justin thomas driver shaft length

Justin Thomas is one of the most accomplished professional golfers in the game today. He is known for his long drives and precise approach shots, and his success is due in no small part to the quality and length of his driver shaft. Justin Thomas uses a standard length driver shaft, measuring 45.75 inches from the tip of the grip to the sole plate. This length gives him maximum power and control when driving the ball, allowing him to hit longer and straighter shots with greater accuracy. With this combination of distance and accuracy, Justin Thomas has established himself as one of golf’s top players.Justin Thomas uses a driver shaft length of 45.75 inches.

Standard Shaft Length for Justin Thomas Drivers

The standard shaft length for Justin Thomas drivers is 45 inches. This length is designed to provide golfers with maximum club head speed and launch angle, which helps create more distance off the tee. The shaft length also allows for more accuracy and control of the clubface, as it allows golfers to take advantage of their swing speed and get maximum rotation on the ball. With the shorter shaft, golfers can easily adjust the loft of their driver to better suit their game and skill level.

For those who want greater control over their driver, Justin Thomas offers a range of custom fitting options that allow players to customize the shaft length according to their individual preferences. From individual spin rate and launch angle adjustments, to different lie angles and grip sizes, Justin Thomas drivers offer personalized customization that will allow golfers to get the most out of their clubs.

Justin Thomas drivers are designed with maximum performance in mind and feature high-end materials like titanium faces, carbon fiber shafts, and lightweight composite materials. These clubs are built with advanced engineering features that provide a combination of power, accuracy, and forgiveness for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a driver that provides maximum distance or one that gives you a better feel on your shots, Justin Thomas drivers are designed to help you maximize your performance on the course.

How to Measure Driver Shaft Length

Measuring the length of a driver shaft is an important step when purchasing a new golf club. It is essential to get a driver that is the correct length for your height and swing style in order to maximize your performance. The following steps will help you determine the proper length for your driver shaft:

1. Determine the length of your current driver shaft. It can be found printed on the shaft, usually near the clubhead. This measurement should be in inches.

2. Take into account your height and strength when selecting a new driver shaft. Generally, taller players should use longer clubs, while shorter players should use shorter clubs. Stronger players may benefit from a stiffer club, while weaker players may prefer a more flexible club.

3. Consider any other individual factors such as your swing speed or playing style that could affect the proper length for you. For example, if you are an aggressive player who takes big swings, you may need a longer club than someone with a slower swing speed.

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4. Once you have taken into account all of these factors, it is time to take measurements of yourself that will help determine the proper length for your driver shaft. Start by measuring from the ground up to the center of your sternum (breastbone). This measurement will give you an idea of how long of a club might work best for you.

5. Finally, it is important to take into account any personal preferences that could influence your decision on what length works best for you. If there are certain lengths that make you feel uncomfortable or awkward when swinging, it might be wise to avoid those lengths and look at others instead.

By following these steps, you can find the correct length for your driver shaft and improve your performance on the golf course!

Improved Distance and Accuracy

Justin Thomas Drivers are designed to provide improved distance and accuracy off the tee. The clubhead is made from a lightweight material that helps to increase clubhead speed, giving you more distance. The design of the driver also promotes a straighter flight path which can help you hit more fairways. The club also features an adjustable loft so you can customize it to your preferences.

Easy To Launch

The Justin Thomas Drivers make it easy to launch the ball high and long, even for those with slower swing speeds. This is due to the low center of gravity which helps keep the ball low and in the air longer. The driver also features a shallow face which helps reduce spin so you can get more distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Improved Feel

The Justin Thomas Driver also offers improved feel at impact thanks to its lightweight construction and low center of gravity design. The club has a large sweet spot that helps reduce vibration at impact, giving you better feedback when you hit the ball. This improved feel can help improve your accuracy and give you more confidence when teeing off.

Playing Ability

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a driver shaft length is the level of your playing ability. Generally, a longer shaft will give you more power and distance, but if you don’t have the swing speed or technique to make use of it, you may find that your shots are off target and inconsistent. If you are an amateur golfer, you may want to opt for a shorter shaft as it will help you control your shots better. On the other hand, if you are a more experienced golfer with a good swing speed, a longer shaft will help you hit farther and straighter.

Clubhead Speed

The clubhead speed is another important factor in selecting a driver shaft length. If your clubhead speed is slower than average, then it’s best to choose a shorter shaft as it will help you generate more clubhead speed and thus more distance. Conversely, if your clubhead speed is faster than average, then opting for a longer shaft may help increase accuracy and consistency in your shots.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft is another key factor in selecting the right driver shaft length. Generally speaking, stiffer flexes require longer drivers to maximize distance while softer flexes require shorter drivers for maximum control. It’s important to be aware of this when selecting a driver since different players have different swing speeds and therefore need different flexes for optimal performance.

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Comfort Level

It’s also important to consider comfort level when choosing a driver shaft length since a comfortable golf swing can go a long way towards improving performance on the course. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual golfer to decide which length feels most comfortable for them as what works for one player may not necessarily work for another.

Advantages of the Justin Thomas Driver

The Justin Thomas Driver offers a number of advantages to golfers looking for an edge on the course. From increased distance to improved accuracy, this driver is designed to give golfers an advantage on the course. The following are some of the advantages of the Justin Thomas Driver:

Increased Distance – The Justin Thomas Driver is designed to provide golfers with increased distance off the tee. The driver is designed with a larger club face and a low center of gravity, making it easier for golfers to launch their drives further down the fairway.

Improved Accuracy – The Justin Thomas Driver also offers improved accuracy for golfers. The driver has a unique sole design that helps reduce spin and promote more consistent ball flight. This helps golfers hit their targets more consistently and lower their scores on the course.

Better Feel – Another advantage of the Justin Thomas Driver is its improved feel. The driver has a softer feel thanks to its lightweight construction and softer grip. This helps golfers maintain better control over their shots and hit more accurate shots off the tee.

These are just some of the advantages of the Justin Thomas Driver. With its larger club face, low center of gravity, reduced spin, and improved feel, this driver is sure to give golfers an edge on the course. With these advantages, it’s no wonder why so many top touring professionals are using this driver to help them lower their scores and gain an edge on their competition.

What is the Best Shaft Length for a Justin Thomas Driver?

When it comes to selecting the best shaft length for a Justin Thomas driver, there are a few key factors to consider. The most important factor is the player’s swing speed. A golfer with a slower swing speed may benefit from a longer shaft, while those with higher swing speeds should opt for a shorter shaft. Additionally, golfers should also consider their height and strength as these can affect the performance of the driver. Finally, golfers should also take into account their preference when choosing the best shaft length for their driver.

For those with slower swing speeds, typically between 70-90 mph, the ideal shaft length will be between 45-46 inches. This length will allow golfers to generate more power and distance off of their tee shots without sacrificing accuracy. For those with faster swing speeds (90+ mph), shorter shafts in the range of 44-45 inches are typically recommended as they help keep shots from going too far offline.

Height and strength can also play an important role when selecting a shaft length. Taller golfers may prefer longer shafts as they provide more reach on each shot while shorter players might benefit from shorter shafts since they won’t have to reach as far back on each swing. Similarly, stronger golfers may be able to generate more power using longer shafts while weaker players should opt for shorter ones that require less effort on each shot.

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At the end of the day, finding the right Justin Thomas driver that fits your individual needs and preferences is key to improving your game and having more fun out on the course. While there are some general rules when it comes to selecting a driver based on your swing speed and physical characteristics, it’s ultimately up to you as an individual golfer to decide which one works best for you.

So take some time to test out different drivers with varying lengths until you find one that feels comfortable in your hands and helps you hit consistently solid shots off of the tee box – this is how you’ll find your perfect Justin Thomas driver!

Justin Thomas Driver Suitable for All Golfers?

The Justin Thomas Driver is a popular choice among golfers of all levels. It is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. The clubhead is lightweight and forgiving, allowing for easy launch and flight control. The shallow center of gravity helps to keep the ball in the air longer and provides a consistent feel with every swing. The driver also features a unique sole shape which helps reduce drag during the swing, adding extra distance and accuracy to each shot. Additionally, the clubhead has been designed with an adjustable loft, allowing golfers to customize their launch angle for better performance.

Overall, the Justin Thomas Driver is suitable for all types of golfers. Beginners can appreciate its lightweight construction and forgiving design while more experienced players can benefit from its adjustable loft and drag-reducing sole shape. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, this club can help improve your game.

That said, some aspects of the Justin Thomas Driver may not be ideal for certain golfers. For example, the clubhead’s shallow center of gravity may result in too much spin on shots hit by players who prefer a lower spin rate. Additionally, some golfers may find that the adjustable loft feature limits their ability to customize their launch angle as they would with other drivers on the market.

Ultimately, whether or not the Justin Thomas Driver is suitable for all golfers depends on individual preferences and skill level. But overall, it is an excellent choice for most players looking for a high-quality driver that offers maximum distance and accuracy.


Justin Thomas’s driver shaft length is a very important component of his golf game. He has found success with a particular shaft length, and it is evident that this length is suited to his swing. He has also revealed that he can make slight adjustments to his swing and equipment in order to maximize the performance of his driver. This versatility and willingness to experiment with his equipment has allowed Thomas to remain at the top of the professional golfing world.

Justin Thomas’s approach to finding the ideal driver shaft length serves as an example for other golfers looking for the best set up for their own game. Experimenting with different lengths and components can pay off in terms of improved performance, even for experienced players like Thomas. Ultimately, it’s important to find what works best for each individual golfer, making Justin Thomas’s approach a valuable one for all levels of golfers.