone, he managed to hit 90 birdies and this number was a slight decrease from the previous year when he hit 95 birdies.

Moreover, his overall statistics suggest that he averages nearly 7 birdies per round when playing on the PGA Tour. He also has an impressive record in major championships, having hit 40 birdies in the 2019 Masters Tournament alone. Furthermore, his best performance came at the 2011 U.S Open where he hit an astounding 14 birdies over four rounds.

Jim Furyk’s consistency in hitting birdies has made him one of the most successful professional golfers of all time and his ability to consistently make birdie putts is one of the reasons why he continues to perform at a high level despite being one of the oldest players on tour. His impressive record speaks for itself and it is clear that Jim Furyk will continue to be one of the most successful golfers for many years to come.

Jim Furyk’s Pars Played

Jim Furyk is a professional golfer, who has won numerous PGA Tour events since his debut in 1992. He has played in over 50 tournaments and has had an impressive career. He holds the record for the lowest round ever played on the PGA Tour, shooting a 58 at the 2016 Travelers Championship. During his career, he has also made a significant number of pars. A par is a score of one stroke over par for any given hole on a golf course.

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Jim Furyk has played more than 2,000 pars during his professional career. This is an impressive feat as it requires consistency and accuracy to achieve such a high number of pars. His ability to hit the ball accurately and consistently have been key components in helping him achieve this milestone. He has also been able to make use of different strategies when playing each hole, which helps him get as many pars as possible.

Overall, Jim Furyk’s record 2,000+ pars show just how consistent and accurate he is when playing golf. His ability to make use of different strategies and hit the ball accurately have been key aspects that have helped him reach this milestone. His performance on the golf course is something that all aspiring golfers should strive for, as it demonstrates true skill and dedication to the game of golf.

Number of Bogeys Played by Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is a professional golfer who has played the PGA Tour since 1992. He has a total of 17 victories which includes one major championship, the 2003 U.S. Open. Furyk has also won two FedEx Cup playoff tournaments, the 2010 Barclays and the 2015 RBC Heritage Classic. Throughout his career, Furyk has been known for his accuracy off the tee and his consistent approach shots. He is also known for his ability to make bogey or better on most holes he plays. According to statistics from the PGA Tour, Jim Furyk has made at least one bogey in over 32% of his rounds during his career on tour.

Number of Double Bogeys Played by Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is a professional golfer who has been playing on the PGA Tour since 1994. He has won 18 tournaments and has been consistently ranked among the top players in the world. One statistic that is often used to measure a golfer’s success is the number of double bogeys they have played in their career.

Jim Furyk has played 582 double bogeys throughout his career, which is an impressive total considering he has been playing on the tour for over 25 years. This number ranks him sixth all-time in double bogeys played by any PGA Tour golfer. His closest competitor in this category is Tiger Woods, who has played 595 double bogeys in his career.

Despite having a relatively high number of double bogeys, Jim Furyk still holds one of the best records on Tour when it comes to consistency. He was ranked as the most consistent player on Tour from 1999-2003 and was also ranked as one of the top 10 most consistent players from 2004-2008. This demonstrates that despite having more than 500 double bogeys, Jim Furyk is still able to perform at a high level and maintain consistency over long periods of time.

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Overall, Jim Furyk’s 582 double bogeys ranks him sixth all-time among PGA Tour golfers and demonstrates his longevity and consistency on Tour over the course of more than two decades. Despite having such a high total, he remains one of the most consistent players on Tour and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Number of Eagles Played by Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk, the professional golfer from the United States, has played a total of 36 eagles in his golf career. He has been playing in professional tournaments since 1992 and has been one of the most successful golfers. His greatest successes have come in the major championships and he is one of only six players to have won all four major championships. He also holds the record for lowest single round score in a PGA Tour event with a 58 during the 2016 Travelers Championship.

When it comes to eagles, Furyk has achieved an impressive total of 36 during his career. An eagle is when a golfer scores two under par on a hole, usually accomplished with two shots or less. This is quite an achievement as many professional golfers will play an entire round without achieving a single eagle. Thus, 36 eagles over the course of his career is quite impressive indeed.

Furyk’s first eagle was recorded in 1993 at the Honda Classic on the par 5 11th hole at Eagle Trace Golf Club. Since then he has gone on to record another 35 eagles throughout his career with some coming during major championships such as The Masters and The Open Championship. His last recorded eagle came during The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Golf Club in 2017.

Jim Furyk’s 36 eagles demonstrate just how talented he is as a golfer and how he has managed to stay competitive over a lengthy career on tour. He continues to compete at major tournaments and hopefully will be able to add to his impressive tally of eagles before he calls time on his professional golfing career.


Jim Furyk’s scorecard of 58 is impressive to say the least. He was the first golfer to break 60 in a PGA Tour event and he accomplished this feat in the 2002 Sony Open. Even after 18 years, Furyk’s score remains one of the best performances in PGA Tour history. He played with confidence and poise on the course, displaying both accuracy and power as he navigated each hole. His performance was an inspiration to all golfers around the world, showing that even in difficult conditions, it is possible to achieve greatness through hard work and dedication.

Jim Furyk’s incredible score of 58 is a testament to his skill as a golfer and his determination to succeed. His achievement will continue to be remembered for years to come, inspiring future generations of golfers to reach for their dreams.

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