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Lamkin Smart Grips are the latest innovation in the golf grip world. They are designed to be incredibly comfortable and provide an enhanced level of control for your golf game. The unique material used in the construction of these grips is engineered to improve your overall grip feel while providing superior cushioning and vibration dampening. The combination of these features makes them perfect for improving your game and delivering an exceptional performance on the course. Lamkin Smart Grips are also available in a variety of colors, so you can customize your clubs to fit your style and flair.Lamkin’s Smart Golf Grips are designed to provide golfers with a better feel and performance. Featuring advanced technologies, these grips help to reduce vibration and improve grip stability. With their unique combination of materials, the Smart Golf Grips provide superior traction and feedback to help golfers achieve a more consistent and powerful swing. With their enhanced comfort and improved control, Lamkin’s Smart Golf Grips offer golfers the ultimate in performance.

Premium Comfort and Feel

Lamkin Smart Grips provide excellent comfort and feel with their unique design. The grip features advanced technology which ensures that the grip is soft and not too hard on the hands, while still providing optimum performance. The textures of the Smart Grips also help in providing superior traction for better performance on the golf course. The cushioning provided by the grips helps to reduce vibration, thus improving your control over the club.

Consistent Performance

The design of the Lamkin Smart Grips provides consistent performance in all conditions. The grip is designed to maintain its shape and size even after extensive use, thus providing consistent performance throughout your golf round. The grip also features a micro-textured surface which helps to provide additional grip on wet and slippery surfaces.


The Lamkin Smart Grip is made from high-quality materials which ensure that it lasts for a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear. This makes it ideal for use in all kinds of weather conditions as it will not lose its shape or size due to extreme temperatures or humidity. Furthermore, the rubber material used to make these grips is resistant to UV damage, ensuring that your clubs stay looking newer longer.


The Lamkin Smart Grip is designed to be used with a variety of clubs, making it ideal for use by golfers of all skill levels. It is available in both standard and midsize sizes, allowing you to choose a grip size that fits your hand perfectly. Additionally, this grip can be used on both right handed and left handed clubs without any issues.

In conclusion, Lamkin Smart Grips offer premium comfort and feel with consistent performance throughout your round of golf thanks to their unique design features. They are also highly durable and versatile making them suitable for use with a variety of clubs by golfers of all skill levels.

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Installing Lamkin Smart Grips

Installing Lamkin Smart Grips is an easy process that can be completed in a few simple steps. To begin, you will need to remove the existing grip from the golf club. This can be done by using a grip removal tool or by hand. Once the grip has been removed, clean off any residue or dirt from the shaft of the club and make sure it is dry before proceeding.

Next, you will need to apply double-sided tape to the shaft of the golf club. This tape will help hold the grip in place while it is being installed. Once this step is complete, take the new Lamkin Smart Grip and slide it on to the shaft of the club until it is flush with the end of the shaft.

Finally, use a rubber mallet or a soft hammer to secure the grip in place on the shaft of the club. Be sure to tap lightly and evenly around all sides of grip so that it is properly secured onto the shaft. After this step has been completed, your new Lamkin Smart Grip should be ready for use!

Multi-Texture Design

The Lamkin Smart Grips feature a multi-texture design that provides superior grip and feel. The unique texture pattern helps to reduce grip pressure and improve clubhead speed, allowing for improved accuracy and distance. The design also ensures that the grip fits comfortably in your hands, providing an optimal level of comfort to help boost your performance.

Enhanced Durability

The Lamkin Smart Grips are designed with enhanced durability for long lasting performance. The grips are constructed with a soft material that absorbs vibration and shock, ensuring maximum comfort during each swing. The multi-layer construction provides added durability and helps to protect against wear and tear over time.

Easy Installation

The Lamkin Smart Grips are easy to install for quick and hassle-free setup. The grips come pre-cut to fit most standard size clubs, making it easy to replace worn grips without the need for professional installation or tools. With just a few simple steps, you can have a new set of grips installed in no time.

Smart Core Technology

The Lamkin Smart Grips also feature Smart Core Technology, which helps to improve ball flight trajectory by providing more control over spin rate and launch angle. This technology helps optimize shot shape for improved accuracy and distance off the tee or fairway, giving you more confidence on each shot.

Advantages of Using Lamkin Smart Grips

One of the biggest advantages of using Lamkin Smart Grips is that they are designed to provide superior comfort and control. The ergonomic shape and soft feel of the grips make them comfortable to hold, while the textured pattern allows for better grip and control when swinging. These grips also feature a non-slip surface that keeps your hands stable during your swing, reducing the chances of slipping or losing your grip.

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The lightweight construction of Lamkin Smart Grips also makes them easy to install and remove, providing a quick and easy way to upgrade your golf clubs. The addition of these grips can help improve the performance of your clubs, allowing you to hit longer and more accurate shots.

Lamkin Smart Grips are also designed with durability in mind. The durable rubber material used in their construction ensures that they will last through regular use on the course. Additionally, these grips are resistant to dirt and grime, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning them after every round.

Finally, one of the key advantages of using Lamkin Smart Grips is their affordability. They are available at an affordable price point, making it easy for golfers on any budget to upgrade their clubs with quality grips that will help enhance their game.

Comparison between Standard and Lamkin Smart Grips

Golfers always strive to improve their game, and one of the most important pieces of equipment are the golf grips. Standard grips are commonly made of rubber or synthetic materials, while Lamkin Smart Grips offer a unique option with their advanced technology. Both types of grips have different advantages and considerations that a golfer should take into account when selecting the right grip for their game.

Standard grips offer many benefits in terms of durability, affordability, and customization. They can be easily replaced without having to buy new clubs and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to fit any golfer’s style. They also provide excellent traction and cushioning for better club control. However, standard grips often require frequent replacement as they often wear out quickly due to weather conditions or heavy use.

Lamkin Smart Grips provide a more advanced solution to golfers looking for improved performance. The unique design features an internal micro-sensor that is designed to measure a golfer’s hand pressure during each swing. This data can then be used to adjust the grip accordingly for better club control and accuracy. Additionally, Lamkin Smart Grips are constructed using advanced materials that are designed for maximum durability in all weather conditions so they do not require frequent replacement like standard grips do.

When it comes to selecting the right golf grip for your game, both standard and Lamkin Smart Grips offer advantages that golfers should consider carefully. Standard grips are typically more affordable and customizable but may require frequent replacement due to wear and tear from weather conditions or heavy use. Meanwhile, Lamkin Smart Grips offer an innovative solution with their micro-sensor technology designed to measure hand pressure during each swing for improved accuracy and control as well as durable construction for maximum longevity.

Cost of Lamkin Smart Grips

The cost of Lamkin Smart Grips is determined by the type of grip that is chosen. Standard models are available at a range of prices, from the basic model to the advanced model. The more advanced models offer superior performance and will cost more than the basic model. Generally, the cost for a set of four grips can range from around $50 for a basic model to around $100 for an advanced model.

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The type of material used in the construction of Lamkin Smart Grips also affects the cost. High quality materials such as rubber and synthetic materials are more expensive than lower quality materials, such as plastic and nylon. Higher quality grips will also last longer, making them a better investment in the long run.

The size and shape of the grip also affects its cost. Larger, more ergonomic grips may be more expensive than smaller models with less ergonomic features. The style and color may also affect price, as some styles are more expensive than others due to their unique design or color selection.

Finally, if customization is desired, then this will add to the overall cost of Lamkin Smart Grips. Customized grips can include personalized logos or designs which add an extra level of personalization to your set up. Customization can range from minor alterations to major changes in both shape and design, depending on what you desire for your golf game.

Materials Used in Making Lamkin Smart Grips

Lamkin Smart grips are designed to provide superior feel, control and performance for golfers of all abilities. The material used in making Lamkin Smart grips is highly advanced and engineered to deliver a consistent feel and enhanced performance for every golfer. The materials used include a special blend of rubber compounds, high-performance polymers, and a unique texturing pattern that helps to increase the golfer’s grip on the club during swings.

The rubber blend is specifically designed to provide excellent grip while still being soft enough to absorb shock from hard swings. This helps to reduce vibration in the hands during impact, giving the golfer better control over their shots. The high-performance polymers help to increase the durability of the grip while still providing a comfortable feel. Lastly, the unique texturing pattern helps golfers maintain their grip on the club during even their most intense swings.

The combination of these materials help make Lamkin Smart grips one of the most popular grips on the market today. They are designed for superior performance and feel, giving golfers of all skill levels an edge on their game. With advanced materials and design, Lamkin Smart grips offer golfers an improved experience that will last round after round.


Lamkin Smart Grips offer a great solution for golfers looking for a high-performance grip that offers all-weather performance and improved clubhead feel. The combination of the Smart Core Technology and the Tri-Layer Technology makes this grip one of the most advanced on the market today. The combination of these two technologies provides golfers with superior control, accuracy, and feel while playing in any type of weather condition. The Smart Grip is available in a range of colors and sizes so that golfers can find the perfect grip for their game. With its lightweight construction, superior tackiness, and long-lasting durability, the Lamkin Smart Grip is an essential piece of equipment for any serious golfer.

Overall, the Lamkin Smart Grip is one of the most advanced grips available on the market today. Its combination of Smart Core Technology and Tri-Layer Technology provides superior control, accuracy, and feel while offering excellent all-weather performance. With its lightweight construction, superior tackiness, and long-lasting durability, this grip is an essential piece of equipment for any serious golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

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