oncore golf ball review

Oncore Golf is an innovative golf ball manufacturer that has been creating high-performance balls for avid golfers since 2002. With a focus on producing products that deliver superior distance, accuracy and feel, Oncore has quickly become one of the top names in the industry. This Oncore Golf Ball review will take a closer look at some of their most popular models, including the ELIXR Tour, ELIXR Distance and AVANT 55. We’ll discuss the features of each ball and how they can help improve your game.The Oncore Golf Ball is a revolutionary golf ball that offers superior performance and accuracy. It is the first golf ball to feature an inner core of titanium, which gives it a distinctively soft feel. The core also helps to reduce spin on shots, resulting in longer, more accurate shots with greater distance. The outer shell is constructed from urethane, giving it a durable and low-compression construction. This combination of materials helps to create a golf ball that performs incredibly well in all conditions. In addition, the Oncore Golf Ball has been designed with an aerodynamic dimple pattern that improves lift and reduces drag for optimal ball flight and trajectory control. Overall, the Oncore Golf Ball provides an excellent blend of performance and playability for all types of players.

Oncore Golf Ball Performance Profile

Oncore Golf Balls are designed to provide superior performance on the golf course. The Oncore Golf Ball features a high-energy core and a precision-engineered aerodynamic cover that helps increase distance and accuracy. The Oncore Golf Ball also features a low-friction dimple pattern to reduce drag and optimize spin for better control. The Oncore Golf Ball is designed to give you maximum distance, accuracy, and playability. The Oncore Golf Ball offers exceptional performance for all levels of golfer, from beginner to advanced.

The Oncore Golf Ball is crafted with an advanced dimple pattern that helps provide more consistent flight performance and increased accuracy. It also has a soft feel that provides excellent control around the greens. The Oncore Golf Ball’s aerodynamic design helps reduce drag for longer, more accurate shots off the tee, while its low-“spin” design creates less side spin for straighter shots into the greens.

The Oncore Golf Ball also features a durable cover material that helps it stand up to the rigors of golf course play. Its high-energy core technology provides maximum ball speed for increased distance and accuracy off the tee, while its precise alignment system helps ensure accurate ball flight on every shot. With its superior performance profile, the Oncore Golf Ball is ideal for players looking for consistency and control on the golf course.


The Oncore Golf Ball Construction Features includes a three-piece construction cover, made of high-quality cast urethane. This cover is designed to provide maximum spin and control, while also being incredibly durable and providing a soft feel on the green. With the combination of this material and a special dimple pattern, the Oncore Golf Ball will give golfers greater accuracy and distance off the tee.


The core of the Oncore Golf Ball is made up of two layers: a low compression inner core and a high compression outer core. The dual layer design provides enhanced ball speed and distance off the tee, while also providing excellent spin on approach shots for accurate, controlled shots into greens. The lower compression inner core provides soft feel off of your clubs and helps reduce driver spin for increased distance.

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Mantle Layer

The mantle layer in the Oncore Golf Ball features an advanced polymer material that helps to reduce spin off of driver shots, while also giving you more control with your irons. This mantle layer also helps to create a softer feel when striking the ball, making it easier to generate more distance with each shot.

Dimple Pattern

The Oncore Golf Ball features an advanced dimple pattern that helps to improve aerodynamics during flight, resulting in better distance off of each shot. The dimples are designed to reduce drag on long drives and provide greater accuracy on approach shots into greens. The combination of this dimple pattern with the three-piece construction cover and dual layered core make this ball an excellent choice for any golfer looking for maximum performance from their golf ball.

Oncore Golf Ball Benefits for Different Player Types

The Oncore golf ball provides benefits for golfers of all levels and abilities. It is designed to provide a higher level of performance and control, no matter what type of game you are playing. For beginners, the Oncore golf ball offers an easy to hit design that helps them get better distance and accuracy. The soft core and aerodynamic dimple pattern make it easier to maintain a consistent flight path off the tee. For more experienced players, the Oncore golf ball provides maximum spin and feedback off wedge shots around the green. The higher compression core helps give shots a lower trajectory for improved accuracy.

The Oncore golf ball also features an advanced mantle layer which helps reduce drag on long shots, allowing players to achieve greater distances with each swing. This layer also helps reduce side spin on longer irons, making it easier to hit fairways from the tee box. Finally, the Oncore golf ball has a durable cover that stands up to wear and tear from multiple rounds of play. This makes it ideal for those who frequently play rounds or practice on the range.

Overall, the Oncore golf ball is designed to provide enhanced performance benefits across all aspects of your game no matter your skill level or playing style. From tee shots to bunker shots, this ball can help you improve your scores while having fun on the course.

Spin and Distance Comparison of Oncore Balls

Golfers are always looking for the most accurate golf balls with the best spin and distance performance. Oncore golf balls are designed to provide maximum spin and distance while maintaining a soft feel and superior accuracy. Oncore offers a variety of golf balls to meet the needs of all types of players. The Tour Pro, Tour Elite, Tour Plus, Tour X-Factor, and Tour Soft balls all offer a unique combination of spin, distance, control and durability.

The Oncore Tour Pro ball is designed for players seeking maximum distance off the tee combined with excellent control around the green. This ball features an ultra-low compression core that provides maximum energy transfer to the clubface at impact for increased ball speed and distance. It also has a soft cover that provides an optimal amount of spin around the green for improved accuracy.

The Oncore Tour Elite has a low compression core that helps create maximum ball speed off the tee with minimal spin for increased carry distances. The softer cover also helps provide optimal greenside spin control for improved accuracy on shots around the green.

The Oncore Tour Plus is a two-piece construction golf ball with a low compression core that produces high initial velocity off the tee for increased distance as well as superior greenside spin control for improved accuracy on approach shots.

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The Oncore Tour X-Factor is designed to be one of the longest golf balls on tour while still providing excellent greenside control. It features a very low compression core that creates maximum ball speed off the tee along with an advanced cover design that provides optimal greenside spin control around the green.

Finally, there is the Oncore Tour Soft which is designed to provide maximum feel and forgiveness off every club in your bag while still maintaining excellent performance in terms of both spin and distance control. This ball features a soft cover that helps generate additional greenside spin along with an ultra-low compression core that helps create high initial velocity off every club in your bag for increased carry distances

Oncore Golf Ball Durability

Oncore golf balls are known for their durability and long life on the course. The ball’s cover is made of a urethane material that is designed to resist cuts, scuffs, and abrasions, making it a great option for those who want a long lasting ball. Its dimple pattern also helps to increase the flight distance of the ball, ensuring that it will stay in play longer than other golf balls. The Oncore golf ball is also designed with an elastomer core which ensures better energy transfer from the club to the ball for more distance and accuracy.

Feel Analysis

When it comes to feel analysis of Oncore golf balls, players can expect a soft yet responsive feel when hitting shots. The ball’s soft feel allows players to control their shots more easily and accurately, while still providing plenty of power when needed. The lower compression of the core also helps to reduce spin on tee shots, providing straighter and more consistent shots off the tee. With its higher spin rate on approach shots, Oncore golf balls provide excellent control around the greens as well as more backspin for holding greenside shots. Overall, Oncore golf balls provide an excellent combination of distance and control on every shot.

Pros of Oncore Golf Balls

Oncore golf balls offer several advantages to players. One of the major benefits is that they use a patented core design, which gives the ball a lower spin rate and improved distance. The low spin rate allows for greater control and accuracy, making it easier to hit long shots straight down the fairway. In addition, Oncore golf balls are made with a high-energy compound that provides great feel and feedback on impact, allowing players to feel confident with their swing. Oncore golf balls also come with a thin cover that is designed for added durability and resistance against scuffing and wear. Finally, Oncore golf balls are available in a wide variety of colors so players can customize their look on the course.

Cons of Oncore Golf Balls

Despite the many advantages offered by Oncore golf balls, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One of the major issues is that they can be quite expensive compared to other types of golf balls on the market. Additionally, some players may find that they don’t have as much “pop” off the tee when compared to other premium golf ball models. Furthermore, because these golf balls have a thin cover, they may not be as durable as some other models when it comes to continuing performance after multiple impacts or shots from rough terrain or water hazards. Finally, due to its low spin rate design, these golf balls may not perform as well around the green for those players who rely heavily on spin for their short game.

Price Analysis of Oncore Balls Compared to Alternatives

When it comes to purchasing golf balls, there is a wide selection of brands and prices on the market. It can be difficult to determine which golf ball is the best value for your money. Oncore is one of the leading manufacturers of golf balls, offering a variety of options for all levels of play. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Oncore’s pricing compared to other brands on the market.

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The first comparison point we’ll look at is the range of prices for Oncore golf balls. Oncore offers golf balls ranging from $13 – $45 per dozen, with most options falling in the $15 – $30 range. This price range makes them one of the most affordable options available when compared to other similarly-priced brands like Titleist and Callaway.

When it comes to value, Oncore’s products offer excellent performance at an affordable price point. The company uses high-quality materials and technology to produce their golf balls, making them highly durable and long lasting. Additionally, their balls are designed with advanced aerodynamics that enable maximum distance and accuracy when hit off the tee or fairway.

Overall, Oncore provides excellent quality at a competitive price point when compared to other golf ball brands on the market. Their products are designed with attention to detail and feature advanced features that make them ideal for players looking for maximum performance out on the course. If you’re looking for a reliable brand that won’t break your budget, then Oncore is definitely worth considering.

In terms of design features, Oncore has some great options available for players who want more than just a basic ball. These include dimple patterns designed specifically for reducing spin rates off your driver or iron shots as well as enhanced feel around the greens. These features come at no additional cost which makes them an excellent option for players looking to get more out of their purchase without increasing their budget significantly.

Finally, when comparing price points between different brands on the market, it’s important to consider any additional features or benefits they may offer as part of their product line up. For example, some companies may offer discounts or free shipping if you purchase multiple dozen packs at once which can save you money in the long run if you plan on playing often and need more than just one dozen at a time.

In conclusion, Oncore provides high-quality products at competitive prices when compared with other similarly priced brands on the market. Their selection includes great designs that provide enhanced performance out on the course without breaking your budget. They also offer discounts and free shipping options which can help you save even more money in the long run if you plan on purchasing multiple dozen packs at once. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable brand that won’t break your budget but still offers great performance, then Oncore is definitely worth considering as an option when shopping around for new golf balls!


The OnCore Golf Ball is a well-rounded golf ball that is perfect for players of all levels. It provides great distance off the tee, good spin around the greens, and helps maintain ball speed on long shots. The soft feel of the ball helps reduce fatigue and gives the player more control over their shots. Additionally, the large sweet spot of the OnCore Golf Ball makes it easier to hit accurate shots.

Overall, this golf ball is a great value for the price and offers quality performance at an affordable price. The OnCore Golf Ball is an excellent choice for players who want to take their game to the next level without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a reliable golf ball that won’t break your budget, then the OnCore Golf Ball is definitely worth considering. With its combination of distance, spin, feel, and accuracy, it provides excellent performance no matter what level of golfer you are.