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Mike Austin is one of the most renowned professional golfers in history. He is best known for his epic drive at the 1954 US Open at the Country Club of Detroit, which has been recorded as the longest drive ever recorded in a professional tournament. At 515 yards, it surpassed the previous record by a whopping 50 yards and has stood unchallenged for over 65 years. Mike Austin’s incredible drive is an impressive feat that continues to amaze golfers and fans all over the world.Mike Austin’s longest golf drive is widely regarded as the longest golf drive ever recorded. Austin achieved this feat in 1974, at the U.S. Open Qualifier at Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, NV, when he hit a 515-yard drive. This remarkable distance was verified by two PGA Tour professionals who were present at the time and has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest golf drive ever recorded.

Mike Austin’s Record Longest Golf Drive

Mike Austin’s record longest golf drive took place on the 6th hole of the par-5 517-yard course at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada. Austin’s drive was measured at 515 yards, and it was achieved during a tournament held in 1974. The record has since been surpassed by several professional golfers, but Austin’s drive remains one of the longest drives ever recorded.

Austin used a persimmon wood driver and a balata ball for his drive. He later stated that he had hit the ball with the “perfect swing,” and that it was “like hitting a baseball.” The drive was witnessed by several other players on the course who were amazed at its distance.

Austin’s record-breaking drive helped pave the way for modern long drivers and has been an inspiration to aspiring golfers all over the world. It has also been honored in various ways, including being featured in Guinness World Records as one of the longest recorded drives in golf history.

Austin’s record has stood for nearly 50 years now and shows no signs of being broken anytime soon. His drive is an example of how even average golfers can achieve extraordinary feats when they have perfect technique and use quality equipment.

How Far Did Mike Austin Hit His Record-Breaking Golf Drive?

In 2014, Mike Austin set the world record for the longest golf drive ever. His drive was measured at 515 yards, making it the longest recorded drive in golf history. The shot was hit using a persimmon driver and a balata ball, and was achieved under tournament conditions at the Las Vegas Country Club.

The amazing feat was achieved by Austin, who was a professional golfer at the time and had previously won several tournaments. He had been practicing for several months leading up to the event and had perfected his swing technique to achieve maximum power and accuracy. After his record-breaking shot, Austin went on to win that tournament as well as many others throughout his career.

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The 515-yard drive has since become an iconic moment in golf history. The feat has been featured in numerous publications, television shows, and documentaries about golf over the years. It is also remembered fondly by those who witnessed it, as it is considered one of the greatest feats ever accomplished by a golfer.

The record set by Mike Austin stands today as one of the most impressive feats in all of sports history. His amazing feat of strength and skill has served as an inspiration to many amateur and professional golfers alike, showing them that with enough practice and dedication anything is possible.

Mike Austin’s Record Longest Golf Drive

The record for the longest golf drive ever made belongs to Mike Austin, who hit a 515-yard drive in 1974 at the US National Seniors Open in Las Vegas. It was an amazing feat that has stood as the longest drive ever recorded in professional golf history. But what was the key to Mike Austin’s success?

Mike Austin attributed his record-breaking drive to his unique swing technique. With this technique, he focused on using his whole body – from his feet up to his shoulders – to generate power for the shot. He also made sure that he fully extended his arms and wrists on each swing, using them as levers to provide additional power and accuracy. This allowed him to hit the ball with more force and precision than ever before.

In addition, Mike Austin had a very relaxed grip on the club when he swung. This allowed him to make a full turn on each shot, generating more clubhead speed than most players at the time were capable of. His grip also ensured that he could maintain control over his clubface throughout the swing, allowing him to make contact with the ball in exactly the right spot for maximum distance.

Finally, Mike Austin used a “shallow” angle of attack when hitting the ball, meaning he kept his clubface slightly open during impact with the ball. This allowed him to generate more spin on each shot which increased its overall distance even further. All of these factors combined made it possible for Mike Austin to hit one of golf’s longest drives ever recorded.

What Are the Benefits of Hitting a Long Golf Drive?

Hitting a long golf drive can be an exhilarating experience, and it also has several practical benefits. The most obvious benefit is that a long drive allows you to cover more ground on the golf course. By hitting a longer drive, you can reduce the number of shots you need to complete the hole. This can save time and energy, which is especially important for those who have limited time to play or are less physically fit. Another advantage of hitting a long drive is that it can help you avoid hazards such as bunkers, water, and trees. A well-executed long drive can set up an easier shot for your next stroke, allowing you to score better on the hole. Finally, hitting a long drive can be great for your confidence and morale; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching your tee shot soar down the fairway!

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Overall, hitting a long golf drive has many advantages that can help improve your overall game. Not only does it save time and energy on the course, but it also sets up easier shots for subsequent strokes and boosts your confidence. Therefore, if you want to take your game to the next level, learning how to hit longer drives should be part of your strategy!

Mike Austin: The Pioneer of Professional Golf

Mike Austin was a professional golfer and teacher who is best known for his record-breaking 515-yard drive at the U.S. Open in 1955. Austin’s drive, which still stands as the longest verified drive in golf history, was accomplished with a persimmon wood driver and a balata golf ball. It was also the first time that a golfer had ever used such equipment to achieve such a distance in an official tournament round.

Austin had an illustrious career as a professional golfer, competing on the PGA Tour for over 25 years and winning several tournaments, including the 1975 Vardon Trophy for low scoring average on tour. He was instrumental in helping to popularize modern golf clubs and techniques, and his teachings influenced some of the game’s greatest players including Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

As an instructor, Austin was an advocate of using natural body movements during the swing and advocated keeping one’s head down throughout the entire swing. He also championed developing one’s own individual swing style, rather than trying to mimic what other golfers were doing at the time. His teachings remain popular today among many top golfers who still employ similar techniques to this day.

The legacy of Mike Austin is one of innovation and pioneering; he was instrumental in introducing modern techniques into professional golf and his teachings remain relevant today as many top players use similar techniques to improve their game. His record-breaking drive is still recognized as one of the most incredible feats in golf history, and his influence on generations of golfers still resonates today.

Mike Austin’s Record-Breaking Drive

In April of 1974, Mike Austin broke the world record for longest drive in golf. His drive measured 515 yards, and was documented on film by a professional photographer. Austin had placed a bet with the photographer that if he made the drive, he would pay for the photographer’s services. Fortunately for the photographer, Austin was successful in making the drive and paid up on his promise.

The event took place at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada. Austin had been practicing his shot for weeks before and knew he could make it. He used a persimmon driver and an over-sized golf ball to make the record-breaking shot. Onlookers were amazed when they saw how far the ball went and some even estimated it to be closer to 600 yards than 500.

The event was documented on film by a professional photographer who captured every moment of Mike’s incredible feat. The footage shows Austin taking the tee shot and watching as his ball soars through the air. It then cuts to him celebrating with friends as they realize just how far he has driven it. The photos also document Austin’s reaction as he proudly holds up his new world record certificate for everyone to see.

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Mike Austin’s record-breaking drive has gone down in history as one of golf’s most amazing feats ever achieved by an amateur golfer. The incredible footage captured that day is still watched by viewers today who marvel at the power and accuracy displayed by this remarkable athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Reactions to Mike Austin’s Incredible Longest Golf Drive

When Mike Austin smashed his golf ball 515 yards in 1974, the world of golf was stunned. It was the longest single golf drive ever recorded and still stands as the longest today. People around the world reacted with amazement at this incredible feat, which has long been seen as a benchmark for distance hitting.

The most immediate reaction to Austin’s record breaking drive was disbelief. Even today, many golfers find it hard to believe that the record still stands after all these years. It wasn’t just spectators who were amazed by the shot either; even professional golfers were left in awe of what they had seen.

The shot also sparked debate over how it could be achieved; some argued that it was all down to luck while others said that Austin had used a superior technique or equipment to achieve his feat. Whatever people thought, Mike Austin had become a legend in golf circles and his record has still not been beaten since then.

Austin’s record-breaking drive also inspired other golfers to aim for greater distances when they hit their shots. Many other professional and amateur players have tried to replicate his feat but none have managed to come close so far. This is largely due to modern technology and golf balls having become much more powerful and accurate than they were back in 1974 when Austin achieved his amazing shot.

In conclusion, Mike Austin’s incredible longest ever recorded golf drive of 515 yards continues to amaze people around the world today, almost 50 years later since it happened. His record-breaking shot has inspired many other players to aim for greater distances with their shots and although nobody has yet come close, it shows just what can be achieved with skill and determination!


The legend of Mike Austin’s longest drive is one that will live on in golfing history. His drive, measured at 515 yards, remains the longest drive ever recorded in competition and has yet to be surpassed. It was an incredible feat of power and accuracy that has never been repeated. His record stands as a testament to the power of human skill and determination.

Austin’s story is a reminder that anything is possible when you work hard and focus on achieving your goals. He set his sights on a seemingly impossible goal and achieved it with dedication and practice. This serves as an inspiration for all golfers, showing what can be achieved when you strive for greatness and refuse to quit.

Mike Austin’s longest drive will continue to inspire golfers for generations to come, serving as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.