kbs c taper lite review

KBS C-Taper Lite is an innovative offering from KBS Golf Shafts, designed to give golfers optimal feel and control. With its lightweight construction, this shaft is ideal for players wanting a lighter feel from their clubs and increased accuracy in their game. This review will discuss the features of the KBS C-Taper Lite, and how they work together to enhance your game and improve your performance.KBS C-Taper Lite is a high performance steel golf shaft designed to provide superior feel and accuracy. The C-Taper Lite features KBS’ proprietary Variable Wall Technology and Variable Step Pattern, allowing for even more precise control over the flex profile of the shaft. This provides golfers with a soft tip section, and increased stability in the mid and butt sections of the shaft. The C-Taper Lite creates a full, penetrating ball flight for improved accuracy and distance control.

KBS C-Taper Lite Benefits

KBS C-Taper Lite is a high performance golf shaft designed to provide increased accuracy and control. The unique design of the shaft helps reduce spin and promotes a straighter ball flight. The lightweight design also allows for increased club head speed, resulting in greater distance off the tee. KBS C-Taper Lite is an ideal choice for those seeking more control and accuracy, especially in windy conditions.

The KBS C-Taper Lite shaft also provides increased feel and workability. It features a slightly softer tip section than the standard KBS C-Taper shaft, which helps players get a better feel for their shots. This softer tip section also helps players shape their shots more easily, allowing them to work the ball both left and right with greater precision.

The KBS C-Taper Lite also offers improved consistency throughout the entire set of clubs. The uniformity of flex and torque allows golfers to easily transition from one club to another without having to make drastic adjustments in their swing or setup. This makes it easier for them to find a consistent tempo and groove that will help them shoot lower scores.

In addition to improved performance on the course, the KBS C-Taper Lite also provides enhanced vibration dampening technology that helps reduce vibrations at impact, making it easier on your hands and wrists during long rounds of golf. This makes it ideal for those who are prone to hand fatigue or suffer from arthritis or other joint issues.

Overall, the KBS C-Taper Lite is an excellent choice for those seeking increased accuracy, control, distance, feel, workability and consistency from their golf clubs. With its lightweight design combined with enhanced vibration dampening technology, this shaft is truly a top performer when it comes to improving your game on the course.

KBS C-Taper Lite Performance

KBS C-Taper Lite golf shafts are designed to deliver a soft feel and increased accuracy, making them an ideal choice for mid-handicap golfers. The shafts feature a lightweight design and a flexible tip section that provides exceptional control and feedback, allowing the golfer to shape shots with precision. The shafts also feature KBS’s proprietary “C-Taper” technology, which increases the clubhead speed without sacrificing accuracy. This technology also helps to reduce spin and launch angle, making it easier to hit longer shots with excellent ball flight control. Overall, the KBS C-Taper Lite provides golfers with a reliable and consistent performance that can help them take their game to the next level.

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The KBS C-Taper Lite is one of the most popular shafts on the market today, and for good reason. It has earned rave reviews from golfers of all skill levels for its soft feel, increased accuracy, and its ability to generate more clubhead speed without sacrificing shot shape or ball flight control. The shaft is extremely versatile, allowing golfers to use it in any type of club from a driver to an iron. It has been used by some of the top players on tour including Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose, who have both praised its performance in helping them find more success on the course.

In conclusion, the KBS C-Taper Lite is an excellent choice for mid-handicap golfers looking to improve their game. Its lightweight design combined with its “C-Taper” technology make it one of the most reliable and consistent performing shafts on the market today. Whether you’re looking for increased distance or improved accuracy, this shaft is sure to help you take your game to new heights.

KBS C-Taper Lite

KBS C-Taper Lite golf shafts are designed for golfers seeking a lighter, more responsive clubhead. The shafts are designed to provide the same performance as their heavier counterparts, but with a lighter overall weight and more flexibility. KBS C-Taper Lite shafts are ideal for players who want to improve their accuracy and distance but don’t want to sacrifice feel or control. Players of all skill levels can benefit from the KBS C-Taper Lite technology, as it is designed to help them hit the ball further and straighter. The lightweight design also helps reduce fatigue during the round, allowing players to maintain concentration throughout their round. KBS C-Taper Lite shafts are available in a variety of flexes and weights to suit any player’s needs.

KBS C-Taper Lite is suitable for all types of golfers, from beginners to advanced players. Beginner golfers will appreciate the lightweight design, as it allows them to swing with less effort, resulting in better accuracy and distance. Advanced players can benefit from the added control and feel provided by the KBS C-Taper Lite technology. Players looking for a light yet responsive shaft can benefit from using this type of shaft as well. The KBS C-Taper Lite technology is perfect for those who want more power and accuracy without sacrificing feel or control.

KBS C-Taper Lite Shafts

The KBS C-Taper Lite shafts offer golfers the perfect balance of power and control. The shaft has a stiff tip section, which allows for maximum power transfer and a softer midsection that ensures accuracy. The shaft is available in a range of flexes, including regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior. It also comes in different lengths and weights to suit every golfer’s individual needs. The KBS C-Taper Lite also features an anti-slip grip for improved stability during the swing. All in all, this shaft offers golfers the perfect combination of power and control to improve their game.

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KBS C-Taper Lite shafts are available with the following shafts: Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 65, Mitsubishi Diamana S+ 60, Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec, Matrix Ozik Altus Tour X-Flex 75, Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105, Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65 & 75 and UST Mamiya Recoil F5 & F4. Each of these shafts provides golfers with different levels of performance based on their individual preferences. Whether you are looking for more accuracy or more distance off each shot, there is a KBS C-Taper Lite shaft that will fit your needs.

Does KBS C-Taper Lite Require Professional Fitting?

The KBS C-Taper Lite is a steel shaft that has been designed to give golfers the best performance possible. As such, it is important to understand whether or not professional fitting is required for optimal results. The answer to this question is that while professional fitting may be beneficial, it is not absolutely necessary.

Many golfers will find that the KBS C-Taper Lite provides them with great performance even without the help of a professional club fitter. The key to getting the most out of this shaft is to make sure it matches up correctly with your swing tempo and your individual playing style. It is also important that you make sure you have the correct flex for your shots, as this can greatly affect how well you perform.

That being said, professional fitting can be extremely beneficial when it comes to optimizing your performance with the KBS C-Taper Lite shaft. A club fitter will be able to assess your swing and provide advice on which shaft flex and weight are best suited for you. This will ensure that you get optimal results when using this shaft.

In conclusion, while professional fitting may be beneficial when using the KBS C-Taper Lite steel shaft, it is not required in order to get good results from it. If you are comfortable making adjustments yourself and feel confident in your ability to choose the right flex for your swing, then you should be able to get great performance from this shaft without any additional help from a club fitter.

What Are People Saying About KBS C-Taper Lite?

KBS C-Taper Lite has been getting a lot of attention from golfers of all levels lately. With its unique design and superior performance, it’s no wonder that people are taking notice. The shaft is designed to provide a consistent feel and accuracy with every shot, while also offering a lightweight option for those who need it. Golfers have praised the shaft for its ability to help improve their overall game, with many noting that the club has helped them hit longer and straighter shots.

The shaft also provides a great balance between stiffness and flex, making it ideal for players of all skill levels. Golfers have noted that the shaft helps them maintain their control even when hitting off-center shots, and that they’re able to get more spin and distance out of their drives as well. The low torque also helps reduce vibration on impact, which can lead to better feel and accuracy. All in all, the KBS C-Taper Lite is definitely turning heads in the golf world.

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Overall, people are extremely happy with the performance of the KBS C-Taper Lite shaft. It has been praised for its consistent feel and accuracy as well as its lightweight design that is perfect for players looking to take their game to the next level. Many golfers have noted improved distance and control when using this shaft, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

Is KBS C-Taper Lite Good Value for Money?

KBS C-Taper Lite is a great choice for golfers looking for an upgrade on their current shafts. The shaft is designed to provide a consistent feel with improved accuracy and performance. It is also lighter than most other shafts, making it ideal for players who want to increase their swing speed without sacrificing control. The shaft also features KBS’s signature C-Taper technology, which helps to reduce spin and improve accuracy. With all these benefits, the KBS C-Taper Lite is an excellent value for money option that can help you take your game to the next level.

The KBS C-Taper Lite is designed with a high degree of precision and quality control, ensuring that each and every shaft is perfectly balanced and evenly weighted. This allows for improved ball flight consistency, as well as increased accuracy on both short and long shots. The lightweight design also makes it easier to swing faster without sacrificing control or accuracy. In addition, the KBS C-Taper technology helps reduce spin off the clubface, allowing you to shape your shots more precisely.

Overall, the KBS C-Taper Lite offers excellent value for money as it provides a combination of improved performance and accuracy with a lightweight design. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced golfers alike and can help you take your game to the next level. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current set or just add some extra yardage off the tee, this shaft could be just what you need!


The KBS C-Taper Lite shaft is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight and stable shaft that provides better control and accuracy. It also provides excellent distance consistency, with players able to hit the ball further with each swing. The shaft is also quite durable, making it a great choice for those who like to play often or for those who want a reliable shaft that will last through many rounds of golf. All in all, the KBS C-Taper Lite is an outstanding option for all levels of golfers looking to improve their game.

Overall, the KBS C-Taper Lite is an easy recommendation for any golfer seeking a lightweight and stable shaft with improved control and accuracy. Its stability and consistent performance make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of golfers. Whether you are new to golf or an experienced player looking to upgrade your equipment, the KBS C-Taper Lite should be on your radar.