p790 irons left handed

The P790 irons left handed are designed to combine the power of a distance iron with the finesse of a scoring club. Utilizing advanced technologies such as tungsten weighting, high-strength steel face, and hollow-body construction, these irons provide exceptional ball speed and precision for all golfers. The fast ball speeds, increased forgiveness and consistent distance control make these irons an ideal choice for all levels of players. With their sleek design and modern features, these irons will look great in any golfer’s bag and deliver superior performance on the course.The P790 irons provide left-handed golfers with a number of benefits. The clubs feature an optimized center of gravity placement, which helps to increase launch angle and improve control while playing. The thin and fast face design increases ball speed for increased distance off the tee. The tungsten weighting provides added stability and forgiveness on off-center shots, making the P790s ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers. Additionally, the sleek design lends a modern look to the clubhead that will appeal to golfers of all levels. Ultimately, P790 irons are a great choice for left-handed golfers looking for more power and distance with improved accuracy and forgiveness.

How to Choose the Right P790 Iron Set for Left-Handed Golfers

Choosing the right iron set for left-handed golfers can be a daunting task. It is important to pick a set that will help improve your game and give you the distance and control you need. The TaylorMade P790 irons are an excellent choice for left-handed golfers, offering a combination of performance and forgiveness that is hard to beat. With their precision-milled faces, tungsten weighting, and advanced speed pocket technology, these irons will help you hit more accurate shots and gain more distance.

When choosing a set of P790 irons for lefties, it is important to consider your swing speed and playing style. The P790 irons come in two different models: the Standard model and the Tour model. The Standard model is designed with a slightly larger profile to make it easier to hit shots with better consistency, while the Tour model features a smaller head shape that offers more workability. Depending on your skill level and swing speed, one of these models may be better suited for your game than the other.

In addition to selecting the right model, it is also important to choose the correct shaft flex for your iron set. Shaft flex refers to how stiff or flexible the shaft is when hit with force. If you have a slower swing speed or are just starting out in golf, then you should opt for an extra stiff or stiff shaft flex which will give you more control over your shots. If you have a medium swing speed or are more experienced in golf, then a regular or senior flex might be better suited for your game.

Finally, take into account any customization options available when purchasing P790 irons for lefties such as length adjustments or different grip options. Many retailers offer customization options so that you can tailor make your clubs to fit your exact needs. This can help ensure that you have the best possible experience when playing with them.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for an iron set that offers maximum performance and forgiveness without sacrificing accuracy or distance then look no further than TaylorMade’s P790 irons. With their precision milled faces, tungsten weighting, and advanced speed pocket technology they are an ideal choice for left-handed golfers who want to improve their game without having to compromise on feel or performance.

Materials Used in P790 Irons

P790 irons are designed specifically for left-handed golfers, and they feature a variety of materials that provide added strength, durability, and flexibility. The face of the club is made of an ultra-thin steel material that is incredibly strong, allowing for maximum power and distance with each shot. The topline and sole are constructed from a lightweight yet durable aluminum material that helps to reduce the overall weight of the club. Additionally, the grip is crafted from a soft rubber material that helps to improve grip and accuracy. All of these materials combined make the P790 irons one of the most advanced clubs on the market today, offering left-handed golfers an incredibly powerful and consistent performance on the course.

In order to make sure that these materials are able to perform at their best, P790 irons also feature a multi-material construction process that utilizes both cold forging and hot forming technology. This process allows for precise shaping of each component, ensuring that all components fit together perfectly and provide the best performance possible. Additionally, this process also helps to reduce manufacturing costs while still providing superior quality materials for each club in the set.

How Do P790 Irons Improve Performance for Left-Handed Golfers?

The P790 Irons are a great option for left-handed golfers looking to improve their game. These irons feature a progressive cavity design that is designed to provide maximum forgiveness and control on your shots. The design of the P790 also helps to reduce spin rates and increase ball speed, allowing you to hit longer and more accurate shots. Additionally, the irons feature a thinner top line, which makes them easier to control and helps you keep the ball on line.

The P790 Irons are designed with an advanced face construction that provides more power and distance with every shot. The face is constructed from ultra-thin polymer foam which offers better feel and sound. The foam also helps to dampen vibrations for enhanced feedback with each shot.

The P790 Irons come equipped with a tungsten weight in the toe of the iron, which provides increased stability and forgiveness through the hitting zone. This weight also helps to optimize launch conditions, allowing for more consistent results with each shot.

Finally, these irons come with an anti-glare finish that reduces glare off the clubface during your golf swing. This finish helps to promote better concentration, so you can make more confident swings without worrying about distractions from bright sunlight or other sources of glare.

Overall, the P790 Irons provide left-handed golfers with all of the tools they need to improve their performance on the course. The combination of progressive cavity design, advanced face construction, tungsten weighting, and anti-glare finish make these irons an excellent choice for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Are There Any Customization Options Available for P790 Irons for Left-Handed Golfers?

The TaylorMade P790 irons offer a variety of customization options for left-handed golfers. The club face and sole are both adjustable to accommodate different swing styles. Additionally, the shaft length and lie angle of the iron can be adjusted to ensure the best fit possible. Additionally, the P790 irons come with a variety of different shafts, including graphite and steel, that can be customized to match the golfer’s swing and preferences. Finally, the grips on the irons can also be changed to provide a better feel in the hands.

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All of these customization options make it easy for left-handed golfers to get the perfect set of clubs that are tailored specifically for their game. With so many options available, lefties can find a set of clubs that provide them with maximum performance on every shot they take.

In addition to being able to customize their clubs, left-handed golfers can also take advantage of TaylorMade’s extensive customization services. This includes custom fitting sessions with an experienced club fitter who will help them determine the best clubs for their game as well as advice on how to play better golf with those clubs.

Overall, left-handed golfers have many options available when it comes to customizing their TaylorMade P790 irons. With all of these customization possibilities at their disposal, lefties can easily find a set of clubs that will help them take their game to new heights and become a more consistent golfer overall.

Types of Shafts Compatible with P790 Irons for Left-Handed Golfers

Left-handed golfers have a variety of options when it comes to selecting shafts for their P790 irons. Many of the most popular shafts on the market, such as Project X and Dynamic Gold, are available in both left and right-handed versions. Additionally, some manufacturers offer custom shafts specifically designed for left-handed players.

Project X is one of the most popular shafts on the market and is available in both left-hand and right-hand versions. The Project X LZ provides a low launch angle and low spin rate, which can help reduce slice spin for players looking to improve their accuracy off the tee. The Project X EvenFlow Blue is another popular option that provides a mid launch angle and mid spin rate for added distance without sacrificing control.

Dynamic Gold is another popular option, offering a range of flex options from extra stiff to senior flex. The Dynamic Gold XP offers a low launch angle and mid spin rate with increased stability, while the Dynamic Gold AMT offers more trajectory control with higher launch angles and slightly less spin.

For those looking to customize their shafts even further, some manufacturers offer custom shafts specifically designed for left-handed players. These specialty shafts are designed to provide optimal launch conditions based on individual swing characteristics, helping to improve accuracy and distance off the tee.

Overall, there is a wide range of shaft options available for left-handed golfers looking to use their P790 irons. Whether you choose one of the more popular models such as Project X or Dynamic Gold or opt for a custom shaft tailored to your game, you can find an option that will help you maximize your performance on the course.

Loft Angle Affect Performance of P790 Irons for Left-Handed Golfers

The loft angle of a golf club affects how it performs when striking a ball. A higher loft angle will produce a higher trajectory and a shorter distance, while a lower loft angle will produce a lower trajectory and a longer distance. For left-handed golfers, the loft angle of their clubs is of particular importance when it comes to their performance. The TaylorMade P790 irons are designed specifically for left-handed golfers and the loft angles on the clubs are adjustable, allowing players to customize their performance.

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When selecting the appropriate loft angle for the TaylorMade P790 irons, it is important to consider the type of golfer that you are. If you are an experienced golfer with good control over your swing, then you may be able to use a lower loft angle to achieve greater distance off the tee. However, if you are an amateur golfer with less control over your swing, then using a higher loft angle could help you gain more accuracy off the tee by producing a higher trajectory and shorter distance.

The optimal loft angle for each individual player will depend on several factors such as their swing speed, launch conditions, and ball flight tendencies. Consulting with an experienced golf professional can help you select the best possible combination of loft angles for your game in order to maximize your performance with the TaylorMade P790 irons. They can also recommend specific drills and practice routines that can help you refine your technique when using different loft angles.

Ultimately, choosing an appropriate loft angle for your TaylorMade P790 irons can help improve your performance as a left-handed golfer. It is important to take into consideration all factors that can affect how each individual club performs before making any adjustments to ensure that you get maximum benefit from each club in your set. With proper selection and practice, you can optimize your performance with these clubs and improve your game significantly as a left-handed golfer.

What Is the Price Range of P790 Irons for Left-Handed Golfers?

The price range of P790 irons for left-handed golfers depends on several factors, including the type of iron and shaft chosen. Generally, the cost of a set of P790 irons for left-handed golfers can range from $799 – $999.

The type of iron and shaft chosen can have a significant impact on the cost. The P790 irons are available in two types: steel or graphite. Steel irons tend to be more affordable than graphite, however graphite provides a softer feel and more distance. The type of shaft can also affect the overall cost; for example, steel shafts tend to be less expensive than graphite shafts.

In addition to the cost of the irons themselves, left-handed golfers may need to factor in additional costs such as grip tape, fitting fees and shipping charges when purchasing new clubs. It is important to consider these costs when calculating the total cost of a set of P790 irons for left-handed golfers.

When purchasing P790 irons for left-handed golfers, it is important to research different retailers and compare prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. It is also beneficial to read customer reviews before making a purchase in order to get an idea about how well each retailer meets customer needs.

Overall, the price range for P790 irons for left-handed golfers can range from $799 – $999 depending on factors such as shaft and grip type. It is important to consider all costs associated with purchasing new clubs in order to find the best deal possible.


The P790 Irons Left Handed are an excellent choice for golfers who appreciate performance, feel and distance. The low center of gravity design of the iron heads allow for more ball speed and increased launch angles. The forged construction and tungsten weighting help ensure a consistent feel and maximum forgiveness. In addition, the progressive face thickness helps create a hot face that will generate more distance without sacrificing sound or feel. Overall, the P790 Irons Left Handed provide an unparalleled combination of performance, forgiveness, and feel in one package.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your game or just need to replace your old clubs, the P790 Irons Left Handed are sure to deliver. With their combination of performance, forgiveness, and feel they are sure to improve your game regardless of your skill level.