nike method core putter

The Nike Method Core Putter is a revolutionary golf club that combines state-of-the-art technology with classic design elements to provide the ultimate putting experience. Featuring a unique multi-material construction and advanced alignment features, the Method Core Putter provides golfers with exceptional feel, accuracy and control. The putter also features an innovative Microhinge face insert that helps generate more topspin on your shots. With its precision craftsmanship and modern technology, the Nike Method Core Putter is sure to take your game to the next level.The Nike Method Core Putter offers a number of benefits to golfers looking for improved accuracy and consistency on the course. Its three-piece core construction ensures a solid feel at impact, while its Polymetal Groove Technology provides improved sound and feel on contact. The Method Core Putter also features a higher moment of inertia which helps promote a truer roll and straighter putts. Its precision milled face provides enhanced feedback for more accurate distance control, helping golfers make more putts from any range. Additionally, its sleek design and aerodynamic head shape reduce drag to promote greater clubhead speed, resulting in longer putts. With all these features, the Nike Method Core Putter is the perfect choice for golfers who want to up their game on the green.

Nike Method Core Putter Design

Nike has recently released a new design for their Method Core Putter. This new design was created to provide golfers with the best feel and accuracy when putting on the green. The putter features a unique core material that is designed to provide a softer, more consistent feel when hitting the ball. The core material is also designed to provide enhanced accuracy, allowing golfers to consistently make putts from any distance. Additionally, the putter features an updated alignment system that helps golfers line up their shots more accurately.

The Method Core Putter also features an improved grip design that provides golfers with a comfortable and secure feel when holding the club. The grip is made from a durable rubber compound which provides excellent grip and stability in wet or dry conditions. Additionally, the putter also features a unique weighting system that helps golfers maintain balance during their swing and improve accuracy when hitting the ball.

Overall, Nike has created an impressive new design for their Method Core Putter which provides golfers with improved accuracy and feel when putting on the green. With its updated alignment system and improved grip design, this putter is sure to help any golfer improve their game and lower their scores on the course.


The Nike Method Core putter is designed to offer a stable, consistent grip of the club. To ensure the best performance when using this putter, it is important to maintain a light, consistent grip on the club. This will help to keep the clubface square at impact, allowing for more consistent contact with the ball. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your hands remain relaxed throughout your stroke in order to ensure a smooth swing.

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When setting up to use the Nike Method Core putter, it is important to ensure that your feet are placed in an open stance and that your weight is evenly distributed between both feet. Additionally, make sure that your shoulders are parallel to your target line and that you have good balance throughout your setup. This will help you execute a smooth and consistent swing with this putter.


The Nike Method Core putter features an offset hosel design which helps promote a square face at impact by encouraging players to release the hands through impact. Additionally, it is important for players to commit their weight forward towards their target during their backswing and follow through. This will help promote a more consistent swing with this putter.


When using the Nike Method Core putter, alignment can be critical for success. It is important that players check their alignment before every shot. The best way to do this is by taking some practice swings with an object on the ground (such as a tee) as a reference point for alignment. Once you feel comfortable with your alignment then you can proceed with hitting shots with this putter.


By following these best practices when using Nike Method Core putter, players should be able to experience improved consistency in their putting game. Through proper setup, grip, swing and alignment techniques players should find themselves making more successful shots on the green!

Features of Nike Method Core Putter

The Nike Method Core Putter has been designed to help golfers putt more accurately and consistently. It features a polymer-filled head that is lightweight and durable, as well as an RZN groove insert that promotes a smooth, true roll. The putter also has an adjustable toe hang which allows for custom fitting based on the golfer’s stroke type and preferences. The club has an aggressive milled face for added spin and accuracy, as well as a steeper leading edge that helps with feel and control. The Nike Method Core Putter also includes a polycarbonate sole plate for improved stability and alignment, allowing golfers to make more precise shots.

The Nike Method Core Putter includes a steel shaft, with several flex options available to suit different swing speeds. It also comes in different lengths so golfers can find the right fit for their height. There is also an adjustable weight cartridge system which allows players to customize the weight of the head depending on their preference. This putter is sure to help any golfer improve their putting accuracy and consistency on the course.

How to Choose the Right Nike Method Core Putter

Choosing the right putter is an important step in improving your golf game. The Nike Method Core Putter is a popular choice among golfers for its superior performance and feel. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the best Nike Method Core Putter for your game.

First, consider your skill level. The Nike Method Core Putter comes in four models – Tour, Pro, Standard and Mid-range – so you need to determine which one best fits your skill level. If you’re a beginner or intermediate golfer, then the Standard or Mid-range models may be ideal. If you’re a more advanced golfer, then the Tour or Pro models will be better suited for your needs.

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Next, think about the type of putter head design that works best for you. The Nike Method Core Putters come in three head designs – Mallet, Anser and Traditional – so it’s important to understand how each design affects performance and feel. For example, a Mallet putter has a larger head shape with greater weight distribution which helps maintain accuracy on off-center hits while an Anser putter has an oversized face with weight concentrated in the heel and toe areas which helps promote better accuracy on straight putts.

Finally, consider your personal preferences when selecting a Nike Method Core Putter. Do you prefer a heavier clubhead? Or perhaps a lighter one? Do you like a larger or smaller grip? These are all important factors that can affect how comfortable you feel when putting and ultimately influence how successful you are on the course.
Once you have considered these factors and narrowed down your choices, it’s time to hit the driving range and try out different models until you find one that feels just right. Happy putting!

Pros of the Nike Method Core Putter

The Nike Method Core Putter is a great option for golfers looking for a high-quality putter. It is designed with a unique, lightweight design that makes it easy to use and helps promote consistent results. The putter also features an innovative alignment system that helps golfers line up their shots accurately and consistently. Additionally, the club has a soft feel that allows golfers to maintain control over their shots. Finally, the putter is designed with an adjustable weight system so golfers can customize the weight to their preference.

Cons of the Nike Method Core Putter

The biggest downside of the Nike Method Core Putter is its price tag. It is one of the more expensive putters on the market and may be out of reach for some golfers with tighter budgets. Additionally, some users have noted that the club has a tendency to twist at impact which can detract from its accuracy and consistency. Finally, some users have reported that the alignment system on this putter can be difficult to use at times due to its complexity.


Keeping your Nike Method Core Putter clean is essential in keeping it in perfect condition. To clean your putter, use a soft cloth and mild soap to remove dirt and debris from the club. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as this can harm the finish. After you have cleaned the club, dry it completely with a soft towel before storing it away.


It is important to store your Nike Method Core Putter in a safe place out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. An appropriate golf bag or a dedicated storage case are both suitable options for storing the club when not in use.


The grip of your Nike Method Core Putter should be inspected periodically to ensure that it is in good condition. If necessary, replace worn grips with new ones that are properly fitted for your putter. It is also important to ensure that the grips are securely tightened so that they do not become loose during play.

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Head Cover

Using a head cover can help protect your Nike Method Core Putter from dirt and debris while you’re playing or storing it away. Make sure to use one that fits snugly so that it does not fall off during play. Also, make sure to remove any dirt or debris off of the head cover before putting it back on after each use.


Regular maintenance is an important way to keep your Nike Method Core Putter performing at its best. Make sure to check for wear and tear on both the grip and head cover on a regular basis and replace them if necessary. Also, make sure to check for any loose screws or parts on the putter and tighten them if needed.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Nike Method Core Putter will last you many years of successful play!

Different Types of Nike Method Core Putters

Nike is one of the leading golf equipment brands in the world. The company has a wide variety of putters on offer, and the Nike Method Core range is one of its most popular. The range includes a variety of styles, materials and price points, making it easy to find something suited to your game and budget. Here are some of the different types of Nike Method Core Putters available:

The Nike Method Core Drone putter is a classic blade style putter that provides great feel and accuracy. Its unique grooves provide an even roll on the ball for greater control and distance. It also features a heavy head design to ensure stability at impact.

The Nike Method Core Convolute putter is designed with an oversized head for improved stability and touch on the green. It also features a unique grooved face for improved roll on the ball. This putter has an additional weight insert in the heel area to promote greater accuracy and consistency in your putting stroke.

For those who need more forgiveness in their putter, the Nike Method Core B1-01 is a great option. It has a deep cavity back with an internal weighting system which promotes higher launch angles and more distance covered with each shot. This makes it ideal for golfers who struggle with mis-hits or off-center shots.

Finally, if you want something that looks great without compromising performance, then check out the Nike Method Core MC2 Putter. This sleek black finish model features technology such as Power Groove Technology for improved spin control and accuracy from any lie, plus perimeter weighting to help you stay more consistent on long lag putts.

No matter what type of golfer you are, there’s sure to be a Nike Method Core Putter that suits your needs perfectly! Whether you prefer traditional blade style models or something more modern with added forgiveness or spin control, there’s something for everyone in this range from Nike Golf.


The Nike Method Core putter is a great choice for golfers looking to up their game. Its unique milled-face design ensures precision and accuracy, and the lightweight yet durable construction provides a solid feel. The adjustable weights allow golfers to customize the putter to their individual swing, ensuring maximum performance. The elegant design of the Nike Method Core putter makes it an attractive choice that will look great on the course.

Overall, the Nike Method Core putter is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a high-performance putter that is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. With its precision milled face, adjustable weights, and lightweight construction, the Method Core ensures top performance on the greens.