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Kevin Streelman is an American professional golfer who currently competes on the PGA Tour. He is best known for his victory at the 2014 Travelers Championship, where he set a PGA Tour record by shooting seven consecutive birdies in the final round. He has also won three other tournaments and has two runner-up finishes on the PGA Tour. Streelman is known for his positive attitude and excellent putting ability. He is a consistent performer who has earned a reputation for delivering when it matters most.At the PGA Tour, Kevin Streelman won using a host of gear from his sponsors. He used Titleist Pro V1x golf balls, a Titleist 915D2 driver, Titleist 716 AP2 irons, and Vokey SM6 wedges. His putter was an Odyssey Versa 7, and he wore FootJoy shoes.

Driver Setup

Kevin Streelman is a professional golfer who has been playing since 2010. His setup consists of a Ping G400 driver with 10.5° loft and an Aldila Rogue White 70 shaft. He also uses a Ping Tour 65-gram shaft in his driver, which helps him get more distance and spin out of his shots. Streelman also has a custom-made Fairway Wood that he uses on some occasions when he needs to hit the ball further off the tee. The Fairway Wood has a 16° loft and is fitted with an Aldila Rogue White 75-gram shaft. Streelman is known to be very particular about his setup and he takes the time to ensure that every part of it works together to maximize his performance on the course.

In addition to his driver and fairway wood, Streelman also uses a variety of irons to complete his bag. He carries three different iron sets, including the Ping i500 irons, Titleist 718 AP2 irons, and Ping i200 irons. All of these sets are fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts in both stiff and regular flexes depending on the shot he needs to hit. Streelman is always looking for ways to improve his game, so he often tests out different clubs in order to find what works best for him.

Finally, Streelman rounds out his golf bag with two different wedges: one from Titleist (Vokey SM8) and one from TaylorMade (Milled Grind). Both wedges feature custom grinds that are designed specifically for the type of shots Streelman typically finds himself hitting on the course. He also carries a putter from TaylorMade (Spider X) which features an adjustable weighting system that allows him to adjust the feel of the putter as needed throughout the round.

Kevin Streelman’s Irons in His Bag

Kevin Streelman is one of the most consistent golfers in the PGA Tour. He is known for his precision and accuracy with his irons, and his bag of clubs helps him achieve those results. Currently, Kevin Streelman plays with a combination of Callaway irons, which include the Apex Pro 19, Apex 19, Apex CF 16, Steelhead XR Pro 14, and Steelhead XR Pro 12.

The Apex Pro 19 is a forged distance iron that has a low-profile design and an ultra-thin face. It also features tungsten weighting in the toe to increase forgiveness and accuracy. The Apex 19 is an updated version of the original Apex iron that comes with a slightly wider sole for improved turf interaction.

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The Apex CF 16 irons feature an updated version of Callaway’s cup face technology for increased ball speed and distance. They are designed to be more forgiving than traditional long irons while still providing great accuracy from the fairway.

The Steelhead XR Pro 14 and Steelhead XR Pro 12 are both game-improvement irons with hollow bodies that increase ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits. They also feature a lower center of gravity for higher launch angles and added control around the greens.

Overall, Kevin Streelman’s bag of clubs has been carefully chosen to help him achieve success on the PGA Tour. His combination of Callaway irons allows him to take advantage of some of the latest technologies while still maintaining control over his shots from any distance on the course.

What Golf Ball Does Kevin Streelman Play?

Kevin Streelman is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He is known for his consistent play and his ability to hit the ball a long way. As for the golf ball he uses, Kevin Streelman plays the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball. This ball provides a great combination of distance, spin control, and accuracy that helps Kevin stay in contention each week on the tour. The Pro V1x also features an improved core and cover formulation that helps it perform better in windy conditions. With its increased spin control, Kevin is able to make more precise shots around the green and improve his scoring average. He also likes how soft this ball feels off of his driver and irons which helps him increase his distance off of the tee and hit longer iron shots into greens.

Overall, Kevin Streelman has found great success playing with the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball and it has become one of his go-to balls when he goes out on the course.

Kevin Streelman’s Wedges and Putter Setup

Kevin Streelman is one of the most successful golfers on tour today. He has won seven professional tournaments and is currently ranked 20th in the world. One of the key components to his success on the course has been his wedge and putter setup. Streelman has been known to use a variety of different wedges, ranging from 54-degree lob wedges to 60-degree sand wedges. He also uses a variety of putters, from mallet-style to blade-style models.

Streelman’s wedges are designed to give him maximum distance control and spin around the greens, allowing him to attack pins with accuracy. He plays Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges in four distinct lofts – 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees – giving him plenty of options for every shot he faces around the green. The grooves on these clubs provide spin for shots out of bunkers or rough, while their soft steel construction offers a great feel when striking shots.

Streelman’s putter is likewise tailored for maximum performance on the greens. He uses a Scotty Cameron Tour Rat 2 model that features a heel-toe weighted blade design for improved stability and accuracy through impact. The clubhead itself features an aluminum face insert for added feel and feedback, as well as an adjustable sole plate that can be set up for any type of putting stroke or style preference.

Overall, Kevin Streelman’s wedge and putter setup are designed to give him all the tools he needs to succeed out on the course. With this combination of performance clubs in his bag, it’s no wonder why he’s had so much success at such a high level over his career!

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Kevin Streelman Training and Practice

Kevin Streelman is a professional golfer who has achieved great success on the PGA Tour. He is known for his hard work and dedication to practice, which have helped him to become one of the top golfers in the world. As a result, many aspiring golfers want to know how Kevin Streelman trains and practices.

Streelman often starts his practice sessions with some stretching exercises to make sure he is loose and limber. After this warm-up, he does drills to work on his swing mechanics, such as hitting balls off a tee or using an alignment stick. He also works on his short game by hitting shots from different distances and angles around the green.

Streelman also focuses on his mental game during practice sessions. He spends time visualizing successful shots and putting himself in different scenarios so that he can better prepare for tournaments. He also uses visualization techniques to help him stay focused on a shot when playing competitively.

In addition to these traditional practice methods, Streelman also incorporates other elements into his training routine to stay at the top of his game. He works with a nutritionist and fitness coach to make sure he is eating properly and staying in shape. He also spends time in the gym doing strength training exercises that will help him generate more power off the tee and maximize his potential in every shot.

By combining all these elements of training into one comprehensive approach, Kevin Streelman has been able to achieve great success on the PGA Tour. His dedication to practice has helped him become one of the best golfers in the world, something many aspiring golfers can learn from.

Kevin Streelman’s Short Game

Kevin Streelman is one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour, and his short game is a big part of that success. Streelman is an aggressive player who relies heavily on his wedge play and aggressive putting to get up and down around the green. He has an excellent touch around the green and is very confident in his ability to get up and down from any situation.

Streelman often employs a bump-and-run approach with his wedges when faced with shorter shots around the green. He will play a low shot that runs out toward the hole instead of flying it right at the pin, allowing for more control over distance and spin. This approach also allows him to better manage any trouble around the pin, such as bunkers or other hazards.

When faced with longer shots from off the green, Streelman will use a high lofted club such as a lob wedge or sand wedge in order to generate more backspin and control over distance. This enables him to get close enough to the hole where he can comfortably make his putts without fear of running too far past.

Streelman also takes great care in evaluating every situation before taking his shot, making sure he takes into account all possible variables such as wind direction, slope of the green, etc. This ensures that he can accurately calculate how far he needs to hit each shot in order to maximize his chances of getting up and down for par or better.

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Overall, Kevin Streelman’s short game is one of his greatest strengths on tour, allowing him to remain one of the most consistent players year after year. His ability to read greens quickly and accurately combined with a well-executed short game gives him an edge over most other players on tour when faced with tricky situations around the green.

Keep Moving Forward

Kevin Streelman’s best advice for success in life is to keep moving forward. He believes that no matter how tough things get, continuing to put one foot in front of the other will eventually bring you closer to your goals. He encourages people to never give up, no matter how difficult a situation may seem. Even if it takes more time and effort than initially expected, he believes that eventually progress will be made. This is especially important when it comes to big dreams and ambitions, as he believes that it is only through consistent effort and dedication that these can be achieved.

Stay Positive

A key part of Kevin Streelman’s advice for success is to stay positive no matter what comes your way. He understands that life can often present us with challenges, but he encourages people to maintain their optimism and look for the good in every situation. He also emphasizes the importance of staying focused on your goals and not getting distracted by negative thoughts or emotions. Staying positive will help you stay motivated and driven throughout tough times and ultimately help you achieve success.

Be Authentic

Another piece of advice from Kevin Streelman is to always be authentic with yourself and others. He believes that being true to yourself is essential for achieving long-term success as it allows you to stay true to your values and beliefs while still understanding the importance of adapting when necessary. Additionally, he encourages others to embrace their individual strengths and weaknesses rather than trying to conform or fit into what society deems acceptable or desirable.

Help Others

Finally, Kevin Streelman advocates for helping others in order to find fulfillment in life. He feels that contributing positively towards those around you will ultimately lead to greater satisfaction than any material gain ever could. Whether it is through volunteering your time or simply being kinder towards others, he believes that taking the time out of our lives for those less fortunate can make a huge difference both personally and professionally.


Kevin Streelman has had a long and successful golfing career and is one of the most reliable players on the PGA Tour. He has won seven PGA Tour events, earned numerous top-10 finishes, and has consistently ranked inside the top 80 players in the world rankings. His ability to stay calm under pressure and his versatility with different clubs have made him an important part of the tour, and his legacy as one of the best golfers of his generation will live on for years to come. He will continue to be a force on tour for years to come, and there is no telling how many more wins he will add to his record.

Kevin Streelman is an inspiration to all aspiring golfers and has demonstrated that hard work, dedication, and never giving up are all essential components of success in this game. He has been able to stay at the top of the game for so long despite going through many highs and lows in his career. With that being said, it is clear that Kevin Streelman is a great role model for aspiring professional golfers everywhere.