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Joaquin Niemann is a young and talented professional golfer from Chile, who has made a name for himself on the world stage. He is currently playing on the PGA Tour and is widely regarded as one of the most promising players in the game. After turning pro in 2016, Niemann quickly established himself as one of the top players on the Latin America Tour before making his move to the PGA Tour in 2018. He has since gone on to enjoy success on both tours, with multiple top-10 finishes at major tournaments and winning his first PGA Tour event in August 2020. With his skillful technique and innovative approach to golf, Niemann is set to continue making waves in the sport for years to come.The current WITB (bag) of Joaquin Niemann includes a TaylorMade SIM driver, TaylorMade SIM Ti Fairway Woods, TaylorMade P790 irons, TaylorMade MG2 Wedges, and a Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 Putter.

What’s in Joaquin Niemann’s Bag?

Joaquin Niemann is one of the most successful young golfers in the world and his bag is filled with some of the best golfing equipment available. His clubs are a combination of Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade and Mizuno, all of which are top-of-the-line names in the golfing industry. He has a driver that is designed to help him hit the ball farther and straighter as well as a variety of irons and wedges that allow him to shape his shots around the course. In addition to his clubs, he also carries a few accessories such as rangefinders, gloves, sunglasses, tees and markers. When it comes to balls, he uses Titleist Pro V1x or Pro V1 for most rounds. Finally, he has various head covers for each club to ensure they remain protected while in transit.

Overall, Joaquin Niemann has an impressive bag that contains some of the best equipment on the market today. His selection of clubs is perfectly suited for his game and allows him to perform at a high level on any course. The other items he carries are also essential for any serious golfer who wants to stay competitive. With this impressive assortment of gear at his disposal, it’s no wonder why Niemann continues to be one of the best young players on tour today.

Joaquin Niemann’s Putter

Joaquin Niemann is one of the world’s top golfers and he is known for his precision and accuracy on the links. His putter of choice has become a central part of his game and it has helped him reach the highest levels of success in the sport. The putter that he uses is an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball, which has been specially crafted to give him maximum control over his shots. The putter features a two-ball design, which gives it a unique look that stands out among other putters. It also comes with a Tungsten toe weight, so that it can be adjusted to fit Niemann’s putting style. The White Hot Pro 2-Ball also features an adjustable hosel, which allows for further customization to suit Niemann’s needs. The putter gives Niemann the perfect balance between control and feel, allowing him to make precise shots with great accuracy. With this putter in hand, Joaquin Niemann has been able to ascend to the top of professional golf and become one of its most successful players.

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Niemann has been using this same putter for several years now and it continues to serve him well on the course. He trusts this club implicitly and it has become an integral part of his game. He often talks about how comfortable he is with this club in hand and how confident he feels when he steps up to take a shot on the green. It has certainly paid off for him as he continues to rack up victories all over the world thanks in part to his mastery of this particular club.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball is a great choice for any golfer looking for maximum control over their shots on the green. Its unique two-ball design makes it stand out from other clubs on the market while its adjustable hosel allows for further customization according to individual preferences. Joaquin Niemann has certainly proven that this club can help take your game to new heights as long as you have complete faith in it, just like he does with his own Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball putter.

Joaquin Niemann’s Driver

Joaquin Niemann is an up and coming professional golfer from Chile. He has been seen using a TaylorMade M5 driver in his tournaments. The TaylorMade M5 driver is a 460cc titanium club head with an adjustable loft and lie angle. It also features an adjustable weighting system, allowing the golfer to customize their setup for maximum distance and accuracy.

The M5 driver has a unique shape that helps reduce drag during the swing, making it more aerodynamic and efficient. The weighting system allows the golfer to adjust the balance of the clubhead to achieve the desired launch angle and spin rate. This helps to optimize ball flight for longer distances, as well as accuracy off the tee.

The driver also has an adjustable sole plate which allows for customization of turf interaction. This can help to reduce digging on off-center hits, leading to better control of trajectory and distance. The adjustable sole plate also helps improve shot shaping capabilities, giving golfers more control over their shots in different situations.

Overall, Joaquin Niemann’s choice of a TaylorMade M5 driver is a wise one. The adjustable loft and lie angle along with the adjustable weighting system allow golfers to customize their setup for maximum distance and accuracy off the tee. Additionally, the aerodynamic shape reduces drag during the swing while optimizing ball flight for improved distances and accuracy. Finally, the adjustable sole plate provides better turf interaction and improved shot shaping capabilities for golfers looking to gain more control over their shots in different situations on the course.

Joaquin Niemann’s Irons

Joaquin Niemann is one of the most talented young golfers on the professional tour today. He has been making waves with his impressive play and his impressive equipment setup. One of the key pieces of equipment in Joaquin Niemann’s bag are his irons. Joaquin uses a set of Mizuno JPX 900 Tour irons which are designed for the more advanced player who needs extra forgiveness and accuracy from their irons. The irons feature a hollow head design which makes them more forgiving on off-center hits, while also providing a low center of gravity for improved launch and spin control. The irons also feature a thin top line and narrow sole which helps to reduce turf interaction for improved accuracy and control. Joaquin Niemann’s irons provide him with great distance, accuracy, and control which have allowed him to become one of the best young players on tour.

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In addition to his Mizuno JPX 900 Tour irons, Joaquin also uses a set of Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi Irons which are designed for the better player who needs extra distance from their longer irons. These clubs feature an ultra-thin face which gives them more ball speed at impact, while also providing plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits. The Fli-Hi design helps to reduce drag during the swing for better launch conditions and increased distance. Joaquin Niemann’s use of these two sets of Mizuno irons is testament to his skill as a golfer and his commitment to using the best equipment available in order to maximize his performance on the course.

Joaquin Niemann’s Wedges

Joaquin Niemann is a professional golfer from Chile, and his choice of wedges is an important part of his success on the golf course. Niemann currently carries three wedges in his bag: a Titleist Vokey SM7 56-degree wedge, a Titleist Vokey SM7 60-degree wedge, and a Titleist Vokey SM7 64-degree wedge.

The 56-degree is the most versatile of the three, allowing him to play shots from tight lies or flop shots from deep rough. The 60-degree wedge gives him more distance control on full shots and pitch shots, while the 64-degree is great for finesse shots around the green.

Niemann has also experimented with different types of shafts for each of his wedges to maximize his performance. He has found that using a lighter shaft in his 56-degree helps him better control trajectory and spin rate, while using a heavier shaft in the 60 and 64 helps him get more distance with better accuracy.

Niemann’s choice of wedges has been vital to his success on Tour, and it’s clear that he puts a lot of thought into which ones he carries in his bag. His combination of Titleist Vokey wedges gives him the versatility he needs to attack any kind of shot on the course.

Joaquin Niemann’s Fairway Woods

Joaquin Niemann is one of the most accomplished golfers on the PGA Tour. He is known for his impressive driving, long hitting, and precision iron play. But what many people don’t know is that he is also a master of the fairway woods. Niemann has been using fairway woods to great success for years, and they are an important part of his game.

Niemann’s fairway woods are renowned for their accuracy and distance. He has a knack for picking out the right club from his bag and using it to great effect. He has an impressive array of fairway woods in his bag, including a 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, and 9 wood. Each one has been carefully designed to give him maximum performance on the course.

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In particular, Niemann’s 3 wood is especially impressive. It is one of the longest hitting clubs in his bag and he uses it to great effect when trying to reach par 5s in two shots. The club’s shallow face gives him plenty of spin control and he can shape shots with pinpoint accuracy thanks to its adjustable hosel.

Niemann also uses his fairway woods off the tee when there is trouble lurking in the rough or water hazards nearby. He trusts them to deliver high-flying shots with lots of backspin so that they stay on target even when faced with strong winds or tricky lies.

Overall, Joaquin Niemann’s fairway woods are an integral part of his game and have helped him achieve great success on the PGA Tour over the years. They are a testament to his skill as a player and show just how much control he has over every aspect of his game.

Joaquin Niemann’s Hybrids

Joaquin Niemann is one of the leading golfers on the PGA Tour and he has recently been using hybrids to improve his game. A hybrid club is a combination of an iron and a wood, designed to give the golfer more control over their shots. Niemann’s choice of hybrids has allowed him to hit the ball higher, with better accuracy, and more spin. He also has increased his distance off the tee with his hybrids, which has allowed him to consistently hit greens in regulation.

Niemann’s use of hybrids is part of a larger trend among professional golfers. Many pros are now choosing hybrids over traditional woods and irons because they are easier to hit and provide more control over ball flight. Hybrids also reduce spin on approach shots, making them ideal for hitting tight fairways or attacking pins on long par 3s.

Overall, Joaquin Niemann’s decision to use hybrids has paid off in terms of improved accuracy and distance off the tee. His mastery of the hybrid club has also allowed him to become one of the most consistent players on tour, as he continues to make cut after cut while competing against some of the best players in the world.


Joaquin Niemann has quickly become one of the top players on the PGA Tour. His hard work, dedication and skill have been evident throughout his career. He is an exciting player to watch and will likely have a long successful career on the tour. He has already achieved much success, including winning two tournaments in 2020, and he looks to continue his winning ways in 2021 and beyond. His skill, drive and determination make him a favorite among golf fans worldwide.

Niemann has truly shown us what is possible when hard work and dedication are combined with natural talent. He is an inspiration to golfers of all ages who hope to reach the level of success that he has achieved in his young career. With continued hard work and dedication, Niemann can continue to be one of the most successful players on tour for years to come.