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justin thomas golf grip

Justin Thomas is one of the most talented golfers on the planet. He is known for his unique grip technique which has enabled him to become one of the world’s top golfers. The Justin Thomas golf grip is a combination of a “Vardon” (overlapping) and “baseball” (interlocking) style, with a few modifications. It is designed to help create maximum club head speed and accuracy while gripping the club. This grip allows players to feel more connected to the club, which can lead to improved shot quality and more consistent ball-striking. Additionally, it enables players to develop a consistent swing as well as more control over their shots.Justin Thomas is an American professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour. He is well known for his unique and powerful grip, which he has developed over the years. The Justin Thomas Golf Grip is a modified version of the interlocking grip. It involves overlapping the pinkie finger of the top hand with the index finger of the bottom hand, creating a strong, secure grip on the golf club. This allows for greater control over direction and distance while also providing maximum power when hitting shots. The Justin Thomas Golf Grip also helps to reduce tension in the hands and arms while swinging. This helps to promote a more relaxed and consistent swing, allowing for better accuracy and consistency from round to round.

Justin Thomas’s Golf Grip

Justin Thomas is a professional golfer who has won multiple PGA Tour events. He is renowned for his precise swing and powerful drives. His golf grip is an important factor in helping him achieve this success. Thomas uses a traditional overlapping grip, which is one of the most commonly used grips on Tour. This grip sees the little finger of the right hand overlapping between the index and middle fingers of the left hand. This grip gives him good control over his club face and allows him to apply pressure to the ball at impact, which helps him to hit it further and more accurately.

Justin also uses a slightly weaker left hand grip than most professionals, which helps him to reduce tension in his arms and shoulders. This allows him to maintain a more consistent swing plane throughout his swing, improving accuracy and distance off the tee. He also uses a slightly stronger right hand grip than some pros, which helps him impart more spin on the ball when he needs it.

Overall, Justin Thomas’s golf grip is an important part of his success on Tour. His overlapping grip gives him great control over his club face while allowing him to apply pressure at impact for added distance and accuracy. His weakened left hand grip reduces tension in his arms and shoulders while his stronger right hand grip provides extra spin when needed.

The Justin Thomas Golf Grip

The Justin Thomas golf grip is quickly becoming one of the most popular grips in golf. It was developed by PGA Tour professional Justin Thomas, and it has been adopted by many other professional golfers since its introduction. The grip is designed to help players generate more power and control in their shots, and it also helps to reduce the chance of injury during play. Here are some of the benefits of using the Justin Thomas golf grip.

Improved Consistency

One of the main advantages of using the Justin Thomas golf grip is improved consistency in your shots. By setting up your hands properly on the club, you can ensure that your swing will be more consistent from shot to shot. This will help you to hit more accurate shots and lower your scores on the course.

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Better Control

The Justin Thomas golf grip also helps to improve control over your shots. With a better grip on the club, you can have better control over where you want the ball to go, as well as how far you want it to travel. You can minimize errant shots and slices off the tee, which will help you gain more distance off the tee box.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Injury prevention is another benefit of using this particular grip. By having a better setup on your hands, you can reduce strain and stress on your wrists, arms, and shoulders during each swing. This will help to reduce your risk of developing an injury while playing or practicing.

Improved Feel for Shots

Finally, using this particular grip can also improve your feel for shots around the green. Having a better setup on your hands will allow you to have a greater sensitivity when chipping or putting around the green, which will help improve accuracy with those delicate short game shots.

These are just some of the benefits that come with using the Justin Thomas golf grip. Many professional players have already adopted this style of gripping their clubs and are seeing great results in their games. If you are looking for ways to improve consistency and control with your shots, then this could be a great option for you to try out!

Palm Orientation

The Justin Thomas Golf Grip emphasizes proper palm orientation as a key element of the grip. The palms should be facing each other, which will ensure that the hands are placed in the correct position on the club. This will help to create a strong connection between the club and your hands. It is important to note that the palms should not be facing inward or outward, as this could cause issues with proper control of the club and shot direction.

Hand Placement

The second key element of the Justin Thomas Golf Grip is hand placement. The lead hand (the one closest to your body) should be placed slightly lower than your back hand, with both hands placed on either side of the grip. The thumbs should point down towards the ground for a secure hold on the club. Additionally, make sure that both hands have an equal amount of pressure on them for maximum stability.

Finger Placement

The fingers on both hands should also be placed correctly when using this grip. Your lead hand should have all four fingers evenly spaced out along the grip, while your back hand should have three fingers spaced out along with a lighter touch from your pinky finger. This will help to ensure that both hands are working together correctly during your swing.

Grip Pressure

Finally, another important element of this grip is grip pressure. You want to make sure that you are applying enough pressure to keep control of the club without strangling it too much. Too much pressure can cause tension in your arms and hamper your ability to make a smooth swing.

Overall, these four key elements are essential for executing a successful golf swing using the Justin Thomas Golf Grip. Paying attention to each element will help you create an effective grip and improve your game overall.

Is the Justin Thomas Golf Grip Right for You?

The Justin Thomas golf grip is a popular choice among professional golfers, and it’s quickly gaining traction among amateurs. The grip is designed to provide maximum control and power, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among players of all levels. But before you jump on the Justin Thomas bandwagon, it’s important to understand if the grip is right for you.

The Justin Thomas golf grip is a slightly more aggressive version of the traditional interlocking grip. It involves interlocking your hands together and then positioning them slightly further up the club shaft than usual. The goal of this gripping style is to give you more control over your swing, as well as more power when striking the ball.

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This style of grip can be especially helpful for those with smaller hands or who have difficulty controlling their swing. It also allows for a greater range of motion in your wrist and arms, which can help you generate more power in your shots. However, if you have larger hands or already have good control over your swing, then this style of grip may not be beneficial for you.

Another thing to consider when deciding if the Justin Thomas golf grip is right for you is how comfortable you are with it. If it feels uncomfortable or unnatural to use this type of grip, then it might not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if it feels natural and comfortable when using this gripping style, then it could be worth trying out on the course.

Overall, deciding whether or not the Justin Thomas golf grip is right for you requires some trial and error. If it feels comfortable and provides better control over your swing than traditional grips, then it could be worth giving a shot on the course. However, if it feels uncomfortable or unnatural to use then perhaps a different gripping style would be more suitable. Ultimately, only practice will truly determine if this type of grip can help improve your game or not!

How to Achieve the Perfect Justin Thomas Golf Grip

Achieving the perfect Justin Thomas golf grip is an important step in becoming a better golfer. The right grip will help improve your swing and give you better control over the ball. A good grip can help you hit straighter and longer shots. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect Justin Thomas golf grip.

First, make sure you have the correct size golf club for your height and arm length. If your club is too long or short, it can throw off your grip and make it difficult to get a proper feel for the clubhead during your swing.

Second, hold the club in your left hand correctly with a light pressure. Your left thumb should be pointing slightly to the right of the center of the club shaft and your index finger should be pointing down towards the ground. This will ensure that you have good control over your clubhead during your swing.

Third, place your right hand on top of your left hand with a slightly firmer pressure than in your left hand. Make sure that both of your thumbs are pointing down towards the ground and that they are aligned with each other. This will help ensure that you have proper control over both hands during your swing.

Fourth, when gripping the club, make sure that there is a slight overlap between each finger on both hands. This overlap helps create stability in your grip and will help increase power when swinging through the ball.

Finally, keep in mind that everyone has different body types and it may take some time for you to find what works best for you when it comes to achieving a consistent golf grip like Justin Thomas’. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different grips until you find what works best for you!

Tips for Adjusting Your Golf Grip Like Justin Thomas

Golf is an incredibly complex game, and one of the most important factors in mastering it lies in understanding how to grip the club. Justin Thomas is widely regarded as one of the top players in the world, and his grip technique has been studied by many aspiring golfers. Here are some tips on how you can adjust your golf grip like Justin Thomas.

First and foremost, you should focus on developing a neutral grip. This means that your hands should be positioned so that the palms face each other when gripping the club. This will help you to maintain consistent contact with the ball and increase your accuracy. Additionally, it will also help you to avoid common mistakes such as casting or scooping during your swing.

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Next, make sure that you are using an overlapping or interlocking grip when gripping the club. This is an important step as it will help you to maintain control of the club throughout your swing. An overlapping grip is when your left pinky finger overlaps your right index finger on the handle of the club while an interlocking grip is when your left pinky finger interlocks with your right index finger instead.

Finally, take note of where exactly Justin Thomas places his hands on the handle of the club when he grips it. His hands tend to sit slightly lower than what many golfers are used to, which helps him generate more power during his swing and maintain control over his shots. Pay attention to where his hands sit compared to yours and make adjustments accordingly if necessary.

By following these tips, you should be able to adjust your golf grip like Justin Thomas and start playing better golf right away!

1. Not Paying Attention to Hand Placement

The Justin Thomas Golf Grip is one of the most popular grips used by professional golfers today, but if you’re not careful, it can be easy to make mistakes when using it. One of the most common mistakes that golfers make with this grip is not paying attention to their hand placement. Proper placement of your hands on the club is essential for any grip, and the Justin Thomas Golf Grip is no exception. If your hands are placed too far apart or too close together, it can cause inconsistency in your swing and affect your accuracy. To ensure proper hand placement, make sure that your left thumb is slightly behind the right thumb and that your hands are evenly spaced on the grip.

2. Not Setting Up Properly

Another common mistake when using the Justin Thomas Golf Grip is not setting up properly. It’s important to take the time to properly set up before each swing in order to get maximum power and accuracy from your shots. Make sure that you are standing tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and that you have placed both hands correctly on the club. Your arms should be at a comfortable 90-degree angle and your elbows should be close together against your chest.

3. Not Checking Your Grip Pressure

It’s also important to check your grip pressure when using the Justin Thomas Golf Grip. The proper amount of grip pressure will help you hit consistent shots with good control over where they go. Too much grip pressure will cause a lack of distance and accuracy, while too little will result in a lack of control over where your shots go. It’s important to find a balance between these two extremes in order to get maximum performance from this grip.

4. Not Practicing Regularly

Finally, one of the most common mistakes made by golfers using the Justin Thomas Golf Grip is not practicing regularly enough. Just like any other golf skill or technique, this grip requires regular practice in order for you to master it and get better results out on the course. Take some time each week to practice with this grip and work on perfecting it so that you can get maximum performance out of each shot you take with it.


Justin Thomas’ golf grip is one that has helped him become one of the most successful golfers in the world. He has mastered the technique of using a strong grip to hit powerful and accurate shots. By learning how to hold the club correctly, he has been able to improve his overall game. Although there is no ‘perfect’ grip for every golfer, Justin Thomas has found success with this particular method. With practice and dedication, any golfer can replicate his success by using a similar grip.

The key to replicating Justin Thomas’ golf grip is to practice regularly and experiment with different ways of holding the club until you have found what works best for you. It is important to remember that each golfer is unique and will have their own individual preferences as to how they like to hold the club. However, by using a strong grip and focusing on good fundamentals, any golfer can benefit from Justin Thomas’s approach and take their game to the next level.

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