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m grind vs s grind vokey

The Vokey SM6 and MG2 wedges offer golfers two distinct grinds for different types of shots and playing conditions. The SM6 is the more versatile of the two, with a more traditional sole grind that is designed to perform well from a variety of lies. The MG2, on the other hand, has a more aggressive sole which provides increased playability from firmer and shallower lies. Both wedges offer excellent feel and control, allowing golfers to tailor their game to their preferences and conditions.M Grind and S Grind Vokey wedges are both designed with a slightly rounded leading edge, but the M Grind has a slightly more rounded sole and is best suited for full-swing shots, while the S Grind is flatter and better for shots around the green. Both models feature an increased bounce angle to help shots stay on their intended line. The M Grind is more versatile, offering a higher degree of forgiveness with its forgiving sole, while the S Grind offers more control due to its flatter sole.

Difference Between M and S Grind Vokey Wedges

The main difference between M and S grind Vokey wedges lies in the sole grinds that are used to shape the club. The M grind is a little wider than the S grind to help players generate more spin. It also has more heel relief, which allows for greater versatility around the greens. The M grind is ideal for players with shallower attack angles or who play in soft turf conditions, as it provides extra bounce to help with shot making. On the other hand, the S grind is narrower than the M grind and is better suited for players with steeper attack angles or who play in firmer turf conditions. It has less bounce than the M grind, making it better at cutting through thick grass and providing a consistent shot shape.

Advantages of M Grind Vokey Wedges

The Vokey M Grind wedges offer a variety of advantages for golfers looking to improve their short game. The unique design of the sole of the club helps to provide more consistent contact with the ball and increases spin on shots from tight lies or from sand. The sole is also designed to reduce the likelihood of digging into the ground, which can lead to fat shots or mis-hit shots. The wider sole also helps to increase stability and accuracy on full shots. Additionally, the grooves on the face are designed for maximum spin control and shot shaping ability, helping golfers dial in their preferred trajectory. Furthermore, a variety of bounce angles are available depending on the loft and grind chosen, allowing golfers to customize their set up for different turf and playing conditions. All together, these features make Vokey M Grind wedges an excellent choice for any golfer looking to refine their short game play.

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Advantages of S Grind Vokey Wedges

Vokey wedges are one of the most popular types of golf clubs in the market today. The S Grind Vokey wedges offer a number of advantages to golfers looking for a club that will help them improve their game. The “S” grind is designed by master craftsman Bob Vokey and offers a versatile sole design for playing from different lies and conditions.

The design of the S Grind Vokey wedges allows for maximum spin and control when playing from tight lies or out of the sand. The leading edge is slightly rounded, making it easier to play shots from tight turf or deep bunkers. The trailing edge is also slightly angled, which helps keep the clubhead square at impact, providing more control over trajectory and spin rates.

The sole width on the S Grind Vokey Wedges is also designed to help players hit more consistent shots with greater accuracy. With a wider sole than some other wedges, it allows players to open up their stance and get closer to the ball without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. This wider sole also provides added stability when playing from off-center lies, allowing for better contact with less effort, resulting in improved results on approach shots.

The bounce angle on these wedges is also very precise, allowing golfers to choose between different levels of bounce depending on their preference and playing style. This allows golfers to pick the right wedge for any course condition they may encounter during a round, ensuring they have the best possible tool for any shot they face during their round.

Overall, S Grind Vokey Wedges provide excellent performance and playability for all levels of golfers. With its precise design and versatile sole width, these wedges offer maximum spin control and accuracy when playing from any lie or condition on the course. With its custom bounce angles and reliable performance in all types of weather conditions, these wedges are sure to help improve your game no matter what your skill level may be.

Suitable Course Conditions for M and S Grind Vokey Wedges

The M Grind and S Grind Vokey wedges from Titleist are designed for various course conditions. The M Grind wedge is designed for firmer course conditions, while the S Grind wedge is designed for softer course conditions. The M Grind wedge has a full sole and a moderate camber, allowing it to offer excellent versatility and control from a variety of lies and turf conditions. This makes it ideal for a wide range of courses, including firm fairways, hardpan lies and tight lies around the green.

The S Grind wedge has a lower sole with a moderately wide camber, allowing it to offer exceptional versatility and control when playing in softer turf conditions. This makes it ideal for courses with thick rough or deep bunkers as well as soft fairway lies. It can also be used around the green on tight lies or deep bunkers to help ensure consistent ball contact and spin control.

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Both M and S Grind wedges are designed to provide maximum playability in various course conditions, allowing golfers to choose the right club for their game in any situation. With the right combination of grinds and lofts, golfers can tailor their wedges to their own game and style of play, ensuring they have the perfect club to conquer any course condition or situation on the golf course.

Selecting the Right M or S Grind Vokey Wedge

The Vokey Wedge range offers golfers a great selection of wedges with different grinds, bounce angles and other features. The M and S grinds are particularly popular among golfers of all levels for their versatility and ease of use. But which one is right for you?

The M grind is best suited for players with a shallower angle of attack. This type of golfer has a tendency to hit the ball more on the upswing, resulting in more spin and control. The M grind also offers a slightly higher bounce angle, making it easier to play shots from tight lies or soft turf.

The S grind is designed for players with a steeper angle of attack who tend to hit the ball more on the downswing. This type of golfer will benefit from the lower bounce angle, which helps them to make crisp contact with the ball even in deeper turf or when faced with tight lies. Additionally, the S grind provides maximum shot-making versatility, allowing golfers to shape their shots easily and precisely.

When selecting the right M or S grind Vokey wedge for your game, take into account your swing style, course conditions and playing preferences. If you can match those three elements up with your wedge choice, then you should have no problem finding the perfect fit for your game.

Bounce Variations in M and S Grinding Vokey Wedges

Vokey wedges are some of the most sought-after golf clubs on the market, thanks to their superior performance. They come in two distinct grinds – M and S Grinding. The difference between them lies in the bounce angle, which determines how much a wedge will allow the ball to roll or dig after it is hit. M Grinding wedges have more bounce, allowing for more forgiveness on off-center hits and better control of spin when playing from tight lies. S Grinding wedges, on the other hand, have less bounce and are better suited for wet conditions and firmer lies. With both grinds available, golfers can tailor their wedge selection to fit their individual playing style.

No matter which grind you choose, Vokey wedges offer unparalleled performance and reliability on the course. Through extensive research and development, Titleist has been able to create a wedge that offers consistency across all lie angles, playing conditions, and shot types. Whether you’re hitting a high-drawing pitch shot or a low-spinning flop shot, you can trust your Vokey wedge to perform as expected every time. With its unique bounce variations available in both M and S grinds, Vokey wedges provide players with maximum versatility in their short game setup.

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Helping a Player Decide Between M and S Grinding Vokey Wedges

When it comes to grinding Vokey wedges, there are two options: M and S grinding. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In order to help you make the best decision, here are some things to consider when deciding between M and S grinding.

The first thing to consider is your skill level. If you’re a beginner or intermediate golfer, then M grinding might be the better option for you. It provides more spin control and is easier to control than S grinding. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced golfer with a lot of experience playing the game, then S grinding might be the better choice for you. It offers more spin, which can help you gain more distance off the tee or on approach shots.

Another factor to consider is your style of play. If you prefer an aggressive style of play with lots of spin, then S grinding could be a good option for you since it offers more spin than M grinding. On the other hand, if you prefer a more controlled approach with less spin, then M grinding could be a better choice for you since it provides more control with less spin.

Finally, consider your budget when deciding between M and S grinding Vokey wedges. Both options are available in different price ranges depending on the model and manufacturer that you choose. Generally speaking, S grinds tend to cost more than M grinds due to their higher spin potential and added control features that come with them. So if budget is an issue for you, then an M grind could be a better option since it will cost less than an S grind while still providing great performance on the course.

Ultimately, choosing between M and S grinding Vokey wedges comes down to personal preference and skill level as well as budget considerations. If you take all these factors into account when making your decision, then you should be able to find the perfect wedge for your game!


Both the M Grind and S Grind Vokey wedges offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, making them both suitable for different types of golfers. The main difference between the two is that the M Grind offers a higher degree of bounce, allowing for more versatility in shots around the green. For players who struggle to get out of difficult lies or tight bunkers, this can be a major boon. On the other hand, the S Grind has less bounce, allowing for more precision when playing delicate bunker shots and flop shots.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual golfer to determine which wedge will work best for them based on their game and playing style. Both wedges offer great performance and quality from one of the most renowned wedge manufacturers in golf.

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