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Matt Kuchar is one of the most popular golfers on the PGA Tour and his putter is a big part of his success. Kuchar has been using the same Odyssey White Hot XG #7 Putter for many years, and with good reason. This putter has been recognized for its accuracy and great feel, making it a popular choice for many professional golfers. Kuchar’s success with this putter speaks for itself, having won seven times on the PGA Tour while using it. It’s no wonder why so many golfers are drawn to this classic piece of equipment.Matt Kuchar is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He is known for his consistent play and has had multiple victories in his career. His putter selection is an important part of his game, as it helps him to get the ball into the hole with accuracy and precision. Kuchar typically uses a Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 putter, which is designed for maximum forgiveness and has a white finish that helps him line up his shots more accurately. He also uses a TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter, which offers more responsiveness and control than other putters on the market. Kuchar’s choice of putters highlights his commitment to accuracy and precision on the green.

Matt Kuchar’s Putter Brand of Choice

Matt Kuchar is one of the most successful professional golfers today. He has won multiple tournaments and is currently ranked tenth in the world. His success can be attributed to his skill, as well as the equipment he uses. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is their putter, and Matt Kuchar’s putter brand of choice is Odyssey.

Odyssey has been manufacturing high-quality putters since 1991, and their products are trusted by many professional players. Matt Kuchar has been using Odyssey putters since 2015 and has had great success with them. He currently uses an Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball Putter, which is perfect for him due to its superior feel and accuracy.

The O-Works Red 2-Ball Putter features a tour-proven Microhinge Insert that helps to produce a smoother roll off the face. This gives Matt Kuchar more control over his shots and allows him to make more accurate putts. He also prefers the classic look of a blade style putter, something that Odyssey offers in their product line.

When asked about his choice in putters, Matt noted that he was “very happy” with his decision to go with Odyssey. He believes that their innovative designs help him to get the most out of his game, which has been proven time and time again through his many successes on tour.

In conclusion, Matt Kuchar’s putter brand of choice is Odyssey due to their superior quality and innovative designs that help him get the most out of his game on the course. The O-Works Red 2-Ball Putter provides Matt with great feel and accuracy when putting, allowing him to make more shots than he would have otherwise been able to do without it.

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Matt Kuchar Putter Specifications

The Matt Kuchar Putter is a classic example of modern day engineering. The putter features a high-tech insert that has been designed to provide an incredibly soft feel and help promote a smooth roll. The insert is made up of 304 stainless steel which is precision milled to provide an incredibly consistent surface for optimal performance. The head design also features a slightly larger heel-toe weight distribution, which helps to make the putter more forgiving on off-center strikes. Additionally, the putter has been fitted with a lightweight, high MOI shaft that helps to increase stability and accuracy. The putter has also been designed with a unique sole grind which allows for maximum performance from all lies.

Overall, the Matt Kuchar Putter has been designed to provide golfers with the highest level of performance and accuracy from any angle or lie on the course. It’s lightweight construction, soft feel insert, and unique sole grind make it an excellent choice for golfers who want to take their game to the next level.

Matt Kuchar’s Putter Setup

Matt Kuchar is one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour. He has had a lot of success with his putter setup and it is something that he has been able to consistently rely on. Kuchar uses a traditional Anser-style blade putter that is 35 inches long and has a lie angle of 70 degrees. The grip size he uses is SuperStroke 2.0, which helps him maintain control over his stroke. He also sets up with a slightly open stance, which allows him to make a smooth transition from backswing to downswing. Additionally, Kuchar’s set up includes a slight forward press, which helps him hit the ball squarely and get it rolling quickly towards the target.

Kuchar’s setup is designed to help him make consistently accurate putts and it has certainly been effective for him throughout his career on the PGA Tour. He has won multiple tournaments using this set up and it is something that he can always rely on when trying to make putts in pressure situations. If you are looking for an effective putting setup, then taking cues from Matt Kuchar may be worth considering as he has had a lot of success with it over the years.

Advantages of the Matt Kuchar Putter

The Matt Kuchar Putter is an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their putting game. Developed by professional golfer Matt Kuchar, this putter offers many advantages that can help golfers become more consistent and accurate with their putting. The putter features a lightweight design with a deep center of gravity that helps create a smooth roll. The club also has an elongated face for increased stability and accuracy, as well as a low heel-toe weighting configuration to help reduce wrist movement during contact. Additionally, the club has been designed with adjustable weights in the head to allow golfers to customize the feel and performance of their putter. Finally, the Matt Kuchar Putter features an ergonomic grip that is designed to help golfers maintain the correct hand position during each stroke.

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Overall, the Matt Kuchar Putter is an ideal choice for golfers seeking improved accuracy and consistency on the greens. Its lightweight design and deep center of gravity provide a smooth roll, while its adjustable weights give players the ability to fine-tune their putters for optimal performance. In addition, its ergonomic grip helps keep hands in proper position throughout each stroke, allowing for greater consistency and accuracy on every putt. With all these features combined, it’s easy to see why so many golfers have embraced this impressive putter as they look for ways to shave strokes off their game.

Ergonomic Design

The Matt Kuchar putter is designed with an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for better control and accuracy when putting. The ergonomic design of the putter also helps to reduce strain on your wrists and arms, making it easier to maintain your focus and concentration during a round of golf. The lightweight construction of the putter also makes it easy to swing, further enhancing your accuracy on the course.

Enhanced Accuracy

The Matt Kuchar putter is designed with a precision face angle that helps you hit more accurate shots. The advanced face angle technology allows for consistent contact between the ball and clubface, resulting in increased accuracy on long putts. Additionally, the alignment aids on the top of the putter help you line up putts more easily, ensuring you’re always hitting in the right direction.

Increased Distance Control

The Matt Kuchar putter features an advanced sole design which helps golfers gain more control over their distance when putting. The sole design increases friction between the clubface and ground, allowing you to control your distance more easily. This helps prevent mishits when putting from long distances, allowing you to stay confident when lining up those lengthy attempts at birdie or par.

Advanced Technology

The Matt Kuchar Putter features advanced technology that provides feedback on each shot after impact. This feedback includes information about spin rate, launch angle, and ball speed which can help golfers identify flaws in their technique and make corrections as needed. This advanced technology allows for improved performance on the golf course as players are able to hone their skills with each shot taken.

1. Precise Distance Control

Matt Kuchar’s putter provides excellent distance control on the golf course. The putter is engineered to give you the best possible performance out of every shot, allowing you to make precise shots with a consistent distance and accuracy. This means that you can control your game better, ensuring that you make the most out of your round. The consistent weight and balance of the putter also ensures that each shot feels natural and easy to execute.

2. Innovative Design

The Matt Kuchar Putter is designed with innovative technology that helps to improve your game. Its unique design combines a high moment of inertia (MOI) with an innovative face pattern, resulting in a more stable putt with improved accuracy and distance control. The design also features an adjustable sole weight, allowing you to customize the feel and performance of the putter for different conditions on the course.

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3. Advanced Materials

The Matt Kuchar Putter is made with advanced materials that help improve its performance on the course. The head is made from lightweight carbon steel, which helps increase its MOI and stability during shots. Additionally, it also features an aluminum insert for better feel and feedback on contact with the ball. With these advanced materials, you can be sure that you are getting a high-performance putter that can help take your game to new heights.

4. Versatile Performance

The Matt Kuchar Putter is incredibly versatile when it comes to its performance on the golf course. Its innovative design allows it to be used in a variety of conditions, including wet or dry greens as well as long or short distances. This means that no matter what type of course you are playing on, you can be sure that this putter will give you reliable results every time.

Tips for Choosing a Putter Like the One Used by Matt Kuchar

When it comes to selecting a putter, there are a few tips to keep in mind that Matt Kuchar recommends. First, consider the weight of the putter. Kuchar prefers a heavier putter head. This helps him maintain control during his putting stroke and achieve greater accuracy over his shots. Secondly, look for a putter with an aligned clubface. Aligned clubfaces help ensure that your ball rolls in the direction you intended it to. Finally, find a putter with an adjustable hosel. This allows you to customize the lie angle of your club and gives you more control over your shots. By following these three tips, you can choose a putter similar to the one used by Matt Kuchar and improve your putting game.

Furthermore, Matt Kuchar also recommends investing in custom fitting services when selecting a new putter. This can help you determine which model of putter is best suited to your game and body type, as well as how the club should be adjusted for optimal performance. Custom fitting services can also help you pick out the right shaft length and grip size so that you can get maximum control over your shots.

In addition, it is important to remember that choosing the right putter does not guarantee success on the green. You must practice regularly to develop good fundamentals and technique if you want to make consistent shots on the course. Matt Kuchar has spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his putting stroke so he can perform at his best when it matters most.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can select a putter like the one used by Matt Kuchar and take your game to new heights!


Matt Kuchar and his putter have developed a strong bond over the years. His trust in the putter and it’s ability to produce consistent results has been integral to his success on the tour. He has also demonstrated a willingness to continually evolve, trying out different types of putters as he seeks to improve his performance. Although he does not always find success, it is clear that Matt Kuchar’s dedication to putting and willingness to experiment will continue to serve him well in the future.

Ultimately, Matt Kuchar’s putter is an extension of himself. His understanding of its capabilities, dedication to improvement, and commitment to excellence have all enabled him to become one of the best putters on tour. With the right attitude and approach, any golfer can achieve similar success.