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The Mizuno MP-63 irons are designed for golfers looking to achieve a combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness. Built with Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process, the MP-63 irons deliver a soft, responsive feel that you can only get from a forged iron. The thin top line of the iron adds to the classic look of the MP-63 while also allowing for maximum workability. The progressive offset and sole width design allows for maximum shot control and accuracy while the Deep Pocket Cavity helps increase ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits. The MP-63 irons are perfect for intermediate to advanced players seeking a combination of playability, feel and forgiveness.Mizuno MP-63 irons are part of the MP series of clubs from Mizuno and are designed for the experienced player. The MP-63 irons feature a unique “Grain Flow Forged” construction which produces a softer, more consistent feel and improved shot control. The club heads also feature a classic look with minimal offset, allowing for greater workability with the ball. A deep pocket cavity design helps to improve forgiveness on off center shots. The club faces also feature Mizuno’s patented “Diamond Muscle” technology which increases the effective hitting area for greater distance and consistency.

Mizuno MP 63 Design

The Mizuno MP 63 design is a very popular choice among golfers, and for good reason. This club features a classic look that has been improved with modern technology to create a club that performs better than ever before. The low profile design of the head reduces drag to create more ball speed and distance, while the deep cavity back creates an extremely forgiving sweet spot. The unique sole design also helps to improve the playability of the club by providing more control on uneven lies and shots. Furthermore, the grain flow forged construction provides a soft feel and great feedback for shots hit from different distances. Overall, this is a great club for players of all skill levels who are looking for a classic look combined with modern performance technology.

The Mizuno MP 63 design also offers excellent sound and feel at impact due to its multi-thickness face insert technology. This helps to dampen vibrations and provide a solid feel throughout your swing. In addition, it comes equipped with a high-density titanium muscle pad located in the back of the head which helps to produce an incredibly high launch angle off of each shot for maximum distance off of the tee and fairway shots alike. Lastly, this club offers a unique balance between forgiveness and workability so you can customize your shot shape without sacrificing accuracy or distance.

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The Mizuno MP 63 Irons feature a unique CNC milled pocket cavity that provides superior forgiveness. This technology allows for more consistent ball striking, resulting in more accurate shots. The pocket cavity also helps to reduce mis-hits and increase ball speed, making it easier to hit the ball straight and long.


The Mizuno MP 63 Irons are designed with a soft feel to provide golfers with maximum feedback. This helps golfers understand how they are impacting the ball, allowing them to make adjustments as necessary. The soft feel also promotes a smooth transition through the impact zone for a more consistent shot shape.


The Mizuno MP 63 Irons offer golfers plenty of workability, meaning they can shape their shots as they need. The clubs feature a multi-thickness face design which makes it easy to control the trajectory of the ball and shape shots around obstacles on the course. The irons also feature an improved sole design which makes them easier to hit from tight lies or difficult lies.

Distance Control

The Mizuno MP 63 Irons are designed with distance control in mind. They feature an improved undercut design which helps golfers launch the ball higher and farther. The irons also feature a deeper center of gravity that helps optimize spin rates for more accurate distances with each shot.


The Mizuno MP 63 Feel irons feature a classic design that will appeal to many players. The clubhead is slightly larger than traditional blades, but not so large as to be considered a game improvement iron. The soles are somewhat wide, and the top line is slightly thicker than that of a blade. The clubs have a nice balance between classic looks and modern technology.


The Mizuno MP 63 Feel irons offer great performance for a variety of players. The clubs are designed to provide good distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. The sole width helps get the ball airborne quickly and the thicker top line helps with accuracy. The feel of the clubhead at impact is soft and solid at the same time, providing excellent feedback to the player on each shot.


The Mizuno MP 63 Feel irons have an incredibly soft feel at impact, thanks to Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forged HD process. This process creates clubs with an incredibly smooth feel that players of all levels can appreciate. On well-struck shots, there is a pleasing click sound that gives players confidence in their shots.


The Mizuno MP 63 Feel irons offer good levels of forgiveness for shots hit off-center or higher on the face. The larger club head size helps launch shots higher than traditional blades, making it easier to get more carry distance out of your shots without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, the sole width helps reduce digging into the turf on fat shots.

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Overall, the Mizuno MP 63 Feel irons are great for players looking for a blend of classic looks and modern performance benefits in their iron set. With excellent feel and forgiveness, these clubs can help golfers shave strokes off their scores quickly.

Mizuno MP 63 Forgiveness

The Mizuno MP 63 Irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and performance. This iron set features a deep undercut cavity and wider sole for improved forgiveness. The deep undercut cavity allows the weight to be distributed further back from the face, which helps to increase the launch angle of the ball and thus increasing the distance. It also helps make the sweet spot larger, which gives more consistent shots even on off-center hits. The wider sole provides more stability and control on shots, making it easier to hit shots accurately. The Mizuno MP 63 Irons also feature a thicker top line and longer blade length for increased workability and better feel in every shot.

The Mizuno MP 63 Irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and performance on every shot, no matter how far you hit it. They have a deep undercut cavity that provides more forgiveness and distance on off-center hits, as well as a wider sole for improved stability on all types of shots. The thicker top line increases workability and allows you to shape shots with ease while the longer blade length adds to the overall feel of each shot. All in all, these irons provide maximum forgiveness and performance that will help you achieve your best golf game ever!

Mizuno MP 63 Shaft Options

The Mizuno MP 63 irons come with a variety of different shaft options to suit the needs of golfers. The standard option for the MP 63 is the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft, which is available in both stiff and regular flexes. For those looking for a lighter club, the Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Neo steel shaft is also available in stiff and regular flexes. For players who prefer graphite shafts, Mizuno offers the UST Mamiya Recoil ESX graphite shaft in regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flexes. All of these shafts are designed to provide optimal performance for players while offering comfort and stability during the golf swing. No matter what type of player you are, there is sure to be a perfect Mizuno MP 63 iron set for you.

Mizuno MP 63 Price Point

The Mizuno MP 63 iron is a top-of-the-line golf club that provides the highest level of performance. It offers a great combination of feel, control, and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for experienced golfers. With its advanced technology and design, the MP 63 is sure to improve your game. But before you make your purchase, it’s important to consider the Mizuno MP 63 price point. The cost of this club can vary depending on where you buy it from and other factors.

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For starters, the Mizuno MP 63 will usually cost more than other clubs in its class. This is because it’s a premium product with a higher level of quality and performance. Additionally, certain retailers may offer discounts on the club if you buy multiple items or are part of a loyalty program. It’s also important to consider any additional fees that may be associated with the purchase such as shipping or taxes.

When considering the Mizuno MP 63 price point, it’s important to factor in any accessories that you may need. For example, if you’re going to be playing in tournaments or competitive rounds, then you may want to invest in extra grips or shafts for your clubs. These items can add up quickly so it’s important to factor them into your overall budget when making your purchase.

Finally, buying used equipment can be a great way to save money on the Mizuno MP 63 price point. Buying used clubs can help reduce the overall cost while still getting access to top-of-the-line gear. Just make sure that any used clubs are in good condition before purchasing them as they could have unseen damages that will affect their performance.

Pros of the Mizuno MP 63

The Mizuno MP 63 irons are a great choice for golfers who are looking for a high-performance set of clubs. The clubs have a very classic look and feel, which is designed to give the golfer maximum control and accuracy. The irons also feature a deeper center of gravity, which allows for greater distance and better spin control. The clubs also have a higher moment of inertia, meaning they will remain stable during swings. The clubs also feature an enhanced sole design, giving them more forgiveness on off-center shots.

Cons of the Mizuno MP 63

The Mizuno MP 63 irons may not be the best choice for beginner golfers due to their higher price point. They are also not as forgiving as other sets of irons on the market, so they may require more practice to get used to. Additionally, some golfers may find them too heavy or cumbersome to use in their swings. Finally, the clubs are not as technologically advanced as some other sets on the market, so they may lack some features that more modern sets have.


The Mizuno MP 63 irons are a great choice for golfers of all levels. They offer an impressive combination of feel, forgiveness, and workability that will help golfers improve their game. They also feature an attractive design and a variety of shaft options that can be customized to fit your individual swing. The Mizuno MP 63 irons are an excellent choice for players who want to take their game to the next level.

Overall, the Mizuno MP 63 irons provide a great combination of performance and value. If you’re looking for a solid set of irons that will help you get the most out of your game, then the Mizuno MP 63 is definitely worth considering.

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