m2 tour 3 wood

The M2 Tour 3 Wood is a premium golf club designed to give golfers a powerful and forgiving performance from the tee, fairway, or rough. Featuring an innovative open-channel Speed Pocket, the M2 Tour 3 Wood provides maximum ball speed and forgiveness across the entire face. Additionally, its adjustable-length hosel allows for fine-tuning of launch conditions to find the ideal trajectory and spin rate for any shot. With superior technology and playability, the M2 Tour 3 Wood is a great choice for all levels of golfers.The M2 Tour 3 Wood is an incredibly versatile golf club that provides a variety of benefits to golfers. Its shallow face design provides an increased launch angle and lower spin rate for more distance off the tee. The lightweight construction also makes it easier to swing than a traditional 3 wood, allowing for greater control and accuracy. Additionally, the low and deep center of gravity helps golfers get the ball airborne quickly with a more penetrating ball flight trajectory, resulting in increased distance and accuracy from the fairway. The M2 Tour 3 Wood is perfect for golfers looking for extra distance off the tee and improved accuracy from the fairway.

Launch Angle and Trajectory

The M2 Tour 3 Wood has a low-profile design that provides a lower, more penetrating launch angle and trajectory. This allows for more control over your shots, as well as a better feel and increased accuracy. The low-profile design also reduces spin on your shots, resulting in longer drives with more distance off the tee.

High MOI Design

The M2 Tour 3 Wood features a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) design which increases the club’s forgiveness on off-center hits. The increased MOI delivers higher ball speeds across the face of the club for greater distance and accuracy on mis-hits. The high MOI also creates a higher launch angle which helps to get your shots airborne quickly and easily.

Speed Pocket Technology

The M2 Tour 3 Wood features Speed Pocket technology which helps to increase ball speed across the entire face of the club for greater distance and accuracy on mis-hits. The Speed Pocket is designed to be flexible at impact, allowing for more energy transfer from the clubface to the ball at impact for greater distance.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood is adjustable, allowing you to customize your settings to match your swing style and maximize performance. The loft can be adjusted up or down by up to two degrees, while the lie angle can be adjusted up or down by up to three degrees. This adjustability makes it easier to dial in your settings for optimal performance on each shot.

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The M2 Tour 3 Wood has a loft of 15 degrees and is designed for players looking for maximum distance off the tee. The low loft helps to reduce spin and launch the ball higher with less effort. It also helps to keep the ball from ballooning in the wind.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood comes equipped with an Aldila Rogue Max 65 shaft, which is designed to provide players with increased control and accuracy off the tee. The shaft is lightweight and made from premium materials, ensuring optimal performance. The flex of the shaft also helps to reduce spin and launch the ball higher without any additional effort.

Head Design

The M2 Tour 3 Wood features a deep face design, which helps generate more power and distance off the tee. It also has a larger sweet spot that provides more forgiveness on off-center shots, allowing players to hit more fairways than ever before. Additionally, the head shape is designed to reduce drag for an improved overall feel throughout your swing.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip that provides excellent feel and control while swinging. The oversized grip helps to minimize wrist movement during your swing for improved accuracy and consistency off the tee.

Advantages of M2 Tour 3 Wood

The M2 Tour 3 Wood offers a range of advantages for golfers looking to improve their game. Firstly, the larger clubhead provides an increased moment of inertia (MOI) which is beneficial for greater clubhead stability and increased forgiveness. This increases accuracy off the tee, allowing golfers to hit their targets more consistently. Secondly, the extended club length optimizes launch conditions for increased carry distances and improved accuracy on longer shots. Additionally, the low spin rate ensures that shots fly straighter and further with less power required from the golfer. Finally, the compact shape of the clubhead allows golfers to make a more efficient swing, resulting in a smoother transition from backswing to downswing for improved control over their shots.

Overall, the M2 Tour 3 Wood is an excellent choice for players wanting to take advantage of modern technology to improve their game. It offers greater forgiveness and accuracy than many other woods on the market, making it ideal for golfers looking to shoot lower scores on the course.

Pros of M2 Tour 3 Wood

The M2 Tour 3 Wood is a great choice for golfers looking for a new club that provides distance and accuracy. The head design of this club helps reduce spin, which can lead to increased distance off the tee. Additionally, the adjustable weighting in the head allows players to fine-tune their shot shape and trajectory for maximum performance. Furthermore, the aerodynamic sole helps reduce drag during the swing for greater ball speed. Finally, the lightweight construction makes it easy to swing and improves accuracy on those longer shots.

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Cons of M2 Tour 3 Wood

The main disadvantage of the M2 Tour 3 Wood is its price. This club is one of the more expensive clubs on the market, so it may not be suitable for all golfers who are on a budget. Additionally, some players may find that they need to adjust their swing technique to get the most out of this club since it requires a higher launch angle than some other woods. Finally, some players may find that this club can be difficult to control in windy conditions due to its lightweight construction.

Comparison of M2 Tour 3 Wood to other Woods

The TaylorMade M2 Tour 3 Wood is a great club for players seeking a versatile and reliable option off the tee. This club has been designed with a low center of gravity and deeper face, allowing for better launch angles and more forgiveness on off-center hits. It also features an ultra-lightweight Reax shaft for improved feel and trajectory control. When compared to other woods, the M2 Tour 3 Wood’s performance stands out due to its ability to launch the ball higher and farther with greater accuracy. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it easier to handle for those with slower swing speeds, giving them a more consistent club that can produce greater distances. Overall, the M2 Tour 3 Wood is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for a reliable option off the tee that offers excellent performance.

How to Use the M2 Tour 3 Wood Effectively

Using the M2 Tour 3 Wood effectively can make all the difference when it comes to hitting longer, straighter shots. The M2 Tour 3 Wood is a high-performance club designed for skilled players who want maximum distance and accuracy. It features a low-profile head and a large, deep face that makes it easier to hit shots from tight lies. With its versatile design, you can use this club to hit a variety of shots from different lies and angles. Here are some tips on how to use the M2 Tour 3 Wood effectively:

1. Set Up Properly: Getting into the proper position when using the M2 Tour 3 Wood is crucial for hitting great shots. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. Bend your knees slightly and keep your spine angle neutral throughout your swing. This will help you maintain balance and control when swinging.

2. Use an Appropriate Loft: The loft on the M2 Tour 3 Wood is adjustable, so it’s important to select an appropriate loft for each shot you attempt. For most fairway shots, aim for a 9 or 10 degree loft, whereas if you’re trying to hit a higher shot, such as over an obstacle, select a lower loft of around 7 or 8 degrees.

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3. Swing Smoothly: When using the M2 Tour 3 Wood, make sure you swing smoothly and don’t try to force the shot by accelerating too quickly through impact. Also ensure that you stay relaxed throughout your swing by keeping your arms loose and relaxed during backswing and follow-through.

4. Finish with Balance: Finishing with balance is essential when using any club but particularly so with the M2 Tour 3 Wood due to its larger head size which requires more control in order to get consistent results. Make sure you finish in balance by shifting your weight onto your left foot at impact.

By following these tips on how to use the M2 Tour 3 Wood effectively, you can achieve greater accuracy and distance off the tee as well as from other lies around the green.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood is an extremely popular golf club for its performance and quality. Proper care of the club will ensure that it remains in top condition and provides consistent performance. It is important to regularly clean the club head and shaft with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Cleaning should be done after each round of golf, or more often if the club has been exposed to moisture. In addition, the grip should be wiped down with a towel periodically to remove dirt and sweat. If necessary, a grip cleaner can also be used.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood should also be checked periodically for wear and tear. The head should be inspected for any nicks or dings that may have occurred during play. The shaft should also be checked for any signs of damage or corrosion, as this could affect the performance of the club. If any damage is found, it should be repaired as soon as possible by a professional club repair technician.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the loft angle of the M2 Tour 3 Wood is maintained correctly throughout its life span. To do this, it may be necessary to adjust the loft angle on occasion using a loft wrench tool. Doing so will help ensure that the club performs optimally during each round of golf.


The M2 Tour 3 Wood is a great club for any golfer looking to get more distance and accuracy from their fairway shots. The Speed Pocket technology helps you get a little more power behind your shots, while the improved face flex gives you more control. The adjustable hosel allows you to customize the loft of your club to better fit your swing. The result is a club that looks great and performs even better. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just starting out, the M2 Tour 3 Wood is sure to help you improve your game.

Overall, the M2 Tour 3 Wood is an excellent fairway wood that provides golfers with unparalleled distance and accuracy off the tee. With its adjustable hosel, speed pocket technology, and improved face flex, this club will help every golfer improve their game and take their shots to the next level.