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Leona Maguire is a professional golfer from Ireland, and she is currently in a relationship with her long-term partner, Shane Lowry. The couple have been together since 2016, and they have been supportive of each other’s successes in their respective sports. Shane is also an Irish professional golfer and has enjoyed success on the European tour. Together, they make a formidable team, both on and off the golf course.Leona Maguire is an Irish professional golfer. She was born on 1 May 1995 and is currently playing on the Ladies European Tour. She has won six professional tournaments, including two major championships. She was the recipient of the 2019 Mark H. McCormack Medal, awarded to the world’s leading amateur golfer. In 2020, she became the first Irish player to qualify for an LPGA tour event.

Leona Maguire’s Professional Accomplishments

Leona Maguire is an accomplished professional golfer from Ireland. She has achieved numerous accolades in her career, including winning the 2017 NCAA individual championship and being the first Irishwoman to join the LPGA Tour in 2018. She also won the Ladies European Tour’s Order of Merit in 2019 and was named a member of the European Solheim Cup team that same year. Additionally, she has been awarded with several recognitions from the Golfing Union of Ireland, including the 2017 Player of the Year award and 2020 Golfer of the Year award.

Maguire has also represented Ireland on an international level in many competitions, including two World Amateur Team Championships, two European Ladies’ Team Championships, four Curtis Cups and three Women’s British Opens. In addition to her competitive success, she has also made a name for herself by appearing in various media outlets such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian and Forbes Magazine. She continues to be a role model for aspiring female golfers around the world.

Leona Maguire’s Partner

Leona Maguire is an Irish professional golfer who is currently playing on the LPGA Tour. She has achieved a great amount of success in her career, winning multiple tournaments and becoming one of the top golfers in the world. But there is one thing that not many people know about Leona: she has a partner.

Leona’s partner is fellow professional golfer Gavin Moynihan. The two met at the University of North Carolina, where Leona was attending on a golf scholarship and Gavin was studying business. The couple have been together since then and have become an integral part of each other’s lives.

Gavin is also a professional golfer, having competed on various tours around the world including the European Tour and Challenge Tour. He has enjoyed great success on these tours, winning multiple tournaments and becoming a very successful professional golfer in his own right.

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In addition to their love for golf, Leona and Gavin share a passion for travel as well. They often travel together to different parts of the world to explore new places and cultures. They also enjoy spending time with family and friends back home in Ireland when they are not playing golf or traveling abroad.

Leona and Gavin are both extremely committed to their careers as professional golfers, but they also make sure to make time for each other whenever possible. Their relationship shows that it is possible to pursue your dreams while still maintaining a strong relationship with your significant other.

Leona Maguire’s Partner

Leona Maguire is an Irish professional golfer who is currently playing on the LPGA Tour. She has been the number one amateur golfer in the world for much of her career. Maguire has won multiple awards and accolades, including being named the 2019 ANNIKA Award recipient for excellence in academics and athletics. She is also a two-time All-American and two-time winner of the Golfweek/Sagarin Women’s College Player of the Year award.

Maguire has been in a relationship with her partner, Matthew O’Hara, since 2017. O’Hara is a professional soccer player who has played for several teams in Ireland since 2013. The couple often posts pictures of themselves spending time together on their respective social media accounts. They frequently travel to each other’s sporting events to show support and encouragement. The two are passionate about their respective sports and have a strong bond through their shared love of athletics.

In addition to supporting one another’s athletic endeavors, Maguire and O’Hara are active philanthropists as well. They both volunteer at local charities in their spare time and frequently participate in fundraising events to benefit those causes they are passionate about. Whether it’s on or off the field, Leona Maguire and Matthew O’Hara make an inspiring couple that proves that when two people come together with a common goal, great things can happen.

How Did Leona Maguire Meet Her Partner?

Leona Maguire, an Irish professional golfer, met her partner through a mutual friend in 2016. The two were introduced by a friend who knew both of them and thought that they would be perfect for each other. After meeting each other and spending some time together, the couple began dating and eventually moved in together.

Since then, the couple has been inseparable and have been spotted out and about in their hometown of Derry. They have also traveled to different countries together, including the United States, where they attended the 2017 Solheim Cup. In 2018, Leona proposed to her partner at the Solheim Cup which took place in Scotland that year.

The couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in August 2019 and have since enjoyed time together away from the course. They are also very active on social media, often sharing pictures of their travels or just spending quality time together.

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Overall, Leona Maguire met her partner through a mutual friend back in 2016 and they have been inseparable ever since then. They have enjoyed their time together both on and off the course, as well as traveling to different countries together which has made their relationship even stronger.

What is the Relationship Between Leona Maguire and Her Partner?

Leona Maguire is an Irish professional golfer who has been competing on the Ladies European Tour since 2017. She’s currently partnered with her long-time boyfriend, Cormac Sharvin, a professional golfer from Northern Ireland. The couple have been together since 2014 and have supported each other through their respective professional golfing careers.

The couple often travel together to compete in tournaments and provide support for one another during their competitions. They also train together in the off-season, helping each other to stay fit and motivated for their upcoming tournaments. Leona and Cormac are known to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders and are always there to offer support when needed.

Their relationship has grown over the years and they have become even more supportive of each other as they both strive to reach their peak performance on the golf course. They often use their experiences on the golf course to help motivate one another, which has been beneficial in helping them stay focused during tournaments.

Overall, it is clear that Leona Maguire and Cormac Sharvin share a very strong bond and supportive relationship that has helped them both reach new heights in their respective golfing careers. As they continue working hard towards achieving their goals, it’s likely that this relationship will only continue to grow stronger with time.

What Does Leona Maguire’s Partner Do Professionally?

Leona Maguire, the professional golfer from Ireland, is currently in a relationship with her long-term partner, Paddy Rodgers. Paddy Rodgers is originally from Scotland and works as a professional sports agent for several golfers and other athletes.

He has worked with some of the biggest names in golf, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. His job is to negotiate contracts on behalf of his clients, manage their endorsements, and maximize the opportunities available to them. He also works closely with sponsors to help them secure the best deals for their clients.

Paddy Rodgers has been working in the industry for many years now and has acquired an extensive network of contacts within the golfing community. This makes him an invaluable asset to his clients as he can open up doors to new opportunities that may otherwise have been unavailable to them. He also offers advice on how best to use these opportunities in order to further their careers.

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Paddy Rodgers has established himself as one of the most successful sports agents in the business and his work with Leona Maguire is testament to this. She credits him with helping her become one of the best players in women’s golf, which she undoubtedly is today.

Leona Maguire and Her Partner

Leona Maguire is an Irish professional golfer who has won several championships in her career. She is currently partnered with fellow professional golfer, David Higgins. Together, they have won a total of eight tournaments. Some of their most notable wins include the 2019 Irish Open, the 2018 ISPS Handa World Invitational Women’s and the 2017 Ladies European Tour Order of Merit Championship.

Some interesting facts about Leona and David’s relationship include that they first met when David caddied for Leona during a professional golf tournament. They later became close friends and started dating in 2016. Their partnership has been incredibly successful over the years with many wins under their belt.

In addition to their professional accomplishments, Leona Maguire and David Higgins are also known for their charitable work. They have donated to various organizations including UNICEF Ireland and The Peter McVerry Trust. They also regularly contribute to educational initiatives aimed at helping young golfers around the world reach their full potential.

Leona Maguire and David Higgins are an inspiration to many couples out there who strive to achieve success both professionally and personally. With hard work, dedication, and support from one another they have become one of the most successful couples in golf history.


Leona Maguire’s partner has been a major part of her journey to success. From her early days of competing against her brother to her professional career, his continued support and guidance has been invaluable. He has provided the resources and advice that she needed to be able to reach the heights of professional golf. His belief in Leona’s ability, as well as his own experience in the game, have enabled her to achieve so much in such a short period of time.

Leona’s partner has been an integral part of her story and is undoubtedly an important part of her ongoing success. His presence on the golf course and behind the scenes is a testament to their relationship and how far they have come together. We congratulate them both on their achievements and wish them all the best for a successful future together.

We believe that Leona’s partnership with her partner is an example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication, regardless of the odds stacked against you or those around you who may not believe in your potential. We also hope that it serves as an inspiration for others who are looking for someone to believe in them and be there when they need it most.

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